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Monday, July 18, 2005

oh brother, Yeehaw is debating Harry Walther on X-Zone radio tonight in the guise of a Christian debate. Two complete idiots going at it, I wouldn't waste my time.

Harry is not a pastor. Not by Yahweh and not by man. But he insists on being called one. He spreads lies about me and when proven otherwise won't recant them. Just tries to find something else to come up against me with. You tell me who he works for...

I knew the Las Vegas UFO facade event and the Discovery Shuttle were connected. The shuttle was to chauffeur one of Satan's beast prophets here to earth, it was to serve in some capacity with one of them, not real sure what, but they ARE connected. The government has something going on with NASA and the beast prophets and the UFO facade in LV.

Naturally they are ticked off I am exposing their stupidity and are naturally threatening to kill me. I've bound and thrown a whole gang of them into the abyss last night via the name of Yahushua and I will keep doing so if they continue to come up against me, be it demonic, alien or human. We have power over all the enemy and the humans are possessed and controlled by the demonic and the aliens. I will stand against them all.

I'm a servant of the Most High's. Who do they think they are messing with? I'm not afraid of those scumbags. If the Most High allows them to have their way what can they do send me back home to heaven? What a joke. I'm doing my job. I'm here to expose them. I don't fear them.

May I glorify the Most High in life or death.

What is death to a child of the Most High's? A promotion. As usual another day, another war.

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