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Friday, January 27, 2006

Several Cities Targeted For Destruction

If you have money, especially gold or silver in Bank Safe Deposit boxes..get it out or forever lose it.

The government is going after banks via the Homeland Security to keep people from getting access to their gold or silver during a financial collapse. They are in the preliminary stages now, holding workshops throughout the country and informing bank employees that in the event of a national emergency only those from Homeland Security will be allowed to give people access to their bank safety deposit boxes and they will only be allowed to retrieve important papers.

Word to the wise, get it out now.

Well well, I've come to learn that tall greys are the same as small greys. Just cloned manipulations so the demonic can have bodies to work in. And they are used as deception as well. They still fall under the control of the Reptilians. So see, there really isn't a Tall Grey facade as portrayed throughout the New Age, the Tall Greys are clones who work for the Reptilians.

And guess what? These can be taken out with a bang. Literally. Lock and load folks. If you see one shoot it. Especially to keep them away from yourself or your family. The alien's cloned body will die. No loss at all. Good riddance. Don't be afraid or intimidated to defend yourself! These things are evil and wicked and only want to harm you.

In fact the movie "The Seventh Sign" was a reparation for their mistake with the cute and cuddly "ET". After having 'announced' that greys i.e. ET was from another world, yet very nice and cuddly enough to want to be with your kids they realized they made a horrible mistake and that they were actually very they came out with the 7th Sign to try and change the image of the grey ET in peoples minds. They (our government) communicate to the masses via Hollywood. Once you realize that fiction and movies aren't just fiction and movies it becomes a whole new ballgame.


There are several cities that have over the years been leaked as targets for terrorist attacks and destruction (nukes, earthquakes, hurricanes/tsunamis. Are they staying with their game plan?

If so, then these are the cities and the people who live in them who need to be aware that they are sitting in cesspools of impending demise sooner or later.

Charleston, S.C.
Columbia, S.C.
Lexington, Kentucky
Richmond, Virginia
Phoenix, Arizona
Houston, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Washington, D.C.
The Power Plant N. of NYC (I also suspect the power plant in Miami, Florida)
Boston, Massachusettes
Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Chicago, ILL

Not to mention the outright murder of American citizens with their chemtrails program to spread plagues, diseases, poison and cancers. These will become much more deadlier.

Israel is not on alert. At the same time there are military exercises taking place here to prepare for possible scenario attacks in the future. Are they telling us something? You bet.

911 was an Israel/Mossad operation to get America into war in the Middle East. Any other devestating attacks here will be used in the same way, to keep us there and get us more involved i.e. war with Iran, Syria and N. Korea.

Our government worked with them to bring down the WTC towers and they wouldn't think twice of bombing a few cities if necessary to keep all of their agendas moving forward.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

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