The Watcher Files

Friday, October 05, 2007

More Websites Up...

While my current main site is being held hostage and hijacked by my domain registrar, I have put up 2 more websites just like the original at and

I intend to file a complaint with ICANN but it's basically reporting the devil to the devil. I doubt I get anywhere.

Meanwhile what do you? They are using my domain as a cash parking domain for bartending ads.

If that isn't harassment, I've had graphics and articles of information completely erased off of my hard drive. In particular photos of Maitreya and information regarding Iran and their expectency of this Maitreya. I always said he had a short he ordering my computer to be hacked?

He's not a messiah folks, he's a 2 year old with a hatchet.

In particular, he's the rider of the Black Horse of the Apocalypse. When he arrives there will be famine. That's his job...plunge the world into famine. Are you prepared?

November, 2007, any month in 2008...he's coming folks. Iran isn't bluffing they're just crazy into thinking he's some kind of messiah. And he fits as far as Islam is concerned....Maitreya has a vile temper, he's a rapist, and he'll cause the deaths of many. Just like their last leader Mohammad. But Islam's a peaceful religion they proclaim. These Arabs need education on peace and the term peaceful.

And not just Arabs, look how many ignorant people around the world are converting to it. "Violence is Us" the new mantra for Islam.

They destroy every country they inhabit. Europe, Australia, Africa, and they are trying their hand at America as well.

Bush is determined to destroy America through immigration and he's doing his job.

The Satanists are winning while the Christians wait for a quote from the Bible to send them back to their couches unconcerned of the actual fruit being produced. As long as Bush quotes the Bible as Hitler did, all is fine in American churches.

The real whores of America. The churches.

Not much time left. Thank God. Some of us are just tired of having to put up with so much evil and stupidity.

Beam us up Scotty, we're ready to go home.

Yah bless His Warriors,