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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I just wanted to talk about them for a bit.

There are no grey areas with God. That is why He warns us of being found lukewarm.

When you don't live according to absolutes you become double minded and unstable.

Almost everything can be divided into absolutes. When it comes to our actions they are either absolutely wrong, or absolutely right.

We either please God or we don't.

We are either in sin or we are not.

We are either of Him or we are not.

We are either in His will or we are not.

We are either righteous or unrighteous.

To refuse to acknowledge absolutes leads us into rebellion against the Most High and mockery of the Most High.

You cannot discern or even be able to accurately use discernment if you refuse to acknowledge absolutes.

As Scripture says, a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

We have to have absolutes in our lives as believers to even please Him. To even be of Him. Believers who go around with the attitude that all is well, all is forgiven, are double minded. We are to be of one mind. We are to have the mind of Yahushua.

We become sanctified in Him to get to this level.

He brings us to the point to where we are one in Him. To where we are in agreement with Him. We are one.

But we have to let Him.

It starts with the basics.

Learning who He is. Learning what is of Him and what isn't. And living our lives in accordance with what is and what isn't of Him. To learn, to know, to walk the walk.

Then we become one with Him.

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