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Friday, January 13, 2006

I got an email from a supporter about a radio show that took place last night with Tom Hennegan and Stew Webb and how they were looking for ways to discredit and dog me. No surprise. They must be bored and out of people to attack for the moment.

I exposed Stew Webb for what he is about 2-4 years ago. It's been a while, can't remmember exactly how long. He's always been an instigator to attack and fight against the Lord's people and true Patriots of this the guise of being a "Christian" himself. So he says, but his fruits show otherwise. I tried to warn others about him years ago.

Stew Webb is a MPD pawn for the Omegan New Agers. Now he's dragged this Tom Hennegan into it and Sherman Skolnick. In fact the New Age NESARA crowd refers to these guys as "White Knight Journalists." White Knight(s) is a term they refer to themselves as. Their goal is to destroy and tear down the New World Order so they can implement the New Age Alien agenda onto America and eventually the Earth.

So by declaring these guys as White Knights, they have revealed themselves that Webb, Hennigan and Skolnick are working for and with them. This New Age crowd is controlled by the tall grey aliens, Christ Michael, their leader, openly admitted he's a tall grey alien with a manufactured human body he can appear in, see

I have written about NESARA before which is the Economic Program of the Beast to enforce on the world and bring about 666 and the enforcement of the mark/chip.

Stew Webb has for years attacked Tim White (who knows this scoundrel better than anyone probably) Larry Lawson, myself, and a myrad of others who are against the NWO/New Age agendas. He has even gotten desperate enough to use his CIA connections to try and have Tim White killed. I have had Tim White on my radio show twice over the past year. Webb lies about everyone and is always looking for the next sensational lie he can pull out to try and use against someone who is a threat to their agenda and tactics.

He claims he's fighting the NWO, but then fights against Patriots who are against it. Does it make sense? No. But that's how he is, with multiple personalities you never know which one you are dealing with when it comes to him.

There are several people who outright lie about me on their websites and throughout the internet that claim they are Christians. When you confront them they refuse to correct their info or post your rebuttal to their lies against you. They misconstrue your words or just outright invent lies.

I leave them in the Lord's hands, as I do all my enemies. All anyone has to do is ask Yahushuah/Jesus Himself if I am His. If my enemies claim they are Christians/Believers then why can't they take 2 seconds out to ask Him? Because they're lazy or not His to begin with. And if they're lazy, then what kind of relationship do they have with Him?

It's not about me. Nothing I do is about me. It's about the Lord. It's about the King I serve the Most High God. Everything I do is for Him.

Nothing else matters.

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