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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lexington bracing for an attack?

I received an email earlier today from a lady who lives in Lexington, Kentucky who told me they were limiting bank withdrawals to $200 in Lexington.

What's with that? Are they bracing for an attack? Seems like it.

If you live in the city/area listen for Yah and leave if He leads you to. There could be multiple attacks coming..that is what I suspect.

Do you think if a huge explosion erupted somewhere if they would tell us we were hit by a missile? Look how they fought it with TWA 800. All of our subs out to sea..for some reason that gives me more cause for concern for our own territory than someone elses. They can launch a missile from the ocean to target our cities much easier than from a silo.

Oh yeah.."suitcase nukes." Well, ya never know.

I didn't put up a show tonight. Perhaps tomorrow. I didn't feel led to put it up. In fact I was rather distracted all day and night from putting it up. I don't know what's going on. I tried to get some sleep earlier but I was getting fried like a pancake. The attacks are up.

Lately it has definately seemed like a huge Psyop against me. So many people just attacking from every direction, it was putting me on edge. Perhaps why Yah didn't lead me to put up a show tonight.

A person can only take so much. I wish I had a wilderness to run into. I doubt I'd come back out of it..LOL.

Wouldn't that be something if Israel blew up Dimona and blamed it on the Iranians..

Charleston, Lexington, Houston, and Richmond. Hang onto your shorts. Be listening for Yah.

I'm sure the Miami people are glad I'm off their case for a while. LOL. Ya never know, what's going on in Miami anyway? It was their original plan to blow up Miami and blame it on the Syrians. What was that last year or the year before...wonder if it's a goner now or just on the back burner.

Seems they're just trying to take it down with hurricanes but the keys have been a good deterrent for Florida. They're going to have to take out the keys unless they orchestrate some wilder hurricanes. Designer hurricanes. I can wait for that season.

Well it doesn't seem long now. The District of Criminals can't hold on much longer with clones in office.

And as I've warned for 2 years now at they are getting ready to put Al Gore in office as an interim president. If this is the way it's going to go he'll never leave it folks.

Don't be surprised if fellow Omegan Hillary Clinton joins him for the ride.

I knew they'd get rid of Cheney. He was a double agent, no one trusted him although he was great evil fun for/with George Bush Sr. Sr seems to have adapted with Clinton the past few years. I don't think they will ever realize how nauseating it is to have to see those 2 parade across the television with each other. Clinton really wants that UN Secretary job and Sr has a lot of clout in the Satan freak world.

He'll see what it gets him. The same thing it got Cheney or Jr. a prolonged miserable and torturous death.

The reptilians say they gouged and burned out Cheney's eyes before they cut off his head. I'm waiting to hear more chatter about Jr's.

All the money and power in the world won't be able to buy one second of relief or peace in hell. They torture them constantly there and there's no way out.

For those stupid enough to be involved with the game you can get out regardless of what they have told you. The Lord's blood breaks all contracts. Lucifer can't own your soul until you are dead. Get out while you're still alive and you have time. I know how they like to hold prisoners and force them to do their work in the underground bases so if you're reading this just repent and renounce your sins and ask the Lord to break all contracts you've made with the devil and the NWO, ask Him to be your Saviour and commit your life to Him. He died on the cross so we could receive redemption in Him. Accept that redemption, He can't force it on you.

Most of these "brave tough Satanists" are scared to death to die. They know what awaits them. They're freaked out...very freaked out because they know time is short, and their's is shorter than most. They're not tough, they're scared. Image is a facade and a lie. Don't buy it.

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