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Friday, July 01, 2005

Will Temple1 hit the earth?

Is Temple1 the same 'comet' as Toutatis that came close not too long ago?

Remember Aussie Bloke warned of an anomaly, Toutatis, that came and went. But this thing is out of control, and it could be swinging right back our way. Aussie Bloke was working with them, so he would know better than anyone what's really going on.

I'm going to look at it tonight in the codes. But a few things come to mind:

1. Temple1 is the same as Toutatis
2. The "ark of the covenant" I keep seeing in the code that crashes, is this Temple1. Sometimes Hebrews have a play on words that can have multiple meanings..this could be one of those cases.

I did a code on Toutatis back when at

In this code I discovered our government would try and nuke it. They would split it in half but half of it would hit the earth.

Toutatis, i.e. Temple1 if it is the case, is a alien carrier. It is a hollow "thing" that is carrying millions of hostile aliens/reptilians/annunaki.

They won't destroy the aliens, they may destroy the shell, but those aliens will then be stranded here on earth causing more problems than if our gov just left it alone. If they are attempting to hit it they must be worried the whole thing will hit the earth.

Is Deep Impact coming July 4?

Who knows...but they're getting paranoid in DC and have completely locked down the air space, even from those licensed and allowed to be in it when it is in "lockdown." It is in complete lockdown from everyone and anyone right now.

Will the aliens make their move? Toutatis? Planet X? Capricorn in the desert?

Guess we'll find out.

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