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Friday, December 19, 2003

I knew there was a reason for my madness lately with all the research on the Noahide laws and the Talmud. I've always been an avid fan and student of Bible Prophecy. About 10 years ago I wrote a 500 page manuscript on Bible Prophecy, of course no one would publish it, I didn't have a well known name, and I didn't belong to a huge organization or club. Oh and let's not forget "Prophecy books are a dime a dozen."

I did get an offer for a co-publishing deal. But those simply mean they'll print some books and you have to market them yourself after you pay half the cost. No thanks. I was broke then and I'm broke now.

So this is what Yahweh has been leading me to lately and I think I have the whole picture now. Course without going into too much detail since you can get those at my sites at,, and, here's a basic rundown:

The pieces and players for a One World Religion and One World Government.

1. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, on which NWO Elite base their Agenda, is based on the Talmud. So the entire NWO Agenda is Talmudic.

2. President Bush in 1991 announced the conception of the NWO AND through legislation announced that the USA was founded on the 7 Noahide Laws (replacing God as the founder of our country). These Noahide laws are a satanic version of the real Noahide laws.

3. The Noahide Laws are Talmudic. The Talmud claims Jesus (referred to as Baalam and other names) was an idol and his worshippers are idolaters..punishment=beheading for worshipping Jesus. These laws are already on the books in the USA and can be implemented at any time.

4. The Pope has embraced the Talmud and absolved the Jews from having anything to do with Jesus' death (although the Talmud claimes he got what he deserved and they take credit for it). And who is the Pope to absolve them??

5. The Pope has been used as an architect to bring Catholicism under Talmudism. The Pope's plans to make Jerusalem a worldwide religious center, merely means Jewish Talmudism is now the supreme religion of the land and moves it from the Vatican to Jerusalem, to unite the world in a one world religion system based on the Talmud.

6. The Talmud is not seen as a religious book, but political. Thus many Jews who are Talmudic, are also atheist. Yet, the Pope will embrace the religious aspect of it.

So the entire global Political and Religious agendas are both based on the Babylonian Talmud in the last days which appeals to both sides, religion and politics.

In the Bible codes, I see the terms Maimonides and Rambam all the time but never knew what they meant. Through my research lately I've learned that both of these terms refer to the Noahide laws and beheading of Christians.

It is also based on Revelation 13 that the False Prophet (Pope) declares beheading for anyone who refuses the mark of the beast and refusing to worship the Antichrist as God.

Look for the next pope to have a Jewish blood claim.

Well that's the real agenda for One World Religion and what it will be based on, led by the False Prophet.

Now for the other world government.

The Antichrist will have Jewish blood claiming to lead back to the tribe of Judah. (Hitler also was Jewish). It was usually the tribe of Dan responsible for leading the country into idol worship. From this standpoint, the coming Jewish False Prophet would most likely come from this tribe of Dan.

Possible places the Antichrist will arise from, or heritage..

Egyptian, Lithuanian, Babylonian (USA), Welshman (UK)

I see those terms all the time in the codes relating to end time events and 'certain' person.

If one was to follow the events of today itself, the religious center of the world is heading toward Jerusalem, and will be Jerusalem...the Political power of the world is not the UN or the UK, it is the USA.

Who are working closely together to rule and dominate the world? Israel and the USA. False prophet (pope relocating) and Antichrist will arise out of these 2 countries. That's where I'm heading...but I also can't discount the possability that with the UK destroyed via planet x and comets etc..that they will takeover control of the USA and put their own leader in charge was always a plan of the masons in the background..the USA relinguished independence back in the early 1900s and went back into control of UK only secretly (bankruptcy war debts defaulted)and are and have been slaves to the UK, how? Through the IRS controlled by UK, every slave is also numbered (SSN).

Every IRS branch is labled as DBA in state filings. UK owns and controls IRS and Federal Reserve Bank. Not one American sits on the board of the FRB.

Still working on this last part, just looking at the possabilities for the AC.

It's looking like it more and more that the AC will indeed rise out of Babylon/America, or be from the UK taking control here of the USA.

It's no secret the queen owns thousands of acres in Colorado. It's also rumored she owns the city built under the 'new' Denver airport.

They must be expecting disasters to take out the UK, thus the relocation of the royal family into the with one of thier own taking political control here..that one theory starts to make sense.

The majority of Americans have no idea that our gov sold us out back to the UK when we defaulted on war loans. They just keep paying the slave taxes and consider them as from our own government.

Oh well, you can't wake up the dead when all they want to do is stay dead.

If you have ears to hear, hear.

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