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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Coming Orchestrated Riots

Recently the Lord has warned me of something so I thought I would post it on this blog to get the word out and to warn others.

This summer the CIA is implementing uproars over food other riots. These riots have been orchestrated and planned. And then they will be squashed by force.

Do not get involved with them.

Those who actively recruit and urge others to riot and join riots will expose themselves for what they are...CIA and government pawns and agents.

So it will be interesting to sit back and watch all those who get on the "let's riot" bandwagon and lead others to do so. Yahuah told me they will expose themselves for who and what they are.

In the codes these riots are described as "ready-made" and "uproar."

Most people expect strikes and riots over the rising gas prices...what I'm seeing is the coming riots over food.

So a word to Yahuah's people...stay away from the government implemented, sponsored, and then crushed riots.

They simple have an agenda with this. I believe it's to bring in the military and heavy-handed police who will then condition the public of their presence on our streets. Another way of bringing in the Police State, Martial Law and Martial Rule to America. As public unrest grows over food shortages more and more police and military will make their presence known on our streets...and they won't be leaving. And they will deal harshly with simple protestors. They could implement the internment camps as temporary jails for these people...don't be fooled by it folks. I doubt anyone who gets placed inside a 'temporary jail' will ever get released.

Stay away from the riots.

They're baiting you.

Yah bless His Warriors,

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