The Watcher Files

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

APFN, Free Republic, is there any doubt who really runs those boards? They're constantly monitored. That should tell you something. A post doesn't linger, if it's not approved of it's deleted within 2 minutes. Which means the Feds are watching and monitoring the boards CONSTANTLY posing as Patriots and Constitutionalists. You would think they wouldn't have to pose as them.

If there are any real Patriot boards out there, someone email me the link(s)!

For some reason, they just want their controlled spin on how were to view the upcoming terror attacks and where they're suppose to be. So whatever they want you to think, more hijacked planes's most likely COMPLETELY bogus. The real info they won't let on the boards!

Hypocrites and jerks. I get tired of dealing with them every day.

egads, I wasn't really taking the Miami attack to come too seriously for some reason until Yah HIT me with it.

January is a possible month, also March and September. September looks the strongest but can't discount the other two months listed either.

Bin Laden. That schmuck. Apparently he's going to punish Miami for the implantable micro chips.

Here's a hint for the Feds. Don't look for it to come by airplane, any terms of airplanes or airbuses aren't even listed. In fact anything air isn't listed. Probably a suitcase nuke. Here's even a stranger tip, don't disregard Russian Scaler Weapons either.

I've spent most of the day trying to get an overall general view of 2004 in the codes. 2003 actually looked alot worse in the codes than what actually happened. Perhaps events will again be cancelled or delayed in the codes for 2004 as well.

Terror-In-Miami is a carryover from this year of 2003. I expected it might occur in November but it didn't, it does show up again so sooner or later something is going down in Miami with Bin Laden. Maybe he doesn't like the mockery that chip implants are referred to being as small as a grain of rice. They do live on the stuff.

That's the only reason I can think of Miami being a target, it's the home of Digital Angel and chip implants to come.

Martial Law mentioned for January, March, and September. September because of the Miami attack, January and March I don't know yet. Perhaps the 'aliens' are going to show off their fleets and freak everyone out. There is a chemical attack mentioned but no real specifics I've pinned down yet. Perhaps it's Miami, I don't think so but I'm still working on it.

And I see this code all the time, Christians in a panic because of a fake rapture in September. The Blue Beam Project..will they pull it off this year? See for more details on your tax dollars being wasted.

And then there's Planet X, or Planet Nibiru. I keep telling people it's coming in May and there it is in the codes for May 2004. It almost got away from me, I didn't see it at first, but there it was crossing right through 2004 itself.

There's alot I haven't gone through yet but that's a gist of some of it. These events with the Blue Beam Project and the Aliens I normally wouldn't expect to see until 2007 or later, but they're coming up so to be forewarned is to be mentally prepared. That one term "accelerated" always seems to hang around.

What is the Blue Beam Project? Our government, in particular Black Ops and HAARP have spent billions to project a descent of the Antichrist to earth and portray him as the real messiah. Using Holographs in space, most people will be fooled thinking it's actually Jesus returning to the earth. This whole scenario will be complete with actual UFO's surrounding the Antichrist as he descends to earth. Oh yeah, let's not forget the gramophone used at the space station to give the special sound affects. Sounds like a Hollywood special affects emmy winner to me. Get the popcorn. Problem is, many will be deceived by it. The facade comes complete with a fake rapture where just over 100,000 people will disappear/vanish off the earth from these UFOs. How good is it? The CHRISTIANS are in a PANIC. That's how good it is. You would think they would be the last ones deceived by it, but they're in an uproar, and along with everyone else, it's probably the reason we're in martial law in September.

Well, I'll be updating the site soon enough at and throughout the year as I find more in the codes.

Sunday, December 28, 2003


Odds were 1 in 5 to begin with, but I think Yahweh had a hand in this one Himself!!

This one brought me to tears, as I was getting ready ready to shut my computer down for the night the Lord said to me, "It was for you My child, You would have died that day." So I looked in the codes and found this..

Sherry - Shriner - Death - Prevention - Yahweh

Powerful? Yes it is Praise Yahweh! And for those of you who are dismayed and want my death, how can you deny the power of God?

"The Fool hath said in his heart, There is no God" Psams 14:1

All Praise and Glory to our Father, God, Yahweh!

The Eastern part of Ohio got pounded with snow on Christmas Day. Any planned Bio Attack would have been nulled. Do I think it was by chance? No..the Lord Himself prevented the attack as shown at

Without a doubt I believe there was an attack planned. Some can and will see the hand of God in its prevention, other's won't and will just be naysayers. The same ones that will blame God when something happens, are the ones who can't see His hand in something when something doesn't. For some people He's just a God of convenience. For me, I'm constantly overwhelmed by Him. For I do know He exists, and how He shows Himself to mankind, but they ignore Him, never thank Him, just use Him to blame and gripe about when something doesn't go their way.

I think He's awesome. If I had looked for that "snow code" on Christmas Eve when I found the bio attack, it wouldn't have been there..In fact He just showed it to me today, the day after.

There's an Arab rumbling on the current news message board who kept ranting about an attack on Christmas Day, he lives in Michigan and had allegedly left the state before the attack was to begin. Now he's back rambling on how it will come 'eventually'. Makes you wonder if he was part of the planned Ohio attack that went nullified by the snow storms. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. He'll learn who the true GOD is one way or another. Hopefully before it's too late for himself.

These people who run around proclaiming Jihads and how their conducting all this violence for God..know little about the real God. Our weapons of warfare are prayer and His Word. Not violence and murder. There's a time for war, and a Jihad is not war, it's an excuse.

Jesus was the Son of God. His grave is empty. Mohammad's still has a body. Mohammad was a mere mortal yet they elevate him to some godlike status.

Seems like whenever someone wants to justify a war on greed and agendas, they use God as an excuse. Just as the early Catholics did via their inquisition to build the Vaticans coffers. People using His Name to fulfill their own agendas. No wonder it says Hell enlarges itself.

The Most High God is not an agenda and he doesn't need gold and silver, or multi-billion dollar studios and stage charades. He never forces His will upon anyone that they be forced to believe in Him..that's not God's plan for man, that's the devil's.

When will these people wake up and realize they're serving the devil himself.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Well today has been relatively quiet. If something did happen that they can control and keep quiet, they will. Otherwise obviously nothing major has happened. I didn't think it would. Searching the Bible Codes you'd find the term "bluffing" or "hoax" next to about any disaster mentioned. The problem is you don't know if the event itself is a hoax, or the person they blame it on.

They wouldn't dare blame a disaster on somebody that didn't really do it would they? Of course they would. They do it all the time.

I loved how last year the FBI had to take down the 20 most wanted list off their website after the 911 disaster when 8 of them threatened to sue the government for posting their pictures. Do you get it? They were alive in other parts of the world at the time it happened and our government was and still do..claim they were part of the 911 hijackers who died in the crashes. And most Americans still believe them. They needed 'something' so the FBI grabbed pawns to appease the public.

If you want to find the real perpetrators of the 911 event you'd have to start with the White House. Ask yourself, why was the air force on ordered stand down that morning and who has the power to make such an order?

Some people just refuse to see or hear.

There's a new Patriot party forming. You would think if the Libertarians, Patriots, and Constitutionalists would join together they could be a viable force against the other 2 Alien/Demonic controlled parties. Division at this point in the game is going to be costly for those who want to get rid of the evil and corruption in our government and bring our constitution back as the supreme law of the land instead of where it's heading now into fascism and a police state.

And yet the houses of liars are still proclaiming, God Bless our Country. Why should He?

It's going to take alot more than once a week Christians to get God back into this country. We've simply got to root the evil out of it and band together as lobbyists and protestors with congressmen that will present legislation to override the crap and evil that's been passed through already.

This country needs a turn around. Fast. Pray, pray pray that God will lead people to the forefront to get us out of this mess. We can't wait for 'church' leadership. We simply don't have any.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Free Republic isn't so free. I tried to post a Christmas Day Bio Attack in Ohio planned by Laden and the warning and information were pulled within five minutes!

Five minutes or less! So much for patriots who fight for the cause of censorship who then turn around and censor people themselves! Hypocrites!

Bio attacks seem to find themselves labeled as "flu outbreaks." Who knows if it will happen and how bad. Perhaps they're really going to use straight out poison this time. It's a 1 in 5 chance of happening. My experience with the codes is that if I find my own name in the code it has a high chance of happening or was indeed a planned event they cancelled. They hate being exposed. Evil prefers to work in the dark when possible. When they work in the light it only shows their arrogance and exposes them too much.

I guess that's good for us. I live in Ohio so like any other person I'd prefer a quiet holiday season. All the fluff seems to work to promote too many hideous agendas.

I'm a Watchman, it's my job to sound the alarms when needed. Too bad Free is such a joke.

Monday, December 22, 2003

If you've been paying attention to the news we've recentely been color-coded again to Orange Alert Status.

Orange really means a high risk of propaganda attacks or another state sponsored terrorist attack. The Government defines it as a high risk of terrorist attack. Since we know nothing happens without the Illuminati and NWO approval, they must be up to something unless their plans are exposed and they cancel them.

According to Thomas Ridge, Homeland Gestapo Secretary, speaking about the latest terror upgrade, "These credible sources suggest the possibility of attacks against the homeland around the holiday season and beyond," he said. "These strategic indicators, including Al Qaeda's continued desire to carry out attacks against our homeland, are perhaps greater now than at any point since Sept. 11."

Gotta have a boogeyman to blame your agenda on and they created Al Qaeda for just that. Created and Funded by Uncle Sam, they serve a useful purpose to be at fault when the NWO wants to blow something up to further their own agenda via Congressional Legislation or start another war.

They reserve the right to upgrade the terror status at any time. Knowing Red Alert means that if you leave your own house for any reason you will be considered a terrorist and imprisoned, wise one Ridge urged Americans not to disrupt holiday travel plans. "America is a country that will not be bent by terror. America is a country that will not be broken by fear," Ridge said." Sounds like a major screw coming for traveling Americans if they decide to pull a terror card during Christmas and blow something else up here.

With 11 more months to the elections of 2004, we haven't seen anything yet compared to what they have planned.

Friday, December 19, 2003

I knew there was a reason for my madness lately with all the research on the Noahide laws and the Talmud. I've always been an avid fan and student of Bible Prophecy. About 10 years ago I wrote a 500 page manuscript on Bible Prophecy, of course no one would publish it, I didn't have a well known name, and I didn't belong to a huge organization or club. Oh and let's not forget "Prophecy books are a dime a dozen."

I did get an offer for a co-publishing deal. But those simply mean they'll print some books and you have to market them yourself after you pay half the cost. No thanks. I was broke then and I'm broke now.

So this is what Yahweh has been leading me to lately and I think I have the whole picture now. Course without going into too much detail since you can get those at my sites at,, and, here's a basic rundown:

The pieces and players for a One World Religion and One World Government.

1. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, on which NWO Elite base their Agenda, is based on the Talmud. So the entire NWO Agenda is Talmudic.

2. President Bush in 1991 announced the conception of the NWO AND through legislation announced that the USA was founded on the 7 Noahide Laws (replacing God as the founder of our country). These Noahide laws are a satanic version of the real Noahide laws.

3. The Noahide Laws are Talmudic. The Talmud claims Jesus (referred to as Baalam and other names) was an idol and his worshippers are idolaters..punishment=beheading for worshipping Jesus. These laws are already on the books in the USA and can be implemented at any time.

4. The Pope has embraced the Talmud and absolved the Jews from having anything to do with Jesus' death (although the Talmud claimes he got what he deserved and they take credit for it). And who is the Pope to absolve them??

5. The Pope has been used as an architect to bring Catholicism under Talmudism. The Pope's plans to make Jerusalem a worldwide religious center, merely means Jewish Talmudism is now the supreme religion of the land and moves it from the Vatican to Jerusalem, to unite the world in a one world religion system based on the Talmud.

6. The Talmud is not seen as a religious book, but political. Thus many Jews who are Talmudic, are also atheist. Yet, the Pope will embrace the religious aspect of it.

So the entire global Political and Religious agendas are both based on the Babylonian Talmud in the last days which appeals to both sides, religion and politics.

In the Bible codes, I see the terms Maimonides and Rambam all the time but never knew what they meant. Through my research lately I've learned that both of these terms refer to the Noahide laws and beheading of Christians.

It is also based on Revelation 13 that the False Prophet (Pope) declares beheading for anyone who refuses the mark of the beast and refusing to worship the Antichrist as God.

Look for the next pope to have a Jewish blood claim.

Well that's the real agenda for One World Religion and what it will be based on, led by the False Prophet.

Now for the other world government.

The Antichrist will have Jewish blood claiming to lead back to the tribe of Judah. (Hitler also was Jewish). It was usually the tribe of Dan responsible for leading the country into idol worship. From this standpoint, the coming Jewish False Prophet would most likely come from this tribe of Dan.

Possible places the Antichrist will arise from, or heritage..

Egyptian, Lithuanian, Babylonian (USA), Welshman (UK)

I see those terms all the time in the codes relating to end time events and 'certain' person.

If one was to follow the events of today itself, the religious center of the world is heading toward Jerusalem, and will be Jerusalem...the Political power of the world is not the UN or the UK, it is the USA.

Who are working closely together to rule and dominate the world? Israel and the USA. False prophet (pope relocating) and Antichrist will arise out of these 2 countries. That's where I'm heading...but I also can't discount the possability that with the UK destroyed via planet x and comets etc..that they will takeover control of the USA and put their own leader in charge was always a plan of the masons in the background..the USA relinguished independence back in the early 1900s and went back into control of UK only secretly (bankruptcy war debts defaulted)and are and have been slaves to the UK, how? Through the IRS controlled by UK, every slave is also numbered (SSN).

Every IRS branch is labled as DBA in state filings. UK owns and controls IRS and Federal Reserve Bank. Not one American sits on the board of the FRB.

Still working on this last part, just looking at the possabilities for the AC.

It's looking like it more and more that the AC will indeed rise out of Babylon/America, or be from the UK taking control here of the USA.

It's no secret the queen owns thousands of acres in Colorado. It's also rumored she owns the city built under the 'new' Denver airport.

They must be expecting disasters to take out the UK, thus the relocation of the royal family into the with one of thier own taking political control here..that one theory starts to make sense.

The majority of Americans have no idea that our gov sold us out back to the UK when we defaulted on war loans. They just keep paying the slave taxes and consider them as from our own government.

Oh well, you can't wake up the dead when all they want to do is stay dead.

If you have ears to hear, hear.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Look mom no roots!! I told you Saddam's fake capture was, well exactly that.. a fake capture! View the man with no roots at no roots

I think about 10 million women want his barber for themselves.

In the same Year George W. Bush announced the emergence of the New World Order, he proclaimed the United States as being based on the Noahide Laws.

What are the Noahide Laws? They're based on the Talmud that declares Jesus is an idol and anyone who worships him is an idolater. Idolaters are to be punished by beheading.

Have we been set up or what? For those familiar with last days prophecies, Christians and all those who refuse to worship the Antichrist as God and take his 'mark, chip' of loyalty, will be beheaded.

The Talmud itself has been the cornerstone of the NWO Agenda all along. Every secret society, oath taking, blood drinking, ritualistic society that pledges allegiance to Lucifer is and has been based on the Jewish Talmud. The Talmud is the Satanic version of the Jewish Torah. The Torah being the first 5 books of Moses. When you read about what the Talmud is, and what it teaches, and how it's been the only teachings of the Jews today since 1905, you'll be appalled. Not all Jews follow the Talmud, the Talmud refers to anyone who doesn't study and practice the Talmud, a Non-Jew. So it doesn't matter if you have real Jewish blood or not if you're not Talmudic they don't consider you as one of them, just worthy of extermination.

To learn about the Talmud, Noahide Laws and the New World Order I just posted a few articles at just scroll down a ways from the top of the site and they're in the center.

Yahweh has always said if we want to know the end we need to know the beginning. These last days are almost like a full circle from the beginning. The pagan religions, black magic, sacrificing children to Molech, the occultic Cabala, all just repackaged for the last days called the New World Order.

The New World Order isn't coming, it's already here.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

431 people visited my site yesterday. That's an all-time high for that site. In fact, that beats all of my sites for traffic in one day.

My emails are still being blocked by Yahoo. I can't even get emails to my own group. About 5% are getting through as long as they don't say anything of importance. I guess they're the ones who determine what's important and what isn't.

If anyone thinks Yahoo isn't just another arm of the monster NWO, think again.

Well here we go..I knew it would come out sooner or later the real news behind the news of Saturday's fake capture of Saddam Insane.

And now we have the reason. While the sheeple across America were being fed simulated made for tv news, President Bush signed into legislation the Draconian Patriot 2 Act that abolishes the Bill of Rights of our Constitution.

This means Christians, Patriots, or Anyone can be kidnapped out of their homes at gunpoint in the middle of the night with no arrest warrant and be hauled off to jail, prison, or Guatanomo, Cuba for that matter.

You will not be allowed a phone call to a lawyer or your family. And your family will not be told where you are or when you will be released, IF YOU EVER GET RELEASED.


To read all the details see my article at

Anyone can be labled a terrorist. Even an American citizen can be stripped of their citizenship and thrown out of the country. We knew it was coming. Christians will understand this as the way being paved for the coming War on the Saints. What most don't understand though is that we don't have to be in the tribulation period for persecutions to begin.

Welcome to the New World Order. It's not coming, it's here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Well it's been about three days now and they're still babbling about capturing Saddam's double, complete with DNA evidence that it's him. Yes, I believe you.

This former CIA employee, business partners with the Bushes, and member of the brotherhood, managed to escape from his La Chattel in Russia and get back to a hole in Tikrit so he could be caught in front of the cameras. The scary thing is, most people believe it.

America needs the closure on Iraq so they can go ahead and nuke North Korea. So now that they've captured the CIA pawn, do you think they'll send our kids home? I think every person out there that bought this load of crap should be out there demanding our kids come home now that the tyrant, "has really been caught this time, really." I stated before this war even started it was going to be a complete holocaust. Our gov doesn't want the soldiers home because they're the walking dead. No one would listen to reasoning back when there was time, before the troups were rolled out. In fact we were labeled as unpatriotic for not wanting to see the deaths of all these soldiers via the vaccines and exposure to our own WMD's. People don't get it, Vaccines ARE WMD's.

Not being a mass murderer doesnt' make you unpatriotic. In fact Patriotism is standing by your country, doesn't have anything to do about standing or not standing with your president. That's a choice of democracy. When the government fears the people you have democracy, when the people fear the government you have tyranny.

Made for TV folks. If you haven't seen my article on how controlled our media really is check out

Monday, December 15, 2003

Well it's been one of those days. People join Yahoo groups and introduce themselves as hybrid aliens, but I'm the weird one with the weird sites.

Yeah ok whatever. If that's all they got they're going to have to figure out for themselves that I've got tougher skin than that.

Most people just don't understand the issues involved. The church lumped eons of rebellions together into one and called it Lucifer's rebellion as described in Isaiah 14.

The truth is, the Fall of the Watchers and the Fall of Lucifer are two different Falls. So we've got Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels who fell with him (no one knows the exact number, just the %), and then we've got 200 Watchers who fell and came to the earth to seduce women, according to Enoch. These Watchers were allowed to corrupt mankind for a while, but then God's judgement came upon them. However that didn't end the rebellion of the watchers. Many more fell after them, and even after the flood (Genesis 6:4) They could be falling to this day, since angels are created with free will as man is.

People have this delusion from churchdumb that everything just stopped somewhere after the flood, and as time went on they all just kind of disappeared and mankind went on without their interference. That's what churchdumb would like us to believe. Some of us know better despite their attempts to keep Enoch from being read, many of us know how to read. Many of us can add 2 plus 2 and seek God for the rest. Guess that puts a damper on their plans to keep people ignorant of the truth.

God told me, if we want to know the end, we have to know the beginning. I'm going to share some truths He's revealed to me here since I kind of enjoy talking to myself. So if anyone is reading this keep checking back. You might be amazed at what you can learn. That's when you know God is in control.

A few thoughts on spooks, aka intelligence agents. For the most part most of us have been "Hollywoodized." When we think of agents, or government agents we think of educated people in corporate attire working as agents and parking outside your house or following behind you. But I can tell you one thing, the guys with the ties, if there are any, stay behind the desk. Hollywood portrays a facade.

The agents I've seen or were picked out because the Lord pointed them out to me, look like they were recruited out of an inner city ghetto bar. Some are even elderly, very elderly.
I guess I was naive. And that's what has probably kept the boss so busy looking after me so much.

He told me, "They're evil, plain evil, there's no good in them. They have time to repent and turn to Me, but they are evil." I guess at the time I was just really naive about who they are and the things they do. I was voted the "Best All Around" by my senior class, I get along with people, I"m easy to talk to, when I don't get reserved (I have my times) I can be very comfortable to be around, I like alot of laughs, as an adult that never changed. In short, I wasn't prepared for the level of evil these people are. I've never been around it to this horrible extent.

It's not particularly what they do, but who or what they are at this point. You can feel them 10 feet from you without even looking at them, the sense of evil is so strong. If you're a discerning believer in Yah then you know what I'm talking about. You can feel them. They feel like evil is protruding out of every pore in their skin. It's the most repulsive thing you can ever imagine. They're sold out to evil. And if they're not when they're hired in, they become that way by staying in. They become as Satan himself.

I pray for the salvation of each one of them.

What did I do to gain so much of their attention? I talk about the 'forbidden' subjects and expose them for what they are. I'm a Watchman of the Lord's, it's part of what He's called me to do. I inform people about Planet X, UFOs, Aliens, the NWO, their plans, who and what they are, black operations, psyops, shadow gov't, people or events I find in the Bible Codes and what could happen, is going to happen, or who people are. For most of these areas, they have their own people at the top to control the info that comes out, they play both sides so either way their people are controlling the info. They can't control me. So I'm a threat to them.

It's not easy. Jesus never said following Him would be. In fact all He said was it would be worth it. I deal with DEW's (Directed Energy Weapons) every day. Remote viewers, astral projectors, surveillance, censorship, demons straight from hell, telepathic threats, you name it.

Most "Christians" can't even handle me. They don't want to get near me because they're afraid of becoming targets themselves. Must be nice to sit cozy on the back lines somewhere.

Well I'll never be in the back. I'm a warrior for the Lord and I always will be until He takes me from this battlefield. To live or die, I'm the Lord's. My life is in His hands and that's the best place for it to be and the only place I could imagine it being.

I don't fear man. I fear the Lord more than man. The only words I want to hear, the only words that mean anything to me at all are to be able to hear one day "Well done my good and faithful Servant."

Why do I have this board? I don't know, it's like self therapy. I can write my thoughts down and I don't have to listen to someone disagreeing.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Covert War. If you have no idea what covert war is you might want to spend some reading time at you might be amazed to find out why you're life seems to be crazier than anyone elses.

ah the memories..

yesterday I went shopping and afterward decided to stop at McDonalds before the long drive home. There was an older couple in line, in front of me. Other than that the restaurant was fairly empty, unusual for being right across the street from Walmart where there were a million shoppers. Anyway I patiently waited my turn to order. Another one of those days where "I should have just went through the drive-thru."

Mind you, I try to always have patience, and through the past year I've learned alot about why it's so important. As I stood there, the older couple, probably in their 60s, looking amusingly familiar as those who hang with the spooks in my home town, seemed to have obvious difficulty in placing their order.

They decided on chicken mcnuggets and fries. They asked for the sauces, but hearing wasn't good enough, they wanted to see them. So the cashier had to go get one of each so they could see them. In the meantime, they struck up a conversation with the cashier that included everything from the future, present and past. My how talkative we can be.

I waited patiently, wondering what these cashiers get paid for, to serve or gab.

When their food was finally ready..the fries weren't good enough. Mind you, there were no other available cashiers at the time. So the fries had to be 'recooked.'

I stood, I waited, I smiled. Far ahead of their game. Finally, after 10-15 minutes of this charade it was my turn. As I left the restaurant I passed another spook walking into it. This must have been the one I lost on the way to the store. That's a funny story in itself. I'm sure they had all kinds of plans for me at the store, but they simply couldn't figure out where I was going in time and got lost trying to figure out where I was. The piercing look of hatred by the spook who walked into the restaurant said it all. I had to laugh.

When I got home I parked in the garage. Funny thing when I went out later to get the gifts I had bought so I could wrap them while the kids were asleep..the garage door wouldn't open.

I wonder how much they get paid for this stuff? Does it come with benefits? What's the job requirement? Does one have to have a sense of humor and good joke ability to be hired or do you just have to be intent on trying to drive someone else crazY?

I take it in stride. You learn to.

Well, I finally have it. A place to just go and air my thoughts without being edited or restrained by the powers that be.

The censorship at Yahoo Groups can be brutal.

Keep checking back as I start to write the days in the life of, well me, Sherry Shriner.