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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Well today has been relatively quiet. If something did happen that they can control and keep quiet, they will. Otherwise obviously nothing major has happened. I didn't think it would. Searching the Bible Codes you'd find the term "bluffing" or "hoax" next to about any disaster mentioned. The problem is you don't know if the event itself is a hoax, or the person they blame it on.

They wouldn't dare blame a disaster on somebody that didn't really do it would they? Of course they would. They do it all the time.

I loved how last year the FBI had to take down the 20 most wanted list off their website after the 911 disaster when 8 of them threatened to sue the government for posting their pictures. Do you get it? They were alive in other parts of the world at the time it happened and our government was and still do..claim they were part of the 911 hijackers who died in the crashes. And most Americans still believe them. They needed 'something' so the FBI grabbed pawns to appease the public.

If you want to find the real perpetrators of the 911 event you'd have to start with the White House. Ask yourself, why was the air force on ordered stand down that morning and who has the power to make such an order?

Some people just refuse to see or hear.

There's a new Patriot party forming. You would think if the Libertarians, Patriots, and Constitutionalists would join together they could be a viable force against the other 2 Alien/Demonic controlled parties. Division at this point in the game is going to be costly for those who want to get rid of the evil and corruption in our government and bring our constitution back as the supreme law of the land instead of where it's heading now into fascism and a police state.

And yet the houses of liars are still proclaiming, God Bless our Country. Why should He?

It's going to take alot more than once a week Christians to get God back into this country. We've simply got to root the evil out of it and band together as lobbyists and protestors with congressmen that will present legislation to override the crap and evil that's been passed through already.

This country needs a turn around. Fast. Pray, pray pray that God will lead people to the forefront to get us out of this mess. We can't wait for 'church' leadership. We simply don't have any.

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