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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Target For The Week

ok Warriors...Prayer Target for the Week...

We need to keep praying for the lizards...or a publicly lose their cloaking so the people of this nation will WAKE UP...

Famine, destructions, economy crash....I don't think it will wake them up..but a human they 'trust' losing their cloaking and being exposed for who/what they are....should be enough to rattle them!!

If the people of this nation don't wake up they are just going to be sheep led to the slaughter by the millions!!!

Also, with spring season and the many thunderstorms in the air...let's pray that the ELF towers become lightening rods and get destroyed by lightening and tornadoes beyond repair!!

In a recap....

1. That a public figure will lose their cloaking and be exposed for what they are.

2. That the ELF towers become lightening rods and are destroyed.

Whatever country you are in, pray for these things to happen in your country.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Coming Orchestrated Riots

Recently the Lord has warned me of something so I thought I would post it on this blog to get the word out and to warn others.

This summer the CIA is implementing uproars over food other riots. These riots have been orchestrated and planned. And then they will be squashed by force.

Do not get involved with them.

Those who actively recruit and urge others to riot and join riots will expose themselves for what they are...CIA and government pawns and agents.

So it will be interesting to sit back and watch all those who get on the "let's riot" bandwagon and lead others to do so. Yahuah told me they will expose themselves for who and what they are.

In the codes these riots are described as "ready-made" and "uproar."

Most people expect strikes and riots over the rising gas prices...what I'm seeing is the coming riots over food.

So a word to Yahuah's people...stay away from the government implemented, sponsored, and then crushed riots.

They simple have an agenda with this. I believe it's to bring in the military and heavy-handed police who will then condition the public of their presence on our streets. Another way of bringing in the Police State, Martial Law and Martial Rule to America. As public unrest grows over food shortages more and more police and military will make their presence known on our streets...and they won't be leaving. And they will deal harshly with simple protestors. They could implement the internment camps as temporary jails for these people...don't be fooled by it folks. I doubt anyone who gets placed inside a 'temporary jail' will ever get released.

Stay away from the riots.

They're baiting you.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Monday, April 21, 2008

Warrior Target For The Week

Warrior Target For The Week

Hey folks,

New prayer target for this week...

Let's continue to pray that the cloaking of alien-possessed humans begins to malfunction and that chips implanted in humans malfunction and no longer work as tracking, mind control, and manipulation devices.

Let's also pray that voice-to-skull technology is destroyed and the equipment used to operate it.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Target for the Week

Hey folks,

I thought it would be great if we all started praying for the exact same thing every week, and apparently others do too because I've received quite a few emails from people about this same thing....getting Prayer Warriors on a Mission!

So this is what I"m going to do...every week I'll post a target, or repost the same one from the week before...whatever it is..pray for it! With all of us focused and praying for the same thing I know we can get results!

We can tear down Satan's strongholds and the plans of the New World Order with just prayer!! Sure, orgone is great for personal protection from the spiritual realm, but now we can go at them in the physical realm and we've already seen it happening with the chaos caused in their underground bases from our "Things To Do" list.

United We Stand Against Them!

So here's the Target for this week: Everybody get focused and pray this every day!!

For this week...

Let's all pray that the Pope has a horrible time of righteous indignation here in America with President Bush. That the Pope and Bush lose their cloaking and break out in itchy rashes they can't explain and the media catches their shape-shifting on film!!

Let's pray they are exposed for what they are for the world to see on film so that there is no doubt they serve Satan and not the Most High God.

Ok folks, let's get r done...

Yah bless His Warriors,