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Friday, January 28, 2005

Love the Lord.

Yahushua tells us to love Yahweh with all our heart, soul, and mind.

Mat 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Many people say they love the Lord and they don't. It is lip service for most people today.

Learning how to love the Lord is a process. It doesn't happen over night, it happens day by day. And when you commit yourself to loving the Lord and keeping the first commandment, it changes you, it transforms you and it brings you into oneness with Him.

When you love the Lord it begins as a complete inner transformation that will extend outward. Love brings peace, happiness, and joy. When the world hates you it bounces off your back because hate can't dwell where love is. Love heals. Love forgives. Love is an energy that others can feel. Love is light and love is strength.

When you love the Lord you can rise above the things of this earth and dwell with Him through your Spirit daily.

Ask Him to teach you how to love Him. It is an amazing learning experience and if you are already in the wilderness with Him don't miss out on this one. The Lord calls out those who seek Him into the wilderness to be with Him. A place and time where He teaches you Himself. When He leads and guides you into the truths of Him. A physical wilderness? No. You can be where you are today and be in the wilderness with the Lord. It is a spiritual growth process where you put aside the dogmas of man and the things you have learned and allow and seek the Lord to teach you Himself. He will guide your thoughts, He will lead you to people or places to learn, and you will learn how to hear His voice and the other ways He works. Being in the wilderness is allowing HIM to become your teacher and learning who He is and how He works.

Some people are so dogma oriented and opinion oriented they will never understand the wilderness, but you can still experience this awesome reality of asking Him to teach you how to love Him.

Love is a 3 step process.

The first step, learning how to love him with your heart is where most people are. They love Him because they repented and turned to Him. The second step is learning how to love Him with your soul. That is loving Him with your emotions and learning how to express it to Him. When you learn how to express it to Him you will be able to express it to others without realizing what you are doing because it becomes who you are. Being in love with Him becomes every breath you take and it exhales onto everyone else around you. The third step is loving Him with your mind. The battle of the mind is a daily struggle. But when you love Him with your heart and soul, it permeates your mind and there are less and less struggles between good and evil or between acting in the flesh and staying in the Spirit.

Spiritual wars are won and lost in the mind. Everything we perceive, everything that hits us or affects us starts with our mind first. If we dwell on something in our mind it then takes root in the soul and heart. But if the root is already strengthened in the love of the Lord what enters the mind that isn't of Him cannot stay, there's no room for it when the heart and soul are full of love for Him.

Love Him.

When you love Him you feel His Spirit. That is why most people feel such a down time after they have been in praise and worship of Him. When we praise and worship Him is presence is with us. He fills us with His presence. People like the way they feel then. But then after they stop and go on to something else, they no longer feel His presence as strongly as they did when they were expressing their love for Him. It doesn't have to stop. Dwell on Him. Think about Him. When your mind is on Him you will feel His presence just as much as when you are in praise and worship to Him.

And if you are never in praise and worship to Him, then start. He loves praise, it shows your heart to Him. He already knows it anyway, but it uplifts you to Him and that is when you will hear His voice the most. Praising Him, worshipping Him, dwelling on Him and thinking about Him, these are the times He will speak to His people the most, or give you a revelation about something. Listen to Him in your spirit for His small voice at these times.

Learn how to love Him.

Ask Him to teach you how to love Him.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

It's amazing what some people will fall for.

Some people would rather stay in la la land then accept reality for what it is. Some can't handle reality at all so they keep creating false ones and then lead others into the same pit of hell they're marching into.

Yahweh, the same yesterday, today and forever.

He doesn't change.

What He says will come to pass.

What He does is throw the fearful and unbelieving into the lake of fire.

So many today listening to "another Spirit." When someone claims the Lord told them something, I ask Him if He did. Most of the time it's "I have not spoken, they are listening to another spirit not of Me." Yahweh doesn't lead His people into confusion. He doesn't contradict Himself.

Escapism is in, faith is out. La la land isn't reality. It doesn't exist unless it's alien dogma. The Omegans want everyone happy. No pain, no suffering, no religion, no bad times, all is love and peace and la la's. Give me a break.

And how can people follow someone who has a "dogma of the day." Some people change their beliefs more than their socks. Not to mention their personalities. Think about it.

Double mindedness. Unstable. Build up and tear down, to rebuild again. An excuse for every hateful action, an excuse for every lie uttered, an excuse for every word spoken not from Yahweh, but from self, but attributed to Him.

The Lord is our strength, not our weakness. The Lord is stability, not unstability. The Lord doesn't have multiple personality disorder. He doesn't forget what direction He's in or where He's going. Or change His mind daily.

Satan is an angel of light. He looks good, he feels good, he says the right things that don't offend to those easily offended. Does he say he's Satan? Of course not, he just leads you subtley away from the Most High and the truth and into his own gospel of whatever you want to hear and sounds good.

People deserve their delusions for being so stupid.

Friday, January 21, 2005

I just posted a new code on Dark Star at

Is this the signal for the Antichrist's appearance on earth? Seems to be.
Alien Deceptions in the Last Days
by Sherry Shriner

Mayans..were fallen angel hybrids and yet everyone examines their prophecies, known as the Hopi Prophecies as if they were Scripture itself. They were a remnant who escaped from Atlantis before its destruction.

Folks there is a difference between channeling info and getting it from the Lord Yahweh Himself. The Lord doesn't contradict Himself. The Bible is still relevant today in it's prophecies regarding the last days. Nothing has changed. The Bible, more notably the KJV and latter versions has been mistranslated, added to and subtracted from, but the message remains the same. The birth, life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Stands. The warnings of the last days, Stands. No matter how people want to confuse doctrine such as the rapture, or the lining up of events and how they happen, the fact remains the same that He is returning to destroy this wicked and evil world. He is not coming to help us evolve into a higher vibratory consciousness. Those are lies of the evil one that is coming in Jesus's name to deceive the world that he is the long awaited messiah.

There is no dimensional shift coming..only the birth pains mentioned and warned of in Matthew 24. The earth is in travail, and it isn't going to recover into some utopia garden of Eden on earth for the gullible. You know you are knee deep in Anunaki BS when Scripture is distorted and thrown out to ignore the truth of what it is said. It is being manipulated and used for their own agenda and when need be, completely thrown out.

The Anuk are the ones preparing the world for their arrival, which is referred to as a new dimension. They consider themselves spiritual beings with evolved souls containing spiritual enlightenment. It is Alien BS..they preach the demise of one regime to bring in their own of Christ's kingdom on earth. The illuminati's hold on the New World Order must end so their faction can rise and take over. That has always been the plan.

I doubt anymore at all that the NWO factions are as divided as they appear to be. Seems to me now that they are all working in stages instead of division.
Aliens won't tell you the world is going to be destroyed because of their presence here, they will blame it on the people of the earth itself and those with negative frequency vibes. Of course those with negative vibes are the true followers of Yahushua who aren't buying their garbage.

The Aunk are claiming that people will evolve into another frequency and dimension..into an era of soul development and evolving into higher levels of spiritual consciousness and awareness. The continual evolving of the soul is not a doctrine of Scripture but one of christ consciousness and Lucifer's end time game plan to build his fake kingdom on earth as a mimickry of paradise.

There is no difference between the New Age, Satanism, or Kingdom Mandate taught in some churches today. They are all the same. They are all working the same agenda about creating a utopia paradise here on earth through our own efforts. We know we can't accomplish that. Only Yahweh can. But they don't want you to know that. They push the garbage that if we all evolve the world will be a better and more spiritual place. It's garbage, it can't happen, it will never happen, and it's deceiving the gullible.

The Anuk know they can't establish their dreamland here with billions of naysayers who know what they really are, so they will "cleanse" the earth of those who reject them and claim at the same time that these people are moving on to a higher level of consciousness. The same one they are developing on earth? Then why don't they leave them here?

That is how they will masque the planned deaths of billions of people on earth with their technological weather weapons, diseases, afflictions, famines and general mayhem. Not to mention the war on the Saints that is coming.

According to the words of Jesus Himself, we're not going anywhere but to judgment, destruction and death.

There are two worlds colliding now. The world we live in and the world the aliens are trying to bring in.

So you either take the Bible for what it says, flaws, misinterpretations and all, but where the message remains the same, or you accept the new Gospel of the Alien freaks.

Most people are reading or listening to the channelers more than Yahweh. The gospel of the alien agenda is taking over our churches and world being spoon fed and delivered from our pulpits, leaders and shepherds. They have become channelers, people the Anuk are using to speak through deceiving them into believing they are God. They will speak directly through their own followers who already buy into the garbage without the needed religious deception, they give their names as the being speaking through the channeler.

A Kingdom of Christ is coming in alright..the ANTICHRIST's.

People claim they know the difference between the demonic or aliens speaking to them and Yahweh and then quote alien BS till the cows come home claiming it's Yahweh speaking to them. Wake up folks!

Then they claim the terminology just sounds the same because the aliens stole it. The aliens didn't steal anything. Yahweh doesn't say, "change your vibration level" He simply says, "come to Me."

Yahweh won't tell you to evolve your soul, He says to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.

Yahweh won't tell you to prepare the way for Him so He can arrive, He's arriving with ten thousands of His saints with or without the earth's approval and preparation after the aliens have had their fun deceiving the world for three and a half years.

Yahweh didn't tell us the kingdom of God was going to be created by jumping into another dimension, He said this earth would be destroyed completely, and THEN He would rebuild it for His reign on earth (Read Rev. 19-21) and He would build His kingdom here with us. We can't do it without Him.

Anuk BS is rampant folks. It's everywhere. Recognize it and reject it and stand on the Word of the Lord's Prophets who foretold of the last days. Stand on the Words of Jesus who warned us of the "I am a god" theology coming, which is all this evolving soul into godhood crap is, and reject the alien falsehoods created by Lucifer himself.

Stand in HIM. He is the Word. He is the Truth. He is the Life. He is our Redemption. He alone can save us, we can't save ourselves.

Below is some excerpts from the leaders of their Anuk packs: This is the same garbage and dribble our religious leaders are picking up on and blabbering from their pulpits today only in their own masked terminologies:

Some of the channeled messages by the Anuk:

Aliens fall in two classes, Enki or Enlil. The Enki are the ones who rebelled in Satan's rebellion and the Enlil are the Fallen Watchers. I could be wrong but that's the way I understand those two different factions for now. Notice the Anuk faction of the Pleidians don't refer to themselves as Anuk. But they are. They are all fallen watchers.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Every day this week has felt like a Monday.

Google News is running my article on the Bible Codes if you go to Google News and type in Bible Codes, or UFO invasion it will come up.

Alot of earthquakes around Japan lately. I have been sounding the alarms on Japan over the past month. And people on all islands as well. Get off the islands. Get to mainlands. Stay off of coasts.

The Bible says in the last days islands would sink. Last summer with the one of 78,000 people sinking and disappearing without a trace was an appetizer for what is coming to all those on islands.

Hawaii, Japan, Caribbean, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, all of the islands are going to be sunk. It's just a matter of time, days, weeks, months, ..don't risk it..get off the islands.

Don't try for things to make sense. God's judgment is coming to earth, orbs/planets/stars are moving into our solar system coming closer to earth, and not to mention we got button pushers in NORAD who can cause earthquakes around the world anywhere they want and cause destruction anywhere they want. And it's not just the Americans but the Russians as well.

Weather weapons are the choice weapon now. Want to get someone's attention? Cause an earthquake in their country..cause a hurricane to hit their country..or create the conditions for a whole island to sink..

Many different variables in the picture now and not just one.

It has always been that way.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I would like to welcome the and forums to my blogger.

I spent some time at yesterday answering some questions.

I placed a banner ad with the somethingawful folks. I mean, granted, there is some really awful stuff in those forums but the face of the site is pretty twisted, yet funny. I should get an award for making a listing twice in the past 9 months. Yeah I have a sense of humor, hey get the info out people..just do it...I don't care how.

And wasn't it the forum that had my blog on the federal agents stealing my creamed chicken?

And to think all the others missed that one.

Anyway, I love you all and hope you find peace and love in the Most High God in this year of Judgment.

I got an interesting email the other day about a competition in Florida where the Annunaki were actually present and served as the judges. They were choosing the best lean meat bodybuilders out of the competition then had them for dinner.

Anuk's look human folks. They are just very tall, about 7-foot or taller, blonde hair, blue eyes. Will prob wear dark sunglasses. May even dye their hair now to masque themselves since more people are getting on to their presence here.

And it's going to become more dominant.

The aliens are here. Planet X is IN our solar system, it's full of these Anuk...and they feast on human flesh. THEY ARE HERE.

Your only hope in these last days as we race to martial law, global government and armageddon is in redemption from the Most High.

Most people won't notice a silent invasion here until they're being chased down their streets by Anuk. By then I'm sure their presence will no longer be a question, millions of them will be coming to earth and they have already made America their home base.

Another term for Anuk, Annunaki is Omegans.

Wake up people.

The Lord warned us in the last days in Revelation chapter 12 about Lucifer being cast down to earth. When he is, you'll see his forces here with him..and those are the Anuk.

Reptilians..lizards..where do they fit in? They can shapeshift as Anuk. They are just another class of Lucifer's faction of "soldiers" that can possess people. That's why people in certain areas are starting to see people with lizard tongues spitting out of them.

Almost what you expect to see from dumrum Rumsfeld anytime he's speaking.

And who are the greys? They are the lowest ranking in Lucifer's faction. They do the grudge work. They are the ones into hybrization, chip implanting, abductions. They also like to take baths in solutions mixed with human body parts. Keeps their skin grey..otherwise they turn a "putrid yellow". Like it really matters...they are ALL PUTRID.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." He's your only hope folks.

Lucifer has a short time to reign on this earth. That means he will be able to dominate it with his 'aliens." And he will destroy this place. Not only that, the Lord's judgments on this earth for Lucifer's presence will literally destroy this place.

2005 is a wake up call year. When you hear of hurricanes, tsunami's, earthquakes, volacanos..think Judgment folks, because that is what it is on a world that has rejected and turned its back on the Most High God.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I made the listing for again. I should get an award for making it twice within the past 9 months.

I just posted a new article today:

The Internet Deceptions of The Anuk
by Sherry Shriner

Lucifer is alive and well on the Internet.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Pro Find Pages has asked me to write an article for them on my book and the Bible it should be posted on their site within the next day or two.

Yahweh is just opening up a lot of doors, He's making it easy to get the word out about what's coming..

This is all of Him. This is all for Him. I am nothing. Just a servant willing to do whatever He wants me to do.

This is a year of Judgement. This year is a wake up call.

If you're on the fence get off of it. If you're on the sidelines get busy doing something for Him.

No one is promised tomorrow.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

ok..I'm not done, in regards to the posting below:

Yahweh says this:

I will set it in their minds and hearts what to do, I will allow it for My purposes.

Be not afraid when they come against you, it is to reveal who they are, that they are not of Me.

They don't have My Spirit, but the Spirit of another.

Tell My people to flee this blasphemy. I will allow it for a season and then My wrath will come upon them.

My child, know this, I will not be mocked and My patience is almost full.

Tell them it is not of Me, and if they do not listen they will partake in My wrath.

Tell them.

He is exposing those who are not His, those who are not hearing from Him but are hearing from another spirit. So let them rail and come against me, they are revealing their spirits, that they are not of Him.

Friday, January 14, 2005

and for those who need to see, what someone really is..

and that's all I have to say about it anymore. It's over. I've done my warning.

I maxed out the Listen Live server at


I heard that doesn't happen to often! Praise Yahweh!!

I'm going back to solo Saturday Nights with Reality Radio Network, Saturday nights 8pm EST.

This week will be listener call in and I will be talking about America in last days prophecies and her destruction in one hour.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Tonight I will be interviewing with Jeff Rense at at 10pm EST and 7pm Pacific.

Check the site for his radio program link.
I just posted a new article on my sites yesterday, The Destruction of America in One Hour and you can read it at

If you missed my previous article you can read America The Babylon at

There are many so called religious gurus who will try and tell you that America isn't mentioned in the last days. They're wrong. Very wrong.

Seek the Lord for truth in all things. Ask Him to reveal it to you. Don't listen to man. Don't put your faith in man. Don't get your views and opinions from man. Seek Yahweh Himself. That's one of the biggest deceptions in the world today is that you have to go to church to find God. If you want to find Him leave the church. The churches are dead. They're spiritual whores who are playing into the mind controlled agenda to bring the Antichrist to power.

Jesus isn't coming to build His kingdom on earth until after this earth is completely destroyed. Not before.

The False Prophet who comes in the name of Jesus however is trying to establish "God's kingdom" on earth. Yeah, Lucifer's.

Remember the beasts from Revelation come first. Then the earth is destroyed because of the judgments of God. Then the real Jesus, Yahushua will come in the clouds with ten thousands of His saints.

One of the most dangerous deceptions today is that we are to establish God's kingdom on earth right now.

Why? Because it plays into the hands of the False Prophet who is coming as Jesus, the Son of God who is going to establish God's kingdom here..and then the Antichrist will arrive declaring he's God.

This earth is headed for death, destruction and judgment. Not kingdom living. The only kingdom coming on the horizon is the Kingdom of the Antichrist.

So don't get fooled by the deception.

The true kingdom of the Most High's is not coming yet.

The false one comes first.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I just wanted to talk about them for a bit.

There are no grey areas with God. That is why He warns us of being found lukewarm.

When you don't live according to absolutes you become double minded and unstable.

Almost everything can be divided into absolutes. When it comes to our actions they are either absolutely wrong, or absolutely right.

We either please God or we don't.

We are either in sin or we are not.

We are either of Him or we are not.

We are either in His will or we are not.

We are either righteous or unrighteous.

To refuse to acknowledge absolutes leads us into rebellion against the Most High and mockery of the Most High.

You cannot discern or even be able to accurately use discernment if you refuse to acknowledge absolutes.

As Scripture says, a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

We have to have absolutes in our lives as believers to even please Him. To even be of Him. Believers who go around with the attitude that all is well, all is forgiven, are double minded. We are to be of one mind. We are to have the mind of Yahushua.

We become sanctified in Him to get to this level.

He brings us to the point to where we are one in Him. To where we are in agreement with Him. We are one.

But we have to let Him.

It starts with the basics.

Learning who He is. Learning what is of Him and what isn't. And living our lives in accordance with what is and what isn't of Him. To learn, to know, to walk the walk.

Then we become one with Him.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More hatred. More attacks. When the Lord stands you up and leads you by His hand the world will hate you. When you speak His truth they despise you.

People love their delusions.

They will rally the bandwagons around you. They can't make up their minds because they won't be still and seek His presence.

They will proclaim something to you and then stab you in the back.

They will know the truth yet fight to defend wrongs.

They will proclaim they love the Lord and yet show no reverance or respect to or for Him.

They will love Him and they will renounce Him.

They build then they self destruct.

They will seek healing and revengeance at the same time.

They are double minded.

They are fork tongued.

They are hateful and they are love.

They are mad and they are at peace.

They heal others and hurt others.

They love you while they try to kill and destroy you.

There is no resting place because we are not of this world.

The world means nothing. Rise above it. Rise. Rise. Rise up in Him.

When the world turns against you let Him hold you.

You are safe in His arms.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Hey folks,

My book is out =)

My book is now available at to buy. It will take another 3-6 weeks before it is available at online book retailers such as Amazon or local bookstores.

You can check it out at

Yah bless His Warriors,

Monday, January 03, 2005

I just posted a new article at

What's it about? The Serpent Seedline: Edomite Jews and the Sons of Cain.

I finally have my own article on it. It took quite a while. This is something the Lord showed me earlier this year and it's been one of those ongoing things that I have been learning.

He showed me several things and that's what I tried to point out in the article. First of all, there is a Lucifer seedline in the world today..the sons of Cain, also, there are fake Jews alongside the real ones..and another thing is, even though some seedlines are evil, it doesn't mean good can't come from a bad seedline, just as it means evil can't come from a good seedline.

The Lord puts His people where He wants them. In all seedlines. Just as Lucifer can plant his own people in good lines. It's not just a physical thing, but a spiritual one as well.

Some people get all stuck on, "nothing good can come from an evil line" and that's not true. That's like saying everyone who comes from a good line is awarded heaven and we know that's not true. People, either way, no matter what or where they are from, must choose Yahweh. They must choose to follow Him.

Sure, there are those appointed to wrath, just as there are those appointed to be His. And all those in between must make a choice to follow and seek Yahweh. The Serpent seedlines, appointed to wrath, can still get good people born in them that come to Yahweh. I've heard many times, many of us have, how people have broken away from familes involved in generational Satanism and who accepted Yahweh and follow Him.

Don't put everything in a box and leave it there.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Hello folks,

Tonight is listener call-in on the Radio show. We are now going to 2 hours on Saturday nights, from 8pm-10pm.

Thanks to all those who support the show.

You can catch the show at or at 8pm EST.

I'll hear you there..