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Friday, July 01, 2005

Well folks, I haven't been in this code for 5 minutes and I can tell you that this "Temple1" NASA is claiming is a comet, is not a comet. It's not even an asteroid. And it's not Toutatis. It IS however some kind of anomaly or apparatus, some kind of vehicle the Aliens are using to descend to earth in.

Will our government attempt to shoot it down? Yep. From their own articles they are saying they are going to try and hit it.

Star Wars in action.

Us against Them. Aliens vs. Humans.

For the New Agers, this is the arrival of your Sananda. The UFO and Alien invasion I have been warning about for the past several years. I believe this is the one coming to announce NESARA, blah blah..if you follow my writings you already know the rhetoric. If not visit

They're putting on a show aren't they?

So if our government is in cohoots with aliens, why are they trying to shoot them out of the sky?

Because the aliens have played them as fools. Always have.

And the government knows it.

The very aliens they are in contracts and agreements with have always planned for our government's overthrow. And they are coming to take over.

Will they succeed? Is this the year the Most High will allow the ball to get rolling?

I guess we'll find out.

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