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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Critical Times Ahead

They've been banning my websites from schools and corporations around the country. I've been warned that soon my websites will be banned from the Internet.

About 5 years ago or so Paypal terminated my account because I ran the "hate site" Hate site? Are they ALL Reptilians? Who else would hate the site? Other than the Serpent Seed Jews who were behind a petition to get Paypal to ban my site because I refused to take down my articles on the Talmud and the Serpent Seed Jews.

I believe there are 2 races in Israel today. The true Torah Israelites and the fake Serpent Seed Talmud Jews.

Since January 1st I've received several death threats and several warnings by various people across the spectrum of our alien infested planet and government.

One person seemed to wrap up the general consensus of what I've been hearing very well....I'll include some snips from several emails:

Aliens are setting up a plan to disarm your orgone blasters and abduct you also.The all seeing eye of aliens have you in their scope.I have a secret radio that I listen to them make their plans.The plan is first to disappear all the people like yourself and then attack the united states.

You had better get ready tough times are coming your way very scary things I might add. Believe it or not just concerned for you.

Aliens are plotting to abduct you.I am a scientist and get signals through the governments illuminati by my special radio transmitter.You are in the scope.Just telling you to be ready.Your websites will be banned so get ready.Serpent seed is all around you.They are stalking you on myspace also.Be warned and take it seriously your protection is a lie from the serpent as he deceived eve he deceives women more than men. You are being watched by the satanic forces of the illuminati.


My protection is NO LIE as me being here right now is testament to that! Where were they when I was at Dulce, NORAD, or Los Alamos?

They swarmed the hotel in Taos, NM we were at and that's prob where they were when I drove onto Los Alamos...LOL...

Yes critical times are ahead. But we don't need to fear stupid aliens or blood drinking Satan freaks.

Fear the ONE who has the keys to both heaven and hell!

An email I received

" I wish you would live near...I just wonder, how much I would be rewarded by taking your life. But I guess, I will not be the one who shall take your life too bad. "

So why is it I'm hated so much by the Government, Black Military, and general God haters around the internet who influence the churchdumb crowd as "true believers who really love the Lord but hate Sherry Shriner"????

Because we're defeating them and we can destroy them! Let Lucy go to plan D, E, F, G, because as long as I'm here I'm going to do everything I can to take A, B, and C away from him!

Yah's Warriors need to stand up. Time is of the essence.

I had a vision and I saw thousands of people running to orgone protected areas because they are safe havens from alien and demonic beings! So get busy folks and get the orgone out there and around your areas Do NOT make Don Croft's orgone, he's one of "them" and works for the NSA to manipulate orgone and produce an evil energy with it to attract alien and demonic beings and open gateways and portals for them!

I only make positive orgone that emits a rainbow aura energy that destroys evil! And you can make it yourself the directions are on my website. There are also "ex-CIA" "orgone warriors" who seek to discredit me so people will stay focused on Don Croft's orgone. Hogwash! Don't listen to them!

If my calculcations are anywhere near right then the second half of the tribulation will begin approx. June, 2009. Do you know how much prophecy has to be fulfilled before then? Wars, famines, plagues, alien invasions....

Get busy folks!

Yah bless His Warriors

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