The Watcher Files

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More hatred. More attacks. When the Lord stands you up and leads you by His hand the world will hate you. When you speak His truth they despise you.

People love their delusions.

They will rally the bandwagons around you. They can't make up their minds because they won't be still and seek His presence.

They will proclaim something to you and then stab you in the back.

They will know the truth yet fight to defend wrongs.

They will proclaim they love the Lord and yet show no reverance or respect to or for Him.

They will love Him and they will renounce Him.

They build then they self destruct.

They will seek healing and revengeance at the same time.

They are double minded.

They are fork tongued.

They are hateful and they are love.

They are mad and they are at peace.

They heal others and hurt others.

They love you while they try to kill and destroy you.

There is no resting place because we are not of this world.

The world means nothing. Rise above it. Rise. Rise. Rise up in Him.

When the world turns against you let Him hold you.

You are safe in His arms.

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