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Monday, January 30, 2006

So many things going on where do I start...

Isn't that the truth. I can't keep up with it all either.

This week starts nuke drills focusing on Charleston, S.C. they end Feb. 2, a high Satanist holiday. Then there is a lot of activity going on in Houston, Tx which brings people to believe some imminent disaster is waiting to happen there. And there probably is.

However no one's mentioned a possible attack on the shrub's State of the Union speech. Maybe that's because you can just turn it off....

Why subject yourself to political lies and rhetoric? Does it ever change year to year? No. The cloned president will lie to the country and use embedded dark speech codes to give the real speech to those who understand the code. That's basically all it is.

Cloned president? Yes. The real Bush no longer exists. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago when I started looking at recent pictures taken of him and you can tell obvious bulges in his skin at different places. Then the Voice of the White House released an article stating that his skin had gotten so bad they have to massively cover it up with makeup when he's being seen publicly.

Perhaps clones don't hold reptilian hosts as well as regular humans do.

I've already stated that the real Dick Cheney is dead and gone and that a clone had taken his place. Now you can add Bush Jr. as well. He was getting to be to much of a liability and perhaps this type of assassination is suppose to draw less suspicion. Kill the real person and replace him/her with a clone and no one knows the difference right? Almost. I'm here. They haven't fooled me.

I also have confirmation now from my Reverse Speech Specialist friend Peggy Kane. She can confirm now that the real Cheney and Bush are both dead and gone and replaced by clones. In Reverse Speech Reptilians often speak on recordings without thinking or knowing they are being heard by those who can hear them through reverse speech. When the cloned Cheney and Bush now speak they are giving themselves away. That's all I am going to say about it for now since most people will think I'm completely nuts anyway.

I'm not trying to convince you, just inform.

So what's the state of America? We're being run by cloned humans who don't have souls that are possessed by Reptilians.

Does "They Live" ring a bell?

We should be seeing a new and calmer George Bush. I guess time will tell.

I don't think anyone possessed with an obnoxious reptilian, human or cloned can act human, compassionate, or calm for very long. It's against their natural nature. Reptilians are animals, and that's what they act like. They don't understand human emotion, nor can they empathize or feel as humans do. I think things are going to get beyond interesting. Bring out the acting coaches..

I have started to write a new article tonight and somewhere through it I realized it was the Angels in the Flesh Part 3 I have wanted to write. Now I'm not so sure I could ever publicly release it. Of course I felt that about Part 2 as well. Not to mention half the articles I have written that are already on my websites. So I guess I just need time. Not to mention I'm not even done with it yet, but it's very revealing as to how things really are and like anything else I have written people are either really going to get it or they won't.

Either way my life is starting to make a lot of sense. I don't know about your's but I'm sure and I know it's helping a lot of others put together the pieces of their own lives.

Yes, we can all be crazy together.

The more I write the more I miss Enoch. The Lord has told me He would teach me more than Enoch knew and yet I don't ever feel it will be that way. I feel a connection to Enoch I can't explain and I wish I had known him in the here and now. Wishful thinking eh..I just miss him. And I miss David, the warrior and the preacher.

I wish they were here.

Make getting closer to the Lord a priority this week.

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