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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alert for Charleston, South Carolina

Be alert in the area. Possible suitcase nuke going off today or sometime this week.

Listen for the Lord to guide you in what to do.

Seek Him.

Lexington bracing for an attack?

I received an email earlier today from a lady who lives in Lexington, Kentucky who told me they were limiting bank withdrawals to $200 in Lexington.

What's with that? Are they bracing for an attack? Seems like it.

If you live in the city/area listen for Yah and leave if He leads you to. There could be multiple attacks coming..that is what I suspect.

Do you think if a huge explosion erupted somewhere if they would tell us we were hit by a missile? Look how they fought it with TWA 800. All of our subs out to sea..for some reason that gives me more cause for concern for our own territory than someone elses. They can launch a missile from the ocean to target our cities much easier than from a silo.

Oh yeah.."suitcase nukes." Well, ya never know.

I didn't put up a show tonight. Perhaps tomorrow. I didn't feel led to put it up. In fact I was rather distracted all day and night from putting it up. I don't know what's going on. I tried to get some sleep earlier but I was getting fried like a pancake. The attacks are up.

Lately it has definately seemed like a huge Psyop against me. So many people just attacking from every direction, it was putting me on edge. Perhaps why Yah didn't lead me to put up a show tonight.

A person can only take so much. I wish I had a wilderness to run into. I doubt I'd come back out of it..LOL.

Wouldn't that be something if Israel blew up Dimona and blamed it on the Iranians..

Charleston, Lexington, Houston, and Richmond. Hang onto your shorts. Be listening for Yah.

I'm sure the Miami people are glad I'm off their case for a while. LOL. Ya never know, what's going on in Miami anyway? It was their original plan to blow up Miami and blame it on the Syrians. What was that last year or the year before...wonder if it's a goner now or just on the back burner.

Seems they're just trying to take it down with hurricanes but the keys have been a good deterrent for Florida. They're going to have to take out the keys unless they orchestrate some wilder hurricanes. Designer hurricanes. I can wait for that season.

Well it doesn't seem long now. The District of Criminals can't hold on much longer with clones in office.

And as I've warned for 2 years now at they are getting ready to put Al Gore in office as an interim president. If this is the way it's going to go he'll never leave it folks.

Don't be surprised if fellow Omegan Hillary Clinton joins him for the ride.

I knew they'd get rid of Cheney. He was a double agent, no one trusted him although he was great evil fun for/with George Bush Sr. Sr seems to have adapted with Clinton the past few years. I don't think they will ever realize how nauseating it is to have to see those 2 parade across the television with each other. Clinton really wants that UN Secretary job and Sr has a lot of clout in the Satan freak world.

He'll see what it gets him. The same thing it got Cheney or Jr. a prolonged miserable and torturous death.

The reptilians say they gouged and burned out Cheney's eyes before they cut off his head. I'm waiting to hear more chatter about Jr's.

All the money and power in the world won't be able to buy one second of relief or peace in hell. They torture them constantly there and there's no way out.

For those stupid enough to be involved with the game you can get out regardless of what they have told you. The Lord's blood breaks all contracts. Lucifer can't own your soul until you are dead. Get out while you're still alive and you have time. I know how they like to hold prisoners and force them to do their work in the underground bases so if you're reading this just repent and renounce your sins and ask the Lord to break all contracts you've made with the devil and the NWO, ask Him to be your Saviour and commit your life to Him. He died on the cross so we could receive redemption in Him. Accept that redemption, He can't force it on you.

Most of these "brave tough Satanists" are scared to death to die. They know what awaits them. They're freaked out...very freaked out because they know time is short, and their's is shorter than most. They're not tough, they're scared. Image is a facade and a lie. Don't buy it.

Monday, January 30, 2006

So many things going on where do I start...

Isn't that the truth. I can't keep up with it all either.

This week starts nuke drills focusing on Charleston, S.C. they end Feb. 2, a high Satanist holiday. Then there is a lot of activity going on in Houston, Tx which brings people to believe some imminent disaster is waiting to happen there. And there probably is.

However no one's mentioned a possible attack on the shrub's State of the Union speech. Maybe that's because you can just turn it off....

Why subject yourself to political lies and rhetoric? Does it ever change year to year? No. The cloned president will lie to the country and use embedded dark speech codes to give the real speech to those who understand the code. That's basically all it is.

Cloned president? Yes. The real Bush no longer exists. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago when I started looking at recent pictures taken of him and you can tell obvious bulges in his skin at different places. Then the Voice of the White House released an article stating that his skin had gotten so bad they have to massively cover it up with makeup when he's being seen publicly.

Perhaps clones don't hold reptilian hosts as well as regular humans do.

I've already stated that the real Dick Cheney is dead and gone and that a clone had taken his place. Now you can add Bush Jr. as well. He was getting to be to much of a liability and perhaps this type of assassination is suppose to draw less suspicion. Kill the real person and replace him/her with a clone and no one knows the difference right? Almost. I'm here. They haven't fooled me.

I also have confirmation now from my Reverse Speech Specialist friend Peggy Kane. She can confirm now that the real Cheney and Bush are both dead and gone and replaced by clones. In Reverse Speech Reptilians often speak on recordings without thinking or knowing they are being heard by those who can hear them through reverse speech. When the cloned Cheney and Bush now speak they are giving themselves away. That's all I am going to say about it for now since most people will think I'm completely nuts anyway.

I'm not trying to convince you, just inform.

So what's the state of America? We're being run by cloned humans who don't have souls that are possessed by Reptilians.

Does "They Live" ring a bell?

We should be seeing a new and calmer George Bush. I guess time will tell.

I don't think anyone possessed with an obnoxious reptilian, human or cloned can act human, compassionate, or calm for very long. It's against their natural nature. Reptilians are animals, and that's what they act like. They don't understand human emotion, nor can they empathize or feel as humans do. I think things are going to get beyond interesting. Bring out the acting coaches..

I have started to write a new article tonight and somewhere through it I realized it was the Angels in the Flesh Part 3 I have wanted to write. Now I'm not so sure I could ever publicly release it. Of course I felt that about Part 2 as well. Not to mention half the articles I have written that are already on my websites. So I guess I just need time. Not to mention I'm not even done with it yet, but it's very revealing as to how things really are and like anything else I have written people are either really going to get it or they won't.

Either way my life is starting to make a lot of sense. I don't know about your's but I'm sure and I know it's helping a lot of others put together the pieces of their own lives.

Yes, we can all be crazy together.

The more I write the more I miss Enoch. The Lord has told me He would teach me more than Enoch knew and yet I don't ever feel it will be that way. I feel a connection to Enoch I can't explain and I wish I had known him in the here and now. Wishful thinking eh..I just miss him. And I miss David, the warrior and the preacher.

I wish they were here.

Make getting closer to the Lord a priority this week.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

My blog now available in Espanol....

Thanks to Raysa Cruz, who has done a great job, my blog is now available in Spanish at

Sometimes I hear from people telling me that my blog is down. It's not usually down folks, you just can't put the "www" in the address, it won't work that way, it's strictly

Raysa, a missionary from the Dominican Republic, has done a lot of work in translating my articles into Spanish at and now is going to keep up with the blog as well. May the Most High bless her for her efforts in helping millions around the world be able to read what I write.

I kept hearing from a quite a few people about the difficulties they had, or the weird things that happened while they were trying to listen to my last recorded message and I kept wondering why, out of all the shows I've done, was that message seemingly the most sabotaged out of all of them. So I listened to it again tonight and just had to laugh. No wonder the droids hated it. It was about the Lord and building a closer relationship with Him, it was about spiritual warfare and kicking the demonic into the was about various things that naturally they wouldn't like. The more who wake up to their tactics the less powerful the demonic are against them.

I started a new announcement list of my daily blog, articles, website updates, messages etc..You can sign up at Many people have asked about just an announcement list for my material rather than signing up for discussion group type formats such as my orgone blasters and/or NWO vs. Christians lists. So I've made that one separate.

And for those who have accepted the Lord from reading my Salvation page at or any of my websites, I praise the Lord for you and welcome you to our family in the Lord. Realize that our Salvation in Him is a free gift but following Him and doing as He commands is what we are to do to keep our salvation in Him and grow in Him. Renounce your old ways and seek the Lord daily for the truth in all things and ask Him to teach you how to hear Him and who He is. Lean on Him, don't run to religion for the answers, run to Him. Develop a relationship with Him where you're talking to and seeking Him every day. He will mold you into the person He wants you to be for Him. It's a process and a journey don't expect everything at once. He will lead and guide you, follow Him.

Have we been experiencing the calm before the storms of 2006? Seems like it. Enjoy it while you can. This is a time to prepare for the rough times ahead folks.

Is it Planet X or comet X? Seems this 'planet' is larger than earth, yet has a tail.

I'm watching to see if Maitreya heads into Egypt to start leading the Arab countries and uniting them. You would think he'd be showing up soon. No hurry. His arrival means nothing but death and destruction to millions of Arab-beast-Antichrist. Is he "the Antichrist" or just one to come before the final one comes? I don't know..but he's vicious. Time will tell.

Find your peace and strength in the Lord. He is our Rock.

I stand on the Rock.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Sabbath Everybody..

I posted a new page on my sites called the Terror List. You can see it at or

I'm going to keep a running list of all the terror coming at us. Seems as if it's coming from all directions, and it is.

My faith is not shaken. In fact my rock and strength is the Most High God and I don't fear what man can do. Neither should you.

I sound the alarms so you can be ready and not be overtaken and caught unprepared. If these events come to pass they come to pass, if they don't, they don't. But don't be fooled by delays, we already know the complete destruction of America is coming, so it's not if but when. We already know that the Antichrist's War on the Saints is not a if but a when. We already know that earthquakes, plagues, famines, and wars are not a if but a when. Prepare folks. Mentally, Spiritually and Physically.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Several Cities Targeted For Destruction

If you have money, especially gold or silver in Bank Safe Deposit boxes..get it out or forever lose it.

The government is going after banks via the Homeland Security to keep people from getting access to their gold or silver during a financial collapse. They are in the preliminary stages now, holding workshops throughout the country and informing bank employees that in the event of a national emergency only those from Homeland Security will be allowed to give people access to their bank safety deposit boxes and they will only be allowed to retrieve important papers.

Word to the wise, get it out now.

Well well, I've come to learn that tall greys are the same as small greys. Just cloned manipulations so the demonic can have bodies to work in. And they are used as deception as well. They still fall under the control of the Reptilians. So see, there really isn't a Tall Grey facade as portrayed throughout the New Age, the Tall Greys are clones who work for the Reptilians.

And guess what? These can be taken out with a bang. Literally. Lock and load folks. If you see one shoot it. Especially to keep them away from yourself or your family. The alien's cloned body will die. No loss at all. Good riddance. Don't be afraid or intimidated to defend yourself! These things are evil and wicked and only want to harm you.

In fact the movie "The Seventh Sign" was a reparation for their mistake with the cute and cuddly "ET". After having 'announced' that greys i.e. ET was from another world, yet very nice and cuddly enough to want to be with your kids they realized they made a horrible mistake and that they were actually very they came out with the 7th Sign to try and change the image of the grey ET in peoples minds. They (our government) communicate to the masses via Hollywood. Once you realize that fiction and movies aren't just fiction and movies it becomes a whole new ballgame.


There are several cities that have over the years been leaked as targets for terrorist attacks and destruction (nukes, earthquakes, hurricanes/tsunamis. Are they staying with their game plan?

If so, then these are the cities and the people who live in them who need to be aware that they are sitting in cesspools of impending demise sooner or later.

Charleston, S.C.
Columbia, S.C.
Lexington, Kentucky
Richmond, Virginia
Phoenix, Arizona
Houston, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Washington, D.C.
The Power Plant N. of NYC (I also suspect the power plant in Miami, Florida)
Boston, Massachusettes
Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Chicago, ILL

Not to mention the outright murder of American citizens with their chemtrails program to spread plagues, diseases, poison and cancers. These will become much more deadlier.

Israel is not on alert. At the same time there are military exercises taking place here to prepare for possible scenario attacks in the future. Are they telling us something? You bet.

911 was an Israel/Mossad operation to get America into war in the Middle East. Any other devestating attacks here will be used in the same way, to keep us there and get us more involved i.e. war with Iran, Syria and N. Korea.

Our government worked with them to bring down the WTC towers and they wouldn't think twice of bombing a few cities if necessary to keep all of their agendas moving forward.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Texas City, Houston, Charleston, S.C., the Superbowl...all viable targets for a Bush-government-planned attack to keep the facade going we have "international terrorists" as our enemies.

In the movie Sum Of All Fears the superbowl was the target of a bomb. Were they revealing their future plans? The CIA created and released a tape of Bin-forgotten last year stating he was going to strike terror in the heartland of America. Where's the superbowl? Detroit..the heartland of America.

Meanwhile supposed practice drills in South Carolina have many people on edge. Remember the last time a 'fake drill' was taking place and they fired one of their own Generals for exposing their plans of making that drill come live? If he hadn't come forward and announced their plans Charleston, S.C. could very well be a parking lot right now.

And let's not forget the Avian created-in-a-CIA-lab flu that we're all supposed to be so worried about.

They keep trying to instill fear in everyone about everything. If these psychopath lunatics would leave office there would be none.

It's never going to change. This is what we have to look forward to for the next however many years or months as we head into the time of the Great Tribulation. Never a dull moment is there?

Sooner or later any one of these threats and rabbit trails could or will go live. We are going to have plenty of death and destruction here in America. Their diatribes will become real sooner or later and if not theirs, someone elses against America.

And don't underestimate Iran and a preemptive strike.

The Watchman are sounding the alarms. It's not their job to be right, it's their job to warn you of impending destruction and to awake the people out of complacency.

A lot of people ask me about Steve Quayle. It's not his job to be right, it's his job as a Watchman to inform and sound the alarms. It's easy to get into the emotional aspect of it and throw everything else out the window at any moment. Seek the Lord at all times and use discernment folks. If you hear of something that your area is going to be bombed ask the Lord if you should leave and to direct and guide your thoughts. Only He can tell you what to do, and if you email me all I'm going to do is tell you to ask Him. I can't tell you what to do for your particular situations, only He can. He knows if you will be safe or not or what you should do.

Now more than ever people need to be dependent upon and relying upon His Spirit and guidance. If you walk in His Spirit then you have learned how He works. If you aren't, then you need a crash course.

First of all, start making Him a priority in your life. Confess your sins and start talking to Him. Develop a relationship with Him. You don't always have to be in a formal prayer mode to be talking to Him. Talk to Him all day with whatever you're doing while you're doing it.

Second, listen for His still small voice in your spirit. He doesn't speak to your head, He speaks to your heart. Until you learn how to hear Him ask Him to guide your thoughts and to keep you from evil. By asking for that it will eliminate alot of ELF and demonic attacks against you so your thoughts are really His or your own and not something or someone elses implanted in your head.

Third, want to feel His instant presence? Praise His Name. Start praising Him.

Fourth, be yourself with Him. He already knows you and everything about you so just be yourself. Don't worry if you're a little rough around the edges or don't feel 'good enough.' He will lead you and guide you into a perfect relationship with Him that suits you both. No two people are the same. No two relationships with Him are the same. He will accept you as you are. Leave the rest to Him to shape and mold you into the person He wants you to be.

Five, relationship building brings confidence, builds your faith in Him, and results in boldness for Him.

Start today.

Time is short.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

George has been on quite the horse race lately trying to defend his spying on Americans. He actually makes it sound that they were only targeting foreign people and so had a right to defend America, blah blah. Please, unless you haven't been on the end of their spying harrassment then you have no idea how ludicrous he sounds.

Foreign immigrants? Horse dung. Our government's been spying on American housewives and soccer mom's for years who are a 'threat to national security.' Granny's too.

He leads people to assume that when he speaks of terrorists he means foreigners. But in his own legislation they never define terrorists other than those who don't agree with the plans of the New World Order. Therefore every Patriot and Christian in America is a terrorist and most have been spied on for years. You can hear the clicks and static on your telephones from their spyware. Not to mention your emails getting re-routed through gov agencies before you actually receive them. Or their constant psyop operations to have people on the internet befriend you and then turn around and tear you up one page and down another. Just typical dung or psyops? I've experienced both.

After a while you know who they are and you play along and then just wait for the ball to drop, no loss.

You develop a real thick skin to deal with people on the internet. Because it's not always just people. You get military and government agents, aliens, and everything else contacting you namely people being controlled by ELF to be hateful toward you or play their games against you for them. Yes the aliens have computers and internet access. Who do you think we got it from? They have backdoor access that would make MSN envious.

People don't always know why they do what they do. They just feel led to do it and so they do it, they think it's God when they're being controlled and influenced by the intel and demonic realms and agencies through ELF to attack you.

But nothing can compare to Yah's real people. You can always tell who they are. They're real, they have His Spirit and are led by His Spirit and it's these people who make everything else worthwhile to have to go through.

I love Yah's people. What a breath of fresh air.

So many people today are being deceived by the New Age garbage and calling themselves star seeds and Indigos and they don't even know what they're talking about. Typical humans who want to feel different or are convinced by the liars that they are and so they are adopting alien and New Age rhetoric for themselves, thus making themselves open doorways for possession.

The time is coming when the line will be drawn and you are either being led by His Spirit or you're going to be completely possessed by evil ones. It's getting more and more dominant and Yah has warned us. Ever since I wrote the article The Silent Invasion I'm seeing it everywhere around me.

It's getting worse, just as He said it would.

Many people are going to have to decide whether they want to be in His army or not. They don't have to choose Satan, he gets them on default for rejecting the Most High. They don't have to believe he exists, they can completely reject him and his existence and yet he still wins those. Ignorance and blindness to the truth have always been his biggest weapons in obtaining peoples souls.

If you love the Lord and you're not taking a stand for Him or you're compromising with sin and wickedness then you are in the realm for complete Satanic possession. If you are not within the Shepherd's fold then you are wondering outside of it and you can get bitten and eaten by the wolf.

Watch yourselves. Get back to Yah before it's too late.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My show was sabotaged last night but it's up now..I put it up last night again when I realized what had happened.

I had uploaded it to the internet at 6pm. I sat listening to it for a half hour before I had to leave the house for a while. During that time it was hacked. When I returned home at about 9pm I received emails that only the intro part of the show was being played so I reuploaded it and noticed it had been messed with in my upload files.

Another day in the life of...

Out of all my shows makes you wonder why they targetted that one. Could it be because their ever-present ELF God games on the internet are so useful to them they don't want people waking up about it?

There's so many people being played and deluded by it. Steve Quayle ended his show last week on a phone call expecting immediate demise. Do these people have no discernment at all?

Seek the Lord in all things. The chances are if you're not being led by Him you are being manipulated and led by the ELF God. The problem is most people can't tell which is which they've been led by the ELF for so long.

Date-setters are not from The Most High. He lives in eternal time not our linear time.

Hopefully something I say will help these people realize they're being deceived and get out of the deception and back to the Most High.

Date setting is always a sure flag of a false prophecy and false prophets. Don't be led by them, don't be deceived by them, and don't listen to them they're not hearing from the Most High and have no discernment to realize it. So do you really think they are His?

The Lord has stood me up to Speak to the Nations. And my admonishments about this whole date-setting thing are from Him.

Be discerning. Seek Him for the truth in all things. Ask Him daily to be led into the truth by His Holy Spirit.

Don't fall for the lies, deceptions, and false prophecies, dreams and visions coming from the demonic, aliens, and our military. They use Christians to further their own agendas.

Don't play their games.

Monday, January 23, 2006

All quiet on 1-23-06.

As I said it would be.

I hope now people take note of all the eons of professed believers on the Internet who are claiming to hear from the Lord who are hearing from the ELF God and probably still won't admit it!

The ELF God loves giving impending disasters with dates! And it's not the Most High God it's the military and their high tech weapons playing God and speaking to your head!

The LORD does not speak to your head!

I've been saying for 2 years now or older that 90% of the "Christians" on the internet are NOT hearing from God. But they are so drenched in their errors you can't get through to them!

They're deceived. All of them.

Visions, prophecies, direct "words from God", now do you see how easily fooled people can be with demons and not only that, military high tech? YES they can produce false visions, dreams and 'voices.'

The most gullible and easily accessible to deception are those who speak in Satan's false tongues movement. And they all feed off each other and share the same ranks of demons.

It is not the Most High they are hearing from.

They will excuse it away and claim prayer saved the day so they can keep the facade going and the gullible following them and hanging onto their every demonic dream, vision and prophecy.

They are full of witchcraft and guile.

They need to repent of their witchcrafts and sorceries and allowing Satan to work through them and deceive them. If they were seeking the truth in all things from the Most High Himself they wouldn't be dwelling and drowning in their errors and deceptions and witchcrafts. But they refuse to seek Him for the truth! They don't want the truth! They want to have these false signs because it makes them feel superior to others and more gifted from God. It's a joke, it's deception against His Holy Spirit and the Lord allows it to happen. Why? Because they don't seek Him, so He allows them to drown in errors and witchcraft! They worship the angel of Light..Lucifer in the guise of the Most High!

Not to mention how many of them are actually channeling messages from aliens and demons and attribute it to God!

Stay away from these Lucifer deceived worshipers. They can't see it because they refuse to, but you don't have to be suckered into it either!

The Most High God lives in eternal time not linear time like us. He does not give dates for hardly anything unless it's related to lunar time. All He ever says is "soon" because He is indifferent to our time and does not operate at our linear time level!

Take note of all of those who sent all their dreams, prophecies and visions to you in regards to January 22 and 23 of this month and ignore them because they are not hearing from the Most High! And the ones who passed their stuff around don't have much discernment either or they would have rebuked it for what it was...garbage!

Wake up people!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I've spent time talking about the Russian-Illuminati and the American-Illuminati shadow governments over the past couple of days.

The Illuminati is ultimately aliens who run and control it via a council of Aliens. It then extends to humans through the human illuminati. If that makes any sense. Sometimes it's hard to put in words what I'm trying to say.

We have a council on earth that oversees and runs the Illuminati. The humans that sit on this council are in direct contact with the Alien council above them that oversees and controls them and steers their agenda here on earth.

To be on the human council you have to be one of theirs. Not just anyone can work their way through the ranks and get promoted. It's all about bloodline, possession, and control. People like Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, George Bush Sr., and George Bush Jr., are all those things. They are hybrid humans, meaning they were born with contaminated blood, half-alien mixed with half-human blood. They are the offspring of aliens. And that's what the Illuminati bloodline families are, offspring of aliens. I have more about the bloodlines at

Most of the rich and powerful in our world and our governments are Illuminati children. The Republican right, the Democratic left, are now completely run by the Illuminati. So it doesn't matter which party is in power, ultimately the Illuminati runs and controls the government of America either way.

The aliens themselves have different groups and factions amongst themselves but they all serve Lucifer. Just as humans have different secret societies, organizations and groups that serve the Illuminati agenda and Lucifer. The humans all compete and fight for rank, power, and prestige among their various groups, and so do the aliens who work behind the scenes of these humans.

There are millions of aliens who constantly watch, infiltrate, and control the people on earth through their own offspring here and soul-scalping, which is a form of alien possession as opposed to what we think of as demon possession.

They are all organized just as we humans organize our bureacratic and organizational structures here on earth. They have their separate homes on separate planets, moons, star systems etc..their own travel capabilities with what we call UFOs, and their own bases under our earth. They are very organized and have infiltrated earth completely through the humans they control in religion, politics, entertainment, crime, education, and anything that affects our world in any way.

Two of the more notorious factions amongst the aliens are the ones behind the New World Order and the ones behind the New Age.

They may be two separate agendas, but remember Satan sits at the top of both of them. He doesn't care which agenda brings him to power, as long as one of them does. Where is he among all this? Satan rules the whole world from the secret position known as the Black Pope in the Vatican. The Black Pope is his right hand man on earth. And all of the factions and groups and organizations working to bring Satan to power as a global dictator answer to the Vatican. Pope Ratzinger is mere window dressing, known as the "white pope." He ensures that the billion catholics around the world keep them immensely wealthy and in idolatry and apostasy in the guise of religion. Religion is big business $$ and it funds Satan's plans and tactics on earth. By controlling the governments and mafias of the world, he ultimately has all the money of the world at his disposal to bring forth his agenda of global rule.

The New World Order is run by the Reptilian faction of aliens. Sleestack. They've been conditioning the public of lizards, geckos, and snake type beings for years. There's a reason for all the madness other than entertainment. They tell you what they are doing if you learn to pay attention. They have been using Hollywood for years as an excercise in releasing classified information but most people never pick up on it.

Cathy O'brien and others have talked about their eyewitness accounts of seeing our politicians in the White House and Congress shapeshift from humans to reptilians. Princess Diana had declared the same thing right before she died, she proclaimed to several of her friends in regards to the royal family "they're not even human!" and she wasn't kidding..she knew they were reptilians in human form. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, are both shapeshifters. You have to wonder about her own sons now and I believe the series the X-Files was telling us that Prince William (Scullies baby was named William before they stopped the show) was more than just human. The writers of X-Files were high level Masons. This would be more of the UK-Illuminati shadow government but I'm not getting into that right now. They work closely with the American-Illuminati but will eventually betray America and align with others instead.

The New Age is run by the Tall Greys. Another faction of Lucifer's. These ones were dominant in ancient pre-adamic earth before Lucifer's rebellion and mutiny against the Most High God. These former angels, just as the reptilians, had joined with Lucifer in that rebellion. Not all of the angels who rebelled with Lucifer were immediately judged, many of them were allowed to remain free with Lucifer, they just lost their angelic looks and access to heaven. Their judgment will come later after the return of the real Jesus Christ/Yahushuah to earth, but before He returns the aliens will bring their own copy/mimmick/false Messiah to earth who will proclaim He is the Jesus of the Bible, and/or the messiah of all the religions who are waiting for the return of one. We refer to him as the Antichrist.

The Capricorn is one of their dominant bases/UFOs and they hover above the mid to western half of the United States.

They want to take over the politics in Washington, have Bush and Cheney arrested for treason and murder and will set up their own pawn, Al Gore to take over the realm. That's one of their plans. Others include just getting rid of all the politicians in Washington and taking it over with themselves and introducing a new economic program here in the guise of restoring our constitution.

It often gets muddled between who is working what agenda. Those who call for a restoration of our constitution like Al Gore are working the Tall Grey New Age agenda. Obviously not every patriot in America is working that agenda, but that's the main theme of how they are going to get their foothold in Washington, in the guise of restoring our constitution and Al Gore has always been a pawn of this agenda. They don't care about restoring our constitution, they just want to get their foot in the door of controlling our politics and America.

You can usually find people working both these agendas working side by side within the Defense Intelligence Agency. They may not be friends, but they hide their agendas while they work and implement them within the DIA. The DIA also has their own fleet of UFOs that both factions have at their disposal. Yes, our politicians fly around in UFOs piloted by and through the NSA. The CIA also has access to the UFOs and uses them to implement their agenda against patriots and Christians, and those they consider as threats to the NWO.

All of the different groups and factions working to bring a global government to power with Satan as the ruler are steeped within all our governmental agencies, secret societies, the White House and Congress. When a particular faction, such as the right gets in trouble they step up their controlled pawns of the religious right including their own pastors and evangelists to influence the sleeping and dumbed down Christians of America to support them. Billy Graham is a 33rd degree mason and member of the Illuminati and many others such as Pat Roberston, Robert Schuller, James Kennedy, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, the list is a who's who of TV Illuminati sponsored religion.

Those coming out of the New Age camp are Al Gore, Maitreya, St. Germain, Sananda-Jesus aka Sananda-Immanuel. There is also a woman beast who will play a goddess of some kind, or perhaps they will bring in "Mary" who plays the role of a goddess such as the Queen of Heaven, etc.. see

The New Age will implement a new economic program that will lead to 666 and promise the earth of cleansing, which means they plan to cleanse/murder anyone who doesn't go along with their agenda. They bribe the gullible of 'improved health and environment' who follow them. Not to mention wealth and prosperity....just join their new "kingdom" on earth which is a forced global rule. They use nicer terms (even though they're lies) but they have the same plans as the NWO, just a different way of getting there. Under the New Age all Christians will be killed and those who don't agree with them. Same as the NWO agenda. Nothing changes there.

So it really doesn't matter which faction or what agenda is in power. If Bush and Cheney are chased out, they will just be replaced with people or beings worse than them.

The Lord isn't calling us to to do anything right now but prepare and head to the mountains. Exposing the wicked and their plans is opening up the eyes of those who have been lulled to sleep by them. But there is really no hope in ever restoring America, prophecy will come to pass and America will eventually be destroyed and that is why He is telling His people now to head to the mountains.

His watchmen have been sounding the alarms for years on the government and the wickedness taking place, perhaps something then could have been done to change the course of events, but that time is over. It is now time to head to the mountains and prepare for coming hardships.

Prepare... prepare.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Amusing, the New Agers are all going at it again.

It's no one's fault but their own, they allow themselves to be played by wicked fallen angels masquerading as Ascended Masters and Gods and then wonder why there's so much dissension and discord among themselves. It's because their "gods" cause it. Plain and Simple.

This is what the "Aliens" do, their MO (Method of Operation)

The Alien Handbook on How To Win Pawns and Influence People on Earth:
-by Sherry Shriner

1. Enlist a human that is gullible that wants to feel important. Most humans want to feel important so that's not hard. Praise them and tell them how special and chosen they are and establish contact with them so they can be used to contact mankind with our channeled messages.

2. Use them and exploit them to reach the masses to keep them on edge for our impending arrival on the planet. Keep them in expectation and hide the real truth. Feed them what they want to hear and promise great wealth and peace when we arrive especially to those who help us and can be manipulated. Promise rank and position and prestige...whatever they want to hear so they can be led and do whatever we ask them to do.

3. We have to keep the stupid humans motivated so imminence of our return and arrival is a must. We don't know exactly when the Most High God will allow us to play our charades on earth and destroy it, so keep the humans strumming along with great promises and what we will allegedly do for them. Our leader may be the father of lies but they don't have to know we're just as bad as he is.

4. Play the humans against each other to cover up our lies and mistakes. We don't know when we can invade planet earth and destroy it in the guise of peace and restoration so our timetables will have to change constantly which will make the humans look like liars and easily discreditable by others. Stand them up, use them, then declare they are deceived and have been listening to false ones of us and move on to others to start over again.

5. Completely discredit the former pawns so no one listens to them and the gullible humans move on to our newly appointed ones. Discredit who the real God is and the real purpose and creation for earth. Rewrite religion, rewrite history, and rewrite the future and make them see things our way without suspecting we only have their eventual deaths in mind. Once we get them on our side when we kill them or they die we will have their souls to torment in hell. We're all going to the lake of fire for eternity as part of our judgment so they will just be with us. The more the merrier. The more people we have the less the Creator and Most High has to put in His immensely wealthy and beautiful kingdom. Earth is nothing but a battleground for souls and we're winning!

Friday, January 20, 2006

The White House has flatly rejected a truce offer made on a audiotape that CIA reptilians verified as an authentic recording of Osama ben Forgotten... "We do not negotiate with terrorists. We put them out of business," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

If we put terrorists out of business, why is Bush bin Halliburton still in office?

I saw that on a list and changed the wording a bit. Amusing.

Yesterday I posted the events as the way the Russian-Illuminati card is being played.

Today I'll talk a little about the American-Illuminati card.

Which, by the way, I don't think is going to go anywhere. Perhaps. But, better to be informed than taken by surprise on anything. I keep my eyes on both. Tomorrow I'll talk about the New Age-Alien card.

The Illuminati (Aliens) run and control the majority of governments and nations on earth. They pit one against the other to keep their ultimate goal moving forward.

Yes, they control the New Age as well.

For playing factor on the chess board of earth, for appearance sake it is to appear that they are all different factions and enemies. The humans may feel that way that are the pawns of the Reptilian and Anuks in charge, but the entities they are possessed with are all on the same page behind the scenes and just play the game moving the humans and game forward.

What is the ultimate goal? The earth under one global government and its depopulation so it can be controlled by the outnumbered aliens.

So what's the game plan of the American-Illuminati?

To take control of the Middle East and turn it into a fireball so their "messiah" can descend to earth as "God."

This involves the US and/or Israel going to war with Syria and Iran, North Korea at war with South Korea, and China invading Taiwan.

When the Korean peninsula is in the middle of a total nuclear annihilation their messiah will descend to earth via a spectacular Hollywood and military holographic production entitled the Blue Beam Project.

They then move on to implement their New World Order upon the entire world with the Illuminati's chief alien, the Antichrist and his sidekick the Bible calls the False Prophet in charge.

This scenario of WW3 the American Reptilians have in mind includes their self-terrorization of
America to bring it into their program. They will create their own terrorist events on American soil to excuse their wars in the Middle East and implement the destruction of America at the same time which will lead the American sheeple into martial law to get rid of those who don't accept their New World Order.

Need a reason to bomb Iran? Have "Iran" bomb a few American cities..or it can be changed to Syria, or whatever country they are going after.

It worked with Afghanistan and Iraq, they got to invade 2 countries by taking down 2 of their own towers in New York and blaming it on them.

If you remember 2 years ago I exposed their plans to bomb Miami and blame it on the Syrians, they were fully intending on turning Damascus into a parking lot. And at the same time, they had moved bombers and many Air Force fighters to the Middle East. Something was going on. When I exposed their plans they cancelled the bombing of Miami.

I don't normally keep track of all their shenanigans and how many times they've had to change their plans after being exposed, but that one was hugely obvious.

They need a second 911 to invade Iran or Syria.

Who's the target now? It appears to be Houston.

I've been putting up with their charades of using remote access to get into my computer for years and deleting pictures or invading my server and messing with website links so people can't access particular web pages I put up. But their shenanigan of deleting all of my code graphics on Houston takes the cake and tells me they don't want them seen by the general public..why? What are they trying to hide?

I have 20 websites. And the only ones they continually target to harass and sabotage are and

Right now it's a war between the American-Illuminati and the Russian-Illuminati, the shadow governments of both countries. I spent yesterday detailing the Russian-Illuminati. The New Age-Illuminati is lurking in the background warring against the American-Illuminati but I will detail that more tomorrow.

Now when an event happens you can analyze and figure out which faction did what and who's game is being played.

But realize all these factions call for the destruction of America. If our own government and black military doesn't destroy us with plagues and bombs, the Russian-Chinese alliance will. And the New Age Alien-Illuminati has their own plans of our destruction as well.

So what are we to do? What the Most High tells us to. If He's telling you to head to the mountains, head to the mountains. If He's telling you to stock up and dig in where you're at, do it. Recognize how He works and leads His people and if you can't ask Him to teach you how to.

Don't depend on your churches or government to protect you or give you the truth. The churches have been in error so long they don't know what the truth is they just keep pumping the same errors year after year. And the government only has your eventual death in mind.

Don't go as sheep to the slaughter. Defend yourself and your families.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Silent War of the Shadows

Lately the Lord has led me into more confirmations of things I have seen for our future. The difference being, instead of "future" they are right around the corner..literally.

I believe we are in year 2 of a 3 year phase to completely destroy America as per the Illuminati's plans.

Last year I saw Chicago slide into Lake Michigan and Los Angeles slide into the Pacific Ocean. I believe these destructions will take place within the next two years.

If my timing is correct, then this year is, as He has said to me several times is indeed a year to prepare, no matter what hardships come this year they will pale in significance next year when the economy and energy grids collapse and people are dying in the streets from violence, chaos, and starvation in America.

There are seven cities that have been planted with nuclear bombs that can be detonated at any time. I believe we could see some of them detonated by/in this December, 2006.

I believe by spring/summer of 2007 our entire electrical power grid will be destroyed. This is why the Lord is leading His people to get out of the cities. When the economy collapses, when the infrastructure is attacked, people are going to be unemployed and hungry. Violence will be rampant.

Sometime late 2007 or early 2008 the Chinese-Russian-Japanese invasion will begin. The government thinks Japan is our ally, they are fools. The UK and other friendly nations will not come to the aid of America. America will be on its own and be destroyed with foreign armies occupying our soil. Our Air Force will never get off the ground, scaler weapons from space will destroy them all. Our missiles, bombs, useless, undetonated (if that's even a word) from high tech Russian weapons. Our navy will be destroyed at sea. How I don't know, but all we will have is what's left of our army and that isn't much, and it won't be able to stop the invasion.

Stop listening to the false hope rhetoric. As I have been saying for years, America is not the military superpower of the world, Russia is. The old Soviet hardline communists who still control their country behind the scenes, Russia's shadow government, are the ones who will be pulling the strings and implement the invasion on America. The current Russian leader, Putin, is mere window dressing to lull the world asleep.

Amidst all this madness the alien freaks will show up declaring they can restore our environment, world, and economy. You would think they'd have to show up before the electric grids get destroyed or no one will even know they are here masquerading as the idiots they are. Without televisions or even electric there is limited communication, if any, for most people. Their time is running out to nauseate us with their presence.

America's shadow government has been at war with Russia's shadow government aligned with the Japanese mafia for the past 40-50 years. It has been a silent war kept away from the public, and although many of their attacks against each other have resulted in open view (such as the Russian scaler shooting down of our space shuttles) they have been masked and explained away to keep the public from learning the truth about the secret war taking place. These are the "terrorists" that the Bush cabal are really referring to. Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, mere distractions to deplete our armed forces and get them out of the country.

The invasion could be delayed until 2009-2010 or it could happen on their schedule. Either way it's coming. If it's delayed then it will give Yah's people more time to prepare while the rest of churchianity sleeps and awaits for a rapture that doesn't come to save them from the events at hand.

As it is the Illuminati in America that runs our shadow government will work with the Russian-Chinese alliance that is here to implement martial law and persecutions of Christians and Patriots. This would begin 2008-2009.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Let's quit fiddling with religion and do something to bring the world to Christ." -Billy Sunday

I love that quote.

There's a new charade creeping in that isn't new but it's getting a lot of attention.

The media seems to be harping in on people who mock God. After the mining fiasco where they killed 12 miners the families had been set up and told that they were alive (originally)...then 3 hours later told the families the men were dead. Naturally when the good news came first, albeit false, those close to the miners and their families loved and praised God. But when the real news came that they were in fact dead, the families were shocked and devestated. "I don't know if I can believe in God after this" one of them proclaimed on camera.

Then when Indiannapolis Colts kicker missed what could have been a game-tying field goal he blamed it on God.

Naturally the media has focused in on these incidents for conditioning reasons "it's God's fault, He's not worthy of worship."

Most people only believe in God when they want to blame Him for something. Things they have no business blaming Him for. Who are we, or they, to judge God? They blame Him for things they have no right to blame Him for.

Many people blame God for all of the troubles in their lives such as sickness, death, and poverty, but who really is to blame? When God made the world everything was perfect there were no floods, no death, no sickness, no earthquakes, and no violence.

'God saw all that he had made, and it was very good' (Genesis 1:31)

So what changed?

He created Adam and Eve.

It was PEOPLE who changed everything. Because they allowed themselves to become deceived by Lucifer and sinned. Because of their sin, the earth was cursed (Gen. 3:15).

But that wasn't enough to stop sin. As more and more people were born and filled the earth they didn't listen to God and chose to go their own ways. And what did that lead to? “And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually....The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.”Genesis ch 6 v 5&11

Even when God started over, after the flood to give mankind a new beginning it wasn't long until they abandoned God yet again and went their own ways.

If we had obeyed God we wouldn't have sin natures today or a cursed earth. If mankind obeyed God's laws they would be healthy and sickness and diseases would be eliminated. If mankind obeyed God's laws they wouldn't be in debt up to their eyeballs.

God's laws served a purpose. A Basic instruction on how to live debt free, stay healthy, and operate as a well functioning society.

It is mankind who turned their backs on God. And when they turned their backs on God judgment and punishment follow. And they still do today.

Earthquakes, plagues, wars, nations rising and falling, natural disasters..the list goes on. When something bad happened in Old Testament times the people asked "what did we do to offend God?" When something happens today they declare "it's God's fault!" With no heart for seeking Him or repentence of why it happened to begin with.

Man devises wicked schemes and plans to destroy each other. Man is continually wicked. Because of sin we were banned from the perfect paradise on earth. And now we must deal with the consequences and actions of those before us and around us.

Put the blame where it goes...mankind itself.

The earth has always been a testing ground. Whom will you serve? God or Lucifer? God doesn't force Himself on anyone. And what we consider as bad things still happen to those who serve and worship Him because He allows it for His own purposes. We were all created with free will and free will doesn't come without testing.

Are you making the grade?

Are you full of religion are you full of Him?

So many people have a pseudo belief in Him. They love Him when things are going good but He's the first to blame when disaster strikes. If people were following Him and doing as He commands perhaps they would hear Him like they are suppose to be able to. Jesus/Yahushuah went into the wilderness for 40 days just to seek Him and talk to God. How many people seek Him like that? How many haven given up everything to just be alone with Him for a while? How much of a priority is He for most people today?

Jesus commanded us to knock on the door...and commune with many people really do that? Most have one-sided relationships with Him. They do all the talking.

Learn to stop and listen.

It can be the difference between life and death.

Yahushuah never said following Him would be easy. He just said it would be worth it.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Is the real Dick Cheney dead and gone? Apparently there are reptilians who claim the real one was tortured, eye-gouged, and beheaded. And the Cheney we are seeing now is just a soul-scalped clone.

Of course those who run the New Age such as Christ Michael, Sananda and other freaks have always claimed that Bush Jr., Laura, and Cheney were clones. Is the real Bush dead to or is he just so possessed he has no control of himself or anything at all but what they allow him to have?

People who get involved with the occult, secret societies and New Age do NOT have a happy ending. There is no peace and real love in anyone or anything but the Most High God Himself.

People who voluntarily allow themselves to become soul-scalped by alien or demonic beings such as the rich and famous (for more power and wealth) and even channelers for these beings suffer horrible deaths and then eternity in the lake of fire where they will suffer the affects of being burned alive forever and ever, but never cease to exist. They have to suffer in relentless pain for eternity. That's their reward for serving Satan and his deceivers. And most won't learn until it's too late what really awaits them.

They expect luxury and great wealth in the next life for everything they did for the scumbags in this one. What next life? You have this life and then judgment. They laugh and mock those of us who try and warn them and then find out to late we weren't so crazy after all.

In order for Satan to spend so much time trying to discredit something, don't you think the thing he's trying to discredit then actually exists? Of course it does.

He created eons of false religions and idol gods to just try and discredit the One that is correct. The One he can never stamp out, century after century, year after year. The best he can do is keep people away from the truth by blinding them with his lies and mockeries so that they won't realize what is the truth. And that's why there are so many secret societies and occult groups. The more deceived the merrier for Lucifer.

Mankind was redeemed through Jesus/Yahushuah's death on the cross and resurrection. He defeated death. He arose and walked the earth for 40 days before He ascended into heaven. And no other imitation religion out there offers salvation or eternal life in heaven unless they have accepted Yahushuah's redemption and walk in His ways.

Yes there are alot of religions they teach the return of a Messiah, or madhi to mimmick the real return of Yahushuah to judge and destroy this earth. They are Satan's mimmicks to lull the gullible into sleep and damnation from finding the real truth in Yahushuah.

Who else's grave is empty? None others. None.

Most of these false religions are welcoming the return of their messiah(s) to restore earth or bring peace, prosperity, blah blah.. they were established and set up by Satan to expect the return of a messiah so that when he brings his New Age alien agenda to earth they will accept these phonies as their long-awaited messiahs.

And most in the world will be completely fooled by this. By seeing their mahdi, or buddha, they will find legitimization in their religion that it was correct, or the real one.

They were set up and deceived and will be until their deaths and they find out nothing awaits them but the lake of fire for rejecting the truth as it is in Yahushuah and the Most High God.

Don't believe me. At least start asking for the Most High God to reveal the truth to you in all things. Does eternity mean anything to you?

And it doesn't matter if you are moslem, hindu, buddhist, start asking the Most High God to reveal the truth to you in all things.

The Most High God created heaven and earth. Go to Him direct.

I challenge you to do it for 10 days. Every day ask Him to reveal the truth to you in all things and mark it on your calendar as each day passes. 10 days. If you are sincerely looking for the truth He will lead you to it.

Many people today are becoming 'star seed.' Another term for 'light beings.' What exactly is that? It means they have been soul-scalped and their souls have been replaced by alien/demonic beings.

It means that person's body is still alive and active on earth doing what they were doing before, but now instead of being that particular person, it is something else inhabiting that person's body.

This is becoming more and more prevalent today.

People involved in secret societies and New Age doctrines are opening themselves up more and more to soul-replacement. They invite demons into them for more power, or invite aliens into them to speak through them (channeling), and this paves the way for a complete soul-scalping or soul-replacement.

Where do those peoples souls go? Perhaps they are outright killed, or thrown into the astral realm to live until their bodies here on earth die. In the astral realm they are hunted and abused and eaten for food. Their astral bodies are the same as the one they had on earth, but now they are stuck in a prison realm, a holding tank until they are killed to then face judgment.

This stuff is happening. And it's happening with more and more frequency as we head into the arrival of Satan on earth as the Antichrist.

I've heard our government agencies, all of them, such as the NSA, FDA, DOE, all of them are being run by soul-scalped humans. The reptilians are replacing the souls of many of these humans and running these agencies as the Directors, Secretaries, etc..

And it's not just politics. Who/what do you really think people like Pat Robertson really are? Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland...

And there's not a thing they can do to me to keep me from getting this information out. I serve and I am protected by the Most High God Himself.

It's a war folks. And it's on earth right now. It's an all-out invasion of the 4th dimensional realm overtaking and possessing the humans of the 3rd Dimension realm through body/soul-replacement.

You are an easy target and candidate if you are involved in any type of New Age or New World Order agendas because THEY are the ones running, establishing, and implementing those agendas on earth! They set out the traps, and if you fall into the trap to support or help the advancement of these agendas you are a prime candidate to be overtaken by them.

Get out of the traps!

Stop supporting our government and their New World Order policies and tactics, stop supporting our military that supports our government and the NWO and implements their policies through wars...stop supporting the New Age with all their Ascended Master lingo and freaks and their NESARA and other programs they want to implement on earth, stop supporting the religious beast prophets that are leading our mainstream denominations today, and get back to The Most High God!!

Otherwise you're just a candidate and waiting to be replaced, soul-scalped by them. Their picking humans off left and right right now.

Don't get caught in their traps!

Friday, January 13, 2006

I got an email from a supporter about a radio show that took place last night with Tom Hennegan and Stew Webb and how they were looking for ways to discredit and dog me. No surprise. They must be bored and out of people to attack for the moment.

I exposed Stew Webb for what he is about 2-4 years ago. It's been a while, can't remmember exactly how long. He's always been an instigator to attack and fight against the Lord's people and true Patriots of this the guise of being a "Christian" himself. So he says, but his fruits show otherwise. I tried to warn others about him years ago.

Stew Webb is a MPD pawn for the Omegan New Agers. Now he's dragged this Tom Hennegan into it and Sherman Skolnick. In fact the New Age NESARA crowd refers to these guys as "White Knight Journalists." White Knight(s) is a term they refer to themselves as. Their goal is to destroy and tear down the New World Order so they can implement the New Age Alien agenda onto America and eventually the Earth.

So by declaring these guys as White Knights, they have revealed themselves that Webb, Hennigan and Skolnick are working for and with them. This New Age crowd is controlled by the tall grey aliens, Christ Michael, their leader, openly admitted he's a tall grey alien with a manufactured human body he can appear in, see

I have written about NESARA before which is the Economic Program of the Beast to enforce on the world and bring about 666 and the enforcement of the mark/chip.

Stew Webb has for years attacked Tim White (who knows this scoundrel better than anyone probably) Larry Lawson, myself, and a myrad of others who are against the NWO/New Age agendas. He has even gotten desperate enough to use his CIA connections to try and have Tim White killed. I have had Tim White on my radio show twice over the past year. Webb lies about everyone and is always looking for the next sensational lie he can pull out to try and use against someone who is a threat to their agenda and tactics.

He claims he's fighting the NWO, but then fights against Patriots who are against it. Does it make sense? No. But that's how he is, with multiple personalities you never know which one you are dealing with when it comes to him.

There are several people who outright lie about me on their websites and throughout the internet that claim they are Christians. When you confront them they refuse to correct their info or post your rebuttal to their lies against you. They misconstrue your words or just outright invent lies.

I leave them in the Lord's hands, as I do all my enemies. All anyone has to do is ask Yahushuah/Jesus Himself if I am His. If my enemies claim they are Christians/Believers then why can't they take 2 seconds out to ask Him? Because they're lazy or not His to begin with. And if they're lazy, then what kind of relationship do they have with Him?

It's not about me. Nothing I do is about me. It's about the Lord. It's about the King I serve the Most High God. Everything I do is for Him.

Nothing else matters.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

interesting..see below when I posted my comments about the Rense article..I ran my thoughts by my NWO list and this was a comment by one of the members..

.."I ran those pictures through some filters in photoshop. They're fake.There is no alien in any of them. It's just a color splotch someoneput there. A poor job I must say. And sherlock, you are right about the second picture. It IS a parking meter. Either rense is run by abunch of drunks or they're just another cia operation getting desperate or something."
I am always up for an alien story, after all I am hearing from people all the time who are starting to see things of the 4D realm more frequently.

But this latest from has the smell of BS all over it

It's garbage folks.

First of all, the number 3 is the fav number of the illuminati tricksters and deceivers. Does Fatima ring a bell?

I know aliens are here and are coming in great number, but the government seems to be jumping the gun to condition everyone about their coming presense. Yes, one person isn't enough to do all the work!! LOL..

Ok so I'm not alone, there have been a few other brave souls who have ignored the mindless comments from the couch potatoes and sun-god worshippers throughout the years who didn't or don't believe aliens existed who have been sounding the alarms that they are here and coming in greater numbers, but even the government realizes it's time to start preparing the public!

But this alien story from Rense sounds and looks like a NSA charade in Mexico.

I don't buy it.

Especially since those particular class of aliens, the Enki, are extremely sensitive to light. Extremely. They wouldn't be out in the daylight waiting to harass kids playing ball (unless you're the NSA getting paid to look stupid). Since when do aliens grab and miss? LOL. Or grab to scare someone just for the heck of it?

It's conditioning folks. But maybe it will do what we can't accomplish, get the masses to wake up that at least they exist!

We've got a subterranean earth full of them in Taj Mahal luxury bases we've built for them with American tax dollars. Yes, I could puke.

Someone throw some orgone blasters over to Mexico. They don't have a problem with aliens half as much as they do with government charades.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gotta love all the talk about the NSA spying on the public. How they listen in on soccer moms conversations and harass Christian based radio shows with their constant clicks from draconian and outdated surveillance equipment.

Yeah they'll ever address the real issues. "International calls" they claim are those being listened in on. Well I've never made an international call. But I can call a friend across the country and listen to the NSA as they're listening to me.

Why don't they talk about what the NSA is really doing instead of masking it like eavesdropping and spying on every vocal Christian and patriot that loves God and country because they are a threat to their Satanic agenda (the real terrorists as far as they're concerned) being rude, obnoxious, and idiotic... Ok so that's the normal for the why don't they talk about what's normal for the NSA instead of acting like they do nothing 'really' wrong?

Don't give us this crap where they are only illegally harassing immigrants from other countries when they are illegally harassing American citizens every single day!

The President Incompetence has declared "if you're not with us your against us." Well according to the polls over half the country isn't with them!! So why don't they step down? If you thought Clinton was bad destroying the credibility of the White House, Bush has run circles around him!

I love the District of Criminals mentality that when you want an investigation to put the public back to sleep thinking you're really doing something about a problem then you hire your own investigators out of your own boys clubs and bury it in bureacracy for a year. Then the solution they come up with actually helps their problem become more of a problem in the guise of solving it.

It's madness.

I found 275 acres with a stream and close proximity to a national river for $550,000. Anyone got $550,000?


Yah bless and peace and love to you all.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Censorship is alive and annoying on the internet.

I tried to forward myself something from my Yahoo account to my AOL account full of info on Depleted Uranium and the email kept being rejected by AOL. So I sent myself a email saying "yo" and it went through fine.

Since when should AOL deem what emails I can receive and what I can't? Obviously they're scanning emails for info/links before they approve them or not to be received by recipients and it takes about 1 second to do so apparently because emails with info such as depleted uranium are rejected immediately.

I know a soldier who spent 6 months in Iraq, has been home almost two years now and is now suffering from DU. The military will never acknowledge it as DU. They can't. DU is a banned bio-weapon and if the USA gets caught using a banned weapon they can be held liable for the damage caused. So it will never be officially acknowledged although you know exactly what it is. These soldiers coming back from Iraq are the walking dead. DU poisoning can hit them immediately or it can take a couple of years.

I warned back before the war started that it would result in the complete annihilation of our army. People think you are unpatriotic for being anti-war. I'm not anti-war, I'm anti this war. Trying to save the lives of your military isn't being unpatriotic, it's being human. Especially when you can see it for what it is, just a chance to slaughter off a standing army so your own country is left exposed for invasion and attack by others such as the Chinese who WILL be here to invade, it's not if but when.

President Nutcase doesn't care about America. Their plans are to destroy it and they won't stop until it is. If they don't care about their own country do you think they care about billions of people in the middle east? These aren't normal humans folks, they are being controlled by the Reptilian race of aliens. The illuminati are ALIENS, and the humans such as the Bushes are Alien-offspring who are possessed by ALIENS.

And the worst is yet to come. It's never going to get any better.

Prepare Prepare Prepare and get out of the cities.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I have been asked to comment on an article titled Chemtrails-Predictions from

I replied to this earlier in the week when I first saw it on a Yahoo government watch list run by Larry Lawson.

It's simply one of the biggest pieces of hocus pocus I ever read.

It's one of those, "chemtrails are over now people, go back to bed and stop looking in the sky now they are going away" traps of disinfo. And only the truly ignorant could even buy such a thing. Go out and look in the skies and tell me chemtrails are over. The red dust that just fell over eons of cars? Your imagination.

Chemtrails aren't over. In fact, they are going to get as deadly as ever.

The way I see it, there are 3 phases to the chemtrails program:

1. Use chemtrails to cause diseases and health mayhem, thus boosting up the death rate and medical industry with exorbitant profits treating illnesses caused by the spraying. There's no money in cancer and other illnesses being cured but the endless treating of the victims of it. Fibromyglaya is one of the diseases caused by chemtrails. Not to mention the various flu epidemics over the years that have filled hospital emergency rooms to capacity.

2. Use chemtrails to dissipate plagues upon mankind. The Avian bird flu and other Avian and influenza strands are spread via chemtrails. Many more plagues will come as well to kick in the "depopulation programs" of the NWO and Aliens.

3. Use chemtrails to outright immediately kill mankind. They will use them to spread anthrax and other deadly toxins and poisons to kill people instantly who breathe the contaminated air. We haven't reached this one yet but it's coming soon enough.

That's why I have been promoting the use of orgone for the past year. When I asked the Lord what we could do to combat their attacks He led me to orgone and told me how to make it. Chemtrails can't penetrate orgone saturated areas. Not all orgone is made the same so read below on my comments about it from earlier in the week. Good, positive orgone, can combat their evil schemes and their chemtrails and I have some websites on it at and

Chemtrails can't penetrate my town, but if I go into other areas unprotected then I can be affected by them. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why the Lord will shut His people in to protected areas or havens, or even just their homes. Are you prepared to be shut in for up to 3 months if He told you to?

The Lord has said this is a year to prepare. So prepare folks. Prepare for hard times in 2007 and beyond.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I just posted The Venus Alien Trap at or

I would like to thank all those who support this ministry. I couldn't do it without you. May you all be blessed by the Most High.

Finding land is quite the chore. I need a lot of acreage and it seems every state is charging out the ying for acreage. God help us...indeed only He can.

I get these emails from people stating, "God will take care of me." It makes you just want to throw in the towel, or bang your head against the wall. Exactly "how" do these people think He's going to take care of them? He is trying to! He leads people to bless other people. He leads people to take care of other people. He isn't going to appear on top of your head and proclaim "I'm here to help you." And that's what they expect. He leads you to places, or things, or leads others to you. He works through His people or other people to bless you or provide for you.

Yah pointed this out to me the other day about these types of "Christians", it says:

"Turn you at my reproof: behold, I willl pour out My spirit unto you, I will make known My words unto you. (what He wants you to do)

Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out My hand no man regarded; (He led you to it or told you and you wouldn't listen)

But ye have set at nought all My counsel, and would none of my reproof: (you ignored Him and those of His He sent)

I will also laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh.

When your fear cometh as destruction, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. (He has no pity for you, neither is He waiting with big open arms for your entrance into heaven, He's ANGRY)

Then shall they call upon Me, but I will not answer; they shall seek Me early, but they shall not find Me. (He won't answer their cries and pleas for help, He tried to help them before and they wouldn't listen)

For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord.

They would none of My counsel: they despised all My reproof. (ignored those He sent to them, ignored Him)

Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. (they will seek after their own wisdom and fail)

For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. (they will be destroyed)

But whoso hearkeneth unto Me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil. Proverbs 1:23-33

People get hateful and vicious over thinking the Lord is leading them to do something or go somewhere that to their own head wisdom is outrageous, when it's not, it's HIM. He leads them to me and then they run their hateful mouths off at me. I wash my hands of them and that takes care of that. He leads them to me so that when they stand before Him and they ask "why didn't you tell me, why didn't you help me" He can proclaim He did and they wouldn't listen to the one He sent them to. He told me that years ago when I first put up just a few websites and was already hearing from hateful and vicious Christians about just the existence itself of aliens and UFOs. And since then, through every website or word I've spoken it's been the same. They were told, warned, or taught and what they do with that info is up to them.

I don't have time for Korah's, (the hateful who always try and instigate problems or accusations). That's what I refer to them as anymore. They act just like Korah did during the time of Moses in the wilderness.

The Lord has told me He would lead His people to me. So I don't deal with very many unbelievers as you might think. I minister to those who are His, or waking up to Him knowing they are His or being called and led toward Him. The most vicious are those believers who are controlled by themselves and Lucifer so much so that they can't hear the Lord at all. I try to reach them and when I can't I just wash my hands of them and so it is noted by the Lord as well when I've had enough of someone. He doesn't lay it to my charge but to their's.

Over 90% of those who claim they are prophets of the Lord today aren't. They were never stood up by Him. And those who don't think they are, but have a message they proclaim, have been stood up by Him to proclaim it. Most are so rundown by the false religions they are in they don't recognize HIM because they've been deceived by the Imposters or the ghosts of their own flesh. The real ones of Yah seem completely crazy to them.

And that's how it is.

Friday, January 06, 2006

This has been a busy week. I've been writing one thing after the next. I'll be coming out with another article this weekend or early next week. I wanted to talk about and expose the Venus facade.

Wars with Iran and Syria this year? Most likely.

We'll probably see a Chinese occupation here in 2007, 2008, or 2009. Everything seems to be going along the timeline I discovered in the Bible Codes back in 2002. I hate listing years/dates, but it seems to be on target for 2009 being total hell here on earth, especially in America. Persecution in America will either start or be at its pinnacle in 2009.

I think 2006 is another set up year. A year of judgment, preparation and wars as Yah has said.

2 things that keep coming to my mind are the Madrid Fault Line earthquake, epicenter St. Louis, and the west coast CA tsunami.

I keep seeing the CA disaster in my spirit, over and over and over again.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I just posted my new article How Aliens Target, Manipulate, And Control Mankind at

I also posted some newly translated articles for the Espanol section at

Did America make secret handshake deals with Ariel Sharon they didn't want to or can't keep? Is that why he is being assassinated?

Cerebral hemorrage is a common remote viewer assassination technique. And would anyone question it since he was scheduled for heart surgery today? Perfect timing wouldn't you say? The way I see it, they are simply trying to sneak another assassination under their belts without being outright suspicious by a sleeping public or questioned.

And the whole West Virginia mining disaster has alot wrong with it. It was a set up.

The foreman goes in the cave approximately 10 minutes before a (coven number) crew of 13 goes in and declares it safe. Then it explodes killing 12 of the miners. I don't think #13 was suppose to survive. I'm always glad to see their plans get foiled.

You gotta wonder how they pick which disaster to pull off and why that particular one. A small plane crash, a mining explosion, the list goes on.

I'm not saying there's a planned murder(s) behind everything that happens here, just the ones I'm alerted to and I know are set ups or assassinations.

Just another day in Babylon..

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I have been working on another article and I'll be posting it soon on the various nefarious tactics of the Aliens.

What they do and how they're doing it.

At first glance it may seem like I'm writing about our government, but you'll see that everything the aliens can do, they are duplicating on earth so when they are stranded here via Rev. 12 they can still control, manipulate, and harass humans.

Where do you really think our government really got it's high tech from?


coming soon.....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Is all orgone the same? No it isn't.

Orgone is an energy. It creates an energy of either positive energy or negative energy. Positive energy orgone repels evil. Negative energy orgone attracts evil.

Naturally the pagans like negative based orgone energy and they add many extra things such as cursed water and objects into their orgone to magnify the amount of negative energy it will produce. They also wind their coils counter-clockwise as opposed to clockwise that are inside the orgone. Some people don't think it makes a difference but it does.

The only orgone I make is Positive energy orgone and I have the instructions on my websites such as

Just as darkness cannot stand light, they can't stand positive energy either. Anything negative will be repulsed and repelled by something positive.

Yehovah said we are the light of the world. Light is an energy. Everything gets boiled down to some kind of energy either positive or negative. It (orgone) may sound New Age but only because they learned how to use it for their own nefarious purposes. They take everything good and pervert it for evil.

The Lord has given us a weapon to use in these last days against the wicked. Perhaps it's nothing new, perhaps they had it in ancient times, there's many who seem to think so although I've never gone deep into the research on it. The Lord gave it to me to use and I've put it on my websites for others as well. We can tear down their strongholds in many ways. Obviously they don't like it if they keep attacking me for it. Why? Because it works, and it annoys the wicked.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Someone recently asked me, "Isn't NESARA God's plan to bless people?"

No, it isn't. Not my God's. Not the Creator of heaven and earth and everything on and in it. Not the Most High God, Yehovah/Yahweh. It's not His plan, it's Satan's plan to deceive the world into a charade of delusional peace and prosperity.

It won't last long. It's just a ruse to get people excited into thinking all their dreams of greed and wealth are going to come true. It's an enticement to lure people into accepting the new economic program instigated by the beast prophet to ensnare the souls of men and women by receiving the mark (which could be a tattoo or chip) number or name (of the world ruler) in or on their right hand or forehead as prophesied in Revelation chapter 13.

They claim they want to restore constitutional law under NESARA. Yet if you refuse to actively participate in NESARA you can't buy or sell anything, in essence make a living, shop, bank, or even drive a car. You are incompacitated from living in society without getting the mark/number/name and joining this new (forced) economy.

At first it will sound voluntary. They may use their crystal city fraud or a decorated UFO hovering over earth as I depicted at to get you to join. "Join the new economy and get a free tour or access into the "new Jerusalem or Zion." Or whatever they may call it.

NESARA sounds good. It sounds great on paper. Until you see the dark side of it. They don't tell you all of the conditions of reaping the 'benefits' of NESARA until after it's been accepted worldwide. Then they'll come out with, "ok you love it, we got it, now to join it you must do this or that.." And that's where and when they'll get you with the small print.

God, Yahushuah, is not coming to bless people. He's coming to judge and destroy the world. He's not setting up a new economy program on earth. Satan is. And Satan is a liar.

The most gullible Christians to be deceived by Satan's coming charades is the 'blab it and grab it" crowd.

They've already bought into the heresies that God can be manipulated and that they can demand anything they want of Him and He must respond. Who are they to demand anything of God? It's by His mercy He hasn't opened up the earth and swallowed them into hell as He did Korah and his followers at the temple mount during the time of Moses.

They claim there's over 7,000 promises of prosperity in the Bible that are rightfully their's for the here and now. Really? Yahushuah said to not lay up treasures on earth but in heaven. Yahushuah said we can't serve two Gods. It's either Him or Money ( includes possessions). Yes there are those He blesses for His own purposes with great wealth, such as Abraham, Job, and others. But the majority of Israel was not wealthy. He wasn't even wealthy Himself when He came but a carpenter of small reputation. "Jesus of Nazareth?" they proclaimed...because He wasn't of the rich and wealthy elite, yet the blab crowd claims He was and that He wants everyone to be wealthy. What He wants is for people to submit to Him so they can enjoy the rewards and wealth of heaven. He's not an investment opportunity to get rich on earth unless you're a beast prophet selling lies to make millions $$ off the gullible who support them. They're wealthy because of all the money they defraud and steal from the gullible. "You can be like me" they proclaim. While you're scraping to pay bills waiting for that windfall from the heavenly stock market to hit they're enjoying the fruits of your stupidity.

The Word-Faith beast prophets of Satan's will condition them to accept NESARA, or whatever economic program it is that is announced by the False Prophet, the right hand man of the Antichrist's and second beast identified in Revelation chapter 13. I have an article on this at .

Yes NESARA will probably be promoted within the churches with that very lie, "this is God's blessing for you."

How many Christians today have read the Book of Revelation? Because they need to. It's not taught in the churches today on purpose so you can be deceived later. They WANT you to be deceived don't you get it?

Read the book. Satan comes first in a grand show descending from the sky, then he and his global economic leader (the False Prophet) implement a forced (voluntary at first no doubt)economy on the world. Those who refuse to join can't function in society, those who refuse to worship him as God are killed. After 42 months of global mayhem, death and destruction Yahushuah will descend to earth at what is called The Battle of Armageddon to judge and destroy the world (what's left of it by then). You can read all about it in The Book of Revelation.

Read folks, read. Pray for understanding and discernment while you are reading it.

see my articles on NESARA at and

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Word From the Lord, the Most High:

This year is a year for war.

War will not stop, it will increase as the factions of Satan battle for supremacy on the land.

Do not fear, those who are mine I will protect.

This is a year of judgment and preparation.

I will lead My people to prepare for the things that are coming ahead. Many more will begin to hear My voice and to hearken unto Me. Lead them to Me child. You shake the gates of Hell and rattle Satan's entire Kingdom. I know you laugh, your innocence and fighting spirit is of Me and I use you for My good pleasure. You have not faltered and I love you child.

Many will come to Me this year and say "Am I not deceived?" and I will lead them into the truth. You have awoken many to the errors and apostasies in the churches and how I am not in them. You will lead the way into freeing My people from the deceptions that bind them.

Many will come to Me and ask "I know her, is she of you?" And I will proclaim "Yes, she is mine." I love you child.

I know you are tired but I will strengthen you and you will continue your work for Me. I will protect you and you will be a voice to My people.

I love you child. Many are the wicked who are in complete derision. I have put them in derision and I know you see it and you laugh, I love your spirit child, you are of Me and we are One.
Walk in My ways and teach them to the people. Lead them to Me so they may know that I am the Lord their God and to follow no other.

I love you child.

This year you will prepare a haven for My people. Know that I am the Lord your God and I am with you always.