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Thursday, January 13, 2005

I just posted a new article on my sites yesterday, The Destruction of America in One Hour and you can read it at

If you missed my previous article you can read America The Babylon at

There are many so called religious gurus who will try and tell you that America isn't mentioned in the last days. They're wrong. Very wrong.

Seek the Lord for truth in all things. Ask Him to reveal it to you. Don't listen to man. Don't put your faith in man. Don't get your views and opinions from man. Seek Yahweh Himself. That's one of the biggest deceptions in the world today is that you have to go to church to find God. If you want to find Him leave the church. The churches are dead. They're spiritual whores who are playing into the mind controlled agenda to bring the Antichrist to power.

Jesus isn't coming to build His kingdom on earth until after this earth is completely destroyed. Not before.

The False Prophet who comes in the name of Jesus however is trying to establish "God's kingdom" on earth. Yeah, Lucifer's.

Remember the beasts from Revelation come first. Then the earth is destroyed because of the judgments of God. Then the real Jesus, Yahushua will come in the clouds with ten thousands of His saints.

One of the most dangerous deceptions today is that we are to establish God's kingdom on earth right now.

Why? Because it plays into the hands of the False Prophet who is coming as Jesus, the Son of God who is going to establish God's kingdom here..and then the Antichrist will arrive declaring he's God.

This earth is headed for death, destruction and judgment. Not kingdom living. The only kingdom coming on the horizon is the Kingdom of the Antichrist.

So don't get fooled by the deception.

The true kingdom of the Most High's is not coming yet.

The false one comes first.

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