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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My show was sabotaged last night but it's up now..I put it up last night again when I realized what had happened.

I had uploaded it to the internet at 6pm. I sat listening to it for a half hour before I had to leave the house for a while. During that time it was hacked. When I returned home at about 9pm I received emails that only the intro part of the show was being played so I reuploaded it and noticed it had been messed with in my upload files.

Another day in the life of...

Out of all my shows makes you wonder why they targetted that one. Could it be because their ever-present ELF God games on the internet are so useful to them they don't want people waking up about it?

There's so many people being played and deluded by it. Steve Quayle ended his show last week on a phone call expecting immediate demise. Do these people have no discernment at all?

Seek the Lord in all things. The chances are if you're not being led by Him you are being manipulated and led by the ELF God. The problem is most people can't tell which is which they've been led by the ELF for so long.

Date-setters are not from The Most High. He lives in eternal time not our linear time.

Hopefully something I say will help these people realize they're being deceived and get out of the deception and back to the Most High.

Date setting is always a sure flag of a false prophecy and false prophets. Don't be led by them, don't be deceived by them, and don't listen to them they're not hearing from the Most High and have no discernment to realize it. So do you really think they are His?

The Lord has stood me up to Speak to the Nations. And my admonishments about this whole date-setting thing are from Him.

Be discerning. Seek Him for the truth in all things. Ask Him daily to be led into the truth by His Holy Spirit.

Don't fall for the lies, deceptions, and false prophecies, dreams and visions coming from the demonic, aliens, and our military. They use Christians to further their own agendas.

Don't play their games.

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