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Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Things To Do As A Warrior For The Most High

Fun Things To Do as a Warrior for The Most High cripple and annoy Satan's plans to rule on earth...

For the enemies of Yah and those in underground cities and bases we'll Pray that...

Go through and Pray for several or even all of these things to happen...go through the list every day...stay consistent!!

1. Their automatic doors in their underground bases don't work for a day...for Yah to put them in confusion as to what's wrong with them and don't let them be able to be fixed for 24 hours.

2. The water sources get mysteriously blocked and stop flowing into the underground bases and cities for a day.

3. Their computers malfunction and everything has to be reformatted.

4. Elevators stop working and grind to a slow halt.

5. Their food supply gets covered in worms.

6. The power supply intermittently goes on and off without warning.

7. Underground vehicles get flat tires for no apparent reason.

8. Airplanes prepared to spill chemtrails over our skies can't get off the ground.

9. Their consciousness become seared with the Judgment and Righteousness of the Most High.

10. All bread mysteriously becomes moldy and machines won't work and the coffee becomes infested with bugs.

11. Cell phones won't work as connections can't be made and they waste their minutes and time in 'roaming' into oblivion.

12. Reptilians and grays eliminate through their skin...pray that all their pores get blocked and they become "constipated". See how they like that!

13. The chips in the small grays malfunction and they don't obey.

14. Due to miscommunication, they let all the captives go free.......

15. Their radios unexpectedly tune to Christian music stations for no apparent reason and the frequency changer fries out right after, and simultaneously their view finder pops up with a yellow smiley

16. Somehow the labels get switched between the 'diesel' and 'petrol' tanks and everyone puts the wrong fuel in their vehicles.

17."no-see-ums" become suddenly attracted to their shiny helmets and do whatever they can to get inside.

18. Mirrors break when 'they' look at them

19. Refrigeration systems leak out their freon or other refrigerant, causing 'their' food to rapidly spoil and smell like poo for days

20.A cloud of baseball-sized space debris finds its way to the holographic projection satellites and knocks out their projector lenses...home run!

21. The orgone in 'their' water causes 'them' to develop a very uncomfortable rash in the pelvic area

22. Extremely large flocks of birds, just after eating, become mysteriously drawn to 'their' above-ground equipment and spend the rest of the day 'digesting' their food all over everything

23. The 'guy' who ran over Sherry's cat gets a demotion for pushing her buttons...

24. Blocked sewer lines, so the reptilian turds will back up and float through every little nook and cranny. Oh yeaa-aah...swim in your own ca-ca, you slime bags! 25. Send all their man-made viruses down to them: Avian Flu, AIDS, Ebola, Morgellons, Influenzas A-Z, MRSA, Hepatitis A,B,C,D,..., Anthrax, Malaria, Lymes Disease, Epstein-Barr Virus, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimers, and last but not least, CANCER!! May they be infected with their own diseases and plagues they inflict on mankind!

26. The humans involved suddenly become aware of how evil they are and seek repentance for their ghastly deeds, cooperation and participation and seek the Lord for redemption and forgiveness.

27. Those who soul scalped humans and depend on heart pacers suffer surges of electrocharges on and off throughout the day.

28. The aliens ability to hold form as humans becomes disrupted for no apparent reason and their covers are blown.29. The chemtrail planes get loaded up with sugar instead of chemicals and sprays sugar water all over the earth, they get a reaction and itch all over, drives them crazy.

29. The chemtrail planes get loaded up with sugar instead of chemicals and sprays sugar water all over the earth, they get a reaction and itch all over, drives them crazy.

30. Magnets get strategically placed by the triangle and they lose all their communications and can't communicate with each other

31. Sugar is put in their water supply.

32. A sudden earthquake deep in earth causes their water supply to release flooding the tunnels up to 2 or 3 feet, the human captives are able to escape because the aliens can't stand up; too slippery and too busy itching and going insane.

33. Lightning Flash takes out their main generators..

34. Bats with little orgone generators infiltrate their tunnels.......

35. Entrances and Exits get sealed shut for no apparent reason.

36. Secured phone lines and all phone lines are plagued with busy signals or computer automated assistance and they can't get through to those 'above' ground.

37. Shipments are delayed, order invoices are lost, and records of employees and personnel files are declassified and distributed as email notices and announcements.

38. The underground shuttles lose gravity forcing the patrons to walk through flooded rat infested tunnels.

39. Massive microchip malfunctions everywhere...

40. Refrigerators and freezers are vacuum sealed shut and can't be opened.

41. Underground utility vehicles 'accidentally' run into water mains causing minor flooding and short-circuiting electronics

42. Repair crews get their orders mixed up and 'fix' the wrong things, causing delays and much frustration

43. 100 new people a day come to Sherry's websites and learn how to make orgone, and they tell all their friends about it

44. Storehouses for monoatomic gold catch fire and destroy 'their' precious kool-aid (and everyone makes it out safely to tell the tale)

45. 'They' start to feel the true power of combined prayer from The Most High's people and wet themselves profusely

46. Shampoo stocks are inadvertently switched with blue-dye liquid soap and 'they' all come out looking 'smurfy'

47. Toilet paper stocks mysteriously vanish

48. Toilets and sewers get mysteriously blocked and back up causing floods in bathrooms and buildings everywhere..

49. Pray the chemtrail plane sprayers malfunction and the fumes get into the cock pits to the evil nasties spraying them

50. Ask the Lord to send His angels to target all the computers and tools they use to harass and war against Yah’s people. Satellites, computers and devices used for deception, experiments, cross breading, gathering data etc, whether they are used above ground, underground, on international space stations, or anywhere in space. Ask that the damage done be costly and time consuming and as soon as its fixed for something else go wrong to continually frustrate them.

51. Ask for their communication to break down, for Yah to send dissension, infighting, for chaos and confusion to reign throughout all their ranks.

52. Let their fate of eternal ruin be known to them and let it drive them insane. For them to be filled with doubt and fear at the prospect of coming up against Yah’s warriors and for our Father to make an absolute mockery of Satan and his forces for having the nerve to attempt to usurp His power.

53. Unexplained cold breezes and disasters to freeze or break their plumbing pipes.

54. Cause them to trip over their shoe laces, constantly and unexpectedly.55. Ask Him to cause general mayhem in all areas that are of importance to them in establishing Satan's rule on earth.

55. Stored phone numbers on their cell phones are mysteriously erased..

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I mentioned during my last radio show that I had been seeing Alabama showing up in the codes.

It's really quite disturbing when you consider the terms used:

Alabama-rock-boulder-people-will die-hunted-persecuted -panic-county-town-Eden-base-bang-shock-arrival-apostate-bride -plague -disaster

This could mean various things, and so I'll throw a few interpretations out there from what I can see:

Peru and Alabama are both mentioned together, along with China. Is China responsible for the 'space debris' that hit Peru and made people sick? I really don't think it was a satellite as we know them to be, in the codes a 'satellite' can be a huge rock, moon, luminary. And something about it hitting the earth is making people sick and will and can kill them because of the plague (sickness) associated with it falling onto the earth. Or perhaps China is going to be a victim of the same thing as Peru and Alabama.

I think we're viewing high tech weapons we don't even know exist if the first thought is the case. The capability via man made weapons to hurl space debris onto the earth...interesting but deadly as it describes a "plague-disaster."

Whatever hit Peru is going to hit Alabama. And perhaps China.

Another interesting thing is the 'arrival of the apostate bride.' Is this event in Alabama triggered as a result of the arrival of Satan's mouthpieces arriving on earth masquerading as messiahs and angelic hosts? Satan has his own "bride" and they are "apostate" fallen angels posing as heavenly hosts. And they are coming SOON.

Particular disturbing are the terms "panic-hunted-persecuted. "

We know when Satan's henchmen arrive on earth the persecution of the saints and church follows shortly after under the guise of various political reasons and Bible prophecy implemented via martial law and disasters orchestrated in America.

And then perhaps Hollywood comes alive, particularly in regards to looking at the picture in a different way, a huge rock from space falls in Eden, Alabama or near a base of some kind in Alabama, all of a sudden the people are in a panic because they are being hunted and what?? Does the mini-series Invasion come to mind??

All I know is it hasn't hit yet, so we have time to get ORGONE in Eden, Alabama and around any naval or military bases in Alabama. Notice the dual usage of the term "base-Eden" can be referring to either the particular town of Eden, Alabama or a military or naval base in Alabama.

We need people to stand up and get Orgone in St. Clair County Alabama which Eden is located in. Orgone will save and protect the people from evil beings from hell that could be hunting and persecuting them.

Time to get busy folks or

Yah bless His Warriors,

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Critical Times Ahead

They've been banning my websites from schools and corporations around the country. I've been warned that soon my websites will be banned from the Internet.

About 5 years ago or so Paypal terminated my account because I ran the "hate site" Hate site? Are they ALL Reptilians? Who else would hate the site? Other than the Serpent Seed Jews who were behind a petition to get Paypal to ban my site because I refused to take down my articles on the Talmud and the Serpent Seed Jews.

I believe there are 2 races in Israel today. The true Torah Israelites and the fake Serpent Seed Talmud Jews.

Since January 1st I've received several death threats and several warnings by various people across the spectrum of our alien infested planet and government.

One person seemed to wrap up the general consensus of what I've been hearing very well....I'll include some snips from several emails:

Aliens are setting up a plan to disarm your orgone blasters and abduct you also.The all seeing eye of aliens have you in their scope.I have a secret radio that I listen to them make their plans.The plan is first to disappear all the people like yourself and then attack the united states.

You had better get ready tough times are coming your way very scary things I might add. Believe it or not just concerned for you.

Aliens are plotting to abduct you.I am a scientist and get signals through the governments illuminati by my special radio transmitter.You are in the scope.Just telling you to be ready.Your websites will be banned so get ready.Serpent seed is all around you.They are stalking you on myspace also.Be warned and take it seriously your protection is a lie from the serpent as he deceived eve he deceives women more than men. You are being watched by the satanic forces of the illuminati.


My protection is NO LIE as me being here right now is testament to that! Where were they when I was at Dulce, NORAD, or Los Alamos?

They swarmed the hotel in Taos, NM we were at and that's prob where they were when I drove onto Los Alamos...LOL...

Yes critical times are ahead. But we don't need to fear stupid aliens or blood drinking Satan freaks.

Fear the ONE who has the keys to both heaven and hell!

An email I received

" I wish you would live near...I just wonder, how much I would be rewarded by taking your life. But I guess, I will not be the one who shall take your life too bad. "

So why is it I'm hated so much by the Government, Black Military, and general God haters around the internet who influence the churchdumb crowd as "true believers who really love the Lord but hate Sherry Shriner"????

Because we're defeating them and we can destroy them! Let Lucy go to plan D, E, F, G, because as long as I'm here I'm going to do everything I can to take A, B, and C away from him!

Yah's Warriors need to stand up. Time is of the essence.

I had a vision and I saw thousands of people running to orgone protected areas because they are safe havens from alien and demonic beings! So get busy folks and get the orgone out there and around your areas Do NOT make Don Croft's orgone, he's one of "them" and works for the NSA to manipulate orgone and produce an evil energy with it to attract alien and demonic beings and open gateways and portals for them!

I only make positive orgone that emits a rainbow aura energy that destroys evil! And you can make it yourself the directions are on my website. There are also "ex-CIA" "orgone warriors" who seek to discredit me so people will stay focused on Don Croft's orgone. Hogwash! Don't listen to them!

If my calculcations are anywhere near right then the second half of the tribulation will begin approx. June, 2009. Do you know how much prophecy has to be fulfilled before then? Wars, famines, plagues, alien invasions....

Get busy folks!

Yah bless His Warriors

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Another year gone, another one ahead of us. I don't know about most of you but I'm just exhausted.

The world is changing.

Over the past several years there's been an influx, or what I wrote about in my article "The Silent Invasion Has Begun" and this year it's going to get even worse. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't start becoming more and more noticeable what's controlling this planet!

Humans...are you out there? We're getting bombarded by aliens and no one is noticing. Sometimes I just want to pack up and head to the mountains, or go on a long vacation and just throw in the towel on trying to wake up a public or churchdumb that doesn't seem to care what's going on around them.

In the past several years we've seen a total takeover of our government, military, entertainment, and corporations of alien beings posing as humans and soul-scalped humans who have been replaced by alien hosts.

People laugh, call me crazy...if they could only see what I see!

There's not a human in power anywhere. The Silent Invasion is ready for the next step, the complete takeover of not just America, the entire populace of the world.

Humans are cattle-herds for the aliens. When you're outside at night and staring up at the moon, just think of the human meat processing center they have on it.

I'm not trying to scare anyone, just trying to inform you and wake you up that time is coming to an end on earth of aliens-posing-as-humans rule and Satan will be here shortly to take over it through his "Antichrist and False Prophet" (Revelation 13).

I'll go on a limb and say Kennedy was probably the last human president we had. But I can't say that about his brother, Edward, he's long been soul-scalped and serving the lizard reptilian agenda that controls America. As most in the Halls of Congress...are.

Much death and destruction last year. As usual completely unreported and underreported in the media.

I was watching the show Law & Order the other night and noticed a quip by one of them that raised my eyebrows, they said every year 15,000 children are shipped to the United States (mostly from Africa) where they simply disappear. So where do they disappear to? Pedophile rings protected and run by the government? Underground bases to be used as slave labor or lab rats? Our government is a complete and total abomination. Keep in mind that these lizards running the White House, Congress, gov't Bureacracy, ABC agencies galore, military, corporations, mega churches, underground bases and whatever else need to drink blood to hold human form. Where does all this blood come from? Are these children their breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Makes you sick doesn't it?

In Revelation 18 it says that the last days Babylon is a merchant/trades in the souls of men. Men is a general term and can refer to women or children as well.

I don't think we've heard the half of it. With that many children missing every year let alone the already 300,000 (men, women,children) plus missing from this country alone that are never reported on in the media...perhaps the real reason for so much war in Africa is over the missing children? Where are the parents? Dead from government sponsored AIDS or in tribal wars over their missing children?

It's sick. Reptilians are eating humans at an alarming rate and life goes one notices.
They prefer children because they taste better than adults. I would kill all these stupid lizards if I could, and one day I will get the chance when the Most High sends His 144,000 (Rev. 14) back to earth to wage war against Satan and his kingdom of aliens and demons on earth. The Lord will annihilate all of them and they will ultimately be cast into the Lake of Fire for Eternity!

In 2008 people are going to wake up and realize the world has changed, and that it's changing! And those who don't are going to become the victims of these changes!


A Word given to me by The Most High as I asked Him about 2008

I love you child and another year of preparing is over, the wait is over, I Am coming soon! And the world will wail my coming! But first much destruction and death. Not by their hand but by MINE. So many are afraid of what 'they' will do...they don't think of ME and what I will do!
A great shaking is coming in the land and a shaking among My Kingdom (bride) on Earth...

My child the things coming will surpass anything earth has ever seen, a torrential rain pour of My wrath is coming down upon it.

The evil get more evil and the righteous are few in number. I will redeem my own (First Fruits of 144,000) and leave the rest (of the bride) to testing and My wrath.

Many will be tested in the hour of tribulation to come.

Your time on earth is not My time and I can delay My judgments for a sake of a few, or I can speed them up to awaken those who are sleeping. How dare they sleep when My people should be alert, awake, and watching. Many think I will protect them and yet they will enter my hour of testing instead. I will try their Spirits and their love for Me.

Many have already been tested and have been refined by My fire and by Me.

Your nation (people) are at the brink of a disaster, one after the next. The cup is pouring over them. Many will cry out to Me and I will not hear them.

Remove yourself from the cares of this world and draw unto Me where you will find rest. Don't doubt who you are, don't doubt your work for Me, it is I who is leading you.

I love you child. Many rise against you and say they are of Me, but they are not, they speak from their own selves and from those who influence their evil deeds and say it is in My Name. I have no part in it. I have not sent them.

Keep on child, Time is short. It gets shorter and shorter as the evil ones plot their ways. I alone will make a mockery of their plans. I will allow what is needed to shake the earth with My wrath.

You have done much. I will do even more. As you listen to Me and follow in My ways their kingdom comes to naught. It will not stand. You have led many warriors to fight against them and I have gone before you to prepare the way and guide you in your steps. Now they will see it has been of Me, and they will tremble and be misguided in their actions. They will run when they should walk and walk when they should run and be caught in all My fury.

They cannot stop My hand.

Child, you and many others will rise up to Me and proclaim My name and Victory over the land.

It is time for things to commence and move on...I have given My people time to come back to Me and they stay in their errors and their ways. There is no more time for them, for many of them will die in their ways, too stubborn to seek Me and listen to my Servants, too full of apostasy and errors to see or hear the truth from Me. I have tried to reach them and they fight against Me. Let them find it in their suffering to come, I've had enough of them. I love My people but they have tried My patience and now My wrath is upon them, they will enter a trial of testing, upon their lands and upon their own souls.

I have heard your frustrations. You can't imagine mine. We are one child and you have proven yourself to Me.

Many still seeking to rise against you. Their plans and plots will be useless and thrown aside when I bring you up to great glory. Let them be ashamed as they are in misery brought upon by themselves.

So many seek to rile you, defame you, discredit you, some think they are of Me, most are not. You shake the gates of Hell and their kingdom of darkness and I laugh at their derision. You think you are futile against them and yet you are not child, you have brought about their demise, you have exposed their ways and plans, you have been a step ahead of them at all times and they are dismayed. I have my hand upon you and they know who you are but are futile in their ways to deter you. They cannot stop what I have put forth for you to do and they are desperate. Do not pity them, do not let them sway or influence you, they are of Satan and not Me.

You are strong. I have molded you and I have stood you up when many others failed. Those sent to be with you in these days have failed Me and I will remember their arrogance when they call on Me to relieve their suffering.

You're a bright star in the abyss of darkness child. Stay in Me. Remember what you are in Me child and renew your strength in Me.

Soon child, you will see My face and My Glory. Many await to see you and to be led by you in the coming warfare. It isn't' ending, it's just beginning. You will lead My warriors and My angels into a complete slaughter against Satan and His Kingdom. Many of My Warriors will be stood up to lead, and you will be among them child.

You cry out to me in the night to show you things and to lead you in clarity and confirmations, I know these things, I hear you, and the time is coming when you will be shown all of what is to come and what you will do for Me. I am your Father, you call me your boss and it makes me laugh child. I do love you so very much. Trust in Me and don't waver in the coming days and times. I will never leave you.

Washington will be a cup of trembling...tell them child, tell them the great Babylon is about to fall and many will die...they will not be able to stand against the armies that will rise and take a stand against them. They don't' see their demise coming. They are blinded by good thing comes out of that place. They are blinded by their delusions of occult powers, they worship Molech, an idol of stone. Satan won't save them, he'll delight in their deaths and destruction.

They drink blood and sacrifice daily on their altars thinking they are the chosen few of Lucifer's kingdom on earth, yet he will tear them up and throw them away! You have told them child that Satan has no need for mankind once his purpose is accomplished and they laughed, and they mocked you, now they will learn for themselves when they are tortured, killed and cast into hell how much their "God" loves them!

Yes, many soul scalped beings on earth to hold up their charade of Lucifer's loyalty to them. Many have already been cast into everlasting torment by Satan himself because he delights in their suffering and misery. He delights to see the surprise and look of sheer terror in their eyes before he kills them. One by one their house of cards will topple into Hell.

Washington will crumble, America will no longer be a mighty nation but a broken one. Soon child, it is coming.

Yes by July Bush will be trembling, his illusions of greatness will be smashed and the country in shambles. I will break his bonds and his riches will be for naught, they will not save him. My judgment will fall upon all of them that have conspired for greed and self gain while many suffered and died at their hands.

Tell them child the world is changing, and has already changed. The armies of locusts are coming, the armies of hell and death are coming, and mankind will run in fear and terror at what they see, yet they mocked my servants who warned them beforehand.

Satan's illusions won't last. He rules by fear, not love. Many will follow him out of fear for their lives, but by trying to save their lives they will lose their souls.

A time of great testing is coming.