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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Target For The Week

ok Warriors...Prayer Target for the Week...

We need to keep praying for the lizards...or a publicly lose their cloaking so the people of this nation will WAKE UP...

Famine, destructions, economy crash....I don't think it will wake them up..but a human they 'trust' losing their cloaking and being exposed for who/what they are....should be enough to rattle them!!

If the people of this nation don't wake up they are just going to be sheep led to the slaughter by the millions!!!

Also, with spring season and the many thunderstorms in the air...let's pray that the ELF towers become lightening rods and get destroyed by lightening and tornadoes beyond repair!!

In a recap....

1. That a public figure will lose their cloaking and be exposed for what they are.

2. That the ELF towers become lightening rods and are destroyed.

Whatever country you are in, pray for these things to happen in your country.

Yah bless His Warriors,

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