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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Well it's been about three days now and they're still babbling about capturing Saddam's double, complete with DNA evidence that it's him. Yes, I believe you.

This former CIA employee, business partners with the Bushes, and member of the brotherhood, managed to escape from his La Chattel in Russia and get back to a hole in Tikrit so he could be caught in front of the cameras. The scary thing is, most people believe it.

America needs the closure on Iraq so they can go ahead and nuke North Korea. So now that they've captured the CIA pawn, do you think they'll send our kids home? I think every person out there that bought this load of crap should be out there demanding our kids come home now that the tyrant, "has really been caught this time, really." I stated before this war even started it was going to be a complete holocaust. Our gov doesn't want the soldiers home because they're the walking dead. No one would listen to reasoning back when there was time, before the troups were rolled out. In fact we were labeled as unpatriotic for not wanting to see the deaths of all these soldiers via the vaccines and exposure to our own WMD's. People don't get it, Vaccines ARE WMD's.

Not being a mass murderer doesnt' make you unpatriotic. In fact Patriotism is standing by your country, doesn't have anything to do about standing or not standing with your president. That's a choice of democracy. When the government fears the people you have democracy, when the people fear the government you have tyranny.

Made for TV folks. If you haven't seen my article on how controlled our media really is check out

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