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Monday, January 09, 2006

I have been asked to comment on an article titled Chemtrails-Predictions from

I replied to this earlier in the week when I first saw it on a Yahoo government watch list run by Larry Lawson.

It's simply one of the biggest pieces of hocus pocus I ever read.

It's one of those, "chemtrails are over now people, go back to bed and stop looking in the sky now they are going away" traps of disinfo. And only the truly ignorant could even buy such a thing. Go out and look in the skies and tell me chemtrails are over. The red dust that just fell over eons of cars? Your imagination.

Chemtrails aren't over. In fact, they are going to get as deadly as ever.

The way I see it, there are 3 phases to the chemtrails program:

1. Use chemtrails to cause diseases and health mayhem, thus boosting up the death rate and medical industry with exorbitant profits treating illnesses caused by the spraying. There's no money in cancer and other illnesses being cured but the endless treating of the victims of it. Fibromyglaya is one of the diseases caused by chemtrails. Not to mention the various flu epidemics over the years that have filled hospital emergency rooms to capacity.

2. Use chemtrails to dissipate plagues upon mankind. The Avian bird flu and other Avian and influenza strands are spread via chemtrails. Many more plagues will come as well to kick in the "depopulation programs" of the NWO and Aliens.

3. Use chemtrails to outright immediately kill mankind. They will use them to spread anthrax and other deadly toxins and poisons to kill people instantly who breathe the contaminated air. We haven't reached this one yet but it's coming soon enough.

That's why I have been promoting the use of orgone for the past year. When I asked the Lord what we could do to combat their attacks He led me to orgone and told me how to make it. Chemtrails can't penetrate orgone saturated areas. Not all orgone is made the same so read below on my comments about it from earlier in the week. Good, positive orgone, can combat their evil schemes and their chemtrails and I have some websites on it at and

Chemtrails can't penetrate my town, but if I go into other areas unprotected then I can be affected by them. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why the Lord will shut His people in to protected areas or havens, or even just their homes. Are you prepared to be shut in for up to 3 months if He told you to?

The Lord has said this is a year to prepare. So prepare folks. Prepare for hard times in 2007 and beyond.

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