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Sunday, January 16, 2005

ok..I'm not done, in regards to the posting below:

Yahweh says this:

I will set it in their minds and hearts what to do, I will allow it for My purposes.

Be not afraid when they come against you, it is to reveal who they are, that they are not of Me.

They don't have My Spirit, but the Spirit of another.

Tell My people to flee this blasphemy. I will allow it for a season and then My wrath will come upon them.

My child, know this, I will not be mocked and My patience is almost full.

Tell them it is not of Me, and if they do not listen they will partake in My wrath.

Tell them.

He is exposing those who are not His, those who are not hearing from Him but are hearing from another spirit. So let them rail and come against me, they are revealing their spirits, that they are not of Him.

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