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Saturday, July 23, 2005

don't panic..I'm here..

been working on stuff lately..and took a few days off..It's fair week..and football started this week so naturally I get to start running in a zillion directions. And I'm exhausted..bills, vacation..sigh..another day another week, another month of what..the same war.

Temple 1, various codes, hit them all on the head..

Still stuff going on..the war between the lizards and greys for control of earth..the Anuk prob won't be a threat again until February or March. But I guess that always remains to be seen.

Monday, July 18, 2005

oh brother, Yeehaw is debating Harry Walther on X-Zone radio tonight in the guise of a Christian debate. Two complete idiots going at it, I wouldn't waste my time.

Harry is not a pastor. Not by Yahweh and not by man. But he insists on being called one. He spreads lies about me and when proven otherwise won't recant them. Just tries to find something else to come up against me with. You tell me who he works for...

I knew the Las Vegas UFO facade event and the Discovery Shuttle were connected. The shuttle was to chauffeur one of Satan's beast prophets here to earth, it was to serve in some capacity with one of them, not real sure what, but they ARE connected. The government has something going on with NASA and the beast prophets and the UFO facade in LV.

Naturally they are ticked off I am exposing their stupidity and are naturally threatening to kill me. I've bound and thrown a whole gang of them into the abyss last night via the name of Yahushua and I will keep doing so if they continue to come up against me, be it demonic, alien or human. We have power over all the enemy and the humans are possessed and controlled by the demonic and the aliens. I will stand against them all.

I'm a servant of the Most High's. Who do they think they are messing with? I'm not afraid of those scumbags. If the Most High allows them to have their way what can they do send me back home to heaven? What a joke. I'm doing my job. I'm here to expose them. I don't fear them.

May I glorify the Most High in life or death.

What is death to a child of the Most High's? A promotion. As usual another day, another war.
Discovery Shuttle...a carrier..which we know, but from a different perspective....from what I can tell in the codes it is suppose to go and retrieve one of the fake wannabe Ascended Masters and bring them here to earth...but I don't know which one yet..still looking at the code..despite what NASA says it's nothing more in this instance than being a chauffeur for one of Satan's Beast Prophets.

Temple 1..I called it as I knew it, a carrier of aliens..not just some ice comet from space. And as usual, as I was right. Prophet Yeehaw declared it "an act of war" as from his "Yahweh." We know Ramon Watkins doesn't speak for the Most High God. His Yahweh is not the Most High, but Satan himself.

NASA trying to blow up an Anuk carrier would be thought of as an "act of war" to the aliens and that's what it was to them. So much for a "block of ice."

It's space wars folks.

The Greys and the Reptilians here are trying to prevent the Annunaki from coming to earth and taking over. The Greys and Reptilians are working through humans (NASA and gov) here to accomplish their own agenda of taking over earth for themselves.

In retrospect both classes are normally slaves to the Anuk's and for now are in their own mutiny and war against them to conquer and control the earth for themselves.

The Anunnaki are returning to earth by the millions in various ways. They have various ships and carriers, Nibiru being one of them as well as the various "comets" headed this way.

These Anuk are 9-11 feet tall giants. Picture several hundred million Goliaths on the earth. Because that is what I have seen for our future in visions and from what the Most High has shown me Himself.

The tall greys and reptilians won't be able to beat them although they will put earth in the middle of complete chaos and destruction as a result of their feud and war. Despite their attempts through NASA and our government to stop them the Anuk will arrive here and subdue the earth while Satan rules as the Antichrist. It is not "if" but when.

I am an appointed mouthpiece for the Most High. Many things are going to come to pass that will cause mens hearts to fail with fear. We have peace and strength in the Most High. Don't be fearful, just be prepared and warn others of the things coming.

Many changes are coming here and they are all of Satan's design that will lead us into the Great Tribulation.

Perfect love casts out fear.

The Lord doesn't call us to be afraid but prepared. He is forewarning and has forewarned of the things that will come to pass during the last days. Faulty interpretations of the Scriptures have put people at ease at a time when they should be seeking Him for strength.

Last night I had a vision of Los Angeles:

I was trying to go to sleep and I kept having an open vision of Los Angeles sinking into the ocean.It was like I was in the ocean itself, wading in the water, only I didn't feel wet..but I was in the water and watching the ocean slowly move up and over LA.

There was tons of debris in the water, a few people here and there in the water as building after building, houses, streets, the entire city sunk into the ocean.

It wasn't like a giant Tsunami toppling over the city like I saw with the destruction of Chicago (from a comet hitting the Great Lakes), but rather it just started falling over and into the water, like an earthquake was destroying it, or something from under the ground causing it to happen.

It kept feeling like I was getting farther and farther away from the coast line, like I was being pushed farther and farther out into the ocean, but I realized I wasn't moving, the coast itself was moving inward, and the water claiming more and more land as it went in as that entire part of the coast just sunk.

It kept playing over and over again for hours. It was so vivid I kept trying to 'wake up' and then I would realize my eyes were already open.

Arm yourselves with the Hope, Joy and Peace we have in the Lord. Don't let your faith be shaken at the coming events.

Friday, July 15, 2005

NASA cancels it's Discovery Shuttle..

Prophet Yeehaw cancels his UFO fraud,

makes ya wonder if they were connected in some way..

did the fraud-makers need the shuttle in the atmosphere for some reason to make the UFO appearance work...

one of those things that makes ya go hmmmmm

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Seems Out of Time Radio is back up and running with new management.

I am considering ending the show anyway.

"Aliens in the News" ...I really can't think of a reason to keep it going when people can just listen to my show on Monday nights.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Will NASA have a launch today or will the Russians blow it out of the sky like they did the Challenger and Columbia? Guess we'll see.

It is really time consuming to do Reverse Speech or Bible Codes. Both are so tedious and take hours to do.

I need the continued support of Yahweh's true people to continue doing the work I do full time. And I appreciate those and thank those who do support this ministry. I wouldn't have made it this long without you.

I think the orginal timeline I had from the codes is going to stand. It basically revealed that in 2007 is when trouble really starts hitting the fan with the appearance of the Beast and in 2009/2010 is when Niburu will make it's full impact here.

I know these things can always be accelerated and that's what I'm always careful of, to keep people informed anyway of events that can happen during what month..but that timeline seems to stand.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A really lame attempt by some critics lately who will look for anything they can find to come up against me with...

First it was the "Serpent Seed doctrine" and those who don't believe a serpent seedline exists..fine..that's their problem..I can agree to disagree even though they can't..

And then there's now what appears to be where I'm supposedly teaching a "white Israel" doctrine..which I don't..never have..but nice attempt to twist and lie what I do say or teach.

When I was asked where the 12 tribes of Israel migrated to I simply stated the nations they have migrated too..and if you look at those nations they are Germany, France, Britain, America and many other white dominate nations. So that's where they get a "white Israel" only doctrine. It's a bit of a stretch..all they had to do was ask for clarification but they didn't and don't and won't because they will grasp at simply anything to use to lie about against me.

All of the nations have whites, blacks, yellow, red, brown, people of all colors. Those who worship the Lord and follow Him and seek Him are matter what color or nationality. It doesn't matter if they are from a nation Israel migrated to or on an island in the Pacific. His Spirit will draw men and women unto Him.

Who are we to play God and decide who can and can't receive His salvation? If His Spirit calls them then so be it. Yahushuah died so all could come unto Him.

Those who know me know perfectly well where I stand in doctrine and teachings. Those who hate me look for something to attack me on. Lame attempts really...that's all they are.

I get tired of the games, a friend one minute an enemy the next, that's just how some of them are..I write them all off..and put them in God's hands..Yahweh will take care of my enemies..always has..and so I put them on've been placed in His hands.

That's usually where most people want to be that call themselves His. But for those who come up against His Servants and mock Him claiming they are His, that's where they dread to be, or will.

Health problems, financial problems, what's it going to take to wake these people up to stop mocking and coming up against Yahweh's servants? Where are my enemies from last year? And the year before that? And before that?

Don't mess with His best. He takes care of us.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The show tonight starts at 8pm EST on Reality Radio Network or you can visit

We just moved up an hour, so now the shows are 8-10pm EST instead of 9-11pm EST.

I've been busy with a new site at

It takes a while to go through clips and look for reverse speech, then to post them..I'm also waiting on a CD with some interesting clips Reversed from the freeloader in the White House.

Another day another death threat.

If I had a bird cage I'd print it out and use it as liner.

Wimps find ways to hide, warriors find ways to fight.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Out of Time Radio is there will be no more "Aliens in the News."

At least that's my understanding of what's going on..

I was just informed today..


I've been busy with some things.

I'll be posting a new website soon.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I watched the impact with Tempel1 the other night. It was soooooooo annoying. It was like watching romper room featuring a NASA boys club.

Tempel1 is dominant for July and March. The month of March crosses the top of it, I don't think we've seen or heard the last about that carrier. I mean comet. Yeah whatever they want to call it...LOL..

I'm getting burned out...I need a vacation..

Monday, July 04, 2005

well folks, unless there's an alien invasion, the capital is bombed, or a comet hits the earth, there won't be a show tonight, Steve will just be replaying last week's show.

I'm taking the holiday off..

Friday, July 01, 2005

Well folks, I haven't been in this code for 5 minutes and I can tell you that this "Temple1" NASA is claiming is a comet, is not a comet. It's not even an asteroid. And it's not Toutatis. It IS however some kind of anomaly or apparatus, some kind of vehicle the Aliens are using to descend to earth in.

Will our government attempt to shoot it down? Yep. From their own articles they are saying they are going to try and hit it.

Star Wars in action.

Us against Them. Aliens vs. Humans.

For the New Agers, this is the arrival of your Sananda. The UFO and Alien invasion I have been warning about for the past several years. I believe this is the one coming to announce NESARA, blah blah..if you follow my writings you already know the rhetoric. If not visit

They're putting on a show aren't they?

So if our government is in cohoots with aliens, why are they trying to shoot them out of the sky?

Because the aliens have played them as fools. Always have.

And the government knows it.

The very aliens they are in contracts and agreements with have always planned for our government's overthrow. And they are coming to take over.

Will they succeed? Is this the year the Most High will allow the ball to get rolling?

I guess we'll find out.
Will Temple1 hit the earth?

Is Temple1 the same 'comet' as Toutatis that came close not too long ago?

Remember Aussie Bloke warned of an anomaly, Toutatis, that came and went. But this thing is out of control, and it could be swinging right back our way. Aussie Bloke was working with them, so he would know better than anyone what's really going on.

I'm going to look at it tonight in the codes. But a few things come to mind:

1. Temple1 is the same as Toutatis
2. The "ark of the covenant" I keep seeing in the code that crashes, is this Temple1. Sometimes Hebrews have a play on words that can have multiple meanings..this could be one of those cases.

I did a code on Toutatis back when at

In this code I discovered our government would try and nuke it. They would split it in half but half of it would hit the earth.

Toutatis, i.e. Temple1 if it is the case, is a alien carrier. It is a hollow "thing" that is carrying millions of hostile aliens/reptilians/annunaki.

They won't destroy the aliens, they may destroy the shell, but those aliens will then be stranded here on earth causing more problems than if our gov just left it alone. If they are attempting to hit it they must be worried the whole thing will hit the earth.

Is Deep Impact coming July 4?

Who knows...but they're getting paranoid in DC and have completely locked down the air space, even from those licensed and allowed to be in it when it is in "lockdown." It is in complete lockdown from everyone and anyone right now.

Will the aliens make their move? Toutatis? Planet X? Capricorn in the desert?

Guess we'll find out.