The Watcher Files

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Miss being on the road...

It's been raining again....gotta love the rain when you already need a ride in the ark.

I miss being on the road.

30 days is almost up...soon. It's time for a change.

I hope Yah's warriors are keeping up with the orgone. Map out areas and get them done folks, don't let me be sitting in a campground for nothing...they are trying to stop the orgone network, they figure if I'm out of the picture it will die and end...don't let them win! The orgone is kicking their plans back to hell...

Sing about being a soldier in the Lord's army all day long or get off your tuff and actually be one.

Thanks to those for the prayers and support. I look forward for when I can get back on the road again.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Updates From the Edge..

Talk about feeling out on the edge..

We're still at a campground and still not having any luck with finding a house. It seems like we are being completely blackballed from being able to rent a house unless Yah gives us the $ to outright buy a house or paves the way for us to rent one Himself then it looks like we'll be out on the edge until then...

A few nights ago there were UFO wars in the sky above us. One of them was shot down. Naturally the next day it was all over the tv news that a meteor had crashed...although they never said "where" because they never find them do they? Just another little white lie to keep the sheeple asleep. I stopped in at my inlaws the other day during the storms to see what was going on in the world. The last few days we've had pretty bad storms here and most of the area was out of electric. Not that we would really notice or care since we've been without it for the past 3 weeks living in tents.

I noticed the night the UFO was shot down we didn't have "company" in the woods beside us. Call me a complete nutcase but I'll tell you what I think..I think our guardians shot down the enemy aliens/UFO that were hounding our area and harassing us.

Chalk one up for the good guys eh...

We're kicking their butts all over the place...most people are to busy to care or even learn what's really going on in this world. Where the real wars are or won or lost or even what they are.

It's been wet and miserable. Last night I slept in a half-damp bed with half-damp clothes. Hopefully today things can dry out before the next storms come in and it starts all over again. We got flooded out of our original camping post the day before yesterday, we had to pack everything up and head to higher ground, the whole area we had been in was completed covered by water later that day.

Maybe the nightmare I had about us being surrounded by the lake was a premonition! LOL. My kids are still laughing about that one...

So between UFO wars and bad thunderstorms lately, I haven't a clue what's going on with the outside world.

I've been getting surrounding areas and counties with orgone. It is obviously working in ways we can't even imagine because their desperation to stop me is getting more and more obvious and noticeable. I laugh at their demise and Praise Yah for His warriors!

A thank you to all my supporters out there. It's good to hear from you and I thank you for your donations that are keeping my websites up and everything running almost as if I wasn't gone. I can get to the library about once or twice a week to try and catch up with what's going on but it's hard to even get to that after spending hours going through emails.

I don't know what Yah wants right now, I just know I'm where I need to be, for whatever reason.

My circumstances haven't changed me. Did they think it would? My enemies are complete retards.

Yah bless His Warriors.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Down But Never Out...

Well folks, this will be my last blog for a while, unless I can get to a library and use their computer to update this blog.

I've been dreading writing this so it's the last thing I have to do before we leave here and head to whatever, I don't really know where we're heading other than probably a campground somewhere until we can find a house to live in.

The attacks have stepped up 100-fold.

Our orgone missions have been successful and they are ticked off. We will continue to plan and go on them despite the setbacks and distractions. Who are they kidding? This kind of stuff just motivates me all the more..and I don't care if I'm "homeless" I'll keep going..

Who are they kidding..they CAN'T stop me.

Either way folks I will be out of touch with you for a while, but just know I'm still out there and on the defensive as well as the attack.

Same war, different day and circumstances is all.

I won't be updating my websites until I can permanently get back online but I will try and update this blog from the library. My thanks and appreciation to those who have supported my ministry and continue to support it. I couldn't do it without you.

I still have my PO box for snail mail and orgone orders. We will still be able to process orgone orders and get those sent out.

It's not a time to sit down folks it's a time to keep standing and do as Yah leads in tearing down Satan's strongholds and exposing his plans.

I love you all.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I Am Back...

Hello folks,

I am back from Dallas, TX. It's been quite a week and we accomplished a lot for the Most High during my stay. I stayed in an area of Northern Texas which was riddled with a drought for a long time. I left Wednesday morning to head home and later that day it started pouring rain. I guess that answers my curiosity about orgone and droughts....

It will probably take a few days longer for Dallas the city itself, but it will come. We got plenty around there as well.

Of interest, while we were targeting the lakes in the areas of Dallas and northern TX we decided to rent a kayak and go kayaking so we could get this one chemtrail-ridden lake especially good in northern TX.

While we were on the lake several military airplanes and a helicopter were doing fly-overs. We didnt' think much of it until one of them got way ahead of us and we heard a machine gun start to fire from one of them. It wasn't trying to hit us, moreless just trying to intimidate us. I was soooo intimidated I threw 3 more orgone blasters in the water just where we were at at the moment.

We continued on with our mission and got almost the entire lake. The chemtrail cloud disappeared and they won't be chemtrailing that lake or area anymore with any success...
Praise Yah for the rain!

The attacks have increased what seems like a 100-fold lately against me around the internet, in emails, it appears that our orgone missions have been highly successful since the more healing missions we do the more the attacks increase.

We also covered some areas of TN as we were driving through it. There are many more missions I've been planning to go on but for now everything will have to come to a halt until we find a house.

As of now I have until Monday morning to be out of our house so we are packing up everything and moving it to storage and living at a campground until Yah leads us to a place. I will not be on the internet during this time since my computer will be in storage. I don't know how long that will be, a few days, weeks, months, who knows. I can move back to my mother's if it comes down to it but I really don't want to go that route. I feel led to stay in this area we're in but there's just nothing available to rent here right now and when something does come up the door closes quickly, so I don't know what's going on and neither do I pretend to. I'm numb...I've been waiting on Yah..and He hasn't led us anywhere or to do anything but to put our stuff in storage and so that's where it's going.

May He be blessed by either our ability or complete inability to hear Him at this time.

To the warriors keep getting the orgone DOES make a HUGE DIFFERENCE. In every area we've put it there's been a huge difference in one way or another. And now we know it can bring rain to drought areas. Another one of it's 10001 uses.

I'll be busy packing tonight and tomorrow and then I'll sign off with a goodbye before I turn this computer off. Which probably will give the electric company a shock in itself. Other than the times I've been travelling over the past couple of months I don't think this thing has ever been off.

I love you all.