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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Silent War of the Shadows

Lately the Lord has led me into more confirmations of things I have seen for our future. The difference being, instead of "future" they are right around the corner..literally.

I believe we are in year 2 of a 3 year phase to completely destroy America as per the Illuminati's plans.

Last year I saw Chicago slide into Lake Michigan and Los Angeles slide into the Pacific Ocean. I believe these destructions will take place within the next two years.

If my timing is correct, then this year is, as He has said to me several times is indeed a year to prepare, no matter what hardships come this year they will pale in significance next year when the economy and energy grids collapse and people are dying in the streets from violence, chaos, and starvation in America.

There are seven cities that have been planted with nuclear bombs that can be detonated at any time. I believe we could see some of them detonated by/in this December, 2006.

I believe by spring/summer of 2007 our entire electrical power grid will be destroyed. This is why the Lord is leading His people to get out of the cities. When the economy collapses, when the infrastructure is attacked, people are going to be unemployed and hungry. Violence will be rampant.

Sometime late 2007 or early 2008 the Chinese-Russian-Japanese invasion will begin. The government thinks Japan is our ally, they are fools. The UK and other friendly nations will not come to the aid of America. America will be on its own and be destroyed with foreign armies occupying our soil. Our Air Force will never get off the ground, scaler weapons from space will destroy them all. Our missiles, bombs, useless, undetonated (if that's even a word) from high tech Russian weapons. Our navy will be destroyed at sea. How I don't know, but all we will have is what's left of our army and that isn't much, and it won't be able to stop the invasion.

Stop listening to the false hope rhetoric. As I have been saying for years, America is not the military superpower of the world, Russia is. The old Soviet hardline communists who still control their country behind the scenes, Russia's shadow government, are the ones who will be pulling the strings and implement the invasion on America. The current Russian leader, Putin, is mere window dressing to lull the world asleep.

Amidst all this madness the alien freaks will show up declaring they can restore our environment, world, and economy. You would think they'd have to show up before the electric grids get destroyed or no one will even know they are here masquerading as the idiots they are. Without televisions or even electric there is limited communication, if any, for most people. Their time is running out to nauseate us with their presence.

America's shadow government has been at war with Russia's shadow government aligned with the Japanese mafia for the past 40-50 years. It has been a silent war kept away from the public, and although many of their attacks against each other have resulted in open view (such as the Russian scaler shooting down of our space shuttles) they have been masked and explained away to keep the public from learning the truth about the secret war taking place. These are the "terrorists" that the Bush cabal are really referring to. Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, mere distractions to deplete our armed forces and get them out of the country.

The invasion could be delayed until 2009-2010 or it could happen on their schedule. Either way it's coming. If it's delayed then it will give Yah's people more time to prepare while the rest of churchianity sleeps and awaits for a rapture that doesn't come to save them from the events at hand.

As it is the Illuminati in America that runs our shadow government will work with the Russian-Chinese alliance that is here to implement martial law and persecutions of Christians and Patriots. This would begin 2008-2009.

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