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Sunday, January 22, 2006

I've spent time talking about the Russian-Illuminati and the American-Illuminati shadow governments over the past couple of days.

The Illuminati is ultimately aliens who run and control it via a council of Aliens. It then extends to humans through the human illuminati. If that makes any sense. Sometimes it's hard to put in words what I'm trying to say.

We have a council on earth that oversees and runs the Illuminati. The humans that sit on this council are in direct contact with the Alien council above them that oversees and controls them and steers their agenda here on earth.

To be on the human council you have to be one of theirs. Not just anyone can work their way through the ranks and get promoted. It's all about bloodline, possession, and control. People like Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, George Bush Sr., and George Bush Jr., are all those things. They are hybrid humans, meaning they were born with contaminated blood, half-alien mixed with half-human blood. They are the offspring of aliens. And that's what the Illuminati bloodline families are, offspring of aliens. I have more about the bloodlines at

Most of the rich and powerful in our world and our governments are Illuminati children. The Republican right, the Democratic left, are now completely run by the Illuminati. So it doesn't matter which party is in power, ultimately the Illuminati runs and controls the government of America either way.

The aliens themselves have different groups and factions amongst themselves but they all serve Lucifer. Just as humans have different secret societies, organizations and groups that serve the Illuminati agenda and Lucifer. The humans all compete and fight for rank, power, and prestige among their various groups, and so do the aliens who work behind the scenes of these humans.

There are millions of aliens who constantly watch, infiltrate, and control the people on earth through their own offspring here and soul-scalping, which is a form of alien possession as opposed to what we think of as demon possession.

They are all organized just as we humans organize our bureacratic and organizational structures here on earth. They have their separate homes on separate planets, moons, star systems etc..their own travel capabilities with what we call UFOs, and their own bases under our earth. They are very organized and have infiltrated earth completely through the humans they control in religion, politics, entertainment, crime, education, and anything that affects our world in any way.

Two of the more notorious factions amongst the aliens are the ones behind the New World Order and the ones behind the New Age.

They may be two separate agendas, but remember Satan sits at the top of both of them. He doesn't care which agenda brings him to power, as long as one of them does. Where is he among all this? Satan rules the whole world from the secret position known as the Black Pope in the Vatican. The Black Pope is his right hand man on earth. And all of the factions and groups and organizations working to bring Satan to power as a global dictator answer to the Vatican. Pope Ratzinger is mere window dressing, known as the "white pope." He ensures that the billion catholics around the world keep them immensely wealthy and in idolatry and apostasy in the guise of religion. Religion is big business $$ and it funds Satan's plans and tactics on earth. By controlling the governments and mafias of the world, he ultimately has all the money of the world at his disposal to bring forth his agenda of global rule.

The New World Order is run by the Reptilian faction of aliens. Sleestack. They've been conditioning the public of lizards, geckos, and snake type beings for years. There's a reason for all the madness other than entertainment. They tell you what they are doing if you learn to pay attention. They have been using Hollywood for years as an excercise in releasing classified information but most people never pick up on it.

Cathy O'brien and others have talked about their eyewitness accounts of seeing our politicians in the White House and Congress shapeshift from humans to reptilians. Princess Diana had declared the same thing right before she died, she proclaimed to several of her friends in regards to the royal family "they're not even human!" and she wasn't kidding..she knew they were reptilians in human form. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, are both shapeshifters. You have to wonder about her own sons now and I believe the series the X-Files was telling us that Prince William (Scullies baby was named William before they stopped the show) was more than just human. The writers of X-Files were high level Masons. This would be more of the UK-Illuminati shadow government but I'm not getting into that right now. They work closely with the American-Illuminati but will eventually betray America and align with others instead.

The New Age is run by the Tall Greys. Another faction of Lucifer's. These ones were dominant in ancient pre-adamic earth before Lucifer's rebellion and mutiny against the Most High God. These former angels, just as the reptilians, had joined with Lucifer in that rebellion. Not all of the angels who rebelled with Lucifer were immediately judged, many of them were allowed to remain free with Lucifer, they just lost their angelic looks and access to heaven. Their judgment will come later after the return of the real Jesus Christ/Yahushuah to earth, but before He returns the aliens will bring their own copy/mimmick/false Messiah to earth who will proclaim He is the Jesus of the Bible, and/or the messiah of all the religions who are waiting for the return of one. We refer to him as the Antichrist.

The Capricorn is one of their dominant bases/UFOs and they hover above the mid to western half of the United States.

They want to take over the politics in Washington, have Bush and Cheney arrested for treason and murder and will set up their own pawn, Al Gore to take over the realm. That's one of their plans. Others include just getting rid of all the politicians in Washington and taking it over with themselves and introducing a new economic program here in the guise of restoring our constitution.

It often gets muddled between who is working what agenda. Those who call for a restoration of our constitution like Al Gore are working the Tall Grey New Age agenda. Obviously not every patriot in America is working that agenda, but that's the main theme of how they are going to get their foothold in Washington, in the guise of restoring our constitution and Al Gore has always been a pawn of this agenda. They don't care about restoring our constitution, they just want to get their foot in the door of controlling our politics and America.

You can usually find people working both these agendas working side by side within the Defense Intelligence Agency. They may not be friends, but they hide their agendas while they work and implement them within the DIA. The DIA also has their own fleet of UFOs that both factions have at their disposal. Yes, our politicians fly around in UFOs piloted by and through the NSA. The CIA also has access to the UFOs and uses them to implement their agenda against patriots and Christians, and those they consider as threats to the NWO.

All of the different groups and factions working to bring a global government to power with Satan as the ruler are steeped within all our governmental agencies, secret societies, the White House and Congress. When a particular faction, such as the right gets in trouble they step up their controlled pawns of the religious right including their own pastors and evangelists to influence the sleeping and dumbed down Christians of America to support them. Billy Graham is a 33rd degree mason and member of the Illuminati and many others such as Pat Roberston, Robert Schuller, James Kennedy, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, the list is a who's who of TV Illuminati sponsored religion.

Those coming out of the New Age camp are Al Gore, Maitreya, St. Germain, Sananda-Jesus aka Sananda-Immanuel. There is also a woman beast who will play a goddess of some kind, or perhaps they will bring in "Mary" who plays the role of a goddess such as the Queen of Heaven, etc.. see

The New Age will implement a new economic program that will lead to 666 and promise the earth of cleansing, which means they plan to cleanse/murder anyone who doesn't go along with their agenda. They bribe the gullible of 'improved health and environment' who follow them. Not to mention wealth and prosperity....just join their new "kingdom" on earth which is a forced global rule. They use nicer terms (even though they're lies) but they have the same plans as the NWO, just a different way of getting there. Under the New Age all Christians will be killed and those who don't agree with them. Same as the NWO agenda. Nothing changes there.

So it really doesn't matter which faction or what agenda is in power. If Bush and Cheney are chased out, they will just be replaced with people or beings worse than them.

The Lord isn't calling us to to do anything right now but prepare and head to the mountains. Exposing the wicked and their plans is opening up the eyes of those who have been lulled to sleep by them. But there is really no hope in ever restoring America, prophecy will come to pass and America will eventually be destroyed and that is why He is telling His people now to head to the mountains.

His watchmen have been sounding the alarms for years on the government and the wickedness taking place, perhaps something then could have been done to change the course of events, but that time is over. It is now time to head to the mountains and prepare for coming hardships.

Prepare... prepare.

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