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Friday, March 13, 2009

Sherry Talk Radio 3-09-09

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 3-09-2009

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. It’s Monday night. Sherry Talk Radio March 9th. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to Don’t send it to my other email addresses. I don’t check them during the show. I’m over here at So if you have a question; send it there.

It’s been a busy, busy week and month. The last two months I’ve just been so swamped with so many things to do. The Lord told me it was going to get this way. And it’s going to be this way for a while, because as the Lord’s people start seeing things happening, then they’ll start to believe some of what they’re being told.

I get so exasperated, as many of you do. It’s just like talking to a wall trying to get people to wake up and realize what’s coming, let alone starting years ago trying to prepare people for what was coming years ahead into the future. The ones that have listened are somewhat more prepared than all those catching on to the bandwagon now and realizing, we’ve got a famine coming....we’re not going to have money....the banks are going to be closed....if you do have money, it’s going to be worthless....we’ve got to buy things now....prepare now for things. It just seems like it’s a never ending message. And it’s the same one over and over again. Like you hit record and play and rewind, play, rewind, play. So people are starting to wake up so it’s been a lot busier time for me.

Also what comes to mind is “as in the days of Noah.” People were busy with their lives. Mocking Noah. Making fun of him and all that, and all of a sudden the floods came. The rains came. During that time the people were continuing on with their lives. They’re working. They’re paying bills. They’re going to weddings. They’re going to funerals. They’re doing things families do....people do. Then the rain came out of nowhere. That’s what the Lord talks about the last days being as in the days of Noah. I can totally relate to this. As I have so much to do already with the ministry here....I’m a one man show. I do everything myself. I have help. I have a transcriber who transcribes my radio shows, which is a huge ministry in itself. So many people that can’t hear the shows can read the transcripts and can stay up to date on what’s going on.

I also have a translator for Spanish. I got another one from Brazil. I need to put her stuff on my website yet. I guess Spanish speaking in different countries is different. It’s all the same to me. I don’t understand any of it. So I do have a Brazilian-Spanish translator that has sent me articles to put on the websites. Just getting a lot more out there...being heard more...more known.
I noticed this week my websites had gone down for almost a day. I didn’t even catch on to them until half way through the day. I know its coming. A lot of harassment...a lot of “we’re warning you” type stuff...and “see what we can do.” They haven’t seen what MY BOSS can do. I don’t fear them.

I’ve warned you guys that eventually the time is going to come that my websites will be down permanently. So you need to get the information that you need or that you like or that you count on from my websites now. Print it off. Copy and paste it on to MS Word, so you have it. Do what you have to do. Put it on a disk. Don’t put the website itself, because if the website is down none of the graphics and stuff will probably not come up. At least you’ll have the text available. I’ve been warning for years that as sure as Satan is going to fall like lightening from the sky, they’re going to be taking my websites down.

I found that interesting that Benny Hinn has been announcing on television to his TV viewing audience (the gullible, the stupid and bored with nothing else to do). I heard that he’s been announcing to his listeners that the Christ is getting ready to arrive and he’s going to appear like lightening from the sky. I thought that was interesting, because in the Bible codes I keep seeing Maitreya arrive (which is Cain, one of Satan’s henchmen, if not Satan himself) falling like lightening from the sky. Both parallel. I’ve warned you that Benny Hinn is Satan’s mouthpiece, preparing the world for Satan’s arrival. He’s doing it very well. He’s got the money and the time to do it, and he’s doing it. I’ve warned about him. The sad part is, so many Christians are so gullible. They actually believe that he’s a man of God....because he says he is! Because he says he is and he throws that Bible up in the air and he quotes the Bible. That surely means that he’s a man of God, doesn’t it?! These people....they make me want to puke. They make me sick; these beast prophets.

One of my websites that’s starting to get a lot more traffic that’s nominally been pretty much ignored over the years, That website is starting to really pick up on the traffic. I noticed all my sites have been. It was getting towards the end of the month last month and starting to run out of bandwidth on a lot of my websites.I was thinking then that February is a short month, so hopefully it’ll hold out ‘til March 1st. Only a couple of them went down for maybe half a day. Then when the clock turned over at midnight, every month they start over at zero bandwidth. You have a certain amount of bandwidth that you’re allotted for that website every month. I have gigs that I have to pay for every month.

My website fees; people don’t understand that you have to pay for traffic. If you go to my websites and you’re downloading things and you’re reading things (which I encourage) Somebody has to pay for all that. It gets really aggravating and annoying when you hear from people, “Why do you ask for donations?” or “Why do you do this?” Somebody has to pay for all this stuff. These people want everything for free. They think the internet is free. That’s what floors me. I couldn’t do this ministry without donations. I love the people that donate to this ministry. I know them all by name. If somebody mentioned their name, I’d know because there’s not that many. I’ve lasted on the internet all these years from basically a handful of financial supporters who would send in checks every month, two months or three months. That keeps the websites up. That keeps me paying for all the traffic I get and going to be getting as more and more people wake up.

I don’t sell advertisements on my radio show. I don’t sell ads on my websites. I don’t commercialize this ministry. Everything I do, is just very simple and for that reason. I just keep it for Him. So I don’t take outside advertisements. I’ve had people offer me $100 a month to put banners on my websites. There’s just no way I’d do that. I haven’t had to, because at the end of the month the bills have always been paid. The Lord has always stood up people to send in donations and make it possible. On top of that, I’ve been able to send Orgone to people who need it all over the world. I’m just very busy all the time. I don’t always get to updating all of my stuff daily like I would like to, but I never take anything off either. People that have been to my websites for years can attest I don’t take anything off. If they start reading something and get distracted, they can always go back and read it again; pick up where they left off. It’ll be on my website. I don’t take anything off.

Just a small ministry here for the Lord. Probably could’ve...would’ve...should’ve been much, much bigger than it is. He has shown me how bigger it was supposed to have been. It didn’t turn out that way because, you know....the people that He sends in the last days end up going in their own directions. But we’ve done it. We’ve managed to accomplish everything that He needed done on Earth in the last days. Our mission has been accomplished. We are doing a lot of exploits for Him. You can tell we’re being successful. And I’ve told you how successful because Satan’s airships; his UFOs are falling like lightening out of the skies. He himself is going to be falling like lightening out of the sky. And they’re getting much more desperate.

You can tell my enemies are standing up all over the internet. Hashing up things from 5 – 10 years ago. I haven’t talked to these people in 5 -10 years. They’re trying to hash up old arguments and old things with their spin twists of lies about me, just to try and keep the discrediting going. It’s very interesting and amusing. It tells me how effective we are and have been. I don’t go around on internet sites and blogs and boards and read stuff, but I do hear about things from other people. So it’s very interesting. I just don’t have time for that stuff. It’s nonsense.

We need to be doers and not just talkers. Leave the singers in the churches. They sit there every Sunday and sing about what soldiers in the Lord’s Army they are, while the real ones are out doing. Not sitting and singing about it; they’re out there doing it; being a soldier in the Lords Army. Very amusing, just how much different, the different groups of believers are. You have your doers; the ones who do and when it comes to the ones who just sing about it.. The Lord has often said, “Why do you call them My People? Why do you call them Mine?” Very interesting.
I know that He views us a lot differently than how we view ourselves. It can be a good way and it can be a bad way. I just always want to stay in His good graces. I don’t want Him mad at me. You get that over the years, just talking with Him and building a relationship with Him. Learning how to hear His voice and learning how He works. The different way He works.

If you feel nudged; if you feel like you should do something. He keeps nudging you to do something, do it. That’s one of the way He works. He nudges you. I call it nagging. I don’t know if that’s really proper. He doesn’t nag; He just nudges. He’ll do that with things He wants me to talk about, bring up on the show or write an article about. The last year or two I haven’t written that many articles, simply because I’ve been so busy with the Orgone and everything else.
Back to what I was talking abut “as in the days of Noah.” All this stuff I have to do, then I have to do a 180 because somebody needs a ride to basketball practice or somebody’s birthday is coming up or something. It’s just unreal. The economy is crashing. The sky is going to be crashing, and we still have these little pitiful things we have to do all the time. Just every day life things like paying bills and stuff. Definitely is “as in the days of Noah”. Probably why so many people just aren’t going to see what’s coming when it does and be taken be surprise.

The Lord has always told us to watch. Watch. Watch for the end times. Watch for the last days. So we need to be watchers.

So many talk to the people who are attending churches....I left the churches years ago. He pulled me out of them. You ask them, “Well, are they teaching prophecy?” My favorite subject when I was little. When I would go to church, if they weren’t talking prophecy I wasn’t listening. I’m amazed at how many people just have no idea; they’re clueless about Bible prophecy because the churches aren’t teaching it. That’s probably the number one reason the Lord is just pulling people out of them. You seem to learn more when you get out of man’s organizations and religions and you just start seeking Him directly.. He can lead you and guide you into the things you need to learn. So you learn more being on your own then just going to these man-made religions.

Satan is the father of division and chaos. How many denominations do we have in our churches today? What does that tell you? Satan is running the churches today. The Lord has always told me that, “They’re not mine. They’re Satan’s.” It reminds me of the church of Laodicea. The Lord is standing outside the door. That’s exactly what’s going on today because He doesn’t claim most churches as His. People need to realize, if they’re not being fed. That’s the thing about deception. You never realize you’re in deception, because you’re deceived. And they fight everybody else trying to wake them up. That’s where it’s just like an endless cycle. You get nowhere.

One of the things the Lord brought to my mind; was that the reason He spoke in parables and the reason He always spoke to His Apostles in private is because there were things for them to know, and some others to know. Not everybody was to know the hidden truths of what He was speaking about and the things He was doing. They wouldn’t understand it. That’s why He spoke in parables to the people. He was masking what He was saying. Those who He was going to anoint to have ears to hear would hear, but the majority wouldn’t. That’s pretty much what we deal with today. We have so many people that just don’t hear. Can’t hear. Can’t understand. Can’t grasp what’s being said and being warned about. Then you have the others who understand fully what’s going on. And they’re up and they’re busy. That’s why we have such a divide.. It’s always been that way and it’s always going to be that way. That’s just the way that He has designed it. He was reminding me of that before the show; the reason that He had done that. It just wasn’t for everybody to know.

So don’t bang your head up against the wall too hard when you’re trying to wake people up to the coming economic crash and famine and the banks closing, and they just don’t see it. Move on. Do something else with your time. Plant seeds. That’s all you can do. The Lord will bring somebody else to them to wake them up and water the seeds you have planted. They’ll be like, “Oh, I heard that before,” and slowly they’ll start to wake up. It’s a process. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. That’s pretty much the way it works and He works. We just need to be faithful in saying the things we need to say when He urges us to say them and when He prompts us to do them and leave the results to Him. Just leave the results to Him.

A couple of things I’ve been seeing in the codes; I’ve warned about a confrontation between Libya and Israel. I’m still seeing that coming up in the codes. Just some kind of confrontation between Libya and Israel. I don’t know how that would affect America directly, but I’m sure they’ll pull us into anything they get involved with.

The continuing economic crash.

The Lord reminded me about the Chinese again this week. I was trying to think of the different routes that they could come in. They own all of our debts and all of our mortgages. They could come in and say we’re going to reclaim everything we own. I don’t know if that’s a route that’s going to be taken right now. I do think it is because the codes has it listed that I’ve been talking about it. So it’s very interesting. Back when Moses wrote the Torah...He always said He knows the end from the beginning. I’ve always said most of the last days events can be found in Genesis chapter one in the codes. Just very interesting that thousands of years have passed since Moses penned the Torah and even in the codes back then it was, Sherry Shriner would be talking in March 2009 about certain things. It’s mind boggling. It blows me away sometimes. And also to see the names...I’ll see names of people that I know; supporters of my ministry. Things like that. I’ll see them in the codes. So it’s interesting. It’s always mind boggling.

The Lord was reminding me that since 1996, maybe as early as 1991. I know of ’96 and for certain the last several years, that China has been bringing in their equipment over the northern border. I talked about this a couple of months ago; how a border guard had told me that these trucks are coming in with Chinese equipment. They were not to stop them at the border, but let them through. If they are stopped for some reason, they are to be escorted to this facility in Kentucky or whatever. This is just a border guard in Michigan, so you can imagine different places across the country they’re trucking their equipment into..

The Costco containers; I remember hearing years ago; someone had looked into one of those trains. Usually you see Costco containers on these trains criss-crossing America for years. Somebody looked into them and saw Chinese equipment in them. They’re using trucks. They’re using trains. So this is very well planned. This is a very well planned takeover of America. Either they use their debt. “We own the mortgages” and are going to repossess everything they own, or they come in as UN Peacekeepers. It’s all been pre-scripted. It’s all been planned. It takes a lot of equipment to be able to service a Chinese army. Considering there is a billion of them, imagine how much they could field here as an army, and wouldn’t even bat an eye putting 100 – 200 million here, and how much equipment they would need for that. I heard allegedly in ’96 that they were bringing equipment in. That’s over 13 years now that they’ve been bringing Chinese equipment into America. Interesting...and something the Lord had reminded me of the other day, “Don’t forget the equipment.” I was talking about the different routes that they were going to use.

I’m also seeing something about a navy making their presence known in one of our states. Today in the news, something being talked about - the Chinese harassing American ships. It all goes; the Lord told me that China is mobilizing for war against America. We don’t know exactly which route they’re taking. I just throw them out there and tell you the different ones I see.

Unfortunately, we’ll eventually know which route they’re going to take, because America is going to get overcome by Chinese either through direct invasion, silent invasion or just a subtle invasion, which is the debt and mortgage crisis. That would be their subtle way of walking in and saying, “We’re repossessing everything we own”. Or we have the silent invasion where they just appear overnight and reclaim all their equipment and all of a sudden they’re in our cities and our towns. Or there’s some kind of catastrophe here and they come over as U.N.. Peacekeepers. What the Lord has told me about that is they may go along with the U.N. facade. They’re here as a U.N peacekeeping force because America has gone totally ballistic and in chaos and we need their help now. They won’t stay with the UN. Eventually they’re going to say, “We don’t need the U.N. We could run America; control America ourselves. We own it financially anyway”. So they will use the U.N. as a foothold into America and then kick the U.N. aside and take over America. Either way, we’re looking at Chinese here in America crawling up our butts. At that point, hopefully the Warriors are gone. The Orgone Faction Four....144 are gone...hopefully by then. Hopefully the Lord’s taken us out...written His Name on our foreheads, and we get to have some fun with the Lord before we’re sent back down.

I don’t know exactly what the timeline is when we’re taken and when everything else happens. It’s hard for me to distinguish in the codes when the remnant is taken as differentiated from when I’m taken. I always have so many death codes or disappearance codes or whatever. You know? So it’s hard for me to tell. Am I going first before the rest? Am I being killed and later they’re taken? Or are we all going up at the same time? It’s very hard for me to distinguish what’s going on in these different routes and in different months, different things can happen. Of course, I was laughing back in December. I said, “This month I have four death codes.”

It hasn’t really changed. Of course, it’s gotten a little quiet lately. It’s typical; I’m still here blabbing. They haven’t been able to shut me up yet. I don’t know. I can’t tell based on timelines in the codes exactly what’s going to happen between when the remnant is going to be gone. What I do believe is that either shortly before...I often laugh with my one always looks like as they arrive, we leave. It’s almost like we see them coming down on our way going up. Sometimes it just looks like it’s synonymous. Satan like lightening is falling from the sky and boom! we’re like lightening going up into heaven. It’s really funny. I just can’t tell which route will be taken. Every month I can pretty much a good month where we could be taken home and them arriving. But months and timelines are just totally impossible to go by. Something the Lord has told me is just to ignore the months in the codes.

We’ve been praying that their kingdom be in chaos and derision, and it is. It’s in total chaos and derision. The Lord reacts to what they’re doing. Once they figure out what they’re going to do, then the Lord is going to react. Based on the things they do, is how He reacts. Timelines are thrown out the window at that point because they can’t make up their minds what they’re going to do and when they’re going to do them.

They seem to act like they have a lot of time. That’s what kills me. They’re just bumbling along with everything. They’ve been taken by surprise. They did not expect....if I’m analyzing it right; they weren’t expecting this total economic meltdown. There was supposed to be an economic meltdown, don’t get me wrong, but they had a more controlled way of doing it. And the Lord said, forget that, and He crashed it. So now everything that’s going on; they’re pretty much having to wing by the seat of their pants because they weren’t expecting it the way that it happened. It’s kind of funny...amusing, really. He’ll always throw a wrench in their plans. That’s the funny part about it. They have to back track and figure out what’s going on themselves, because they’re in shock. As much as we are, they are. We’re expecting it. They think they have everything controlled. They think they have everything scripted and played out exactly how they want it. Then the Lord throws in a monkey wrench and boom! So they’re in chaos and derision. That’s what we’re looking at now.

Just some set up with China still preparing to come over. Like I’ve said, you can call it the silent war; the subtle war. Whatever kind of war you want, but China is mobilizing for war against America.

Another thing that I think is interesting; you’ve been hearing me talk about this obnoxious satellite since last year; probably even earlier than that. I don’t know. It started getting more noticeable in September and even August of last year. This huge obnoxious satellite that sits about 33 degrees above horizon level. It’s just obnoxious. It’s not a star. I don’t know how people can look at this thing...just because it looks like a star, believe it’s a star. It’s not a star. It actually looks like some contraption with a million light bulbs attached to it. And just very, very bright. I had somebody say they had some advanced binoculars or whatever type of binoculars; they were actually looking at this thing in the sky. More and more people are starting to notice it now that I talk about it so much. They said it’s actually two objects sitting together in the sky. It does look like a star because of the lighting of it.. I’ve talked about how it moves around. For months and months and months, it was just parked outside my house, above my house every night. Now it’s moved way over. When it’s here in this area, but a lot of times, especially lately it’s been gone. It’ll go and spy on somebody else in different states. That’s why more and more people are starting to see it, because it’s leaving this area and going off into other areas and other states, so they can see it.

I’ve mentioned it before. I actually believe this is Maitreya’ of his homes. One of his satellites. He has many various different homes on Earth, above Earth, in Earth. He’s everywhere. Most of these fallen angels are. They have multiple homes and multiple accesses to these places all over the place. I’m starting to think; as this thing....because right now it kind of looks like a star when you look at it....I’m starting to think this might actually be a palace in the sky. When I say satellite...Hebrews kind of group terms together. Satellite, luminary and moon. All three will come under those terms. Not a steelhead satellite like NASA puts up. The Bible codes have a code for that – steelhead. So it’s not a steelhead satellite like the kind that NASA puts up; it’s a luminary. Like a moon. Luminary. Something bright in the sky. I’m starting to believe that’s a literal palace. If we could get some really good....somebody in an observatory or something, with some really powerful...what do you want to call them? Not binoculars, but telescopes, and actually pin this thing and see what it looks like.

Even if they decide to make it clear, wouldn’t it be obnoxious if we went outside one night and looked up in the sky to see a big palace in the sky? That would be amazing. That would freak a lot of people out. Right now when you go out and look up at this obnoxious thing, it just looks like a white star that’s really low to the Earth. Imagine if they clear off the star stuff...because they mask it to make it look like a star....what if they just did away with the star look and showed itself for what it really is. What if it was this huge white palace in the sky? Wouldn’t people freak? Don’t you think?

That’s what I’m starting to think. I see so many things in the codes; “manor house”, “mansion”, “palace”. Different terms for different things. I can’t always figure out....mansion, house, it all the same thing or different things? I’m starting to think its different things. Mansion is just a dwelling place. It’s just a house. It’s not a mansion; an estate. It’s just a simple dwelling place. I can tell this because it will refer to me and my house as a mansion. And I know what I live’s not a mansion. So mansion is just a dwelling place. It’s just a house. It can be a simple house or a big house. Wherever you live; that’s your mansion. Interesting that this satellite in the sky is referred to as a palace. I’m thinking, we could be in for some real shockers.
I’m always looking out for these. I always see in the codes where we’re all shocked. We’re all surprised. That’s another reason I’ve always worked so hard. I don’t want to be surprised. I don’t want to be shocked. I don’t want to be taken by surprise by anything. I want to know what’s coming. So I always ask Him to reveal to me what’s coming so I can tell you guys. And even when they do come, we’re surprised because its confirmation. So the confirmation is surprising. Is just a given that we’re going to be surprised on things, but....we can know the things that are coming. When they do happen, we’re going to be surprised. Like when Maitreya arrives, we’re going to be surprised. I would love to see that palace...if that’s a literal palace....just come crashing out of the sky. I believe it is because this Maitreya is going to crash like lightening from the sky. I believe its going to be this satellite. This obnoxious thing we’ve all been seeing that crashes from the sky. So that’s going to be interesting....if it happens that way. I’m not telling you it is; I’m juts sitting here...kind of just talking over things I’ve been seeing. Just kind of talking it out here. Now you can see the process I go through when I’m doing codes and trying to figure things out. I usually just talk to the Lord instead of a microphone and the thousands of people that are going to hear this show.

There are definitely some things coming up with this...what they call the Shema Star. I don’t know why they call it the Shema. Several months ago, I posted The Shema Prayer. "Hear O’ Israel, the Lord is our God. The Lord is One." I have that on my website. It’s something you’re supposed to recite daily. They also take the name Shema and are calling this star, this palace in the sky, Shema.

What I find interesting is it’s this same satellite; this same palace in the sky that they’re abandoning, because they’re dying. They’re burning. They had it sitting above my house for so long, I got busy. I made some blaster pipes and bucket blasters and pointed at the thing every day and night. Of course, it was gone during the day. It only comes at night. You can see it move into position. Now they’re moved away...over away from me. The Orgone has saturated the atmosphere and has burned the inhabitants that were inside this palace. So now they’ve got this palace that they can’t even inhabit. So it could be some kind of reasoning as to why it comes crashing out of the sky; because nobody can access it anymore. The Lord casts it to the ground. That’s my answer. The Lord is going to cast it to the ground. He can use somebody else to cast it to the ground, like NASA. They can shoot a missile at it or something....I don’t know. It’s going to get amusing. They’ve got this huge white palace in the sky and being evicted out of it.

The Orgone is hitting the atmosphere all over the world. Anybody that has Orgone out in their yards, in the woods in the all reaches the atmosphere. It all saturates into the atmosphere. That’s what they’re freaking out about really when they’re talking about global warming; they’re really talking about the atmosphere being warmed up by Orgone. It’s burning them. It doesn’t burn us. We’re normal humans. People that are normal, it doesn’t effect. It’s positive Orgone energy. But it burns and kills anything that’s evil and negative. All these evil people like Al Gore and everybody else are just freaking out over it because the Orgone is destroying them all. So very funny. Very funny just how effective it’s been, being and going to be.

I have this guy....this friend out in Columbus always keeping an eye on the weather between where I live and where he lives in Columbus. I’ve orgoned between here and Columbus, Ohio. You can actually watch the weather and how it reacts when it hits the wall of Orgone that I have between here and Columbus. We’ve missed a lot of things. I’ve always said that if you get out and Orgone your areas...and get 5, 10, 20 miles out and around, you’ll see tornadoes headed your way just swing direction for no reason. Just hit an Orgone wall area and boom! Switches directions and won’t come towards you. We kind of bat back and forth and laugh about the radar screens between here and Columbus. You can watch how the weather reacts when it hits the Orgone wall. It just switches directions. They’ll be a clearing between here and Columbus while everybody else is being hammered.

Yeah, I need a lot more work done in the western part of the state. That’s usually just where it heads. Every state needs more work. Every state. Every country needs more work. Needs more Orgone in it. People need to start making it and getting it out.

I find it interesting that more and more scientists and weather people are stumbling on to this Orgone energy and starting to get involved. Starting to make it so they can watch the results themselves. So it’s very interesting that it’s getting more and more known. As it does, "they’re" getting more and more angry.

It’s always a war, folks. It’s a war. A daily war. We just have to stay faithful and keep doing what it is the Lord wants us to do. While we’re here we get to watch some of the effects of what’s going on.

They’ve been trying not to legitimize it by mentioning it. I know Bush wanted to mention it in a speech and was told not to. I think it will probably end up being Obama who finally does. They’ve been itching to mention it, but they’ve been held back from mentioning it because it will legitimize the entire Orgone faction. Interesting to see how they’ll come after us if they do.....if they can. If the Lord decides He’s not going to let them come near us and takes us all out of here. I know a lot of people are cheering for that route. It’s going to be interesting.

If anybody has a question for the show, send it to I’ll check those.
Head outside and see if you see that obnoxious palace in the sky above your house....above your area. Very low to the Earth. Too low for an actual star. That’s how you can find them; they are just too low. You can look at the other stars and see they’re way up in the sky. Then you look at these alien ships and palaces. They call them starships. They’re 33 degrees above horizon level. Other stars just don’t hang that low, so you can pretty much tell who and what they are. They’re pretty brilliant with the lights. Almost looks like light bulbs instead of a regular star light...a natural light.

Anyway, I’m going to start answering some questions.

Question from a listener: Do you agree with David Wilkerson? Riots everywhere in the U.S.? An urgent message – “An earth shattering calamity is about to happen. It’s going to be so frightening that we’re all going to tremble. Even the godliest among us.”

Answer: You know what? I think he’s Pentecostal. I don’t believe a word Pentecostals say. They’re so messed with by NORAD. The church of NORAD out there in Colorado. They have all these ELF weapons that they use against these churches so they all have the same dreams and visions. They’re also demonically possessed because they’re speaking in tongues. They are not of God. So if they are not of God, then who are they of? So I don’t believe a word any of them say. I wait for the Lord to reveal something to me.

Yeah, we do have calamities coming here. Just watch out for the church of NORAD. They’re always keeping people in fear; always the eminent bomb about to be dropped on your head...the eminent whatever. They need fear. They need fear to feed off of. It’s loosh to them. It’s energy. So they’re always trying to keep people in fear.

Especially when they start throwing out the dates, then you know its NORAD....what I call the church of NORAD. The idiots in NORAD that are using their ELF technology against Christians and believers in churches. They target them because they build up all this loosh energy off of them. People start to fear about things and that feeds them. What does it say in the Bible about fear? It says, perfect loves casts out fear. So don’t fear the things that are coming. Don’t feed the New World Order. They feed off that energy. Satan feeds off of that energy; that fear that you have. They totally use the entire Pentecostal denomination just to generate generate food for them...fear.

Warning people of coming things is one thing, but being a pawn and generating food for them is another. Yuck. I just cannot get involved in that Pentecostal stuff. We do have riots coming. We do have a total economic crash coming. Famine. Perhaps a bio-attack. But you know what? You’ve already been warned about it, so don’t fear it. Prepare for it. Just prepare for it. Don’t fear it. We have the Lord.

Question from a listener: Sherry, what is your opinion of the stem cell embryo stuff that was in the news today with Obama, removing the ban by Bush? They say they will not clone humans, but do you believe them?

Answer: They’ve already cloned humans. They’ve been doing it for years. All this is just public dressing.

They’ve been doing what they want to do for years. I talked about it several years ago on this show; I was lying in bed one night and felt something pluck a hair right out of my head. It’s like, where did that come from? Just lying in bed, something walks up to me and plucks a hair right out of my head. They probably have us all cloned. You know? Look, Beijing has the largest cloning facility in the world. Then you have Fort Bragg in North Carolina, where they are developed the super soldier - the half-machine, half-man. You can look at Schwarzenegger’s movies for that. They’ve been doing it. Just window dressing.

I don’t know why I get emails in Spanish. I can’t read Spanish. I can’t even speak English half the time.

Question from a listener: Have you seen anything in the codes upcoming about them shutting down this internet and launching a new one that will bar free speech?

Answer: Yeah, that’s coming...definitely coming. That will just be an excuse to beforehand, shut every big-mouths site down. I think even Bill Cooper warned about that; that before martial law would be implemented in America, they would go after the big mouths. About six weeks before martial law was to be implemented. So, it’s just been in the planning stages to shut down the internet. Like I said, nothing they do is by accident, folks. Everything they do has been pre-scripted and well planned.

Comment: Hello Sherry, I made an Orgone video, or at least attempted to. I ran out of tape in my camcorder and had to record it on my camera. It plays back kindof skippy at times. Maybe someone else can make a better one.

Sherry: Yeah, I’ve mentioned that on the show previously. It would be great if somebody would make a video on Orgone. Simply because the stuff out there is all the pagans stuff. We want to get how to make good, POE Orgone and get a video going. My transcriber has offered to try and make one, so we’ll see what she can do. We definitely need something. Everyone has been yelling at me for years to get a video up. I can’ even get a website up. What are you talking about? I don’t know anything about technology. We’ll see if somebody else will get that up and going. We can put it on my websites to show people how to make Orgone. It is so easy. Very, very easy.

Question from a listener: Can you come up to Michigan and saturate this area? How can I meet some warriors and plan out a map to saturate the areas?

Answer: The problem with doing that is....and we do have warriors in Michigan. I’ll tell you that. You never know who you’re setting people up with. I mean, this is the internet. I don’t know you people. You say you’re a warrior....she says she’s a warrior. I put you two together and one of you ends up being a government agent. You know how it works. So I can’t do that. I just don’t want to be responsible for anybody getting hurt. Meeting up and putting somebody together with a bad crowd or whatever. I can’t be responsible for that.

Question from a listener: (Sherry sums up the question) People being ELFed and rays shooting through their house and pointed at their head.

Answer: You know....I’ve got a twin out there! I know you’re in pain because I’ve been there, done that. This is the kind of stuff I’ve been talking about going through for years. Calling the FBI isn’t going to do anything because they’re all behind it. It’s satellite technology. How are you going to prove that they’re using satellites to beam microwave weapons into your house and hit your head with them? I mean, how are you going to prove it? You can’t. What you do is this. The simple things that the Lord has taught me. Get those Mylar blankets from They’re $4 for a dozen. Get a Mylar blanket and plaster it on your windows. Then they can’t beam into your house, because they come through your windows. So cover your windows up good. I like the Mylar blankets. Also you can use mirrors just to tick them off and have some fun. I was putting mirrors in the windows so that when they hit the window with their beams, it would beam back to them.

Orgone will keep some technology away from your home, but not all. Some of this stuff is just...plasma’re going from Reich to Tesla. With the Tesla stuff - mirrors and Mylar will deflect it. It will keep it from hitting you. And the Orgone will help with ELF rays and stuff. Put those in front of and behind your monitors. I have them in both places. Front and back. It will stop them from shooting you through your monitor, so you’re not getting headaches and stuff. If you want the satellite beam attacks to stop, you’ve got to cover up your windows because that’s how they’re getting in. Make sure your windows are covered up with Mylar blankets. Until then use a regular blanket or something to try and get it covered up very well because all they need is a little crack. That’s all they need.

When I was in Taos, New Mexico, I had a small, little crack in my window. That was all they needed. By the time I woke up, I felt like I was a fried chicken from the inside out. I looked like I had been on the beach, instead of in Taos where it had been raining snow that day it had been so cold. All they need is a milliliter or a centimeter.. I don’t know how they do it, but they just do it.

I just find what can counter attack them. So use the Mylar blankets. Just go to Go to their search box and type in Mylar. I also have this stuff on my facts page. I have spiritual warfare prayers, tips, and also how to combat them. Answers to frequently asked questions. Most people just pretty much always have the same typical problems. I have all this on that page – the facts page. My warfare page...being able to fight against them and stuff. Just something I’ve written over time, because I’ve been attacked by this stuff for years. Unfortunately you’re in pain before you’re asking the Lord, “How do I stop this?” so it helps everybody else. I get to go through it first.

Another thing; watch out for the pandemics. They warn themselves about things coming, because they’re the ones planning them. So stay away from the vaccines. They are part of the problem. They are not the solution. You have an alien flu which is only affecting aliens and hybrids. They call it Avian Flu. The vaccine will kill normal people. So stay away from the vaccine because it is their retaliation for the alien flu; plagues that the Lord is casting on them. People forget that the Lord has His Hand on everything, and He’s not sitting back idly by watching. He is attacking them with plagues and things....especially when we ask Him to. So everybody has to stay busy on that Fun Things to Do List. I have it listed at and my other sites, because He’ll stay busy answering those prayers. A lot of this stuff coming out...these plagues and things they’re going to be getting are part of the Lord’s Judgment on them.

The one coming that’s going to freak them all out is the leprosy plague. It’s already up to 15...16 million. Just because our media doesn’t announce it doesn’t mean its not happening. Our media is not going to announce anything. Leprosy - still planning on getting big.

Also a reminder that the False Shepherd will be blinded in the right eye and paralyzed in his right arm. I mention it because I’d seen that in the codes the other day where somebody was frantic because their limb went limp. I’m assuming that’s Hinn.

Obama does not show up very much in the codes because he is so insignificant. I’ve told you he’s just a shell. So if Satan wants to use him to indwell, he will. For right now, he’s really not a dominant player. It’s more - keep your eyes on Hillary and Benny Hinn. What they’re doing and what they’re saying. Right now Obama is just not that dominant.

Just seeing if there’s anything else here to throw in before I close the show. I do think that March is going to be relatively quiet, other than the Chinese. You never know wants going to happen with them. You’ve got some time for last minute preparations.

We could have some interesting things happening in April. Early spring and summer...always an interesting time, especially with their plans to completely crash the economy by June or July. By June and July there could be total chaos here. It could start in April with some surprising things happening. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m just watching things happen. As they happen, I can call it. Just kind of waiting and watching to see what happens in April around Passover....around Easter. I would hope you celebrate Passover and not Easter, but that whole time frame could be interesting. The Day of Declaration....their miracles...everything they want to throw out at us.
Yeah, we’re here. We’re watching. We’re waiting. We’re getting our Orgone ready.

So it’s just time for us to be busy. When they’re quiet, it’s time for us to be busy, because they’re planning something when they’re quiet.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.

We now have our own video on How To Make Orgone Blasters, thanks to

Sherry Talk Radio 3-2-09

Sherry Talk Radio


Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday night March 2, 2009. If you’ve got a question for the show you can send it to I’m gonna start over. I don’t think this microphone was on. Hello everybody. It’s March 2. 2009. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to

A couple of things I wanted to talk about tonight. I did a radio show; another interview with The Extreme Society Show on Friday night. You can catch the link on my websites, or you can go to their website, I think it was episode 41 over there. The latest broadcast they have on their little download section. A pop up box in the middle of their website. A good interview. I always have a good time over there. Just batting things out and talking about the things that are coming. That’s basically my entire focus. Things that are happening now and things that are coming. It’s almost like the calm before the storm, but there is really no calm. Because if you look at other parts of the country...I was reading an email that somebody had sent out about the latest attack on Berkley Springs, West Virginia. They’re doing door to door...looking for guns. The interesting thing is, the media always says it voluntary, but if you don’t answer the door, they’re going to pound right through it. Look at all the voluntary participants, what happens to them when they don’t participate in these drills?

So I don’t think they’re drills. They’re masking it and hiding it behind the name drills. They’re just getting practice for gun confiscations, search and seizure. So we need to get ready for this kind of thing because.....the first thing that came to my mind was, it’s not a drill. When you look at what happens to these people who don’t participate. They end up in trouble with the local authorities. Then itself, the whole area was noted as having underground bases and government facilities and things for Congress to run to in the event of martial law here. So why would they be targeting that area to confiscate guns? It makes you wonder, they may be ready to start hoarding up over there. We need Orgone warriors to stand up and go get Berkley Springs West Virginia and the entire Morgan Country area. We need to get the entire area. A very easy way to do it is to get a map of the entire country. Then go all the way around it on the map on the country and put an Orgone puck every mile or two, how the Lord leads. Then get center parts of the country itself so that all that kindof meets up in the atmosphere. The Orgone will get saturated in the atmosphere and eventually just cover that entire place, if you do it that way. So just a lot of work needing done there.

Denver International Airport –I’ve heard from several people. I know I sent some out there last year to get it done. We had a warrior get it last year. It just always needs more and more work. That way, in case they have somebody on target and they’re watching, they don’t who else is showing up to get the area. Always need different people....different warriors...different times, standing up to get different areas. Time is certainly at a crunch.

Last week I talked about how the Lord just had China on my heart and mind, and that it was very dominant. Then three days later, Hal Turner posting the confirmation on his website; exactly what the Lord had showed me is coming. I love it when He does that, because I’ll just go on a limb and announce something the Lord has on my mind and heart. I’ve been talking about China for months and how we’re going to be in big trouble because they own all of our mortgages. Then the confirmations come in. So that’s always a blessing in disguise.

Hillary Clinton....I’m going to read this because it’s everything I’ve been saying. It’s everything about China owning our debt, Hillary Clinton’s dominant role in the last days in putting this country in martial law and destroying our economy. It just ties in everything I’ve been talking about for the past year. And my warnings about Hillary Clinton for the past eight and nine years. Just very interesting. It says:

Feds Grant Eminent Domain as Collateral to China

Sources at the United States Embassy in Beijing China have
just CONFIRMED to me that the United States of America has tendered to China a
written agreement which grants to the People's Republic of China, an option
to exercise Eminent Domain within the USA, as collateral for China's continued
purchase of US Treasury Notes and existing US Currency reserves!

The written agreement was brought to Beijing by Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton and was formalized and agreed-to during her recent trip to China.

This means that in the event the US Government defaults on its financial
obligations to China, the Communist Government of China would be permitted to
physically take -- inside the USA -- land, buildings, factories, perhaps even
entire cities - to satisfy the financial obligations of the US government.

Put simply, the feds have now actually mortgaged the physical land and
property of all citizens and businesses in the United States. They have given to a
foreign power, their Constitutional power to "take" all of our property, as
actual collateral for continued Chinese funding of US deficit spending and the
continued carrying of US national debt.

This is an unimaginable betrayal of every man, woman and child in the USA. An
outrage worthy of violent overthrow.

And there have been more updates since then.

I've noticed that the last couple of weeks we’ve been hearing about individual states reclaiming the sovereignty of states apart from the Federal Government as outlined in the tenth amendment of the Constitution. You know, it’s a noble try, but it’s not going to get anywhere. I hate to say it and hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but just because my state or your state stands up and says, “We have our own individual rights as states, separated from the powers of the Federal Government.” It’s not going to get anywhere. This whole thing with China, I’ve been seeing it since last year. They are going to come here. They were amassing on our southern border. I found it very interesting they were coming through Panama. They had tent cities of 100 to 150 miles from the Mexico/United States border and were planning a violent invasion from our southern border. We had warriors stand up and a lot of warriors financially contributed to the project. We went down and sealed our borders with Orgone. This is like phase two. They ended up leaving because they were getting sick. The Orgone was making them very sick. I don’t know if there are still any down there or not, but I know I pretty much put a kink in their plans of a southern invasion.

Another thing that kept hitting me was the fact that they owned our mortgages. The Lord kept warning me about that. China was buying up all of our debt. When they’re buying up all of our debt, it simply means that you’re issued a loan from a bank for the house that you’ve bought. China turns around and buys that loan. The actually own the title to your house. You’re not really paying the bank back; its China you owe the money to, because they own the note on your house. It’s about 95% of the mortgages in America. Not just residences, but businesses. I’ve warned about businesses closing their doors. Without warning, just closing their doors.

Also the Chinese having lists. They’re going to have lists targeting each individual area of all the businesses and houses they own. They’re going to go into these areas. Let’s say they come into Ohio and target Toledo. They can go through Toledo and reclaim all of the businesses and homes that they own. Give people the option....they might give people the option, “Pay up now or you have to leave this property right now”. If the person can’t pay up, they’re forced to leave. The thing is, they’re not going to let these people leave to create tent cities somewhere; they’re going to cart these people off to FEMA camps. This is how they’re going to systematically eliminate millions and millions of Americans. China is at war with America. They’re going to successfully eliminate millions without firing a shot because people aren’t prepared for what’s coming. They don’t see this kind of a war being played out.

Most people are still asleep. They still have faith in their government – Obama’s “change” is going to help us all. He’s going to “change” the country. Yeah, you’re right he is; he’s going to continue to destroy it as much as possible. He’s going to pick up where Bush left off. There’s no difference between the policies of Bush and Cheney because there’s no difference between the parties. They all serve Satan. There’s no two different parties in all these satanic secret societies they’re all members of. They all come out of the same societies. They’re all running the same agendas. So it’s going to be very interesting to see exactly when the Chinese start their rampage on America. Their silent invasion, taking over whole cities, towns and areas. I noticed that this Eminent Domain bill gives them the authorization to take over entire cities. So they would just own the entire city if the Federal Government defaults on their payments to China. Of course they will. The Federal Government is broke. If we went out and wrote bad checks. We’d be in jail for writing bad checks. The Federal Government is spending money they don’t have. This whole stimulus package; the 10 trillion whatever it is. Its all money they don’t have. They’re writing bad checks and they don’t go to jail for that. They just keep getting us deeper and deeper into debt. Eventually someone’s going to stand up to collect that debt, and that’s going to be China. Interesting that it was Hillary that initiated the whole thing. She took the agreement over to China to have them sign it. So they’d already written it out. “Look, if we can’t pay our debts, we’re going to give you the legal right to come in our country and take over anything we own so that the debt will be settled”. And that was instigated and carried out by Hillary Clinton.

You know they don’t have the constitutional power or authority to do that, but they’ve been acting outside the range of the Constitution for the past 8, 10, 15 years. To them its just a dead piece of paper. Nothing they do is constitutional. We have a president elected that’s not even a constitutional president. So...the whole thing is a charade.

You know what? It’s just a million different things being thrown in the melting pot. Most of America being caught in the center of it. We are going to have civil war in this country. It is going to be chaos. Many people keep warning about the coming martial law. Just so many ways that can be instigated. If the Chinese start hitting up certain states and cities, then yeah, they’re going to be met with resistance. They’re going to be met. They’re pushing all these gun laws right now. But when your back’s against the wall folks, keep your guns. Keep your guns. Look what happened to Europe and Australia and all these countries who disarmed because of similar gun laws. Their crime rates went up. They didn’t go down. Their crime rates went way up because the criminals still have their guns.

The people of the United States...I know the pastors are going to be pushing Romans 13, where you’re supposed to obey the government and blah, blah, blah. We’re supposed to obey a government that’s working with alignment with the Lord and His Rules and His Laws. Not one that is corrupt and working in Satan’s best interest to destroy ours. It is our duty and our right to stand up against this corrupt government. You have every right to ignore and disobey the unconstitutional laws that they’re trying to inflict on the citizens of this country. So we need to defend ourselves against these satanists that are taking over America and trying to destroy us as a people.

So keep your guns. Ignore these laws they’re coming out with. They’re unconstitutional. There’s even a safeguard in the Constitution itself that says if any law is passed that is unconstitutional, becomes null and void. Only constitutional laws can be enforced by the courts. So these law they’re passing to take away our Second Amendment rights to own guns are unconstitutional and can’t even be enforced by the courts because its unconstitutional law. We have a right to bear arms. They can’t take that away from us. They can sit and nitpick to death all these little requirements to own a gun, but I’m sure there’s organizations that will stand up and even tie that up in courts. You know, there are so many different rules and regulations and everything else...I’m just ignoring them. I’m not going to give up my guns just so they have an easier time at killing me and my family and my area, storming in there. Their plans are to disarm America so that the Chinese and after them, the aliens can come in without having to worry about being shot and killed. Another reason we need to hold on to our guns and we need to be stocking up more and more on bullets.

I’ve warned about these Chinese; we didn’t even know if the ones coming in were human because they have the largest cloning facility in the world outside Beijing, China. When you’re dealing with a cloned being, you’re dealing with a body that’s possessed by an alien or a demon. Whoever needs a body, has that cloned body to possess. They don’t have souls. They don’t have consciences. So imagine the evil and the terror they can inflict and still sleep at night....if they even sleep. They don’t have a conscience. There’s going to be a lot of terror and a lot of things coming on America.

These things are coming. The Lord is showing me, these things are coming. So that’s what we need to prepare for. It’s not something that might happen. It is happening. He’s been on it with me for too long now, warning me and warning me about the Chinese. This kindof thing is coming, so we need to be prepared. You need to be prepared to be able to stay locked up/holed up in your own house and not go out. And if you have to go out, to be able to defend yourself.

It’s going to get pretty wild. I don’t know when this whole thing is going to come about with the Chinese. I don’t know how much time we have.

Interesting that there is some kind of treaty is being signed during Easter. I don’t know if they’ll make this kindof thing public, or its one of these behind the scenes things that Obama is going to do. But he’s going to sign some treaty with these New Age alien freak ascended masters over the Easter break. So I saw that in the codes for April. I thought that was interesting. Its one of those things they can make public or not. Usually they don’t.

I noticed Share-International is still on the advertising blitz of the coming Maitreya. Somebody had sent a posting on how there was an advertising blitz in Dallas, Texas. Other people have seen it on television. Somebody seeing an ad for Maitreya on ABC and the usual suspects that usually run his ads are CNN, Headline News and during the Larry King Live show.

I’ve been talking about Maitreya since 2004...2005 warning about him. I’ve always stood my ground. No matter how many times people have said, “No it’s not him. It’s’s that.” I’ve never wavered on that. Definitely know there are things coming up with him. I do know that he’s having a hard time right now. They’re burning in space. Very uncomfortable for them; this Orgone war that we have instigated against them in destroying them. I find it amusing; although they’re going to deny it, that their own reverse speech and electronic voice phenomenon reveals the truth that they are indeed burning and on fire. And it is indeed causing their UFOs to crash. It’s just not me talking. We have confirmation from their own voices on reverse speech and EVP. So these things are happening. Just because the major media isn’t announcing it.

I find it amusing; I was praying for the Lord and I asked Him, “We need confirmations because people look at you like a deer in the headlights and don’t know whether to believe you or not.” And some people just need a UFO to land on their head to even believe they exist. I find it amusing that since praying that, we have now two or three instances where metal is being found where it’s crashing through the roofs of homes. Literal chucks of metal and stuff. Very interesting. I don’t know how much more confirmation people have. It’s all around us. These little meteors that I’ve told you are UFOs crashing. So he’s going to have to look at an alternative route. One of the things I’m finding interesting in the codes is, him arriving to the other goons, in a basket of some kind. So that’ll be funny. That’ll be interesting. Their UFOs are crashing. Their UFOs aren’t going to be able to operate in this dimension because of the Orgone. So they’re going to have to find a different route to get here. It’s going to be interesting if they arrive in some kind of what the Bible codes describes as a basket. Some kind of parachute. Something convertible with an open air. You know, all I can give you is the terms that I see in the Bible codes and they can’t always explain what it is they’re trying to, for a future event. It’s as close as they can. It’s convertible. It’s a basket. I don’t know what they’re going to call it. What the technical term for their little ride to Earth is going to be. Very interesting that they’re having to look into alternative methods because the UFOs are crashing.

Now, man-made UFOs shouldn’t be affected by the Orgone, unless they’re made straight from the alien way and technology. I don’t think a lot of them are. They’re just made from GE, Lockheed Martin and some of these other places. Every country around the world has their own UFOs. People need to be able to recognize the difference. I was reading an email the other day. Someone was saying they had seen triangle shaped UFOs, traveling in a V formation. Those are military. I’ll tell you straight up. I can remember watching about eight or nine years ago on Discovery Channel, the airplanes of the future for the United States Air Force. They showed the exact same planes as being described as this person who thought they had seen UFOs. They were black, little triangle planes. So those are military. Those aren’t alien. There’s a distinct difference between just the looks and the colors between military and alien UFOs. Alien UFOs are always gray, or they’re cigar shaped. So that’s pretty tell tale. American and other countries, UFOs are typically black. I know German Foo Fighters, I think they were gray. So you can’t always tell, but the triangular ones that are black are just definitely military. And UFOs don’t fly in formation. Militaries fly in formation. UFO and aliens don’t. Especially the V formation; that’s very American military. Very funny. So people just need to be able to recognize the difference if it’s man-made or if it’s an actual alien UFO.

And yeah, you know we’ve had government; we’ve had technology our government has been hiding for 50 – 60 years. We could have free energy that they use in the underground bases. We could have cars and airplanes that run on practically nothing, but they don’t make money off that. So that’s why it’s still keeping the same old, same old, going on, because they own all the companies that are charging you money to survive. Electricity could be free, but the electric companies wouldn’t make any money off of that so...that’s why they keep all this hidden technology for themselves in the underground bases.

I find it interesting that someone was describing the elevators in an underground base. I was reading that somewhere. Somebody had visited this underground base, I remember I commented on it a year or two ago; this Senator was given a tour of an underground base. They have these elevators; they were run by magnets. And if I remember right, it was aluminum and copper and magnets. Just those three things were what drove the elevators to operate. I was thinking at the time, that’s exactly what we use in Orgone. We have the aluminum, we have the copper, and instead of the magnets we use crystals. But you can also put magnets in Orgone to boost the power of the crystals. I just found it interesting that they were also utilizing the aluminum and copper for free energy in the underground bases, because I’ve always been talking about how Orgone is an energy. So very interesting on that.

I remember he was commenting on all the soldiers that were armed in this underground base. It just floors me that people don’t get it. Why would you need armed people in underground bases? Nobody’s going down there. These things are very technical. All you have to do is block off the entrances or exits or whatever to keep people out, but they’re all over the bases...underneath. These armed guards. It’s very clear to me that they’re there to keep people in. Once you’re in those bases you’re not coming out. Unless you’re a visitor. Then you can go out with praise reports of this underground base, because you know what? In the last days when they start filling up these underground bases with what they call “the elite”, the rich and power players of politics and economy and banks and stuff, they’re going to become the food. That’s why they’re not going to be allowed out of the bases once they’re in. That’s why there are so many armed guards; because they’re going to become the food for the aliens when Americans on the top start becoming extinct because of the mass slaughter that’s coming to the people on the planet. I wouldn’t be heading to an underground base. And amusing that it’s one of the first things; bribes that they give all these people that join these secret societies and join their agendas. They promise to protect them and their families during the hard times. Yeah, they’re going to protect you alright. You’re going to be meatloaf on an alien’s plate. Serves them right for becoming traitors of their own country and people. I don’t pity them. I don’t pity anything at all that’s coming to these people.

Now is the time for people to give their hearts and lives to the Lord. Eventually it’s going to be too late. Martial law is a whole set up for the Antichrist’s silent war on the Saints. He’s not going to sit and announce, “Hey, it’s me. I’m here and going to implement the war on the Saints”. It’s something that he’s just going to do. Our country’s leaders – Obama and Hillary are going to betray the American public and do as the Antichrist tells them to do...leads them to do. So martial law is going to very real and very ugly here in America. People need to prepare for that. The Lord has said He’s going to throw His Church in judgment. It’s not something He’s going to prevent either because He is going to judge His People. So many asleep. So many just going to these feel good churches week after week after week and never reading their own Bibles and never getting it that Yahushua said that He is the Door and to knock on Him. Instead they go to these churches Sunday after Sunday and think they’re doing their Christian duties and financing these false shepherds.

Anyway, I myself have too much work to do to get too caught up in that any more. With time limited, and so many places needing Orgone just for the sheer protection areas that this will create. Also combating our enemies. So many 101 things that it does. I invite anybody else. You’re sick of Satan’s agenda on Earth, just join the Orgone warriors. Go to Start making your own Orgone....getting it out. There’s a whole faction of us. I’ve always referred to us as Faction Four of the 144,000, because we’re certainly not the whole 144,000. There are too few of us. But we’re the ones doing the most damage right now to Satan’s kingdom, so I find that very interesting. I see that in the codes all the time. They don’t fear church goers; they fear Yah’s Warriors. Those who are doing exploits for the Lord in the last days.

So many people think that the fruits they’re building are sitting on the internet griping at everybody else and telling everybody else what they think they should be doing. You know, arguing against the brethren and picking fights and disagreeing with the brethrens doctrines and teachings. Just spending all their time day and night nitpicking and fighting and arguing with the brethren. What fruit is that? What fruit are you building? Every bit of that’s burnable. It’s going to be burned and tossed. When the Lord tests our fruits by the fire and what’s burned is burned and what’s not, you get rewarded for. About 99% of these people online; their works are going to be burned because they are not of Him. He doesn’t lead His People to stand up and pick a fight with the brethren. You know?

And the one thing that’s always gotten on my nerves is how these churchdom Christians and people want to sit around and sing how they’re soldiers in the Lord’s Army. Why don’t you just get up and be one, instead of singing about being one? And setting yourself up as a Watchman, when you’re not. The Lord never stood you up as a Watchman. You stood yourself up. You call yourself one. And that’s half the brethren. These people are not of the Lord. I hear it all the time from Him. I would get so mad and say things to Him and He goes, “Why do you call them My People? Why do you say they’re My People?” That’s exactly what He would say to me. Because He hasn’t stood them up; they’ve stood themselves up. All these online ministries and so-called Watchmen and Prophets and these apostate boards where they post their false visions and prophecies. What’s even worse is when I end up on someone’s tail end of an email list of all these stupid false prophecies that they pass around the internet to each other. You can read the wording and know it’s not Him speaking. They can’t discern it because they’re so used to hearing from demons and sharing the same demons all these other people share that are on these boards. They don’t even know the Lord’s Voice. They have no idea. They pass out somebody’s vision or prophecy hoping “Oh that does sound good. It sounds like it could be from the Lord.” They have no idea and don’t pray and ask Him for discernment to know if it is or isn’t. That’s real basic. When you’re in doubt, ask Him. Ask the Lord “Is this person of you? Is this person of you? Is that from You? Is that You speaking in that? Did you give that person that vision? Did you give that person that word?”

Why don’t people just ask Him direct? The thing is they won’t. They won’t. They’re lazy. “Oh, He won’t answer me.” Well, why won’t He answer you? If you’re a child of God’s, why wouldn’t you expect an answer? Some people have just never learned that in John where as My Sheep hear My voice and I know them. They haven’t learned how to hear His voice, so it’s just a technicality problem of learning how to hear Him. Other people just realize they’re never going to be able to hear them because they’ve got too much sin in their life. You know? They’re alcoholics. They’re drug addicts. They’re living in sin. So they can’t hear from Him clearly.

I get so many attacks on the internet and lies about me. Just vicious attacks. I hate spending my time having to stand up against them. But that’s all they are. They’re lies. They’re vicious. They come up with everything from - I’m a lesbian to I’m a child abuser. Satan uses any kindof tactic he can do and use to come up against me to try to stop me. You know what? He’s not stopping my focus. He can lie as much as he wants, I’m busy. I’m tearing down his strongholds. And his little attacks...these women and these pawns that he uses. They’re not stopping me. You know what? When I get aggravated I used to just put up another website. Now I just go out and throw more Orgone, because I’ve seen what’s tearing down his kingdom. The more we do, the more vicious he gets. The more vicious he gets. So we just have very little time left, very few months.

I was going to talk this past Friday about 2012 on The Extreme Society Show. We talked some about it. Mostly other things....just surviving the things that are coming. I thought it was interesting because I’m praying and asking the Lord during the week. I’m like, “I’m doing this interview Friday on 2012 and I’d really just like to hear from You direct about 2012.” It was really quiet throughout the week, so I thought I was funny come Friday, I’m like, “Okay Lord it’s my interview tonight.”

(Coughing a lot) It’s getting really hot in here and choked up.

But it was Friday night and He finally spoke to me about it. It was really funny. It was really funny. One of His basic ways of working with me is just sometimes using humor. I’ve told you about the things that He’s said over the years to me in answering questions or whatever I give to Him. He just uses humor back at me on it. It was the same thing with 2012. I don’t have His exact words, but it was something to the effect of, who says something has to happen on December 21, 2012 simply because the serpent seed races says there has to be? Just because they say so, something has to happen on December 21, 2012? Because their calendar ends on that date? He was letting me know that He doesn’t operate on their calendar. If they want to end their calendar on Winter Solstice, which is a pagan and satanic holiday, December 21st 2012, then so be it. But He isn’t forced to operate on their calendar.

So I thought it was amusing because even the History Channel has this show on 2012 about the Chinese Echang and the Hopi’s and the Mayans. These races....the Hopi’s and the Mayans are descendents of Atlantis. I’ve talked about them over the years. There’s also hybrid races; serpent seed races throughout that. And the Chinese Echang; the Chinese nation being started by god-kings which were Nephilim. Their whole civilization being...their early emperors were god-kings. That’s very interesting to go back into the Chinese dynasties and the beginnings of their whole culture. They’re obviously a whole different level away from everybody else. The things they eat, the things they do.

One of the things the Lord impressing on my heart all last month about them is how they have strict tourist areas and they watch tourists very closely over there to keep them out of certain areas of China. So why is that? It almost makes you wonder....can they shape-shift? Do they walk around looking like snakes and lizards and they don’t want tourists to see it? It’s already bad enough, the things they eat. Creatures – totally an abomination as far as the Lord is concerned; eating these creatures from Hell like scorpions and spiders and drinking the blood of snakes. Everything about that civilization; just one of satanic....literally just satanic. Of course there are Christians over there. People that have accepted Yahushua as Savior. They kill them for that. They kill them. A lot of the Christians lose their lives over there to keep and hold on to their faith in the Lord. The Lord’s redemption is open and available to them. Just very hideous, the entire culture. And this is the one that’s coming over to America, mind you, to kick us out of our homes and businesses and try to dominate and overthrow America, that our government is holding the door open to.

It’s these races and even the Hopi’s and the Mayans which are hybrid native Indian races. From my research these races are descendents of Atlantis. Some of these Atlantis angels had escaped Atlantis before it was destroyed. They went through the America’s to the America’s and all these races can trace their roots back to descendents of Atlantis. Just another part of hybrid and fallen angel races on Earth, because the people of Atlantis at that time were fallen angels. So, just very interesting some of the cultures that we’re surrounded with on this planet. But it’s their calendar stating December 21, 2012 as the end. Some of them call it Doomsday. Others call it the return of Quetzalcoatl, which is just another term for Satan. I find it interesting that Doomsday has also been termed as the Day of the Lord in the Bible, which isn’t really a day, but a period of time, 42 months....3 1/2 years.

I started looking into the Bible codes on particular December 21, 2012. I didn’t really see anything hair-raising happening that day. Nothing more so than usual. I did see “ashes” and “crater” and “shaking” which would signify earthquakes. Maybe even volcanoes going off. Maybe a comet hitting the Earth because of the crater also a way of describing a volcano. A crater opening. I don’t know. Also what amused me was the term “miracle” because every year at Christmastime Maitreya threatens to arrive at that time. The “miracle” when you’d look up in the sky and see the star. His star. That’s the one he’s been talking about in his advertising blitzes from Share-International right now. About his star in the heavens signifying his arrival.

I’ve warned you about the star coming out of Orion. This orb; this planet; this false New Jerusalem that’s going to be come out Orion’s sword or belt area of that constellation. I’m pretty sure that’s probably the one they’re talking about for this miracle thing. So I really don’t think they’re going to wait until 2012 to arrive, because I think right now they’re pretty much heading into the Antichrist’s war on the Saints, here shortly. So I would be more inclined to believe that that would begin Doomsday, being a general timeframe of the Lord’s Day on Earth; His last 3 1/2 years when He destroys the wicked off of the Earth. I’ll be more inclined to believe that one. That that’s when the Lord’s Day starts, simply because the way things work and everything kindof has its own little system and rules and things like that.

It would be interesting to see that begin with a bang because if you look at December 21, 2012 and they talk about how its Doomsday and they expect volcanoes, earthquakes and a raging of the seas, and cities disappearing in the mountains. That correlates, especially if you look at verses in Isaiah. All these verses in Isaiah to the sixth seal judgment of the earthquake and the great shaking of the land. That happens mid-way through the tribulation period. Probably towards the end of the first half and certainly after the fifth seal; which would symbolize martial law and the deaths of millions of Christians and Believers. So very interesting that kindof correlates, I’m not saying an exact time frame, because the Lord never gives dates on anything. So a time frame being that around that area, perhaps would begin the second half of the trib. If the Lord is going to bring judgment on the Earth. In Isaiah it says He does so because He’s angry because of the wickedness done. Also for vengeance.

What that tells me, to put it in a nutshell, is that He’s judging them because they’ve already done injustice and murder and heinous things to His People, which would indicate that we’ve already gone through a big chunk of martial law in America and possibly the entire world. The entire world experiencing the same kinds of things at that time. He’s had enough and putting His Foot down and boom! We’ve got the sixth seal. The shaking of the Earth, with the great earthquake. So that’s the timeframe I see it as that being starting in December 2012 or sometime during 2012. He’ll have enough and He’ll stand up and He’ll judge. So if you just look at the seals and the things that we have coming. Which means from now until the end of 2012, we’re going to see a lot of ghastly things.

That’s what I’ve been warning about the horses. We’ve got the pale horse and the black horse. A huge famine coming. Pestilences...wars...death and Hell coming, which means that Satan’s forces here on Earth.....the veil being having to see them on Earth. A lot of things between now and 2012 would be happening.

People want to say, they think they have ‘til 2012 and then it’s over. It’s like I said last week, what makes people think they have ‘til June 1, 2009? Simply because so many things are going to be happening between now and 2012. Tens of millions.....hundreds of millions won’t even be alive by then.

It kindof puts things into perspective and timelines and snap people out of apathy and complacency. You’re planning your lives and you’re wasting your time thinking that the next 5 – 10 years are going to be what they were the last. That you’re going to have this normal life that you’ve grown up with so far. Things are changing. Things are drastically changing. People need to snap out of that and start getting ready emotionally, physically and spiritually for being in the last days, because they’re going to hit with a bang. People don’t see it coming. The more I see them trying to hide it, the more you know its coming. The more you know its coming. Obama trying to put everybody to sleep with his “we’re going to heal the economy” and meanwhile they’re signing agreements with China saying, Okay, you can come over. It’s all legal now.” Remember I told you, it all has to be legal. Everything they do in Satan’s little agenda and kingdom have to be legal. So now the Chinese have a legal right because of this treaty that Hillary and our government signed with them, stating that they can come and claim eminent domain over the things that they own if we default on our payments. It doesn’t take much for us to default on our payments because we’re already broke. What are we paying them with? It’s just a matter of time, folks.

I don’t say all this so that you’re panicking; I just say that so that you get right with the Lord. It’s not time to not be with Him. Get right with Him and start doing the things that He wants you to do and He needs you to do. With time being short, you don’t want to go to Heaven and stand before Him and Him say He had all these plans, these things for you to do on Earth and you didn’t do any of them because you never asked Him what He wanted you to do. You know, folks? So seek Him. Seek Him. I know a lot of people just don’t...they’re at a crossroads,”Do I get that home loan?” or “Do I just head to a cave somewhere?” Seek the Lord on it. You don’t want to’re not going to owe the government anything; you’re going to own the Chinese. And they’re just going to take you. Cart you off to a FEMA camp. That’s one thing I’m warning you about, not to go. Not to go with these Chinese. You are as good as dead if you do.

Just a lot of things coming up. And they could be I said Chinese were dominant for the month of April. So they could be here in April. They could start their charades in April. I don’t know what they want to do. It’s just something to think about and plan for, for now.

I’ll start getting into some questions from listeners. If you have a question for the show you can send it to

Question: Do we have to worry about Mexico’s violence spilling over into America as well as the other attacks?

Answer: Well, it’s a given. The last days are going to be a time of lawlessness. A time of injustice. A time of rampant sin of evil and vice of every kind. Mexico can’t contain their own people. America isn’t even trying. Pretty much have an open border policy for them, so yeah we’re going to have problems with Mexico.

I find it interesting that the Mexicans have always said they were going to reclaim America in the southwestern states. Now with all the white Americans pretty much leaving California, they pretty much have done what they said they were going to do by reclaiming California. Don’t you think? All the Americans are leaving. So they are winning. L.A. is broke because of all the money they give out to all these illegal aliens that American citizens don’t even get. It serves them right. But the thing is, yeah this whole thing is going to spill all over the country. Like I’ve said, we’re a melting pot right now. Problems with the illegal aliens. We’ll have problems with the Chinese. Just a melting pot right now.

Question: How do people know or tell where the safe havens are for Yah’s people are without tipping off the wrong people?

Answer: Well, you don’t. The Lord knows where they are. If the Lord wants to remove pockets of His People to them, He will do it. I remember Him telling me years ago that even the safe havens that had already been established by people, they were already infiltrated by government agents. In the last days when the Lord wants to protect His People, He’ll do it. He’ll move them around. He’ll put them someplace to be in a place for safety. That’s why I stress so much to people to get into the Lord now and start seeking Him so that He will protect you in the last days. He’ll deem you as one that He wants to protect and He’ll put you into a safe haven somewhere and protect you and your family while the rest of the church goes off into judgment.

Question: When the veil is lifted, will the astral realm be visible?

Answer; That’s the whole difference about the veil being lifted. The whole thing about the veil being lifted; we’re going to have to see all these ugly demonic and alien beings. We’re no longer going to be hid from them; we’re going to see them. Not something you’re going to want to see. They’re ugly. They’re hideous. Just being around strongly demonically possessed people makes me nauseous and sick. Can you imagine just having to see these beings that are dominating them and possessing them? No more hidden. No more being invisible. We’re going to be able to see alien and demonic beings. So that’s what happens when he veil is lifted. It’s going to be gross.

Question from a listener: Have you seen in the codes an attack of a nuclear type in the USA? I see Americans around my area that are preparing for war within the USA. (Sherry: They should be) Do you see that in the codes?

Answer: Yeah, I see a nuke. Some kind of bombing in New York City or Washington D.C. They need a get out of D.C. card. When the Chinese come and start reclaiming all the things that they own, because they have eminent domain here in this country now, Obama is going to be hiding. He’s not even going to be around. Our government is just going to be hiding in the mountains. In the dens and in the rocks and the caves. That’s exactly where they’re going to be. They’re going to be hiding. It’s going to be up to the people left to be able to survive on their own.

Comment from a listener: This is how the Revolutionary War started. The British were buring gun shops.

Sherry: Yeah. Americans need to hold on to their guns and stock more and get more and get more ammo and not get into these unconstitutional requirements and burdens from our own government to try to disarm them. I have a whole article A Call to Arms about Christians defending themselves and it being a duty of yours to defend your life and not let these satanic beings kill you. Some people just say, they’re just going to be like sheep to the slaughter and if it’s they’re time; they’re just going to go to the camps and be hauled off. Well, that’s suicide because you know you’re going to die and you’re not even trying to defend and protect your life. That’s suicide. Protect your life. Defend your life. It’s your duty to stay alive and not let them kill you.

Question from a listener: In 2005 on one of your radio shows, you were talking about Bible codes concerning the half-human, half-robot called the automaton. Have you heard or read any more or new information concerning that topic?

Answer: Yeah. You know what? I’m seeing it and that’s why I keep wondering if these Chinese coming are automatons. Half-human, half-robots. Chip implanted clones. It makes me wonder. I do see it’s coming back up in the codes. In fact it had gone quiet for quite a few years and coming up again. So I’m wondering if it’s not going to be these Chinese that are coming.

Question: Did you know the Democrats are trying to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine?

Answer: Yeah, but you know what? I’m not bringing no alien on my show to give him fair time. They can kiss my big white butt.

Question: Do you think that it could be a possibility that the globalists would crash our economy which would then create chaos all over the world, which would bring in Ahmadinejad 12th Imam which would be the occults teaching “order out of chaos”?

Answer: Well, that’s Maitreya. And he’s waiting to come. That’s exactly what their plan is. Chaos or.....they’re in derision. So they’re combing their plans right now. That’s why I’ve always said, we’ll recognize exactly what they’re doing when they do it because any one route plan they had has been thrown into derision because their UFOs are crashing. The way that Maitreya wanted to arrive to Earth as a great world teacher has been diminished because we’re killing his forces and crashing his UFOs. We’ll have to wait and see their alternative methods of arriving and announcing to the world that they’re here.

Question: Also, have you seen Ted Pikes The Other Israel, making criminals out of Christians?

Answer: No, I haven’t that, but I love Ted Pikes stuff. He’s got some really good material.

Comment: I hope I didn’t ask you too many questions.

Sherry: No, not when they’re easy to answer and really don’t make me think. I don’t have to sit and think about what I said in 2005. Everything I’ve said in 2005 is coming alive today. I heard from one listener who goes back through and listens to all my archives. He said they’re just timeless. It’s like when you listen to a show in 2004, 2005 it’s like listening to a show here in 2009. That’s true because my information is timeless. I just have so much of it; so many teaching over the years that they’re not relative to dates, to times.

Question from a listener: How are we supposed to celebrate or keep the Sabbath? I thought it was evening and the day. Your website says it starts 6am Saturday morning.

Answer: Just ask the Lord. I’ll tell you one thing; He is the Lord of the Day and not the night. And the day doesn’t start at nighttime. It starts from sunrise. Sunrise to sunset is a day. That’s why you can go a whole day. I celebrate Sabbath on Saturday, the seventh day, from sunrise to sunset. You can cook or whatever you want to do once the sun is down. That’s the seventh day. The day starts with the sunrise. I know that people want to get technical and argue all these calendars and all this stuff. You know what? Just throw all that aside and ask Him direct. Ask Him to lead your heart and mind and thoughts on the subject. Then just do as He leads you to do. I don’t let people tech and calendar talk me to death. I just ask Him. I just go to Him.

Question: Sherry, where on your sites can I find the info for the lady who makes the Orgone pendent chains?

Answer: It’s right on Just scroll down the page. Or or My three Orgone sites. She’s on all of them. She’s just right underneath the main order form. I have a whole section for her pendants.

Question: Hello Sherry. Great show as always. My question tonight is, does the Lord Our Father expect us to speak the truth of end times to everyone we know?

Answer: I don’t. Why cast pearls before the swine?

Question: My wife and I are very compelled to tell everyone we know about this truth. When we do all we ever encounter is laughter and rejection. I’m at my whit’s end with trying to tell people, especially family about Yah’s plans for the end times. Should we just stop and focus more on other things? Any response would be appreciated.

Answer: You know I’ve gone through the same thing. I learned a long time ago that results aren’t our responsibility. We can plant seeds with people, but the results are not our job. It’s His job. We just plant the seeds and let Him do the watering and leave the results up to Him. I find that works very effectively. I’m not going to waste my time. If I have to try and convince somebody that the government is evil and we’re about to head into an economic crash. I’m not going to waste my time. They’re head is too far into the sand. I’ve got other things to do. I just plant seeds and move on. I don’t waste my time. If I can’t get anywhere with hit a dead wall....change the subject, move on to something else. Then just move on to something totally and do something else the Lord needs done. You can’t force people to pull their heads out of the sand. What I have found happening is that over the years with these same people that I would just leave seeds with, are now waking up. It couldn’t have happened at a better time because everything is about to hit the fan. But they have woken up. They’re waking up. You just plant seeds and leave it in the Lord’s hands for the results because the results aren’t up to us. Planting the seeds and doing the work is up to us. Just leave it up to Him and move on with whatever He needs you to do.

Question: Can Satanists currently withstand being in close proximity to Orgone for a period of time? I’ve seen the effects when individuals can’t be around it and the effects are within 15 – 20 minutes. I’m wondering if they have some counter mechanism.

Answer: I’ve heard so many various things about people who have on Orgone pendants, or have Orgone pucks with them and sometimes an instant reaction from negative, evil people that can’t stand being around the Orgone. You’re saying it takes 15 – 20 minutes. Whatever. Sometimes it instantaneous, other times it takes longer. They’ll finally figure out, “Something’s burning me. Something’s agitating me. Something’s aggravating me.” I live in a two horse town. Most peop0le here are God fearing. If just don’t run into a lot of evil people out here, so I don’t have the stories that other warriors who live in more metropolitan areas. It’s a various mixture of them. I know my sister won’t go without it in her car. She said she keeps the Orgone in her car and is convinced that because she has the Orgone in her car, the police leave her alone and don’t stop her for tickets. I don’t know if that’s true or not. She’s not one of these heavy footed people, but the times when she wasn’t paying attention and not bothered and not pulled over. She seems to think that’s helped. All these different stories from different people about the effects of Orgone.

I guess I’m just going to wrap up the show tonight. I don’t want to speak too long because this will make this show a longer download for people who are still on dial-up and things like that. The Lord’s People are so varied and strewn across the country and the world. I venture to say most of His People don’t even have a broadband connection or DSL. Very hard for them to even listen to the show, let alone take two hours just to download so they can hear it. That’s why I try to keep this short even though I get started and then I can’t stop talking. I just love spending time with the Lord’s People.

Like I said, once Maitreya does arrive, I’ll start doing more daily broadcasts and shorter broadcasts to keep up to date especially once he’s here and everything he’s doing. Right now we’re just kindof in a prepare mode. Getting ready for the things to hit until they actually do. Once they do, I’ll start doing daily broadcasts.

Until then everybody, just keep preparing. Get back with the Lord. Seek Him. Ask Him to teach you the truth in all things. Ask Him to teach you how to hear Him. How to know it’s Him that’s speaking to you. How to recognize Him when it’s Him leading your thoughts in your heart. Ask Him to guide you in your thoughts. Ask Him to teach you who He is and how to recognize Him. Ask Him these things. Relationship building things. He won’t say no. He will give to you in measure. You’ll find your relationship getting more and more bigger and bigger and closer and closer with Him because you start learning who He is and how He operates. You’ll find that your interest in this world just gets left behind. You don’t care about the things of this world. You value more than gold, your relationship with Him. So that’s how you build it. Those are relationship builders and how your prayer life should be. Trying to seek and learn more about Him and having Him directly teach you. Just tell him, “I’m a dummy. Just show me so I can’t miss it.” Make it very clear to Him. Some people don’t think they can let their hair down and talk to the Lord like that. I talk to Him all the time in different ways. I’m not always formal with Him. I’m doing dishes or cleaning something up. We have a lot of laughs. And a lot of sides to Him. That’s what I want you people to learn in your relationships with Him. How personable He is.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless