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Thursday, April 29, 2004

I did another interview with Zeph Daniel can list to it at:

Link for Second interview with Zeph Daniel on 4/28/04
or type in:

As usual it was alot of fun. May the Lord be Blessed.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

This one has been a long time in coming and I finally sat down and wrote it tonight..Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep: And Pray I Wake Up Alive.

The Lord has impressed on me over the past several months that He would like me to write. So as long as He keeps putting the words in my mouth I will write what He leads me to write.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

As I was working on codes last night the Lord gave me a spiritual revelation on part of the massive deception coming..666 and the Phony Seal of God Club

I've always said and believed that last days events are not going to be what people expect them to be. It's worse than you can even imagine.

Our "men of God" proclaiming the Antichrist is the one true God, aliens showing up, war inside America, death, destruction, and then the Antichrist, to bring even more.

There will be no safety rapture for the couch and church pew potatoes who think they'll miss coming events because the Lord will whisk them out of here beforehand. They are deceived.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

I was reading a book sent to me by someone who listened to my interview with Zeph Daniel at a couple weeks ago, and in it was a time travel story from someone who used a plasma type machine to time travel into the future. Be it as it may be, whatever it is, the results were interesting.

The traveler said it was the year 2005 and Bush was gone, (probably impeached or assassinated or hey, maybe even in prison!) Cheney was president, but suffered heart failure, and guess who rose to power? Colin Powell.

Although you might be surprised, I wasn't. I often see his name in regards to future events so I know it's definately a card that could be played. The interesting thing is past prophets have warned of a charismatic leader who will arise that the people will love (and people are loving Powell more and more everyday, esp since he was against this war facade in Iraq to begin with) but he'll make a crucial mistake and sign an agreement with the Antichrist throwing this nation in with the beast agenda/system that will overtake the world. Now I have no doubts that that's the NESARA beast agenda the Omegans are salivating and drooling over waiting to implement (see

It's interesting when you can pull together all the different cards that can be played to destroy and end the world as we know it.

Last year Yahweh told me I would teach His prophets. It's almost been amusing. Most of His prophets reject me outright and anything/if not everything I have to say. His watchmen are more inclined to listen since they're still seeking truth and haven't hit the "I know everything" corner yet that alot of Prophets seem to back themselves into. And I'm still learning, more and more everyday and as I do I post the things I've learned somewhere..on my sites, on this blogger, or in the codes. Many just dont' even realize they have Watchmen and Prophetic callings on their lives. Even if you're not sure what you are just follow His leading and guidance and He'll lead you into whatever He wants you to do for Him.

Is this the year that will catapult us into the Great Tribulation? Guess we'll find out.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Lord revealed to me this week that I have a key to the Bible Codes. I don't know exactly what that is, but it has to go along with the fact He led me into them to begin with and told me on January 1st this year He'd use me to reveal big things.

Nothings more aggravating than even seeing some of the codes out there I've seen decoded by others. Most of the time you'd find more spiritual discernment in a wet paper bag.

If you're not going to search out every term in a code and how they all relate to each other you're wasting your time. So that means by the time you're done you could go through 8000 words. And I love those who send me emails and ask, "Hey can you look up my name real quick?" How exactly is about 40 hours of work quick? Or the ones who think it's an astrology book and it will tell their future as in relation to a job or marriage. Give me a break. No wonder the codes have a bad name.

It's not the codes that are bad, it's the perception people have of them.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I've been getting emails lately from an avid researcher who just loves my websites. He's read almost everything on them and just loves to learn everything he can. He's so eager to get replies back when I answer his questions and in his last email stated that no matter what death threat I get, he'd stand beside me.

He's 13 years old.

I could feel the Lord just hit and warm my heart when this man revealed his age to me. It brought flashbacks of my own youth. An avid Bible prophecy student all of my life, I read my first Bible prophecy book when I was 12 years old. My dad had Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth" sitting on his bookshelf so I took and read it. And read it. And read it. I never did give it back to my dad. I couldn't part with it, and even over the years I would still glance through it and cherish it as the first prophecy book I had ever read.

Yahweh's army comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages. In fact many have claimed after having glimpses into the future of the Lord's army, it was dominant with women and children. Perhaps it's because women and children understand the word "team" is just another name for army. And there's no "I" in either word. Most of the women I know dont' have husbands who love the Lord or even understand what they're doing for Him or even why. They don't want bothered with it. If that's any indication of the rest of the world, then we can understand why men are such a minority in the last days. It seems like they're the majority, but they're just the ones with the TV time. God's women have stood up and they're getting the job done without fame and fortune and they're not giving up.

So to all the women out there completely discourged by/with their husbands..keep on keeping on..and don't let it cause you to lose your focus in the Lord.

And for the're on the right track..stay on it and learn how to listen to Yahweh's leading and calling.

And for the brothers, stay focused! We need you!

Monday, April 19, 2004

Well April 19th is finally here.

A lot of people asked me if the Sears Tower was going to go down today, but I just never felt led by Yahweh to check it out in the codes. If anything happens in Chicago, it's a direct judgement from Yahweh Himself. Chicago is a hotbed for the CIA, which means Satanism and abuse. The Black Panthers, Al Queda, Extremist Islam, all created in Chicago.

There's something in the air. Will the Illuminati get vicious to stop NESARA and trigger WW3 itself or sponsor huge terror acts here..or will we wait another 10-20 years for the next generation of vipers to be the ones to bring in the tribulation period? It's anyone's guess. I can't imagine being here another 10 years, most of the time I can't imagine being here 2 more years. I'm tired. I'm exhausted. Most of Yahweh's real people are. His army has been busy.

If there's an election, if we make it that far, Bush would win. As sick as it sounds, it's most likely reality. Whoever controls the manipulation of the voting booths will win.

So what does it look like IF events happen as they could over the next few months?

Well..nuke terrorism would arrive in the USA. The capital would be destroyed. NESARA would probably be announced after a UFO invasion, if not, then WW3 and atomic holocausts everywhere..or Planet X coming in May and causing a pole shift putting America in martial law.

Several possibilities to keep an eye on for the next several months. If we breeze through them, then we're looking at another at least 3 years with Bush.

Other events...several major cities could get hit with nukes, yellowstone could blow, it doesn't end.

The only place to be is in the Hands of Yahweh. Keep your eyes on Him.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Well..for anyone waiting for my expertise comments on Bush's blab job the other night, I really dont' have any. I didn't watch it. I couldn't watch it. He's too nauseating.

The setup for a future draft was obvious as to why he even had a primetime spot to begin with. Why would I spend my time watching someone who does nothing but lie?

I'm sure he was having retreat withdrawal having to be back at the office. He's spent more days on vacation this past year then most of us have ever had in our lifetimes. In fact..I've never had must be nice to have such a luxurious job. And to think being President might be stressful. We've all been led down a loop. Want vacation? Become president!

I think it clearly shows that the most important job in the country is delegated and not really run by any one person. The president is just a front man taking acting lessons so everyone else can do the work. And unfortunately, in America today they're called handlers for Satan himself. People don't realize Hitler quoted Scripture the whole time he was in office. It pleases Satan to no end to be able to make a mockery of God's Word any way he can.

Well I'm tired of it. This country was founded under the Most High God and if people don't like it they should leave. They certainly shouldn't be able to lie their way to the presidency!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Well it's been an interesting week. If my article on Tearing Down the Strongholds didn't wake up people to reality (who didnt' want woken up to begin with and now don't like it), my article on the Elf God is just blowing them away. They don't like that one either.

I'm shocked. I'm surprised. Actually I'm yawning <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>

Some people just hate to have to see reality for what it is so their initial reaction is to tell you you're crazy instead of seeing reality itself as crazy. And it's hard to pinpoint any particular group because I'm finding most the time you can't tell the difference, but truthseekers I can connect with. God's real people I can connect with. The ones who claim they're His and are full of self-wisdom head knowledge and walk around in pride in their own self-righteousness thinking they're going to occupy the top floor in heaven don't even know who He is. If they did they'd recognize His watchman working in the last days and they can't. In fact they make it their ministry to renounce and reject everything His watchmen are doing.

God has His army busy. Not sitting around on their tuffs, so if you're not busy with something He's led or told you to do..then you better be asking yourself why not. If He doesn't have you busy then it's because He's not counting on you or can't.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I just put up a new article about the ELF God at

So many people are being fooled by it they quote the military ELF god more than they are the real one and they're convinced it's the Most High God talking to them. Don't think so? How many prophecies have you read lately that were really from the Most High God? Most of the ones I read are false and helping the coming NWO and even Omegan agendas condition people.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Is there a Planned Nuking/Bombing for Dayton, Ohio in May? Is this a desperate attempt to keep NESARA from being announced?

A website reader had a vision of Dayton, Ohio being hit with a nuke bomb during the month of May. We were able to confirm this vision in the codes and find out who was behind it and why.

Friday, April 09, 2004

I had a great time during the interview with Zeph Daniel. He's a great interviewer. It's hard to believe it was his first time being on the other side of the mic/phone and interviewing someone else..the guy is a pro, he's awesome, I was so comfortable with him because both of us just have a common bond in that we both love the Lord. I truly hope the interview is a blessing to the Most High God may He be glorified in our efforts to please Him and fulfill our callings in Him.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

You can now hear my interview with Zeph Daniel at This one will stream right from the link. This one will download to your hard drive.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Yesterday I had a great time with Zeph Daniel being his first interviewee for his recorded interviews section he's putting up soon on his site at . Zeph's a great guy and I had a great time, we could have talked for 10 more hours.

I'm trying to organize myself a little and put all the articles I've ever written in one spot at I'll be working on that site over the next few days.

I keep being reminded that this hoax to come Sonanda/Maitreya is not the Antichrist. Matthew 24:5 keeps coming to mind, just an elaborate hoax to claim Jesus is here..but he won't actually be the Antichrist so keep that in mind no matter what stunts this Satanic freak pulls.

I know people think we're already in Matthew 24 but I think it's going to begin with a bang here shortly within the next couple of months if this NESARA facade is announced this year. I can't fathom the thought of going through another 4 years with Bush and we know it happens during the term of his presidency so if it doesn't happen this year I don't know how I'll put up with another 4 years of attacks, intimidations, harassment and general mayhem but I know through Yahushuah we can do all things...even though we just may not want to.

It's just par for the course.

When the Lord tells me to stand I stand, when He tells me to sit I sit, and if He tells me we're going to be here another 100 years so be it. Yah is the reason for the day.

Every day.

Monday, April 05, 2004

My websites are back up...I blog is beginning to sound like an amusement park, up down, up down, up down,

Only it's not fun.

This one website can turn this country upside down why? Because a billion dollar industry can be defeated by just a few bucks!

We've all been antagonised by chemtrails. And yet the "experts" declare they don't exist (official denial demanded). And now we have something you can plant in your yard and throughout your area that will keep the chemtrails from covering your area. Think about it! Think about the lives your saving and the sicknesses and diseases prevented in one whole neighborhood, town or city because of just one faithful servant of the Most High God's who will dare to stand up and do something about it!! Be that servant!

No I'm not talking about soliciting your congressmen to do something they won't plan on, spare yourself from the lies..but you can plant about 25 TBs throughout your area and kiss the chemtrails goodbye! That's just a rough #, some areas take a lot less, some more. But it's a good average to be safe with and you can do it one at a time while we still have these TB's available..I mean come on..they're not going to sit back and allow us to do this for very long so don't waste time do it now! Yahweh will lead and guide you as to where to put them in your area.

There's a lot of disinfo on the net. True to form the gov is running all the major positions in all areas of the NWO and black agenda. If you look at the cloud buster forums ask yourself, why are Christians constantly kicked out of them? If you look at the TB's others are making ask yourself, why haven't there's been as effective as ours? Because they're sabatoging their own products to invoke evil instead of good! Why? Because they're either outright evil themselves or they've listened to the wrong people on how to make them! This is war folks, and it's about time we took back our own air from the evilmongers!

Do you really need an expensive cloud-chemtrail buster designed by 666's? No. These little $3 TBs we make will knock them out.

And mind control? Sick and tired of seeing so many towers go up? Read about the real meaning and intent of all these HAARP towers at the site.

Act now or wish you had later.

Saturday, April 03, 2004 is under attack. Now that I've made my point the website is down as I await for the all-amusing answer as to "why" from my webhosts. is down.

They are going to fight every inch to keep the truth from getting out to people.

I'm tired. It's the same war and game every single day just to keep the websites up. I'm going to have to look into buying my own server and all that technical stuff just to keep them up but I don't have the money anyway.

It's always something. I knew it was coming. I've dealt with the NSA all week via their pawn underground agents who infiltrate Christians and Christian groups as believers. And when they get outted they get furious. And it doesn't take much to discover who they really are after a short while. Depends how good they are. Even the best can't last past 3 weeks with those who can discern. You usually know something is wrong but you tend to give the benefit of the doubt to people. But that doesn't last forever.

I'm just sick of it.

I've also had email intimidation and threats by a Arthur Schwartz to take down the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion off my site or he was personally going to see to it that Paypal banned me from using their service for donations and website Cd buyers.

You can view that article at on the left side while that site is still up.

I'm being attacked on all sides. There is a war against saints today and those trying to get the truth out. There is no freedom in this country anymore, it's a facade. Our kids are risking their lives in Iraq to fight for their "freedom" from tyranny when in their own country Christians can't have websites up without constantly being harassed????

Does even the biggest skeptic get it now?

It's not the Arabs and immigrants under scrutiny in this country, it's the believers in the Most High God. "WE" are a threat to "national security." Yes, housewives across the country are a threat.

When housewives who love God become a threat, when does our government become delusional paranoid?

But we know the game. The Antichrist is getting ready to come to power and the way is being prepared for him. If you really haven't figured it out yet, yes our government is in cohoots with bringing him to power.

People like me aren't going to last much longer on the internet. Read up and get info while you can because it's a daily struggle and fight now to keep it up. Don't take it for granted, it may not be there tomorrow.

So how was your week?