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Sunday, December 28, 2003

The Eastern part of Ohio got pounded with snow on Christmas Day. Any planned Bio Attack would have been nulled. Do I think it was by chance? No..the Lord Himself prevented the attack as shown at

Without a doubt I believe there was an attack planned. Some can and will see the hand of God in its prevention, other's won't and will just be naysayers. The same ones that will blame God when something happens, are the ones who can't see His hand in something when something doesn't. For some people He's just a God of convenience. For me, I'm constantly overwhelmed by Him. For I do know He exists, and how He shows Himself to mankind, but they ignore Him, never thank Him, just use Him to blame and gripe about when something doesn't go their way.

I think He's awesome. If I had looked for that "snow code" on Christmas Eve when I found the bio attack, it wouldn't have been there..In fact He just showed it to me today, the day after.

There's an Arab rumbling on the current news message board who kept ranting about an attack on Christmas Day, he lives in Michigan and had allegedly left the state before the attack was to begin. Now he's back rambling on how it will come 'eventually'. Makes you wonder if he was part of the planned Ohio attack that went nullified by the snow storms. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. He'll learn who the true GOD is one way or another. Hopefully before it's too late for himself.

These people who run around proclaiming Jihads and how their conducting all this violence for God..know little about the real God. Our weapons of warfare are prayer and His Word. Not violence and murder. There's a time for war, and a Jihad is not war, it's an excuse.

Jesus was the Son of God. His grave is empty. Mohammad's still has a body. Mohammad was a mere mortal yet they elevate him to some godlike status.

Seems like whenever someone wants to justify a war on greed and agendas, they use God as an excuse. Just as the early Catholics did via their inquisition to build the Vaticans coffers. People using His Name to fulfill their own agendas. No wonder it says Hell enlarges itself.

The Most High God is not an agenda and he doesn't need gold and silver, or multi-billion dollar studios and stage charades. He never forces His will upon anyone that they be forced to believe in Him..that's not God's plan for man, that's the devil's.

When will these people wake up and realize they're serving the devil himself.

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