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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I've spent most of the day trying to get an overall general view of 2004 in the codes. 2003 actually looked alot worse in the codes than what actually happened. Perhaps events will again be cancelled or delayed in the codes for 2004 as well.

Terror-In-Miami is a carryover from this year of 2003. I expected it might occur in November but it didn't, it does show up again so sooner or later something is going down in Miami with Bin Laden. Maybe he doesn't like the mockery that chip implants are referred to being as small as a grain of rice. They do live on the stuff.

That's the only reason I can think of Miami being a target, it's the home of Digital Angel and chip implants to come.

Martial Law mentioned for January, March, and September. September because of the Miami attack, January and March I don't know yet. Perhaps the 'aliens' are going to show off their fleets and freak everyone out. There is a chemical attack mentioned but no real specifics I've pinned down yet. Perhaps it's Miami, I don't think so but I'm still working on it.

And I see this code all the time, Christians in a panic because of a fake rapture in September. The Blue Beam Project..will they pull it off this year? See for more details on your tax dollars being wasted.

And then there's Planet X, or Planet Nibiru. I keep telling people it's coming in May and there it is in the codes for May 2004. It almost got away from me, I didn't see it at first, but there it was crossing right through 2004 itself.

There's alot I haven't gone through yet but that's a gist of some of it. These events with the Blue Beam Project and the Aliens I normally wouldn't expect to see until 2007 or later, but they're coming up so to be forewarned is to be mentally prepared. That one term "accelerated" always seems to hang around.

What is the Blue Beam Project? Our government, in particular Black Ops and HAARP have spent billions to project a descent of the Antichrist to earth and portray him as the real messiah. Using Holographs in space, most people will be fooled thinking it's actually Jesus returning to the earth. This whole scenario will be complete with actual UFO's surrounding the Antichrist as he descends to earth. Oh yeah, let's not forget the gramophone used at the space station to give the special sound affects. Sounds like a Hollywood special affects emmy winner to me. Get the popcorn. Problem is, many will be deceived by it. The facade comes complete with a fake rapture where just over 100,000 people will disappear/vanish off the earth from these UFOs. How good is it? The CHRISTIANS are in a PANIC. That's how good it is. You would think they would be the last ones deceived by it, but they're in an uproar, and along with everyone else, it's probably the reason we're in martial law in September.

Well, I'll be updating the site soon enough at and throughout the year as I find more in the codes.

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