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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rick Vizzutti of will be my guest on Aliens In The News today at 2pm EST

Rick's a great guy, and the one who designed the infamous logo of if people aren't sure they know me, if you describe the white house with the alien on top of it, they then know who I am. LOL...

Been musing on a patriot list today about how the CIA runs and controls the board over at APFN.

Or is it the D.O.E. which stands for "Dumb On Everything."

My posts at APFN don't last 5 minutes. For two years now, at all hours of the day or night if I post on that board it disappears within 3 minutes.

The only people who find me that constantly offensive are the CIA and Aliens.

Who would work for the CIA? Have you seen their agents? They obviously dont' work for money. They get paid by either drugs or doritoes. They either look like drug addicts or candidates for Weight Watchers.
Well I've been busy going over the proofs for my next book. And I've been trying to get some spring cleaning done. I hate to say it, but this domestic stuff is for the birds. I don't have time to be Betty Crocker or June Cleaver. Nor do I want to be.

I used to be a great cook. I hate it now. There's nothing like spending 2 hours in the kitchen on a awesome new recipe, or gourmet dish, and the kids would rather have a bowl of cereal. So I gave it up a while ago. If I can't make it in 30 minutes or less I'm not cooking.

Gotta love casseroles.

And then there's laundry and house cleaning. Definately for the birds.

I hate domestic slavery. When do I get a day off?

Not to mention how much domestic house slaves are soooooooo appreciated.

Get a job? I have two. And if I went in the "work force" then I'd have 3. I am busy with the two I have.

I consider what I do for the Most High full time. Anything else is secondary.

Besides, I have this mark on my forehead that says "don't hire me." I tried that route after college and after having built an impressive resume while in college, when I finally graduated doors slammed everywhere. Had to have been Yah.

So here I am Yah. At your service.

It's been a busy 14 years.

I've learned many things and every time I think I've finally graduated from the school of hard knocks something else hits me upside the head. But I'm standing, and I've learned it's much more fun to be on the offensive than the defensive.

You know what folks, we don't have to take their crap. If the government and military want to dish it out, we can dish it right back.

We weren't called to be victims, but overcomers. Suffering from high tech weapon attacks? Ask Yah to break their equipment! Do something, stand up..fight back! How hard is it to speak to Yahweh? It's very simple, just do it.

Sometimes I have so much fun. Like waiting ten minutes before the radio show starts on Saturday nights and asking Yah to break down their surveillance equipment.


Trust in Him folks. Have faith.

Monday, May 30, 2005

So many people who abandon that small voice in their spirit for that louder voice in their head. They know the Lord's voice but they get overconfident from hearing Him and knowing Him and then stop testing the spirits and they start listening to that louder voice in their head that is Satan's deception instead. Yehova has told me of those who do this, and have done this, and that's why they are confusing, and why these people stray away from what is of Him and accept things that aren't. And they speak things that aren't from Him and say they are.

Then these same people are too proud to admit they were played and deceived by Satan. Why? Because they have a following? Usually. Pride becomes an issue. They will apologize to me privately and then hope in time things just blow over and are forgotten.

Where are my enemies? Silenced by Yehovah Himself.

I have seen new tactics arise. A new COINTELPRO approach to those who threaten the status quo. Most of the lists on Yahoo are run by the government. They have their stooges on all of them. They send in their own people or people they have controlled to discredit information. It's really getting to be just a tiring game. The keyword now is Science. Demand proof of all kinds and any kind. Physical documents, evidence, blah blah...they do it just to drain informers. Ignore them...don't waste your time on's just a time waster tactic and one to try and discredit all information. You either believe UFOs exist or you don't. I'm not going to put one in your lap. And it goes on, it's endless. Ignore them and reach who you can.

I've seen Patriots and Christians fall, they get pawned by the government and put under their control from ELF. And they can't recognize it. ELF is hitting and controlling a lot of people and they can't recognize it because they don't understand how it works. It is Mind control. The internet is turning into one big Mind Control feast.

You can break ELF control. You can break ELF programming. But you have to recognize it for what it is and WANT to break it. Many people just don't want to. The government has figured out what their weak areas are and they pound them on them. Most people will assume it's demonic attack when it's ELF attack. They rebuke the attacks and they don't go away and then wonder why rebuking demons doesn't work for them like it does others. Here's a suggestion, next time ask the Most High to break the government's equipment that is targeted against you.

I'm sick of their tactics. Sick of their games. I learned the hard way how they work, how they operate, and now for years it's been a constant battle against government tyranny. Four years ago I was a victim, but I went from being a victim to an overcomer over the past 2-3 years. Anyone can. You can't know you're winning if you've never lost.

You can't win a battle if you don't realize when you're in one. You can't beat them at their own games if you don't know what they are.

When you start seeking the Lord for answers He will reveal the truth to you. It's not always what you expect to hear. In fact, that's usually the case. If you think you are too insignificant to be a government target think again.

They hate everyone who loves the Lord. They hate everyone who loves this country. Because they hate both. And their hatreds run very deep and very demonic and they will try and suppress and destroy every person who doesn't see things their way.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

As I announced during the show Saturday night, Sherry Shriner Live is moving to Monday nights starting June 6th at 9pm EST.

I just posted an article, Hey Stupid, The New World Order IS About Religion

It drives me crazy to be attacked by Patriots who yell to keep religion out of their discussions of the New World Order. How ignorant can anyone be when it's clearly an order about religion itself and the worship of Lucifer.

You can talk about buildings exploding and martial law coming until the cows come home but unless you understand what the order is about, or preparing the people for what's coming, what good is all the work you are doing?

Yeah ok, so many have effectively proven the government is behind every terrorist act committed and war being implemented. So what about it? Why are they doing it? To implement a New World Order right? So what is the New World Order? How can you even begin to explain what the New World Order is if you refuse to acknowledge what it is.

People will talk about what the Order will do and is doing as it seeks to expand into a worldwide empire, but won't talk about who they are? Hello?

Terrorism, Sex, drugs, perversions of every kind are a big part of what and who they are, but what's the end result of it all? Getting more power through evil and wickedness for fortune and power. They want to rule the world with Lucifer. So they think. Lucifer won't need them when he arrives. They will be on the trains heading to camps themselves.

It was Clinton who came out with the slogan, "It's about the economy, stupid" geared towards the real issues of his political campaign. Well guess what? The New World Order IS about religion and that's the real issue that drives it!

Friday, May 27, 2005

well Lucy loses, I rescind my earlier post..the show will go on.

Reality Radio network will accept a late payment so I'll be on the air next month thanks to those who sent in donations. A Huge Yah Bless to you. All my expenses for the month have been covered.

I dont' sell ads on my site, I don't charge for archives, so folks I have no way of making money other than through donations to keep everything free. Most sites on the net make good money for selling advertising off their sites. Rense makes $300 a month for just one book ad in their book store and a rotation spot for a banner. World Net Daily makes $5,000-$10,000 a month to place a single ad on their website. Now that's a killer in making money but people don't realize you gotta pay for bandwidth (traffic) and if you're site gets alot of traffic and people are listening to audios and archives it takes $$, it's not free for the webmasters someone has to pay the bills, and I refuse to sell ads and allow people to put their books or products on my sites. So I'm thankful for those Yahweh leads to help. Most people think you have to tithe to a church within 4 walls and that's not true. His church is where His people are. Ask Him.


I just posted a new article and this is what I'm going to be talking about Saturday night. You can read it at Angels in the Flesh Part 2


I got the proofs back for the book that is coming out, "Aliens on the Internet." The cover looks great, Joe did a great job on it. I'll be going over those over the next few days.

It's been a busy week.

A big Yah bless to you all.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Well I have no choice but to concede to the dark side for next month. They won. Although we win the war, we won't always win the battles.

I will be off the air next month. I don't have the financial resources to pay all the bills and so the battle for June has gone to them. They win.

Hopefully I will be back on in July, if not, so be it. I leave it in Yahweh's hands.

Israel has always been a rebellious people. And that is why their falls are so hard. Their rises are glorious and their falls disastrous.

The Lord has always sent His people before their falls, but the people shut them up and shut them out and lay the red carpet down for Satan to walk over them with.

It has always been that way.

There's very few of the Lord's people being heard to or listened to today. Most of the thriving ministries are owned by Satan, and that's why they're thriving, he keeps them going to distract and gain the attention of the people who don't listen to Yahweh. Yahweh's people keep the wolves in need of nothing.

June is going to be a pivotol month and the powers that be have succeeded in keeping me off the air. So that's what it comes down to. They have been completely livid and furious over the info I've been putting out so Satan has won for a month by attacking Yah's people and keeping them from donating and supporting the radio show.

The Lord works through His people. He's not going to send a money tree landing on our yards to keep us active, He says "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord your God." He works through His people, and if His people won't listen then they reap what they sow. As always.

I will still be on the air on Tuesdays with Aliens in the News.

This Saturday, my last show for the month or for forever, will be on Angels in the Flesh with some new pre-Adamic info the Lord has given me.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hello folks,

Saturday's radio show will be interesting, I will be bringing out some new material so don't miss the show.

Actually it's not new to me, just something the Lord has been showing me and has had on my mind for the past two years now. So now I'm trying to write it out..and I'll be talking about it this Saturday night.

May you all find peace and joy in the Most High.

Stay focused,

Stay vigilant,

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Now what's happening in the news?

A black beast prophet has announced he will call down UFOs from the sky. You can read the article at

I've seen this in the codes, only I thought it was referring to Colin Powell who often shows up in the codes. So I'll have to backtrack and figure out what this particular beast is up to. If and when I have time. Obviously he's a scoundrel. All the beasts are. And there's several coming before the final one takes center stage.

I'm working on an article now that will put a lot of things in perspective for people. Yahweh has told me it is time to write it, and so I'm trying to put things into words so it can be easily grasped and understood.

Sometimes that's the hardest part, just keeping things simple.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lunatic Fringe..we know you're out there...


That's about what they are too. They actually lie so much they believe their own lies. That's what's going to make them such good decievers when they come here to earth. Because they believe their own dribble.

You gotta wonder why Maitreya comes first with his 'wise teachers' we know as unwise frauds. People already know what to expect. Even the boards who call me the Antichrist know who Maitreya is and what he's going to do. I still think the secret in the back pocket, the one who's going to deceive people the most is Sananda. Why? Because Sananda is the one who has been playing Jesus in Near Death Experiences all these years...according to the horses themselves, and it's his picture that Michelangelo painted and the church accepted as the official look alike/resemblence of "Jesus Christ the Son of God." They really think Jesus looks like the picture hanging in their churches, Christian bookstores, homes, and everywhere else. When people see Sananda they are going to think he's literally Jesus the Son of God.

He's a fraud. A lie. The real Jesus doesn't look the pictures the churches have portrayed him as all these years. That is Sananda. So many people are going to be deceived by the visual aspect of Sananda when he comes.

Church pastors and leaders of true churches of Yahweh should be taking any pictures of Sananda they have down and getting rid of them out of their churches and publications. They should start preparing their congregations for the one who is coming claiming he's Jesus and looks just like the one they've been conditioned to believe is Him.

It would help matters if people would start calling Him by His real name which is Yahushua. Then there wouldn't be as much confusion when the fraud "Jesus" comes.

I really think the 7 year tribulation period will begin this September of 2005.

The first three and a half years is not a time of peace folks. That's churchdumb theology and misinterpretation. It will be a time of bloodshed and war against Yah's people. Arm yourselves, be prepared.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Catholic Church and the New Wave Charismatics will be the key leaders of the One World Religion. The numerous paranormal miracles they are already claiming will grow beyond description and will deceive the multitudes. Almost every one of the leading charismatic pastors today are masons or knights who have sworn their loyalty to Lucifer. Read more here

I call them Beast Prophets. Because that's exactly what they are. Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Rick Joyner, Paul Cain, Bob Jones, anyone who is anyone with a leading charismatic groups or have a big ministry and/or on TBN is one of them... Don't be deceived by them. The Charismatic crowd in the past 20 years has contained some of the biggest leaders of deception in the churches today. They are loyal to Lucifer, they have sworn their loyalty to him, and they are leading many Christians into the pit of hell with their witchcrafts and doctrines of demons.

Yahweh doesn't speak to us in a strange tongue, and neither do we need to speak to Him in one. He has said that to me Himself.

The Beast Prophets use it to disguise their onstage semantics of calling on Lucifer, they pronounce his name as 'Ha Say Tonn' masked in tongue speaking to come to their meetings. They pass on the gift of "tongue speaking" to others who then pray curses to the Most High thinking they have some kind of special prayer language to Him. And those who follow these charades are always led into false doctrines and beliefs, and speak prophecies and visions that are not from the Most High but are deceptions from the angel of light himself.

Tape their meetings, then play it in slow speed.

These guys are magicians, they know how to hypnotize an audience, just as the Antichrist will.

Ever notice why they laugh so much on stage? It isn't because of "Holy Ghost laughter" or the presence of the Holy Spirit, it's because they can't believe the stuff they do so boldly and get away with while the sheeple in the audiences sit oblivious to it all.

And they always have a special annointing for church pastors and leaders, they call them up front and lay hands on them and pray over them so they "receive" the demon they are putting over them.

It's quite disgusting. Literally.

Some will never get it.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I just posted a new article A Call To Arms

This is something every person in this country and believers around the world need to read.

Prepare yourselves folks. It is not of Yahweh that we be led as sheep to the slaughter.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hats off to the Nigerians! You can read about Benny Hinn's disaster in Africa at my commentary corner at

I had a disturbing dream last night about a bio-chemical attack. I could see some type of red cloudish like plumes of smokey stuff overtaking the people. Thousands were killed instantly, some coughed and choked for a few minutes before they died, those who had a few minutes to realize what was going on and took cover or shelter of any kind and called on the Lord for protection, survived.

Out of the thousands who perished, a handfull lived.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Lord has me working on several things for this week and already it's been quiet a personal revelation on even more atrocities of things to come.

In the news..

Makes you wonder what's really going on in Uzbekistan. Remember Yugoslavia? They lied.

Is Uzbekistan another Yugoslavia? Probably.

At the time we were destroying and murdering Christians in Yugoslavia I wasn't really paying attention other than hearing what the media relayed about it. Years later I've been running into information on what really happened over there and it makes my hair stand up on end.

Everything our government told us was a lie. In fact, that's just the usual anymore isn't it? They lie about everything.

They went into Yugoslavia and destroyed that country because Rome couldn't convert the Christians to Catholicism. Another Vietnam. So as before in Vietnam, America lied to the people about the real reasons for the war and went in there and killed and supported the killing of thousands, perhaps millions of Serbians, who were Christians, because they wouldn't convert to Catholicism.

As I sat and read about all the atrocities that happened over there last night Yahweh said to me, "it's coming." In other words, what happened over there is coming to America.

The Croats are Catholic. You just can't get into anything in the world today and not see the wickedness and evil of Islam or Catholicism everywhere. They are hand in hand. Islam is Satanism. It preaches false religion and practices Satanism. And Catholicism is the same way. The abuses and atrocities they commit in the name of their god is pure Satanic Ritual Abuse. There is no difference. They are the most vile and violent cults I've ever seen displayed openly and our government supports and defends them in Yugoslavia, and then bombs them in the Middle East. Does the madness stop?

Of course not.

They used them in Yugoslavia to murder Christians. WE as a nation, sent our troops over there to kill Christians. Are you mad yet?

The government lies to the military all the time. Look how many are fighting in Iraq because they believed the governments lies about how Saddam was treating his people, we were "liberating" them.

And if that didn't appeal as a good reason they could pull card B which was claim Iraq had WMD's which was also a lie. As we used WMD's against them.

They just want war, anywhere, so they can dump DU anywhere possible. That stuff is so toxic it will be killing off entire populations within 10 years, AIDS didn't do the trick fast enough, so now they have DU.

Another thing that amazes me is how many so called Christians have converted to Islam. They fulfilled prophecy themselves and they dont' even realize it. The biggest sign of the end of the age was and is the rejection of the cross. Not from those who never believed, but from those who at one time did.

Some always think the grass is greaner on the other side. How's the temperature in the sand?

Monday, May 16, 2005

I have a lot of enemies, and people who agree to disagree, but this takes the cake, an excerpt from a Zion's Cry newsletter, "This page link refers to Sherry Shriner. I wrote and warned David Eells she is a satanic witch. I pray he removes her occult name and calculations off this page today. If he does not it will destroy his name and website in my mind, and I will neveragain refer to it. - Attack in 2005 prophecy on Posted at

I don't know who he thinks he is, and frankly this is the first time I've heard of his ministry, but to call a Prophet of Yahweh's, and one of the highest ranking on earth, "a Satanic Witch" just floored me. I can tell him this, those who come up against me, Yahweh takes down Himself. This man's ministry is over. I have seen it happen to every one of my enemies for the past several years, you can't come up against a servant of the Lord's and think He's going to ignore it, because with such a untruthful, brutal attack as that one, it hasn't gone unnoticed. Usually I just ignore attacks against me, but this one hit me. I mean come on, what is my crime? To reach out to 132 nations daily with 19 websites, a blogger and two radio shows pleading with people and teaching them and encouraging them to get back to Yahweh, to the Lord Himself and stop listening to man? Is that my crime? To teach Yahweh's redemption, His truth and His righteousness? Is that a crime? Is it a crime to commit myself 100% to the service of the Most High God to wake up His people to what's going on and coming ahead and to lead His people back to Him in these last days?

I do as the Most High leads me. I say what He wants me to say, I write what He wants me to write, I do as HE leads me. I have never asked people to follow me, but to follow the Most High God, to find out what their calling is in Him so they can accomplish His will in their lives. This attack against me is appalling and brutal.

I love the Most High, I serve the Most High, and I will die for the Most High.

This just sickens me, and yet again, the most brutal attacks coming not from our own government, but "brethren." I live under constant surveillance and scrutiny from every intel agency out there and none of them have ever uttered such filth against me. They have tried to kill me because they know who I am in Yahweh, but never have they uttered such a brutal attack as saying I'm a "satanic witch" as this person has.

I'll tell you what, those who have come up against me have either apologized or sunk in the mire. Every one of them over the past 5 years has lost their finances or health for rising up against me, Yahweh's way of getting their attention and He will handle this one. He always does.

It always comes out in the wash later. Always. I put it in His hands.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Sometimes I'm so good I amaze there any doubt Yahweh has stood me up in these last days to be His messenger...I certainly don't doubt it. I know who I am in Him. Soon enough most of you will too.

During last Saturday night's show I was talking to a caller and I said the last days chipping would be a "seal of God" fest have to have his seal to enter into his kingdom..not only the earthly facade he will attempt to create here, but the knock-off imitation New Jerusalem Satan brings down and hovers over the earth. He'll bribe the people..if you want a tour of it you have to have his seal on your forehead or in your right hand.

I was working on a code today on Apollyon and I saw the exact thing I had described in that code. It will be a "divine chipping." Yahweh has showed me many things, time is getting short folks. One of these days they will pull the plug on my radio broadcastings, they're not going to last forever, as neither will I. Listen and learn while you can.

I am Yahweh's, those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter.

North Korea is the key to the illuminati's plan of bringing in the Antichrist scumbag.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tis the season for betrayals.

What really brings on World War 3 is the anger of betrayals.."you were supposed to nuke Phoenix not us in the White House." I can hear it now...

Another scare tactic on the lizards in DC yesterday causing the evacuation of the white house and capital... Allegedly Bush was mountain biking...interesting...he's already recorded the most leisure and vacation hours of any president in our history so there's no worries about him being hard at work anywhere. We're probably better off he never is.

He just shows up on cue, and delivers scripted data when he's told to. He's a good yes man, a lousy lizard president.

The Bible says in the last days the nations will converge on Israel to destroy it. Now you can see why, the lizards in charge over there are betraying everyone and ticking everyone off. There has to be some restructuring over there so the Illuminati can get what they want, a rebuilt temple. They may have to destroy the city so they can rebuild it to their liking.

The Vatican owns the temple land rights, secured back in the early 90s. Big shock eh?

Stop the planet...I want to get off...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This Saturday at sundown begins the Feast of Pentecost. Blintzes, cheesecakes, you can learn about what to do at

Some following the Talmudic calendar are celebrating it next month.

The lines have been drawn between those who promote the Draconian-Reptilian-Annunaki New World Order and those who have shown by word and deed that they are part of the resistance. The sleepers and doubters will be tested at the guillotines for their loyalty.

The plans to go to war against North Korea will not diminish. It is an integral part of the plan for the USA to go to war in the Korean peninsula, Israel will attack Iran, and the middle east will be on fire along with the Korean peninsula, then the Antichrist will descend from heaven and be hailed as God. It's the plan of the Illuminati and it hasn't changed.

The First Fruits rapture will take place sometime before the worship of the image of the beast and the mark of the beast is enforced on the world. Yahweh said He would spare the church of Philadelphia from the hour of temptation that comes upon the whole world. The "hour of temptation" is the demanded worship of the image of the beast and the mark of loyalty that will be enforced on the world. You are either Lucifer's or you are not. You are either joining his kingdom or you are not. Those who refuse to worship the beast will be killed. Those who refuse his mark can't function in society.

The big mistake the pre-trib rapture folks declare is that the church is the Bride of Christ, the first fruits, and that isn't true. There is no millions of people in the first fruits rapture, in fact only 144,000 will qualify who have kept the commandments of the Lord and do as He says. The literal church breaks His Sabbath every week, they worship idols (their pastors, church leaders, and even put their Bibles in front of Him instead of seeking Him directly and communing with Him) and they are full of backbiting, gossip, and hatred for the brethren. Most churches are gossip havens. They don't show love for one another they fill themselves with soap operas, backbiting, and things not of the Lord. There is more of Jezebel in most churches today than Yahweh.

Most believers are filled more with Jezebel than they are Yahweh. They fill the coffers of those leading them to the pit of hell and ignore those Yahweh has called up to lead His people. Most of those leading the churches today were not called up by Him.

How many are teaching the meat of the word instead of drowning in the milk and inventing and promoting false doctrines? How many people are getting the meat of the Word today?

The majority of those who call themselves believers today will die as martyrs. The majority.

Seek Him. Stop reading and start talking to HIM. Seek Him daily, think about Him, meditate on Him, talk to Him. Make Him a part of your day.

Take a stand on whom you will serve and stick with it.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

The gloves are coming off...

I have been exposing the alien agenda for years...different aspects of who they are and what the Bible says about them and what they are going to do in these last days.

Yahweh has been showing me in more detail thier plans. A lot of times it is hard to put into words until it sinks in and the revelation sticks. Of course none of it is new, it's just different when the Lord hits you with something, that itself makes you stand up and take notice and give more attention to something.

He has been showing me how it all works. He told me He would, and now He is. I'm not buying radio time to hear myself talk, or putting up websites full of info to amuse myself...everything I say or show are pieces of the puzzle. Things Yah has told me or led me into. I'm not real big on reinventing the wheel, if someone else has info on something I have been shown I just put their information on my sites. But now I'm hearing from people they don't trust anything written by anyone else and only read what I put I'm writing, more, reinventing the wheels with my personal perspective and insights that the Lord has shown me.

Yes alot of the info is already out there and sometimes others just say it better than me folks, so I'll point you to that info...I can't do it all, I can't cover it all, but I am writing and coming out with some articles here soon enough.

It's been a war. The gates of hell come at me every time I expose a tactic of theirs, so that's often.

Last week, this week, it's been all out assaults at me, they lost, they always lose, losers. You can't beat a dedicated child of Yahweh's! Of course I'm a threat to them. I don't fear them, I don't lose to them, they can't control me.

I came to earth to kick their butts, and that's what I'm going to do.

The war is on.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Well hello folks..

Yah has been showing me alot lately how the Nephilim work as the controllers behind the scenes. The Illuminati are Nephilim. Their kids...are the human aspect that run it on earth. This includes the 13 families uncontaminated from pure human DNA. In other words, they are pure hybrids. They are kept 'from' having pure human DNA. The biggest group is the Bilderberger group of the Illuminati. There are many others as well.

Seems a lot of people are jumping into the "Giants are Returning" warnings, and that's good. We need people out there waking up to the fact that the Aliens are coming..the Anuk..The Annunaki are the Nephilim. They are one and the same.

Be careful on alot of the junk out there as well. There are many who are simply psychic and then claim they are prophets of Yahweh and build ministries around their carnality and reject Yah's voice for channeling spirits that aren't Him or of Him.

Even so, many are under ELF oppression and guided by ELF and not Yahweh. That's why there are so many contradictions, changes of beliefs, insanity in prophecies, visions, their ideals changing daily with the wind. They are unstable because they aren't being led by Yah but by spirits of another.

Yah has told me that many of those who claim they are of Him and hear from Him, don't hear from Him at all but reject His small voice for the louder one in their heads. There are times when He can get through to them and reach them, and speak to them, but then they turn around and head back to the garbage pile of louder voices and things not of Him. Once you learn to hear Yah's voice, you must reject all others and recognize when you are being played and deceived.

It is rampant on message and forum boards. You can't visit any of them and not see those under mind control, ELF control, and channeling aliens and demons in the name of Yahweh. They claim Yah's name and even Praise Him, and then channel garbage saying it's from Him. It makes me sick.

Those who are Yahweh's do as He says. The Spirit of truth leads them. And that is why 90% of the others will reject those who are really Yah's, because they don't know Yah, all they know is their own carnality and seek to be with others like minded.

It really makes me sick to see those who call themselves Yah attack those who are His and lift up those who aren't. You would find more discernment in a wet paper bag than in most ministries today.

And that's the facts, Jack.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

New Article:
The Serpent And The Illuminati
I will be posting an article later today on The Serpent And The Illuminati. It's something I've been working on for a while now and I'll get that out today.

We had some tech difficulties during Aliens in the News yesterday as far as call-ins but that shouldn't be a problem next week. It was the first show I've done with Out of Time Radio and so we're working out the kinks as we go and everything should be fine next week. For those who were inconvenienced I apologize.

Gotta love going Live Radio, actually I like it that way. I like spontaneity.

Seems a Chinook chopper has taken an interest in this town. Especially after my show. Circled the town all night. Those things are loud and obnoxious, my kids got a kick out of it. There's no military bases 100 miles in either direction around here so they like it when the military shows up in town. Last summer they circled my son's football field a few times with one of their black huey's.

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be intimidated, I forgot.


Monday, May 02, 2005

Join Me as I start an Additional Radio show during the weekdays

Aliens in the News

Tuesdays 2pm EST 1pm Central

Toll Free
Listener Call In 1-877-624-4331

Aliens, UFOs, Shapeshifters in the White House, Planet X , Underground Bases, and much more!

Hello folks,

I'm almost done, you can check it out, my website for my new weekday show, Aliens In the News with,

The show will be on Tuesdays at 2pm EST and 1pm Central.

I've had good feedback from the show on Saturday night, other than dying the last 20's really hard to talk for 2 hours straight.

I'm not even sure what I will be doing this Saturday yet, whatever the Lord leads me to always...and other times He just leaves it up to me, whatever I want to I'm not sure half the time what's going to happen on Saturday's until I hear the dong of the bells. Things change at the last minute at times, it's always me anyway.

The Black Moslem chat boards aren't liking my site at very much...

Yahushua, Jesus Christ, is the only mediator between God and man. Anything else is a lie from the pit of hell. So you either accept the Salvation Yahweh, the Most High God has already offered you through His Son, or you go to hell. There is no grey area here....there are no other prophets or people who can offer you heaven because it isn't their's to give to you.

So many people have faith in what they have been told all their lives to believe. They have faith in faith. We are to have faith in the Most High and HE provided a way for us to be redeemed, and that is through His Son, Yahushua.

And that's the facts, Jack. Are 1.3 Billion Moslems wrong? Yes. In Fact, over 3/4 of the earth's population is either believing in their religions to save them when only Yahweh can, or they don't believe in anything at all.

Now do you realize how small the word "remnant" is when Yahushua said only a remnant would find the narrow gate that leads into heaven?

Yahushua is the gate.