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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gotta love all the talk about the NSA spying on the public. How they listen in on soccer moms conversations and harass Christian based radio shows with their constant clicks from draconian and outdated surveillance equipment.

Yeah they'll ever address the real issues. "International calls" they claim are those being listened in on. Well I've never made an international call. But I can call a friend across the country and listen to the NSA as they're listening to me.

Why don't they talk about what the NSA is really doing instead of masking it like eavesdropping and spying on every vocal Christian and patriot that loves God and country because they are a threat to their Satanic agenda (the real terrorists as far as they're concerned) being rude, obnoxious, and idiotic... Ok so that's the normal for the why don't they talk about what's normal for the NSA instead of acting like they do nothing 'really' wrong?

Don't give us this crap where they are only illegally harassing immigrants from other countries when they are illegally harassing American citizens every single day!

The President Incompetence has declared "if you're not with us your against us." Well according to the polls over half the country isn't with them!! So why don't they step down? If you thought Clinton was bad destroying the credibility of the White House, Bush has run circles around him!

I love the District of Criminals mentality that when you want an investigation to put the public back to sleep thinking you're really doing something about a problem then you hire your own investigators out of your own boys clubs and bury it in bureacracy for a year. Then the solution they come up with actually helps their problem become more of a problem in the guise of solving it.

It's madness.

I found 275 acres with a stream and close proximity to a national river for $550,000. Anyone got $550,000?


Yah bless and peace and love to you all.

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