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Friday, January 30, 2004

I just posted some new articles at One of these days I'll get some kind of organization to that site. But I kind of like it, it reminds me of me. Unorganized, into one thing to the next without rhyme or reason, except to me. So everything is, well, everywhere. Yeah, just like my other sites.

I'm really not unorganized. I'm just bombarded with no help. That's just the real definition of being unorganized. Lack of help from someone else to keep you organized.

And from the New World Disorder group...this was funny if you have time to read it:
Busted! Mars Rover Totally Faked!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Well I haven't been keeping up on Rover, but has. The girl over there has uncovered exactly how NASA is faking and doctoring the photos. It's an interesting read if you still need convinced.

I just posted some codes on Mars myself at No surprise that the ancient long neck Egyptians were actually a remnant from Mars. Those long necks and miniscule tiny waistlines. I'll tell you what, I'd love to have one of those waistlines!

The sphynx, the face, the little green men. Well at least the sphynx and the face are true. The little green men was a facade to humorize the terror they really are and create. The greens are actually the greys, who are trying to keep their own race going by feeding off of ours, and taking our dna to create clones and hybrids of alien-humans. With this you get star-children hybrids.

Jesus said the last days would be as the days of Noah. God didn't destroy the world because of the evil exclusively, He destroyed it because no pure human dna outside of Noah's family could be found. The human dna had been polluted and contaminated through eons of genealogical lines carrying mixed alien dna.

Today, a great extent of the human population has contaminated dna. Those like the star-children just have a more purer and direct line dna to the aliens. First generation.

Aliens being Fallen Angels that were involved in Lucifer's rebellion against the Lord and then the Fallen Watchers who decided to leave heaven and co-habitate with human women. You can read about Lucifer in Genesis and Isaiah 14. You can read about the Watchers in the Book of Enoch. I have the Book of Enoch, my favorite Prophet at

Enoch wrote 365 books and not one made the Constantine/RCC version of what should be put in the Bible, but left out. Makes you wonder if it was a cover up even back then of keeping the people in the dark about aliens mixing with humanity and creating hybrids. Obviously it was.

It never stopped just because of the flood. In Genesis 6:4 it says it happened before and after the flood. Instead they created some flawed theory that the "sons of God" weren't angels but Sheth's genealogical line. Yeah whatever...another rabbit trail to keep people in the wrong direction and in the dark.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

My baby is back UP!

About time. It was amazing to see the response from fans of the site. People I've never heard from before that have written wondering where the site has been because they're fans of it. Hopefully the truth of it all will sink in to them as people start to realize they've been put in a box and told what to believe all their lives.

Step out of the box...

It's one foot at a time. And it's not easy. Trust me I went crazy for a while in depression, anger and frustration.

Deceptions in the church, deceptions in the government, deceptions here, there, everywhere. Only God Himself can lead you to the truth, or lead you to others who have some of it. No one has all of it.

Truth is a Journey. And without Yahweh, you're missing the biggest part of both.

I'm really glad there's some entertainment in the news for a while. I was starting to get bored with the routine and then here comes Rover! LOL..

I can't even begin to imagine what their game is with this one. But it's a laugh so it's better than the routine.

Let's watch what Rover has to tell us, I mean reveal or condition to the world, whatever it is the government feels like revealing or exposing finally about Mars.

There's more humans on Mars than aliens. They've had bases on it for years. So let's pretend it's barren, unliveable, uninhabitable, and maybe let Rover reveal some new and exciting things about what "once may have been there."

For a good story on a Navy guy who was forced to live and work on Mars for 20 years as a Remote Viewer Assassin for the Navy, read The Mars Records by Michael Relfe

Well today is Saturday, the Sabbath. Hope you're all honoring the Lord's Sabbath today.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Not talking about the site. Still down. Don't ask.

I'm finding some exciting things in the codes. The Lord told me I would reveal huge things this year so I'm having a lot of fun as He leads me.

I've been more busy this month then all of last year. Last year it was mostly setting up websites and learning. This year has been alot of ministering, training, and on to some other things He has me doing that I won't disclose right now but to a few thousand of my closest friends.

Tonight was the last episode of Friends. Was anybody else cheering? Or was that just me?

"Behold I give unto you the power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you" Luke 10:19. Over ALL the power of the enemy.

It's time for believers to wake up and step into their authority and the authority and callings He has for them. Most don't even know what they're suppose to be doing so they just keep the routine up of going to church every Sunday, or thinking about it, or maybe they're starting to get the feeling something's missing and they're missing out on something. Maybe they'll begin to ask themselves if that's the Lord trying to get their attention.

Most churches of today are stumbling blocks. Yep. You can't replace your own relationship with the Lord with a church. Folks.."God has left the building." He's not even welcome in most of the "feel good talk to me sweetly" churches today.

If you feel like you're missing something, it's because you are and He's trying to get your attention. Ask Him, then Listen for what He has to say in your spirit to you.

One sided relationships are rude don't you think? God will talk if you'll shut up and listen, yep, just be quiet and wait for Him to speak.

Ever see the movie classic, "They Live"? Rent it some time. It'll give ya some insight on what's coming.

I wanna hear the angels sing, and you guys are so loud I can't hear anything...shshshsh

Be at peace.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Well the site is still down, It was suppose to be up yesterday but after moving to a new DNS it's taking unusually long to propagate.

I hope this doesn't have anything to do with the increased military visits to my site just before it was shut down. Now that would have to be just wrong to think the military was involved with shutting down CHRISTIAN AND PATRIOT websites on the net when it's not time yet for that.

We still have some threads left of our constitution somewhere. I've contacted the ACLU. Maybe they'll take notice.

On the brighter side, it looks like the webhosting company is indeed trying to get the site back up but on a different server. The problem is, all server info goes guessed it..the military and CIA..

I was thinking if they put my website back up I'll relent of what I was thinking of doing. I was going to put up that banned pic of President Bush sitting at his desk giving a national speech news blurb and in the background behind his window is a UFO. This pic had before, mysteriously disappeared all over the internet but I still have it.

But I'm thinking if my site goes back up, I'll just leave this particular pic off my site.

I know, I'm lame.

I'm praying for them and I love them all.

I wrote a new article this week and I just put it up on one of my sites. You can view it The Hooks and Roots of Sin

Everyone's still talking about the State of the Union. They're all so professional.

Here's my views.

It stunk.

Last year's was so much more fun. I mean last year we had Hillary and Ridge sitting together ready to pounce and punge. And that was fun. Hillary always makes me laugh, and trying to figure out what alien class she comes from exactly still eludes me. And even Ridge, of the same obvious class. I can't just yet peg which on e it is.

Most are just reptilians there. But this year it was so drabby. Did you notice most of the men wore black? What happened to the blue suit conservative festival it usually is?

The whole ambiance, the whole thing, just wasn't there this year. It wasn't nearly as amusing. When they announced Pres Bush, half the middle of the auditorium was empty. I wonder how many seat-fillers got paid that night?

Do you think they contracted out to get people in and fill seats?

And I loved the way Teddy was rolling his eyes. He's been taking classes from Hillary.

I just couldn't watch the whole thing. It got boresome, lie after lie after lie after lie. I couldn't take it anymore.

How do you know when Bush is lying? His mouth is moving.

I know, I'm original.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Well now I have it, an explanation as to why was taken down.

Someone was offended by an article on it!



They took down a whole website because ONE PERSON was offended by something on it? Give me a break!

I could find a million sites on the net I don't agree with or like, or they going to take them down if I send one email and complain?

Welcome to GESTAPO America! Folks they can't get by with this!

contact and tell him censorship is NOT AMERICA!

If there's any threads of our constitution left we need to fight for them now before they are all gone!!! What if other webhosts fall in the shoes of

It's a ripple effect! And It HAS TO BE STOPPED NOW!

For those who have sent emails already, THANK YOU, your support is VERY appreciated.

well I'm really upset..and mad!

My site at has been taken down, and the email to all my sites has been blocked from being able to send out email from them. Good thing I rerouted them all last week to my Yahoo address. That just makes me so mad.

Don't these MIA's (morons in action) have anything else better to do? The Watcher Files is a great site!

My webhost, has sufficiently ticked me off! How can they take a website down with no warning or explanation? Boom..GONE.

The site is paid up, so they have no recourse but they're own inability to answer for what they've done.

I'm still waiting for an answer...

On the lighter side..

WHAT lighter side?

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Today's headlines..they're starting to get beefier.

I took a bite at and was actually amazed some people in churchdumb are starting to wake up.

I guess being a Watchman can work. I was under the illusion we were talking to the walls. Perhaps many are starting to wake up.

Arizona plans to succeed from the USA. Glory days are here..I can feel it. States will follow in line behind Arizona and have their own backup plans should martial law be announced. I almost cried when I read this story. Just say no to the NWO and their police state! Some states are apparently feeling the same thing. In your face, NWO!

Bush plans for 1 out of every 24 Americans to be a spy for the Justice Department. Still feeling American or does this reek of the KGB? Meter readers, cable installers, carpet cleaners, any type of service oriented professions where a person has access into your home will be recruited. Better hide those Bibles, we know they're weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps we should enforce right to privacy contracts before we allow these bush-borgs into our homes that those coming in must sign in which they are not allowed to reveal anything they see in the home, which include the cleaning supplies (making of a bomb), or newspapers (dangerous literature) from being reported on, or anything they can outrageously misreport as a threat to national security.

Ohio passed a concealed weapons law. At first I was ecstatic, until my senses kicked in. They're going to make Ohio a prime example state now. They'll fabricate accidental shootings or the crime rate jumping, something to justify taking all the guns away and as an example to the other states, try to pass a law to confiscate them all in every state.

I'm not anxious to see the outcome of this one. Whenever they want to drive home a point, or pass legislation, they come up with a senseless massacre, like 911, or like Columbine, using their kids/adults under mind control programs to fulfill planned missions. Just ask John Salvo (D.C. sniper), he knows full well how they take a normal person and transform them into a mind control patsy/pawn.

Al Gore's spewing his usual rhetoric, screaming about the environment. Does the green man have any other agenda? You would think he would be thrilled that government sponsored chemtrails are poisoning millions and making people sick, and dead. Many diseases such as fibromyglaya and others, the results of chemtrails, are making a sharp increase. He is the one, after all, in full support of euthenasia. Death doctors would become the next national obsession.

It's good to see people start to stand up. Arizona....we love who's next? Montana where are you?????? Ohio? Utah? Come on guys time to step in line and save your states from tyranny, one by one we can save the country!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I know, I've been away for a few days. Getting backlogged is not an easy thing, and then when your mail goes putz it's even worse. Anyone else having a nightmare with Outlook Express? Seems my mail can't get out, then when it does it gets lost only God knows where, and then even getting mail I need Houdini half the time to do some magic trick for it to finally appear.

They get so touchy about the codes. Whenever I post one I get a lot of grief for doing so. Listen up Psyops freaks, if it weren't for me many of you would probably be unemployed!

They are no match for Yahweh. YAH! There's Power in the Name of YAHWEH!

My favorite UFO has been scarce lately. Use to sit out there every day. Now it just makes it's rounds every so often. Oh yes, the "weather satellites." Gotcha.

The Lord Yahweh annointed me to write an article and I've posted it on my sites. You can go to to read it. People get so disillusioned about religion and God because they see what His supposed people do and think it's of Him. Religion isn't God. Churchdumb isn't God. Most of Christianity is Paulianity and doesn't even know the real message of Yahweh or what we're suppose to do, so I invite all the disillusioned and frustrated to read that article.

Looks like President Bush is in for a ride. HAHAHAHA. The Lord said He was going to expose the unfruitful works of darkness so here it comes! For those who think Bush is a Christian and cares about the people of America, what's the temperature of the sand? Get your head out of the sand!

Masons. A conniving group. Terminology is nothing to them. In fact here's how they break it down to fit into the right wing party and fool churchdumb:
Christianity - One waiting for the "Christ."
Born Again - Being born unto Lucifer.

Do you get it NOW???

The bad thing is, he's really going to need something now to distract people from the recent truthfull allegations that he had planned to invade Iraq from the time he entered office. 911 was the tool he needed, and was what was well planned in advance. They're getting to the truth! The public is waking up!! The downside, what's going to happen next to keep the media off the real issues and create a diversion so they can get sheepdom back into sleeping.

Plus we got elections to worry about. If you think it's going to be an honest election, HAHAAAHAHAHA...go back to the sand.

I really don't think there will be an election this year, literally. I think the faction in power now is so desperate to stay there they'll literally do anything to stay in power. Blow up a few cities? Probably. If they can't rig the elections, they'll get desperate.

I'm a Watchman. Telling you things you don't want to hear is my job. I'm sounding the alarms, warning you, that the near future doesn't look good for America on our own land.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I was thinking about these little RFID chips the other day that they're putting in the clothes so they can target where the clothes are going. Must be a major concern of there's to spend $Millions to keep track of your clothes.

Pretty soon, you'll be able to buy a remote control device along with your clothes, so that if you too, lose a shirt, you can TRACK IT. Perhaps it will beep until you locate it.

Now there's something useful among all the attempts to make something useless, useful.

So I suppose if you're on the run, be naked. And don't have anything of technical value with you since they all have chips in them as well that can target and hunt you down.

These chips are tiny little batteries. What happens if a microchip leaks? Do you get microdots of battery acid on your clothes?

Quick battery acid removal..the rush for a patent is on.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Well it's been a few days since my last post. I've been working on trying to find the next attack since Al Queda seems to be running their mouths again.

I keep being led back to Miami. I know this to be a real threat now. Will it happen? I don't know. Will they choose another source of attack if they cancel out Miami? I don't know. Absolutely nothing else is coming to my mind but the Miami attack and a vision I had last year.

Since you can see the Miami attack at and I've talked about it in posts before, I'm not going to bring it up again.

But I'll tell you about a vision I had last year.
I had this vision last year and the Lord has brought it forth into my remembrance lately. Not like I ever forgot it, but He's had it on my heart and mind all day like He just gave it to me yesterday or today and I can still feel the horror I felt last year when He gave it to me, so thought I'd share it.

Bio-Chemical Attack on America
There is a Bio-Chemical Attack coming to America. You can read professional analysis and cynicisms of chemical attacks and how they're dependent on weather conditions etc..and that's true..but somethings going to happen in the future that will shock the world, and it will happen here in the USA..

I don't know where it was.., at the time I believed it was NYC, even though I saw no noticeable landmarks to tell me so. What I did see that makes me think of NY was the landscaping and water right next to the city itself. I believe I was seeing one of the burroughs of NYC being attacked. Not the entire city itself.

I saw a street with many people on it. They weren't bundled up in winter gear and it appeared to be a sunny day. So I would assume it was during the spring or summer time. It was a long street. Something typical of a large city street, with huge buildings on both sides of the street and taxi cabs. People scurrying around just doing thier normal things. Then all of a sudden people just started dropping dead. I knew this wasn't limited to just this one street, it was just the one I was being shown. For in my spirit I could feel that thousands of people were killed in an instant. They took one breath, wherever they were in this targetted city area, and they were gone, just gone. People were dropping dead everywhere.

There was no warning, there was no running to get away, because people weren't aware there was an even an attack taking place, they
just fell over dead. I can see the taxi driver to this day, slumped over his steering wheel with his door open, like he was going to exit his cab and was just killed in an instant. Two ladies walking out of a store with bags in their hands, just dropping dead in an instant.

People were walking out of buildings and just falling over. I saw people getting out of thier cars and just falling over dead.

It was like this everywhere. People didn't have time to respond, they were dropping dead like flies.

Thousands dead without a sound.

Overhead, in the sky, small plane just pounding and dumping chemicals
over the city..the plane was too low for radar detection, no one was stopping it.

Sherry Shriner,

Watchman and Servant of the Most High God

Friday, January 02, 2004

Another year. Wow, the dreaded 2004 is finally here. I remember thinking last year, if this stuff doesn't happen this year, it's going to happen next year. Next year is here.

The amazing thing is, Bush is too, and the White House is still standing, and Congress is still lying, and no nukes hit our soil this year. Better get your bug out bags ready folks.

Doing a code on president Bush is like doing a code on's a rainy day code because there's always a disaster waiting to happen. In fact it's so bad I refuse to go there unless Yahweh specifically directs me to. November's (2003) was a legitimate threat.

Every new year I like to look ahead at the coming year. I don't look back, I look forward. My husband fell asleep before the ball dropped so the first words out of my mouth were, "Ok Lord, what do you want me to do this year?" as I walked toward the computer. ..

Afraid I'd be stuck in the getting-boring- routine, He assured me my destination has been chosen and that many will come up against me this year. Maybe one of these days I'll type out everything He told me but I've started to already notice the little anonymous following I have on the net that follows me around to antagonize anything I have to say on the net.

The interns must be getting bored.

I want to learn a lot of new things this year. The deep things of God. It's exciting to learn new things from Him, even though no one else is going to believe you. There always seems to remain a hand full who will support you regardless..the majority..are exactly what He says..asleep in their man made theologies and traditions.

People seem to think, that since they "just love the Lord so much" that He'll tell them when they're in error about something or wouldn't possibly let them sit in it all their lives." I love this one.."He knows my heart."

You know what He knows? That you're disobeying Him. Because if you're in error, it's because you're violating His Word by not worshipping Him and seeking Him in Spirit and in Truth. So He's going to let you SIT and DROWN in all the errors you're determined to until you Seek HIM for the Truth. So most people are sitting in "God has left the building" churches soaking in all the falsehood man made theologies they can and then insist they aren't in error. "Not MY Church" ..I'm sick of that one..

Want to know why? Because church isn't suppose to be our main source of info..GOD IS. Church was never meant to replace our own PERSONAL TRUTH SEEKING RELATIONSHIPS with Yahweh. Neither was the Word. Read the Word, then put it down and ask Yahweh to reveal the truth in it to you. Or ask Him before you start reading it. GOD HIMSELF IS ALWAYS TO BE OUR MAIN SOURCE OF INFO. Stop putting other things before Him, and yes a church can be exactly that!

It can all come down to one simple daily prayer that will change your life forever, "Father teach me the truth in all things."

Alright well if you need something to do go over and check out
Pandoras Box they have a lot of interesting links there..and some of my own..

or if you haven't read my other daily blogs keep reading..

nice to have you here.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Well New Year's Eve was quiet. I knew it would be. I figured it was too early for an invasion of UFO's and all the Orange Alert crap is just agenda credibility. They gotta instill the fear of attack to maintain credibility for their little color codes.

What's an Orange Alert mean? A High Risk of Propaganda Attacks. And that's what we get.

But, putting cynicism aside, there WILL be attacks on American soil this year. Are they in control of all of it? I dont' know. That's what keeps me going. Does the NWO realize the betrayals coming ahead? Or is part of their plan and just more agenda positioning?

We know the fake cold war was to increase budgets and defense spending so they could create new little programs outside of the public eye. Like their Mind Control and Space ventures, all funded via the cold war. Do they really think Russia is their secret ally though? Are they really that stupid?

It's just hard to tell.

Russia is going to rally up the Islamic countries on a sneak attack of America. There's no doubt about it, it was prophesied 6000 years ago just for these times.

So here's the thing, does the NWO think all their sneaking in of foreign troops via the UN World Army initiative is all that's going on? Do they see the real attack coming?

Clinton gave the Chinese their own port in California, and they've been using it to bring in troops and equipment since. We've got Chinese on the West and South, Germans in the East and Russians in the North. And that doesn't have anything to do with the coming Russian/Islam attack of America. It's 2 separate agendas.

Maybe the Russians will just do a favor and bomb the heck out of the UN troops that are here. After all, aren't military bases a target? Most of our 'closed' bases are what's being used to house these troops in. Not to mention most are underground though, so might be hard unless Russia has some good bunker busters.

America's glory days are gone folks. Time to wake up and smell the coffee of what our "Christian" president is doing. Hitler quoted the Bible the whole time he led the 3rd Reich. The people who should know better, are some of the stupidest I've ever had to deal with.

Christians in America are asleep. A remnant are actually trying to wake them up but they fight to the core to stay in slumber.