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Friday, February 29, 2008

Transcribe 2-25-08

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Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 2-25-2008

Sherry Talk Radio 2-25-2008
Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live, it’s Monday night. You’re live with Sherry Talk Radio. It’s Monday, February 25th.

I’m still having problems with my ears; so I’ll try not to scream too loud. At least I have my voice back. I totally lost my voice for the better part of last week. I finally got it back this weekend. It’s so good to be here tonight.

If you have questions for the show, you can send them to I’ll be checking that in and out.

Things I want to go through tonight. This is one of these shows. “I can’t do this show tonight, Lord. I don’t want to do this show tonight.” It’s crazy, but He wants me to tell you the things that I have seen.

I would rather do a million things right now then tell you the things that I’ve seen because they are so crazy and nobody would believe me. I don’t believe what I’m seeing half the time either folks so I am very slow in seeing how I interpret things. When you keep being shown the same things over and over and over again…you’re like, “This is crazy, no one will believe this in a million years.” That’s where were at and were I’m usually at – out on a limb anyway of “this is crazy…no one will believe this” I said that 10 years ago, and I haven’t stopped.

Tonight will be no different.

A lot of people have questions about the satellite that they shot down last week. I had a lot of questions about that one myself and I wasn’t really leaning towards any particular angle on it because as far as I was concerned, the Bible codes weren’t being definite one way of the
other on what it is. The Lord kept telling me, “I’ve shown you what that is.”

We kept batting back and forth, back and forth. As crazy as it sounds, this alleged satellite that they supposedly blew up. I’ve talked before about the ship that Sananda rides on. Sananda is the messiah that poses as Jesus Christ of the churches. I’ve been talking about these two
beasts for 4 years on my show. Maitreya and Sananda are in the background leading the charge for Satan’s full rule and conquering of the earth. They are leading the Age of Aquarius that’s coming. We will go from an abrupt change from the New World Order that we are in now into this Age of Aquarius which will be the 8th and final kingdom on earth run by Satan. The New World Order is basically run by the governments now and steered and run by Satan. We’ll give him the credit that is due. When he comes, and his henchmen are in control, it will no
longer be a New World Order, it will be an Age of Aquarius. This of course is bringing their gods rule on earth; making heaven on earth.

I’ve been talking about these beasts on and off for 4 years on the radio. Anything that The Lord would have me predominantly speak about; as much as I would love to go into something else. Like what the Bush cabal is doing or what Russia or Europe is doing. He has led me away
from all of that into very focused and specific areas that He wants me speaking about. It all comes down to this satellite thing.

I have told you how this Orgone that we have been putting all over the world was going to destroy Satan’s forces and how effective that it is against alien and demonic beings. I hear from people all the time (I will get into it tonight) being attacked at night in their sleep and having everything around them being sabotaged. This Capricorn is Sananda’s huge cigar shaped ship. It’s a mile long and up to 1-3 miles wide. It’s a huge ship. It used to hang out over by Salt Lake City, Utah. I think what has happened is I’ve effectively run him out of Utah. I took a trip out west last year and took care of Salt Lake and huge areas of Utah where they like to hang out and put a lot of Orgone out that way. The Orgone is assimilating into the atmosphere. As it assimilates, it is a positive living energy that they can’t stand because they are evil, dead beings and they can’t stand that kind of energy.

If you are chip implanted, you will burn. Being around Orgone will make you feel like you are burning from the inside out if you are chip implanted. A good way of knowing if you are chip implanted now is to just get near Orgone. That way you can get a neodymium magnet, put the
north side up against your skin and deactivate the chip implant. I’ve been talking about that one for years too. We are chip implanted unbeknown to us. Anything you do. You go in for a flu shot, you’re chip implanted. You go in for dental work, you’re chip implanted. They even
have chip implant guns where they target you and shoot you with them.

We can deactivate these chips, but they can’t. A lot of Satan’s forces are hive mind controlled by chip implants. They are the ones who gave our government the technology of microchips and chip implants. He has a large part of his forces chip implanted. You read about the small greys
and how they operate in the hive mind capacity. The chips are two-way transistor radios and there is always somebody on the other side that is doing the controlling through the chip. These little grey aliens are controlled by the reptilians. They use them as their slaves and have
them do their slave work on earth. This is how it variously affects these alien beings; it not only burns them but will cause a lot of the boils talked about in the book of Revelation. A lot of the judgments in the last days. People who get Satan’s mark his chip in Revelation 13.

It is also going to completely decimate Satan’s forces as they are. We are seeing that right now. We have so much Orgone up and it is very effective. It is already assimilating into the atmosphere. In some way, the Orgone is doing something to their navigation systems on their UFO’s to where it completely stops them from working. You are seeing them crash to the earth now. You’re hearing in the media, “A meteor hit the earth and blah…blah.”

These are UFO’s falling out of the skies. I’ve talked about it before how we would pull their UFO’s and send them crashing to the earth.

I’ve seen it for two years here. It looks like a streak through the sky. Nothing ever hits the earth or lands. You see a streak of light for a while and it disappears. What ever it was dissipates. Now we are seeing it more, and more and more. We are pulling these UFO’s out of the sky.

As Orgone travels….it is around the whole world now. As UFO’s hit Orgone saturated areas, it will cause their ships to crash. They are literally falling out of space. They are hitting Orgone saturated areas in space; eventually all of it will be orgoned. Perhaps it is already. I asked The Lord about it last week and He confirmed that these are UFO’s. Many more will follow. We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg; we haven’t seen the iceberg yet. That’s what we are seeing.

What I was looking at for this satellite, trying to figure out…I knew it was more then just an aluminum or metal satellite in the sky being used as an antenna. The first tip off (what I thought this was really funny) George Bush claiming that they had to nuke it out of the sky because it was the size of a bus and they needed to nuke it because it was dangerous. I think the smallest rock from space that has hit the earth has been the size of a bus.

The size of a bus is nothing. And this fuel that they were worried about, give me a break; it would burn upon reentry. The biggest chances of it being it would hit the Pacific anyway, which it did. So, it wasn’t the fuel they were worried about, or the size of a bus thing that is
laughable. What is laughable about the entire thing is this ship that Sananda rides in that I was just describing, Capricorn; that’s exactly what they shot down. I know this sounds crazy. Here’s Sherry out on a limb again for the tenth year. What happened was his ship malfunctioned.

Like I’ve said, you’ve seen other UFO’s falling out of the sky recently and the media claim they are meteors. Many more are going unnoticed and unpublicized. His ship malfunctioned and a lot of the crew in it were dying and dead. He barely escaped with his life. I know when they sent the shuttle Atlantis up that they were going to get him. I figured that it was Maitreya, but it kept coming up in the codes as the Capricorn in trouble. It had nothing to do with Maitreya and everything to do with this Jesus, Sananda and his ship the Capricorn. They certainly couldn’t let it crash to the earth because it is so huge; 1-3 miles long, 1-3 miles wide, full of millions of dead giants and aliens; Satan’s forces.

That’s’ why they blew it out of the sky.

They didn’t want anyone to see that. Plus, it would have given credence to everything that I and anybody else that The Lord has used to tell about the alien agenda have said over the years. That’s the dibs on that. I don’t know where he is right now; I don’t know what they did with him. I don’t think they brought him back to earth, I think he is still in space, because his whole thing will be masquerading that he is coming from space. He’s probably in a space station.

When he does arrive to earth, he has a duplicate Capricorn, an identical ship that he will convert for his own use. Or just call it the Capricorn and restart from there.

That’s how they travel in space. They have these UFO’s, these starships, these star-like objects. Most people think of UFO’s as the silver metallic disk shaped things. Those are just pods from the mother ship. I know you’ve watched Star Wars and they have the big planet or mother ship and all these pods and aircraft that come out of it. That’s exactly what it’s like, folk’s. These little metallic shaped things not only come from these starships that look like huge moons (or stars); they also come from underneath the earth. They have many, many bases underneath the earth.

Most of them do come from below the earth; we have over 200 joint alien-human bases. They have bases in our mountains, on our Air Force bases, they are everywhere. They also come from the sky. The biggest lie being the extraterrestrials; is that they’re not from galaxies
billions of miles away; they are from our own universe. They are from right here, what we see. They live on moons and in star systems. You’re going to see Orion, the big star constellation coming into play. When "Jesus" comes to earth he’s going to have this "New Jerusalem" descend to earth; it will come from Orion’s belt. He’s going to masquerade it as the New Jerusalem. People are going to fall for this. This is probably why the churches don’t spend a lot of time teaching prophecy anymore, so most people will be in the dark when all these things come about. Most of these churches and organizations today are lead by Satan’s people.

You look at TBN and Benny Hinn (Satan’s mouthpiece on earth). He is always involved with Maitreya, Sananda and George Bush.

Pretty interesting that Bush would take off to Africa last week.

Probably meeting with Maitreya to get their stories and timelines straight on exactly what will be happening. I look for Maitreya to rise to power this spring; that this is the Biblical 2009 in the Bible codes.

If not, then we will have another year to prepare. I know, half of us are “Lets’ get it on, bring it on and let’s get going!” and the other half are “I’m not ready yet!” and you want another year. I think right now, we just have to wait and see exactly how they will play it. March is going to be a pivotal month, a real pivotal month as to what is going to happen the rest of this year. If he doesn’t come in March or April, chances are we will just go through the rest of the year riding out the New World Order agenda; how Bush is going to play in his side of it.

And then wait until our 2009 for things to unfold with Maitreya and Sananda. I would just as soon see it happen this year, just to get it on and going.

I was looking at a code last night. I’ve been warning forever about the famine that’s coming in 2009. So, I spent some time on it. A short code on it wasn’t really telling me anything that I didn’t already know.

It wasn’t really telling much of anything. He tells me, “Just tell them the things you have seen.” What I have seen is that this famine is caused.

Food is going to be used as a weapon against nations who don’t follow the Age of Aquarius. It’s going to be their way of making nations submit to Maitreya’s authority. There are several different routes that he is going to use when he comes to power. You can see him aligning with 10 nations and going to war with Europe. Italy and France will be destroyed. Sooner or later, Mt. Aetna in Italy is going to blow. Sometime around the time that Maitreya is here. I’ve seen that blowing in the codes.

Right now, we have Sananda’s ship Capricorn in ashes in the Pacific. This is embarrassing for them; I see that in the codes. “Hello, I’m god, my ship has malfunctioned. Come and get me.” LOL. It’s so funny and ludicrous. They are coming to earth as “god” but their ship has malfunctioned and we need to send up chauffeurs to get them. NASA to the rescue. Funny! They successfully blew up his ship; I’ve seen “ashes over the pacific” in the Bible codes.

Another thing I’ve seen is Japan making the codes. Japan and China have been pretty dominant. China because they are using a lot of China’s technology. Laser beams and directed energy weapons are actually Chinese technology. The Lord had told me that last week when I cancelled the show because I had lost my voice. I woke up in the middle of the night and could see these laser beams hitting my head. They weren’t like the white beams in Taos, New Mexico that everyone could see. Pretty big white beams that everyone could see. These are like tiny little
keychain laser beams. Blue and white, and they were hitting my head with them.

Sure enough a couple of days later, I’m sick, dizzy, can’t walk or sit at the computer longer than 10 minutes. I started having a dry cough and lost my voice because of the coughs. I found it interesting that someone sent me a posting from Jim McCanney’s website where he talked about a bug that’s going around. You’re really dizzy for a week and also about this dry cough. This literally debilitates you for an entire week. I got antibiotics so I don’t know if because I got antibiotics or the week was up, I really don’t know. Jim McCanny had the same thing. I’ve heard
from others that have had the same thing. If it was a bug, I’m pretty sure that everyone else in my family would’ve been hit. I hardly ever leave the house and I usually am the last one to get anything. Usually the kids bring it home and then, I’ll get it.

I don’t think this is a bug going around, I think it is a bio-attack. I think our government is literally just picking off people. I wouldn’t have seen these beams if the Lord hadn’t woke me up to see these beams hitting my head. I wouldn’t have known about it. Some of the people that have been suffering from this thing are big mouths or they’re warriors for the Most High. People with a calling on their lives The Lord’s Warriors are the ones suffering the most, because. they’re being attacked by these Chinese DEW’s that our government has and is using.

I already have Mylar blankets on my windows. I have Orgone on my monitors. I have everything covered. The only other suggestion someone gave me was to hang mylar on the walls. These beams I saw were coming straight through the walls; not through the computer or the windows.

This is what we have to deal with. I would like to find a way to keep them from penetrating walls to begin with. If anybody else has tried putting the Mylar on their walls and it works, let me know. I could just see it now, “Honey, we’re redecorating the room and putting Mylar
on the walls.” He’ll really think I’ve lost it then.

I already have it on my windows. “I’m just tired of these white walls, honey.”

Another thing I’ve seen. There’s a cough right now. The one I have right now. It produces phlegm. I’ve been hearing from a lot of people where you just cough up phlegm and crap out of your lungs. This is also associated with bio-attacks. These directed energy weapons. Another one associated with Satan. We’re definitely under technological attacks to weaken people and make them sick. Usually you think it’s coming from the chemtrails, but they can’t get chemtrails in my area. I haven’t’ seen a plane in I don’t know how long. They gave up. They were just wasting their supplies because they wouldn’t stick. That’s what I’ve been teaching people to do in their areas around the world. Saturate your areas with Orgone so the chemtrails won’t stick. Eventually the planes will just stop coming.

I think they are countering our Orgone with these DEW’s (directed energy weapons) and now that’s what they are hitting us with. It’s dominant in the codes. I see “beam”. It’s usually a beam or laser weapon of some kind. When you see it being associated with all these sicknesses that people are getting attacked with, you know by deduction that’s what it is. It’s just another fight, huh folks?

That’s what I’ve been seeing in the codes.

I don’t know if some of these (Capricorn) beings survived or not. I half suspect that Japan will be the first ones to see some of these Annuk giants on earth, coming from space and these fallen ships that the Orgone is pulling out of space and causing to crash. Japan is being mentioned in the codes and in the Pacific. Where I’m seeing a lot of these ships ending up is ashes covering the Pacific. Just a heads up, something to keep your eyes on.

It’s going to happen more and more and won’t stop now. Revelation chapter 12, The Lord had me in today. I was going to get into that. It talks about Satan being kicked out of heaven. It’s right there in front of you in the Bible, and you just never correlated it to alien invasions. Out of sight, out of mind. Where you don’t see Satan now, so you won’t later? We probably won’t see Satan himself, but you’ll see him work through his henchmen Sananda and Maitreya. And George Bush and Benny Hinn.

Benny Hinn’s people really believe that he is the messiah on earth. Those close to Benny Hinn really believe that. One of the things interesting about him is that he waits for the owl. When he sees the owl, he gets power to perform false miracles. In Revelation chapter 13,
it talks about the second beast and how he does all these great wonders and miracles in the sight of men. He has no power on his own, he gets it from Satan. That’s how Benny Hinn operates, he waits until he sees Satan – he calls him the owl. Until then, he just sings with his choir and
wastes time waiting and waiting. That’s what’s so funny and I love sabotaging his shows. Getting to the shows with Orgone and making him wait and wait and wait. Ruining his shows makes my day.

Another thing. George Bush is so back and forth on what he’s going to do. One minute he’s making treaties with one beast, but won’t align with another. They all work together. I don’t know if they are playing him or what. He’s already aligned with Maitreya, but when it comes to Jesus, I don’t know what he will do. He shot down his Capricorn for him, but gave a song and dance. Sent the shuttle Atlantis up there to pick him up before they shot it down. Maybe Bush didn’t know. I don’t know.

Sometimes you can see in the codes where he is told things. Told about her; told about this broadcast I don’t know how much of the Sananda Capricorn that he knew about.

If he sticks around with the agenda…..if they don’t they’re gonna kill him. If he does, you’re going to see one of the first people in America or maybe the world that’s actually been transformed, transubstantiated. He’s going to be transformed as a human and you will see him glow.

There was a funny picture on the Internet years ago. I would love to get it back. I don’t think it’s on my website anymore. A young George Bush posing as Alexander the Great. He’s like 24 years and lit up with this light aura around him. If anyone has that, send it to me. That’s exactly what this monatomic gold will do. You can go on a 6 or 9 month course.

I don’t know how long it is. You drink or snort this monoatomic gold for 6 or 9 months. They call them light beings, but they will call George Bush “god”. He is a candidate for the anti-Christ; I’ve been talking about that for years. This is how they do it, with this monoatomic gold. They abuse this stuff. Either Bush will be beheaded by Maitreya or he will have this permutation from the white monoatomic gold and completely be incarnated by Satan. There are very few people that I have ever seen with the words, “Incarnated by Satan.” Where Satan incarnates a certain person. I’ve seen it with Al Gore and with George Bush. Those two are definitely candidates for the anti-Christ.

A lot of people have written off Al Gore. Don’t write him off. As far as humans on earth running the alien agenda, Al Gore would be at the top.

Even Hillary and Dick Cheney are subservient to him when it comes to the alien agenda. He is the most powerful ranking human on earth. I use that term human loosely. The New World Order…then you get into changes.

For every faction that wants to rule and control the earth for Satan, you have different people that rank the highest in that particular faction.

Al Gore even thought he wasn’t elected president; they gave him enough to shut him up for a while. He is running the DIA with Dick Cheney. Dick Cheny has a lot of power there, but Al Gore is at the top. A lot of them still refer to Al Gore as their boss as far as they are concerned. All this is going on behind the scenes. He is very powerful with the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). Most people think that the CIA runs everything.

They really don’t, they are kind of subservient to the DIA. The CIA is just an arm of the Vatican; an arm of Satan. They work the alien agenda and that’s why they control and dominate NASA so much. The pictures we see of space are controlled by the lizards of the CIA as to what the people are allowed to see or believe what is happening in space.

The Pope in the Vatican, I’m talking about the black pope position, not the white pope. The black pope position is the head of the Jesuits. Probably the highest ranking on earth as far as Satan’s kingdom goes.

Literally the black pope is just Satan’s right hand man. Most of the governments aren’t taking their direction from the white pope, but the black pope. The white pope is just a mouthpiece, just a yes boy for the black pope. The real power behind the power is always being kept hidden. I don’t think we’ve ever elected a president who would admit that they have no control over Washington, that it is in the hands of the bankers.

Everything is set up for the public to believe in one way and in the background is how things are really run. That’s what we get with the Internet. We get a lot of people that can research and dig and learn how things are
really run.

I had a couple of warriors stand up lately. Simon Keen has worked a lot. He’s put Sherry Talk Radio on Go there and type in sherry talk radio. He’s working his way up. He has started with my earlier shows. He’s going to do all of the years since 2004. I also have one who has put on You Tube. You can go to You Tube and type in "The Watcher Files". Different aspects of my website are being featured on You Tube. Also the website where he put a lot of work into making that a very high tech and organized website. There is even a forum board there.

The Lord is standing up various people to help out in the last days with this ministry. My websites, 2 minutes before the show started….sherrytalkradio and sherryshriner were down. And then right at 10 pm they came back online. I was happy to see that one. I know eventually my websites will be banned. They are going to ban my websites. They will figure out that it is the Orgone that is bringing down the UFO’s and making god get a ride to earth. LOL. NASA is going to become his personal taxi service. They’re going to figure it out. When they do, my head will be the first to roll.

Just a matter of time.

You gotta love the government. You can always count on them as being defragmented. They never share info. What I see over and over and over again in the codes is that I am hidden, they can’t find me. But then I get beamed to death every night and have CIA and DIA all over the place around me all the time. The ones who want to find me can’t. It’s really funny. They just don’t share info. I’ve been watched for years and am under guard. The Bible codes say that the White House is watching every move that I make. It’s really funny.

I’m going to start to get into some questions here.

Question from a listener: Could you please discuss the number 444. Does it have any meaning other than the destruction of Damascus? Thanks for telling the truth.

Sherry: I don’t know. I don’t really get into numbers. We know that the destruction of Damascus is coming.

You can send questions to

A lot of people have been sick, so I definitely think it is some kind of bio attack and not a flu bug.

Question on throwing Orgone: Do I need to deposit Orgone on the ground or like neodymium earth magnets put on a place? I have a large amount of water near my place. Does it matter if it hits the bottom or not?

Sherry: It doesn’t matter. Just throw it in. A lot of people use the copper pipes when they target water. Some places, you can get 2” copper pipes and others only 1”.

I haven’t found anywhere in Ohio where you can get 2” pipes, but you can get them in Texas. Get what you can, 1” or 2”. Follow the same recipe that you do when you make an Orgone muffin or a mold. Put your shavings in, 4“ of coil, put crystals in, slide it down the tube, and put some more shavings in. Do half the pipe that way, do another layer of the same. Then pour resin down into it and let it set; let it soak good. Do several pipes at a time, because you will have extra resin if you do just one. Just do ½ a pipe at a time. After that is dried, do another shaving, coils, crystals. Shavings, coils and crystals. All the way up the pipe and just pour your resin down. So if you’re going to be targeting rivers lakes and streams use the pipes it you can. If not, just use the pucks throw them in, it doesn’t matter which side it lands on. I love the pipes, especially for water.

Comment from a listener: Hi Sherry. Great to have you back. Very interesting to hear you talk about this cough. I have been very outspoken about what is going on and raising a few eyebrows. On Friday, my wife and I were hit with this cough and have been suffering from dizzy spells. I have never missed two days of work and am never sick. I have 1300 hours so as you see, I’ve been blessed with good health. It came upon us in 2 hours.

Sherry: They are targeting people. I do believe. They know who the 144,000 before they do. They know who you are when you are born. They target us. You’re a target. Anyone who is a bigmouth and exposing their agenda will become a target.

Comment from a listener: Might want to suggest purchasing an N95 mask to protect against flu H1N1.

Sherry: One of those facial masks to protect against the Bird Flu that is coming. It is coming eventually. They are just trying it out on China right now.

Questions: What do you think about Alex Jones? How long did it take you to start to understand the Fathers voice?

Sherry: I’m not going to get into a long tirade. For beginners waking up, Alex Jones has a lot of info about the New World Order. He’ll just protect the Vatican side of it. A lot of people believe that he is a Jesuit agent. I posted something on one of my lists about Alex Jones
last week. It’s interesting how these agents all operate in the same manner. They have learned how to fleece the public.

You think our pastors are good at it? People like Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland who are fleecing their congregations. These government agents are the best I’ve ever seen. Did you ever notice when Alex Jones gets arrested, they have it on video so they can sell it. I’ve never listened to his show, but I’ve heard about it. It’s a “buy my video commercial” every 2 minutes. This guy knows how to make money. I don’t think he’s legit. He’s got an agenda, but like any of them, you can hear some great other stuff off of them. When you have the alien agenda and the New World Order agenda – they hate each other. They’ll always be quick to expose the other side; whatever they can find. When you sit back and watch both of them, you can collect some information from both sides.

As far as learning to hear, it just takes a while. Like I said last week, when you start praying all the time and asking Him how to hear His voice, you will start to hear Him in your spirit and won’t recognize that it is Him. Then it stops and gets really quiet and you realize
it must have been Him. Ask Him to teach you how to hear Him. He talks to your spirit. It will be a certain nagging that hits your spirit all the time and when it stops, it’s too quiet. So when you hear that nagging again, you will realize that is the Lord talking to you. It just takes practice, folks. Definitely doesn’t talk to your head; any voice that talks to your head, just rebuke it.

Question from a listener in Montreal: Was Yahushua the teacher of righteousness of the Essenes? How do we know you haven’t been cloned or scalped?

Sherry: LOL. I guess you don’t. Ask the Lord. I’m still me.

Question: Is there constant electromagnetic and pressure to keep us from Yahushua?

Sherry: Nothing can keep us from Him. You can be harassed by Satan who wants to keep you distracted so that you don’t focus and meditate on the Lord and go to Him. Nothing can keep you from Him. No.

Question: I feel the strain of sin pulling me away from Yahushua and I have to constantly fight back to return to Him.

Sherry: They do that all the time. They will find your weak area and will just pound it. They will try to keep you in sin. Because the first thing Satan likes to do is try and make you feel unworthy of The Lord…”You’re too bad….you’re too evil and sinful. You can’t be effective for Him.” It’s a lie.

What you need to learn to do is put Satan in his place. The Lord died for our sins and we have victory over our sins. The problem with sin today is that they do affect us. Let’s say you overeat, you get overweight and get heart problems. Closed veins and arteries and the effects of that. Smokers, drinkers – things like that. You suffer the effects of sin, but The Lord isn’t standing above you with a baseball bat ready to hit you over the head. Satan does that, so he can keep you on the ground and making you think you’re too ineffective for the Lord and can’t do anything. You stay so distracted on your sins that you do nothing for Him. Then you become egocentric. So focused on yourself that you do nothing for The Lord.

Stop thinking about yourself; that’s the easiest way to combat this. The easiest way to combat Satan is to stop thinking about yourself and keep your focus on the Lord. “I might be a slime ball, but I will do this for The Lord and get it done." Satan is always using sin as a tool to keep people beaten down. The Lord says what goes into a man doesn’t defile him, but what comes out. So Satan will blast our minds with evil and sinful things, just rebuke him. One of the best things to do is to just pray and ask The Lord to keep you from all evil. A lot of these tech weapons. I’ve seen it happen to so many men where they just blast ELF and homosexual stuff getting men to think they are gay or just porno...stuff like that. They use technology.

What you can do is take control and pray and ask The Lord to keep you from all evil, that way it nips it all in the bud at one time. You don’t have to decide if it is a tech weapon blasting these thoughts into my head? Or is it Satan or me blaming Satan? Just ask The Lord to keep you
from evil; it nips it in the bud all at one time.

I hear from a lot of people who get attacked at night; seeing beams and lasers. You’ve been suffering through it for years. People see Phantoms in their homes; hear them walking, hear things moving through the house, having things disappear and reappear. I’ve been all through this folks. They don’t stop until you put a stop to it. What they will do is come back with something else. They will learn to fear you. I know a lot of warriors aren’t afraid of them, just sick and tired of them. That’s how it is with most people. You don’t fear them because you have the Lord and you have His peace in you, but you get sick and tired of all the madness.

Some of the best defenses are the simplest. Got laser lights? Ask The Lord to break their equipment. Ask Him to melt their circuit boards so bad that they cannot be prepared. Just ask simple things. Write these things down so you know what to ask for. They don’t teach you real
warfare in church. You can ask The Lord to break their equipment, melt their circuit boards, fry their computer chips. Mostly everything about Satan and his kingdom is run by technology. That’s how the New World Order got it, by Satan and his kingdom. Fry the chips that are operating the equipment. If the attack and the laser is brought on something that doesn’t have to do with any of those components, just ask Him to fry it anyway. Break it so it can’t be repaired. That takes care of equipment. Laser beams, remote monitoring where you hear bowling balls, bells ringing. You think there’s a party every time down to go to sleep. RNM (remote neural monitoring). I’ve found Orgone to be effective against that, because it would stop ..the same time that I was combating ELF attacks I found that it stopped RNM attacks. Just ask The Lord to break their equipment.

As far as some of you dealing with Phantoms, these different sizes of black shadows that you see in your house. These are the Phantom class of Satan’s kingdom, demonic beings. I don’t even give them a warning, I just ask The Lord to chain them and cast them into the abyss. If you hear things walking through your house, they are either these Phantoms….the larger ones make a noticeable noise. They give you the impression that they are there because they are so big. They look like Darth Vader’s they are so tall. Don’t even give them notice. Just pray and ask the Father to send his Warrior angels to chain it and cast it into the abyss. I learned to do that with the military, because they will come into your home through remote viewing and astral projection. They’ll come in at night or during the day. I used to give them notice. “You better get out of here or I will have you cast into the abyss". I don’t even give them notice anymore, I just ask the Lord to cast them into the abyss. It doesn’t matter.

They are targeting you to harass you. They stand behind you and use some kind of telepathic assassination. They stand behind you and send death signals to you to where you develop a brain tumor, cancer or something.

These are typical forms of assassination by the CIA and NSA. Not killing by bullets, but by telepathic murder. What they do is along with thought processes/telepathy they use these beam weapons to give people brain aneurysms, tumors and stuff like that. These are the most popular forms of assassination.

Some of these beings aren’t in your home as Casper ghosts to see what you are doing. They are really there to cause you harm. If you don’t want to hurt the human, just leave that in The Lord's hands. I have no power over the human. You can cut the knees off of the demonic being that is giving them the power to astral project. They can only do this with the help of demons. You could always have those demons punished for helping those people who have targeted you and your home. I always leave it in the Lord's hands. I ask Him in His name. What happens is His result; it’s in His hands. You have to stand up and take control. When you start to stand up and do warfare against Satan, his kingdom, the military and all the evil factions that have sided with him; they will start fearing you and will stop. What they will do is resort to hit and run type stuff. They'll hit you with laser beams while they’re asleep and don’t see it.

You may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night. The Lord waking you up for you can see something going on. He’s showing you for a reason.

He’s showing you things that are going on around you so you can take warfare actions against it. If you’re waking up in the middle of the night and seeing shadows in your room, ask The Lord to send His angels to bind them with chains and cast them into the abyss. Or ask Him to send His angels to chase them out with flames of fire – I like that one. Especially if they are humans. If you’re not sure if it is a demonic being or a human ask Him to chase them out with flames of fire, if demonic cast them into the abyss. As far as I see it now, if they’re going to remote view here and they are human, they are going to be burned. They will be alive but burned. They’ll learn not to miss with me. What they will do, they will lose people in this war and send newbies out. That’s on their shoulders, not mine. Take a proactive stance against it, because they will leave you alone. If they come up against you and they may never make it back again they will think twice and they do think twice. I saw all that stuff finally stop when I started learning warfare.

I have warfare prayers on my website at Go there and put warfare prayers in the search box and learn how to close doorways and gateways and things that you might have in your house. It’ll help you break generational curses that attach to you. It’s good to go through and say those prayers also. Also when you see this stuff happening, just stand up against it. You can do anything in the name of Yahushua and Satan will crumble. His kingdom will fall. You don’t need all this expensive stuff. You don’t need nukes and missiles.

What I like about the Orgone is you can relax a little bit. Instead of being on the defensive every night coming into you home, the Orgone will automatically keep them away because they hate it. You learn how to catch some breathers. Keep the Phantoms away…your dog is outside barking all night long. You think he’s barking at shadows and raccoons. They see these beings. Dogs can see them. A lot of times these beings will stand outside your home and look through your windows and watch you. That’s what the dog sees and why he is barking. Dogs will scare away aliens, but these phantoms are pretty much unaffected by them. The dogs will let you know they are around.

You can place Orgone in your yard and inside your house. Under your bed so you can sleep at night. If you’re woken up, it is usually The Lord himself waking you because He wants you to see something. We are always on the guard. We are warriors, not couch potatoes. Although we would like to sleep a couple of nights a week. It is par for the course. Make them fear you. Some of you don’t fear them, you just can’t get rid of them and don’t know what to do.

So, I just spent the last 10-15 minutes telling you how to fight against them.

They’re just going to keep coming and coming.

Question: What do you think of the Barack Obama fever sweeping the nation? Do you still believe that Hillary will win? Have you seen the You Tube videos where Barack is called the false prophet and is very sobering?

Sherry: He is the black beast that I have seen in the codes. Remember when prophet Yahweh started his UFO calling? I wondered if he was the black beast that I had seen in the codes. There is definitely a black beast, a Negro beast. I have seen that for years, I just didn’t know who or what it was. Definitely Obama. He is getting more dominant in the codes now that I know what to look for. If I had known his name earlier, I would’ve known to look for him.

Comment: If you were soul scalped you would be pushing the NESERA issue and you would stop making Orgone.

Sherry: LOL. True. I’d become one of them. I’m not soul scalped. I’m just a warrior for The Most High. I have spent my life loving him and the last 20 years serving Him. That’s just who I am. Leading His people on how to tear down the strongholds of Satan and the New World Order. We are doing a good job of that. Plus tearing down the Age of Aquarius that is going to be implemented.

As far as Obama. He snorts this monoatomic white powder gold. That’s why he has that glowing, that aura around him. People attributing messianic qualities to him. The aura that Maitreya Jesus and the angels are going to have. We all know they are fallen, ghastly beastly aliens not angels from The Lord. It’s from this white monoatomic gold. Its how they figured out to beat death over the last umpteen hundreds of years and why they can live to be 700-1000 years old. They figured out how to manipulate it. It tweaks somebody’s DNA enough to where they can become completely possessed. If George Bush takes route B and becomes one of them, he’s going to become completely possessed. Satan incarnate in man. A definite candidate. Barack Obama definite candidate. Any one of these can become completely possessed and become Satan incarnate in man.

Do I think he’s going to beat Hillary? At this rate, it’s going to be either way. He’s pure lizard. I just sent a thing out to my lists last week about this prophecy from this African nation. This African prophet said 100 years ago that in the last days it would be a child of theirs
that would destroy the United States of America and sure enough Barack Obama’s lineage goes all the way back to this tribe. He would destroy America, but so would Hillary Clinton. Whoever is president in the last days, even George Bush right now. There is a lady beast and a Negro beast, an Arab beast an Aryan beast. I’ve always believed that the Aryan beast will be Jesus, because he will be the white one. Maitreya is a little bit darker – the Arabian beast. Then you have the Negro beast and a lady beast. Those are pretty self explanatory. I have always said that Hillary Clinton is dominant with martial law. The reason I saw her name so dominantly in 2001 and 2003 is because I knew what her name was. If I had Obama back then, I might have seen things a different way, but she is still very dominant with martial law, and still a candidate to be president in 2009. In my view, she wasn’t even in the Senate and I was talking about these things. This is how far we’ve come. Everything is chugging along in the timeline.

Question: I have a friend whose mind is stuck on crystals are new age. I’ve tried to explain they are not. Do you have an answer I can give him?

Sherry: It’s the same thing as churchdumb. I even had a problem with crystals when I first heard about it, but The Lord told me if I had a problem with crystals I would have a problem with heaven. Heaven is laden with crystals. Crystals are a pure gemstone. It’s the way it used by the new age. The new age abuses it and uses it for evil. It’s not the stone itself, or that gold is evil; it’s the way men use and worship it. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be gold in heaven either. Satan abuses and perverts everything.

Hi Sherry, sorry for the whole soul scalping question. I was just worried about you being sick. Was Solomon the first one using demons for constructing his temple?

Sherry: Solomon is the one who Freemasonry is based on. Sorry to say, it’s kind of depressing, but the whole reasoning behind the Illuminati and Freemasonry is it all goes back to Solomon. He had written a book on how to conjure up demons and incantations on how to put witchcraft spells on people. He is a very, very dominant Satanist. The churches teach that in Solomon’s last days, his heart turned away from the Lord because of all the many pagan wives he had. This is very true. But one of the things the Lord showed me was that he had left the Lord for (a very long time) perhaps 300-400 years before he died. Solomon lived…I don’t know how many years…500, 600, 700 years? He spent 300 of them away from the Lord. It wasn’t just something that happened towards his old age, like we think of it. We only live to be 70 years old. Towards our old age, people get senile and things like that. It wasn’t like that. He was an active Satanist and pagan for 300 years before he died. Another thing is when Jesus died and went down for 3 days he preached in Hell. There was a lower and upper Sheol. The bosom of Abraham. He preached to these lost souls in Hell for 3 days so they could’ve had a change of heart at that time and went to heaven with Him. He defeated death. When he arose, they rose with Him. It’s a possibility that Solomon had a change of heart and repented. I can’t say either way, it’s just something to think about.

Question: Do you think Yah will call His People into the wilderness? If yes, where?

Sherry: It is already written by the prophets for the Israelites to head to Petra. So when you see Sananda arriving in Jerusalem via NASA shuttle most likely (LOL). He’ll get his New Jerusalem and his second Capricorn ship running with a NASA taxi in the background. They need to get out of there. Even if they see Maitreya arriving. This 12th Mahdi that the Iranians are waiting for. They need to get out of Israel when they see him arrive. The Old Testament prophets have told them that The Lord has prepared a place for them called Petra in the wilderness. Today it is in modern day Jordan. I believe they filmed the movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” 1 and 2 there. Somebody can correct me on that. It’s the rose red city and it’s called Petra. That’s where they need to go when this Iranian, Arabian Mahdi arrives.

As far as America goes, he’ll take care of His people. There are other things that are going to be happening here. First of all, He’s not going to protect all of His people. I’ll get into it next week. He’s going to chose not to protect His entire Bride here; He will let them be tested through martial law. Those that He does protect, that will be by His hand. That’s all I can say. Various things happening here. The rapture of 144,000 disappearing; the first fruits rapture and the Bride is still here going through martial law that either Obama, Jr. or Hillary is going to allowing.

That’s what they are getting ready for now in signing these military agreements with Canada so Canadian troops can come over here. They already have agreements with U.N. peacekeepers that know nothing about peace. Germans and Russians coming into America…Canadians…enforcing martial law. There will be a war on the saints by Maitreya against the Christians of this nation. The Lord will allow it. I do know that He’s going to lead many of you to go to the mountains…the high and the dry places. The mountains and the wilderness areas. Many more of you will be caught unaware because so many are sleeping and not even paying attention to what is going on. These are the ones He is going to allow to be tested in martial law.

Question: Are God’s 144,000 called to take up arms against the New World Order?

Sherry: There are two groups of 144,000. The evangelists and the warriors. The evangelists are the 12,000 sealed from each tribe. Then you have the 144,000 that are warriors. We are taking up arms and are already in action. We aren’t waiting for a specific sealing or calling. We will get it when He raptures us, puts His name in our foreheads and sends us back on earth. We are already mobilizing and our arms are different than Satan’s. We don’t have physical weapons that we are using. We have Orgone and prayer. If you don’t think that prayer is effective, I’ll tell you that list I have "Fun Things to do as a Warrior for the Most High" is completely destroying their underground bases. I see it in the codes all the time. One of the funniest things….we have this list of 60 things to pray for to go wrong. That’s totally effective and causing chaos in the underground bases.

Last question I’m going to answer: Do the points matter on crystals when making Orgone? Can gold be used in Orgone? Thank you. God bless you Sherry.

Sherry: No, points don't really matter. I’ve had questions before from people, “Can I put gold in Orgone?” I just say “Ask the Lord.” I’ve never owned gold. It’s a pure metal, so I would imagine. You get into this new age stuff when you get into points and all this stuff. I don’t get into that. Everything that we have in our Orgone muffin is things that the earth produces. Copper, crystals. The only thing would be the resin and that just serves as a buffer, insulator. The Orgone that we create emits a specific energy. There are tons of different types of Orgone you can make. You can see it online, on EBay where people are just making many different variations of Orgone. Keep in mind that we are focusing on a certain and specific Orgone that is destroying Satan’s kingdom and that is the Orgone that The Lord showed me how to make. It’s on my website there is a make your own page where you can learn to make it yourself. It’s this Orgone that’s causing the UFO’s to fall out of the sky.

Until next week everybody, just keep your eyes on the skies. You’re going to be seeing a lot of interesting things. Maybe parts of Capricorn will wash up on the shores of Japan. We’re going to see the ball rolling, folks and we’re going to find out in March whether this will be another 2008 year or the Biblical 2009 year.

I’m going to put some stuff on my website as we get close to celebrating Passover this year. I’ll be talking about that next week, talking about some tips and some heads up on celebrating Passover. I’ll let you know when that will be this year. Definitely one festival, one anointed time that I like to keep. It’s the only one I understand. The others, I really don’t know what to do. This one I have down. Probably the main one of the year for me. I really enjoy it. I love Passover. Every year it gets a lot easier and a lot more fun and relaxing. Not so stressed (“Did I do it right?).” We’ll talk about that next week.

Until then,

Yah bless.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Famine? They Should Know...

Well they're sending out their threats and warnings of the Famine they have planned for us.

Not that I haven't been warning about it for 2 years now.

It's already been written and prophesied about some 2,000 years ago. So it's not 'if' but 'when' the famine will come.

These are the days the Prophet warned about. When John saw our future he saw the coming of 'beasts' to the earth. Most think of the two beasts of Revelation 13. But let's not forget the 3 horses of the Apocalypse that serve to destroy mankind. Where the White Horseman tries to save it, the last 3 of the horsemen are riders who bring destruction and death.

The white and red horsemen have been riding, the black horseman is here, or on his way shortly. Naturally the 'horses' are symbollic. You're not going to see them physically ride horses in the air or ground.

Most people don't understand what 'beasts' are. They're Satan and his henchmen. His followers, his armies, his cohorts, those who 'fell' with him and after. Fallen Angels are 'beasts'. Demonic beings and demons are 'beasts.' And humans who are posseseed and incarnated by these beings are 'beasts.' The "beasts of the earth" is another name for all of them. The 'beasts of the field' are literal animals. Most people don't recognize that distinction, but there is one.

The coming Arabian Mahdi is the rider of the black horse. And his mere presence here will bring famine and death whether he's publicly recognized as being here or not. He could be operating in the background trying to plan his 'arrival' to the world, but you'll know when he's here...because of the famine. It's synonomous with him. We aren't going to have one without the other.

It's literally the next thing on the agenda.

One thing the Lord keeps showing me over and over in the Bible Codes is that the famine is planned...and not only planned but will be carried out by 'them' to control the world and nations.

Hundreds of millions of people will be affected and die of hunger, starvation, plagues...and really.."they" don't care. They want them too. They would like nothing more than to see every human on this planet die. They come as "righteous men" or "men of peace" but they are inwardly murderous cowardly beasts.

Oh yes the rider of the black horse, this Arabian "messiah" i.e. "world teacher" will have a buddy..the rider of the pale horse. Several months after the black horse rider and famine has ravaged the land the pale horse rider will appear as "Jesus" and they will deceive the world and the world's largest religions into believing that they are the expected "messiahs" of those religions.

Christianity and Islam, Budda and Hindu, all will embrace these beasts as "righteous men of God or Allah."

By then, Satan will have control of all the money and the food in the world. Nations who don't give up their sovereignty to be ruled by the 'beasts kingdom' on earth will be sanctioned, slaughtered, starved, and killed off.

The NWO has helped them as much as they can by pre-planning our demise via martial law, enforced famine and slaughter 'internment' camps. That's why they're warning of a coming famine, they've been planning it for years. The Arabian beast will need help when he arrives in gaining control of the earth and the NWO is obliging him.

The Antichrist is this Arabian beast. "Jesus" is his False Prophet.

Remember folks, Satan comes via these 2 beasts before the real Son of God comes at the Battle of Armageddon.

The Real Son of God, Yahushua, isn't coming to implement a new economic program on earth, he's coming to destroy the wicked off of it.

Which is why you will see the emergence of the beasts "Age of Aquarious" where they will 'cleanse' the world of the 'wicked' as they define wicked being those who don't agree with them. Those who rebel against their authority as worldwide religious dictators and the legislations and laws they create and enforce upon the world.

America is going to go through a time of testing. Martial law is actually "Satan's war on the Saints." Those with eyes will recognize it for what it is.

As the churches wait for the 'rapture' most of them will be rounded up and taken to slaughter camps.

Natural disasters and planned disasters will inflict 'relocations' of huge numbers of people...don't allow yourself to be 'relocated' by FEMA or the government. Relocate yourself to a high or dry place..the mountains and/or the deserts.

The most important thing, is to just get right with God. He will protect those who are His and seeking Him. That's relationship building folks...not religion. Learn to recognize and hear HIS voice...not your pastor's. Too many shepherds are leading their flocks straight to hell...and too many sheep won't and can't see it. That's why martial law will be used to test their real love for HIM.

A good shepherd would be leading his flock into relationship building with the Lord and how to be led by HIM and how to hear HIS voice...not simply opening the doors to fill coffers and play religion.

I hear from many pastors, many have become and are becoming conscientious to what the truth really is as they open their eyes to the deceptions of their monastery training and denominational mind controls.

And many feel trapped.

Stand up and do what's right. Whether you're a pastor or a warrior, or just a believer in the Most High. Stand up. Teach the truth, preach the truth, and who cares what others think! There's no greater accountability then to be a shepherd and to be leading people astray. Or to be one drowning in deceptions because you won't pray and ask the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to you. You just accept what the shepherds say because "it's in the Bible." People are accountable for what they embrace as the truth and how they live their lives, they can't blame it on their pastors at the Judgment Seat or Great White Throne Judgment. We're accountable for ourselves.

Step away and run away from the deceptions and lies of our churches and government. And start walking with HIM and HIM only. He will lead and guide you into what to do and how to survive the coming times we're in.

Love HIM. I mean really Love HIM...when you love HIM you'll see the chains of darkness drop from you as He liberates you from this world.

There's not much time left...2008...2009...tomorrow isn't even promised to you.

Yah bless His Warriors,

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Transcribe of Radio Show 2-11-08

Sherry Talk Radio

Aired on 2-11-2008

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live, it’s Monday night February 11^th . This is Sherry Shriner. If you have any questions for the show, you can send them to

I can’t hear tonight, both of my ears are so blocked up from this head congestion that I have been battling for weeks. I’ll try not to shout. Send me an IM if I’m shouting. I’ll try and watch the microphone levels here.It’s been interesting. The Lord confirming a few things for me over the week. I’ve had a lot of laughs and I’ll share those tonight.

We’re into fun lately, just destroying Satan’s kingdom and the New World Order and Age of Aquarius (the alien facade) every way that we can.

Ten years ago, when The Lord put me in the alien agenda, I just had no idea where it would lead and now when I look back…what I knew then to what I know now it's just mind boggling.

I hear from people every day that are waking up. The Lord is leading them to my websites, waking them up to what’s going on in these last days. They have so much catching up to do. Just lock yourself to your computer and read for a couple of weeks. You never look at things the same way again, once you start going through my websites. There’s just no way.

There are two very dominant things in the Bible codes. One thing is Benny Hinn is Satan’s mouthpiece on earth. The other is, I am The Lords mouthpiece on earth. It is always a war battling it out.

My ancient great-grandfather battled the giants in his days, and that’s what I’m doing in mine. Unlike King David, I have a whole host of people around the world, warriors for The Most High that are pitching in and helping out. We’re going to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order.

Many years ago when I was praying and asking The Lord how to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order, he lead me to various ways to do that. One of the first websites I put up was My prayer was, “How do we tear down the strongholds?”
Back in 2004 is when I probably put that website up. was the second website I ever put up. The first website, and probably the least trafficked website, but my favorite is If you go to that website, there is a real encouraging and uplifting poem for warriors. I just keep that up for Him. It was my first website. It’s…what do you call it…..I can’t even thing of the word. Don’t you just love it, going live on the radio and your mind goes to mush…(sentimental). I just leave it there for Him.

Any warrior, who needs some uplifting, go there, print the poem out, memorize it. We’re not always going to have the Internet. They’re going to do what they can to shut us down off the Internet. To shut down free speech. Anybody that disagrees with King George. If you think he’s bad, wait until Obama is king, or Hillary Clinton. It’s going to get much, much worse folks.

The reason I think this is one of those pivotal years that we are in, is because I look at George Bush’s Bible code and I see so many events happening with him still in office. That’s what I’ve been focusing on lately. I don’t think that we have as much time as everybody else seems to think that we do. I don’t care if this year is 2008 or Biblically 2009. 2009 starts in September anyway.

The sheer thought that maybe within 2 years or less, everything will change as we know it. Nothing will be as we knew it. There’s a timeline for you…2 years less. The United States is about to take a 360. It is a very, very scary 360 when you think about it. Not scary as in being fearful, the changes being made are so unprecedented.

How do we go from a nation created as republics, somewhere switched to democracy and now switching to an Age of Aquarius? We are already seeing it slowly.

These energy drinks that are out. It just floored me, yesterday and the day before to realize that this stuff has been going on under our noses for a long time and didn’t realize it. I should have been the one to notice it years ago, but was busy doing other things and The Lord hadn’t pointed it out to me yet.

Now He is waking me up to this whole myrrh juice and monoatomic, white powder gold thing. I had a houseful of boys the other day (which is pretty typical around here, because I have sons) and there was a container of Mountain Dew energy drink. I didn’t buy it; one of the boys had brought it in. On the top of it is written, “Tall boy.” My eyebrows just raised off my head. Tall boy is another term for aliens. Tall Anak, the Annunaki. They had the usual buzz words all over the package, “rejuvenation, energy, revitalizing”.

These are all buzz words for this cleansing program that is coming in the Age of Aquarius. I’m going to talk about that tonight and go through a bunch of things that I have been seeing. I haven’t coughed all day. I don’t cough all week until I start doing the radio show. It’s like they are choking you, you can’t breathe. I edit it out for the recording so you don’t have to put up with that.

The upcoming events of Benny Hinn. Last year, we had a lot of fun targeting Benny Hinn. I could see in the Bible codes just how much he enjoyed it. This year, we’ll do an encore. Encore presentation of The Lord's Warriors. His website is You can go there and click on his upcoming events and see where he’s going to be this year. This is what we do: If you live in an area where he is going to be, get to that area and Orgone it. Put some Orgone in the buildings, around it, up on the roof if possible.

If you can get inside the building, in the plants, the pots. If you’re going to go and sit through his charades, carry it in your purse, take it out and put it at your feet during the charade so it can assimilate into the auditorium. I’ve had people get up behind his choir and throw pucks underneath the choir. What this does is prohibits demons from entering the facility that he is in. He has no satanic power to pull off his charades of putting demons into people and performing the false miracles that he counts on. It’s all for naught for him, he has no power that night and he goes to faking it. To me, faking it is just a lot more harmless than hurting people. If he has power that night, if the demons and Satan can access him, he hurts people. We are saving a lot of people from getting hurt and just messing up Benny Hinn’s night and his plans.

Some of the places to target for the next couple of months:

Brisbane, Australia – Feb 15^th and 16^th . I know we’ve got warriors in Australia.

Christchurch, New Zealand – Feb 18^th and 19^th .

New York City – Feb. 29 and March 31st

London, England March 20^th and 21^st

Anaheim, California - March 27^th and 28^th

Miami, Florida – April 4^th and 5th

Chattanooga, Tennessee – April 11^th and 12th

Detroit, Michigan – April 24^th and 25^th

Long Beach, California – April 27th

That’s an outlook for the next several months as to where he will be.

If you live in any of those areas, you can go to his website and find out which building, which facility that he will be at. You can target the whole area with Orgone. You don’t necessarily have to get inside of the building. Just targeting the building outside of it prohibits Satan’s access to him. Just another way of messing up Satan’s plans and having some fun doing it.

Heads up on holographs. When you see a holograph like Mary floating through the sky or crying under a tree. These holographs will typically have a blue aura tint to them. Always look twice at something in the sky. Sometimes on the ground, it happens so fast that you can’t catch it. Just a heads up – holographs will usually have a blue tint to them.

When I was traveling from Kansas City to St. Louis, this huge (18 wheels at least) truck would appear in front of me out of nowhere. It would appear and disappear. It was so crazy! From the entire time that I was going from Kansas City to St. Louis, they were trying everything to cause me to wreck. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, because it looked and acted like a real truck.

If I hadn’t been on to their holograph thing by now, I probably would have crashed on the highway from the sheer shock of a big truck in front of me one second and completely disappearing the next. I laughed. It would reappear down the highway a couple of miles. Another thing they would do is…when I was out west heading towards Four Corners. They have this speed rabbit thing.

They have a holograph of a rabbit and they shoot it under your car, just enough that you see a blurb of it coming towards your car and then it goes underneath your car. It gives you the impression that you ran over it. It just shot out of nowhere, you see a blurb of it, and it goes underneath the car. I never winced, not once. I figured if it was a live rabbit…”See ya.” I’m not getting into an accident trying to avoid hitting a rabbit.This happened like six times going down this one road. Just some of their tactics in trying to get you to wreck. When I was on my way to Los Alamos, this raccoon appeared out of nowhere. Standing in the middle of the road, looking at me. Normally, you would’ve hit the thing; it would have flown and died. This thing just disappeared. You hit it, and it disappeared, no animal left on the road, just a holograph. They mess with you with these holographs to try to get you to wreck your car. Be careful of that one. Don’t stop for an animal. They do it with vehicles too. That truck looked very real. I didn’t know it wasn’t a real truck until the first time that it disappeared. That one got me a little bit….thinking, “Where did that truck just go?” Then it reappeared down the road in front of me….”Oh, brother here we go.”

All kinds of tactics that they use, folks.Another thing of the times that we are in. You know it’s getting bad when the Bible Codes start to refer to people as “human.” I’m referred to as human because there are so many lizards and we are surrounded by so many aliens and lizard beings posing as humans. When you look in the Bible codes, you’ll see, “human momma” that’s me or “humanmouthpiece” or something.

At first, it shocks you…”what the heck is this?” Then you realize it’s because we are surrounded by lizards. Obama is pure lizard, Hillary will be soul scalped, and George Bush is a clone. When he’s not a clone, he’s MPD a victim of Monarch; just as many of these politicians’ children were and are, as well as the politicians themselves. They grew up as victims themselves and pass it on to their own children growing up. It’s a real shame and sham going on.One of the things about the white powder gold. I told you last time that I had a show, that I had seen the term “Obama” and “snorter”. I didn’t know what he was snorting, because cocaine didn’t come up with it. It comes up with George Bush’s. I found what it was that he is snorting.

He is snorting this white powder gold, Monoatomic gold in powder form. It is a white powder. I had to think….we know that the CIA has been using airlines for years smuggling cocaine into this country. It’s not real hidden. Air America and everybody else associated with the CIA’s drug cartel and the Vice Presidents position is usually in charge of running the drug smuggling operations in America. What if it is this monoatomic gold, not even cocaine they are smuggling? They are putting it in all these energy drinks now. That’s one of the ways that they are changing people’s DNA without them knowing about it. One of their biggest operations right now is they want to change our gender of our species; no more humanity, we would just evolve into a different species. It affects men and women differently.

With men, it makes them less masculine and more feminine. With women, it effects their reproduction so that they are not giving birth to a girly girl or a manly man. This new species of people that are neither male nor female; they’re genderless. Men and women would basically be the same, other than the plumbing. Their thoughts, actions, attitudes would be all the same; one gender of race. No more men will be men and women will be women; one sex, one race. That’s what they are trying to do with this white powder gold, this myrrh juice – tweaking people’s DNA. The Bible codes call it a “disaster”, a “devastation”, a “holocaust.” Dominant is Obama and Bush involved in making an agreement, a treaty stating that they will help this “cleansing program” along in America.

I don’t know what Obama had to do with it in the past, but Bush is the one that has made some kind of agreement with them. I saw that being in January, I don’t know what year. How long that we have had this emerging thing with this water….life water, vitamin water, energy water…this has been going on under our noses for years. That’s how they are doing it; sneaking this white powder gold into our food and drinks to change our DNA. The Bible calls it, “fraudulent, cheap deception, phony, fake” One of the bribes that they try and give you for this voodoo juice is that it will give you immortality. The Bible says it will give you death.

Watch out for that, folks. Stay away from the energy drinks and the Fountain of Youth. All of that is just buzz terminology for the Age of Aquarius and their cleansing program. I’ve spent a lot of time not recently, but in the past on these New Age sites trying to figure out what they were talking about and promoting at the time. One of the things they have always stated on their sites. They talk about this cleansing program. This cleansing program is one that they teach their followers, the New Ager’s. When they come to earth as Ascended Masters, as the Ashtar Command. I have it at my website

When they come to earth, all of those who don’t agree with them; the dissenters, the naysayers will be taken off the earth. In many emails they deny that these people will be harmed, in other emails they admit that they will be killed. They are going to kill all the dissenters.

That’s why I have always said there is no difference between Bush’s new world order agenda and the alien agenda, because they are both going to kill all those who disagree with them. The New Ager’s claim that the cleansing of the earth means that all the dissenters will be taken off the earth.

The Bible codes reveal that they cleansing of the earth is this juice, this monoatomic gold, this powder that can also be made into a juice form. That is the real cleansing program. Getting the entire world…somehow enforcing that the whole world knowingly or unknowingly take this.

They are doing it unknowingly now. Their cleansing program is changing the DNA of every person on Earth. The people that are killed are just collateral damage or whatever you want to call it to them.

They will kill the naysayers and deceive the ones who are in agreement with them. Everything is by deception. They deceive their own followers; they lie to them all the time. Everything is going to be by deception. The Ashtar Command. Everybody thinks this is some council in heaven…..whatever.

The Bible codes say that they are “from the underworld, they are demonic and ghoulish.” They are behind the energy drinks and in alliance with Bush. Bush has made an alliance with these alien beings to market this energy drink and they also market this myrrh as a supplement. The Bible calls it pure poison. Some of the terms that I have found in regards to this Maitreya coming in Iran are “creature, egghead, mustache, anger, vengeance, futility”. That’s funny because he always wears that turban so you can’t see his head. The Bible codes call his an “egghead”.

I also found it interesting that Niburu is in sight. Bible codes associated with that are Niburu, “prophet assigned”. I’ve just been assigned to announce that Niburu is in sight. I’ve warned many times over the years that Niburu is Planet X is a star-like planet and is bringing in Satan’s forces for his rule on earth. The Bible codes reveal that there are dead bodies inside this thing. I don’t know if it is dead human bodies or they are just referring to demonic beings being inside, because they are considered as dead anyway. But a very grisly sight. You’ll hear some of the New Age groups saying, “Oh, our friends are coming. Niburu is coming and they are good aliens and coming to help mankind.”

No, they are coming to destroy mankind. The longest time that we have, the better for most people, but according to the codes, you can see Niburu in the nighttime sky. Niburu is in sight. As it gets closer to Earth, it will cause much destruction here. We could be in martial law by July of this year, just from the destruction of this Niburu. If this is biblically the 2009 year, we could be in martial law in some form by July 2009 or next year. I don’t know what year we are in biblically.

Other terms in relation to white powder gold; “dilute, encoded, pattern, gender, a process”. It’s the death of the human race to create a new gender of species here.Something that I did find interesting; “president, permutation”. Permutation means a complete change or transformation. This could be in regards to Bush, Obama or Hillary; whoever is president at that time.

As far as the future goes, the bible codes are back and forth; Obama could be king, Hillary could be queen, but it doesn’t distinguish. Hillary could be president, Obama could be vice president or it could be switched. Obama president and Hillary would be vice. I believe that they will go on the same ticket either way. This is pretty much the future of America.

I’ve been warning since 2001, that whoever is president in 2009 was going to align with this beast. According to the codes, Bush already has. If you look at the timetables, you see that this has to be 2009 already biblically, because Bush has already aligned with this Maitreya that is coming.Another thing that I thought was interesting was the terms, “serpent, segregate, pentagon”. What’s that? Are they going to segregate the lizards from the humans in the Pentagon…okay lizards on one side, humans on the other? That term “segregation” has been coming up in a lot of codes that I look at. I thought I was able to pinpoint it a little as I was looking at George Bush’s code. “serpent, segregate,pentagon”.

More buzz words to watch out for, folks. This is a phrase, “man can be redeemed with light and love.” No. Mankind was redeemed by the shed blood of Yahushua on the cross. It was His resurrection that defeated death and sealed our redemption in Him. That is how mankind was redeemed…not by light and love. That is New Age rhetoric, New Age garbage. The one passage that they love to quote is from Luke. Sananda loves this one. I’ve been in emails with this freak Sananda before.

This is how they quote it, “if the eye is full of light, then the body is full of light.” This is from a passage in Luke 11.They never quote the rest of it, they always leave out, “but if the eye is dark, the body is full of darkness”. They are very religious sounding beings, folks. They quote the Bible in bits and pieces and distort and manipulate it. If I hadn’t known that passage in Luke, as soon as I read his quote and how he snipped it off…immediately your inner crap detector just sparks; as it does the whole time that you hear anything when Sananda speaks; the crap detector is going off the roof!

Most Christians will be fooled by them. Look how many today are fooled by Benny Hinn. How many times have people tried to warn people not to go to these Benny Hinn charades, and he sells them out. The sad thing about it is most of those sitting in churches today are so convinced that they aren’t going to be deceived.

The scripture in the Bible that says the deception in the last days is going to be so good that even the Elect might have been deceived. They think they are the Elect. Yes, there are the Elect in churches today that The Lord hasn’t woken up and pulled them out yet. They haven’t listened to Him and gotten out of them yet.

There are two different groups of people, folks. The church is very much going to be deceived and they don’t see it coming. They don’t believe that they can be deceived. How many Christians today that you talk to and they think you’re nuts and don’t believe you? They are already deceived. That’s why our hands feel handcuffed all the time, especially trying to wake people up to the last day’s deceptions that are coming. They are deceived now and are going to buy into the deceptions later.Another thing I wanted to bring up tonight. Some of the fun we’ve been having over the last couple of years is really paying off now.

UFO’s are crashing out of the skies.

It’s starting to happen.

I’ve seen it happening for the past two years around my house. I just have this whole area orgoned, so if UFO’s even try and come into my area, you will see them go down like a flash of light. I find it very amusing. Somebody sent me an article and I sent it out to my lists last week. Satellites are falling over Tampa Bay, Florida.

I’ll read this email

“Sherry,Last Thursday there was a little blurb on the 11pm news about comets being seen in the night sky. The first one, they say could have been a piece of a satellite. NASA said the second one was a bird. Strangely, they both looked alike. We know it’s not a satellite. Pictures cannot be found on any of the websites now.”

This is an admonition that I sent out to my list in regards as to what the government is going to call satellites falling all over the place.

These are not satellites, these are UFO’s, folks. Like I’ve said, I’ve seen them in my own area for two years, falling out of the skies.

Orgone hitting the atmosphere is disrupting their ability to fly. I was waiting for some confirmation on this. Just the letter that she had sent alone, telling me about Tampa Bay gave me some confirmation that this is exactly what is happening; UFO’s are falling.

The Lord Himself gave me a word the other day. I’ll read parts of it to you.

He said, “Their ships are becoming immobile to operating in the atmosphere. As I bring the Orgone around the world and up into the atmosphere, it is debilitating them. Yes, they are falling out of the sky and this is just the beginning. Many more will follow.”

I’ve been seeing in the Bible codes the term, “lighting” a lot. That’s what it looks like. You see a streak of light through the sky when the UFO’s crash. We’re going to beseeing a lot more of that. Over the years, Orgone assimilates up into the atmosphere. There is some way, some reason that positive energy Orgone can disrupt these UFO ships. Because they are made by Satan, there is something demonic, something evil about them. So hitting in orgoned areas disrupts them and causes them to crash. From now until whenever, it will be a noticeable thing. Look up in the skies, especially if you’re in an orgoned area.

Watch them come crashing to the earth.

You’ll see a streak of light, like lightening. Very prophetic. I’ve always said this Orgone has a lot of apocalyptic references to it and will cause a lot of prophecies to come alive. The boils on people’s bodies that are chip-implanted will be caused by that. It will cause Necrosis, Ebola (characteristics), The war of Armageddon.

It will cause a lot of things in Bible prophecy.

Transitioning to the question and answer part of the program.

Question: You mentioned tonight that the Orgone won’t be effective after 6 months?

Sherry: I never said that. What I said was that we have about 6 months to get it out. I think things will be so changed in 6 months that it will be hard to people to get out and get it out. The Orgone will never stop working once you get it out. Heads up, folks. What I’m saying is that we have about 6 good months of getting it out.

Question: Who sings the renegade song? I love that and think it would be a great theme song for the 144,000.

Sherry: I’ve been using that song for 3 years now; ever since I started my radio show with Reality Radio Network. Steve Vaus sings that. It was a song that Steve over at Reality Radio Network would play during breaks during my show. I kept it. I like it too, it’s a great song.

Comment: I live right near Detroit. Send me some more Orgone.

Sherry: The Arabs love that area. A lot of Muslim communities in Michigan for some reason.

Question: I’m a resident west of Colorado Springs. I read on your site that you had visited the Springs. If you could share more detail it that would be awesome. Thank you.

Sherry: I had a good time in Colorado Springs. When I was coming through there, it was almost dusk. We came through the back side of an airbase (I think it was Peterson). There was a big chemtrail in the sky, so we tossed some Orgone out and you noticed these chemtrails just disappear. I was all over Colorado Springs. In fact I went through Colorado Springs on my way to Taos, New Mexico. I went all the way out to Vegas, Salt Lake City and came all the way back through and decided that I didn’t know if I had gotten Colorado Springs good enough. I went back through Colorado Springs and had some extra fun there.

Question: To make Orgone, is there something other than Bondo that works? Like Epoxy?

Sherry: I wouldn’t’ use Epoxy. If you change the ingredients, you are no longer making Orgone. You are making something else. The reason that we stick to these ingredients that The Lord gave us, is because these are the ingredients that The Lord gave us.

Question: How can I test to see if the homemade Orgone works?

Sherry: You can use energy meters on them. Most guys have tools to see if spark plugs work. I’ve heard you can even use those on Orgone. I’m not a scientist, but you can use those things. The needles will jump because they are emitting an energy. I’ve had people who were working undercover tell me that they couldn’t wear Orgone because it interfered with the microphones that they were wearing. It’s a permanent energy that it emits.

Question: Obama was exposed by homosexual Larry Sinclair as snorting cocaine and having oral sex in the back of a limo with him.

Sherry: That doesn’t surprise me in the least. They are so full of morals.

Question: Have you heard of Dr. Deigle and his 7 step anti-aging formula?

Sherry: I wouldn’t go near anything of Dr. Deigle’s. He is an admitted hybrid and promotes the alien agenda. The sad thing is that most Christians think that he is a Christian. He believes that Adam and Eve were not created by God, but created off of this planet by the Annunaki and then put here on Earth. When you are listening to people, know why you are listening to them. Don’t take it for granted that the person you are listening has been bought by the blood of The Lord, has been redeemed by Him. Many of these charlatans are not believers in The Most High. I know that most people that run Bible code websites online don’t even believe in Yahushua the Son of God. They are Rosicrucianists or Jews that don’t believe that Yahushua was the Messiah. You have to be careful to who you are listening to and reading. Ask The Lord about them.

Question/Comment: Hi Sherry. Great show as always. My question is about Mike Huckabee. He is not part of the New World Order and a member of CFR. I’ve been warning many of my friends because he is “a Christian who is going to change everything and make it better”. I have received much resistance on this. What are your thoughts?

Sherry: Mike Huckabee is a member. He was initiated in. Wasn’t it Ronald Reagan that wasn’t a Mason so they made him an honorary one? Mike Huckabee is an honorary member of the CFR. He would be controlled just like Jimmy Carter was. Jimmy Carter wasn’t an evil guy involved in satanic societies either, but they used him as a pawn. Once he got elected into office, he couldn’t make any personal decisions or choice, the handlers around him from the Democratic Party did. He had told Jerry Falwell (I was working for Falwell back then when I heard about it) that he couldn’t make any personal decisions. He said it with tears in his eyes. That’s pretty much what Mike Huckabee would be, a pawn. He wouldn’t be allowed to make any choices at all.

Question: Have you seen “Dragon Wars”?

Sherry: No, not yet. I haven’t even heard of that one. I still have this “V” series sitting on my desk that I need to sit down and watch. I’ve noticed a trend on Sci-Fi lately; they’re coming out with all these giant movies. Has anyone else noticed that? Conditioning people that these giant beings are coming. Because they are. The Anuk are coming. "Jesus" is going to be very tall.

Question: Have you noticed the numbers of Republicans that are leaving Congress? Including Trent Lot in December plus many others.

Sherry: No big loss. The Republican Party in Washington is not who and what we think they are. They have betrayed the churches, the believers, and the conservative people in America. Most of the Republicans in office are homosexual.

The show was cut off for a minute or two.

Sherry: People lost me. Now I’m back. I was still talking and I don’t know what you have heard. Let me know what the last thing was that I talked about. I was just answering a question about the real name of The Lord.

Question: Is Christ’s name really Yahushua?

Sherry: Yes it is. His real name if you look at it is Joshua. In America, we would say Joshua, but in Hebrew there is no J, it would be a Y. Yoshua. The Talmud refers to him as a horse and that’s why they call him Yeshua, which means a horse. We certainly don’t call our Lord a horse unless you are referring to him as a horse rider. The Talmud is totally satanic and blasphemous. It does nothing but blaspheme the Son of The Most High. Most of those who follow the Talmud are atheists and agnostics. It is more of a political book than a religious one.

Comment: Last thing I heard was republicans are all homosexuals and boom…

Sherry: LOL. Pretty typical, huh? I can’t remember what I said after that. You can’t win sometimes. Never a dull moment.

A couple of people earlier wanted to know about what’s going on in Canada. I’m keeping my eyes open and if I see anything about Quebec or Toronto or any place else, I’ll definitely let you know. I have a lot of supporters out in Canada that I love very much. I’ll definitely let you know. It seems to me that Canada will be a mirror of the United States. It’s going to be under as much destruction as we are. I can’t understand why people are going to Canada. They think that by heading to Canada they will be getting away from the United States and martial law. They’ll have to go way south for that. Brazil, Paraguay…get out of North America if you want to be safe.I want to encourage you. Everything that we’ve been working on for the last couple of years in destroying Satan’s kingdom is happening.

It’s not something that’s going to happen in the future, it already is happening. We’re already bringing down their UFO’s down, they are crashing to the Earth. As time goes on, you’re going to see more wind, more choppy atmosphere due to the Orgone making it choppy for them. As Planet X gets closer, tornadoes at the tip of a hat, possible earthquakes at the tip of a hat. Mt Etna is going to blow. I don’t know when, but it is going to blow. I presume to think, when he is here. One of the reasons why they are cutting the cables (I have seen in the codes) is they are trying to muzzle me. Thy want to shut me up.

There’s a lot of things that I’m not saying, because The Lord is already shutting me up.They are preparing. Bush is not an adversary of Iran. He sounds like he is and wants everybody to think that he hates Iran. He is actually working behind the scenes in cahoots with whatever they want. If they want him to bomb Iran so they can bring Maitreya in as this great savoir, he will. Bush is just going along with whatever they want.

Don’t always believe what you hear on TV. I have to be careful here, because there are things I can’t talk about. Eventually perhaps I can. This is very strange; in 10 years I haven’t been told by The Lord not to say anything. The last couple of weeks have been really trying on the air, just being careful that I don’t.

Question: Did you purposely take those old archives off of your website from 2004? Or did they sabotage you?

Sherry: I take them off for space. If you want the 2004 shows, they are on the 2G flash drive that I sell on the website. Otherwise you won’t be able to hear them because I have taken them off to make room for this years shows.

Question: How do you test the spirits?

Sherry: If you are listening to one in your head, in your mind, you don’t even have to test it…rebuke it in the name of Yahushua. The Lord doesn’t speak to your mind. Another way of testing them is to say, “I command you in the name of Yahushua to reveal yourself. What is your name?” Usually if it is a demon, they will either run or get real cocky and start to swear at you. Just command them in the Name of Yahushua to reveal themselves.If it is The Lord, he’ll just say, I’m your Father. It’s your Father…or whatever. You will learn to recognize Him. Demons will just get mad and curse you out.

Question: Are all the energy drinks with ginseng and vitamins this liquid gold crap?

Sherry: I’m not sure about ginseng. It’s been around a while. This white powder gold is made from a plant. I read the definition a couple of weeks ago. Ginseng is a root and not made from the same plant. I can’t tell you that for sure. Just ask The Lord if something in particular is okay to drink. Most of these energy drinks my son is banned from drinking. The stuff with the electrolytes; Power Ade, sports drinks – those are okay I think. It’s the energy drinks, the vitamin drinks and life drinks coming out that all have the liquid crap in them. Stay away from those. If you are in doubt, ask The Lord to hit your spirit with a yes or no as to whether you should be buying and drinking something in particular.

Question: They were talking about the crashing satellite in the news. Is it still going to crash, because I haven’t heard of anything.You’re right about the wind blowing this year. It is cold here in Detroit and I have to plant the Orgone for Benny Hinns arrival.

Sherry: Yes, yes. Let’s get Detroit ready for Benny Hinn. You guys out in Australia, New Zealand. I know there are warriors in both those countries. New York City, come on guys. London. Most of the places that he is going, we have warriors in, so you‘ve got to stand up and get this guy. I’ll help you out with Detroit. Send me an email, and give me your address. That’s close to home anyway. That’s just over and beyond the lake. I grew up in Cleveland and now I live just south, down below Canton. No one comes to Canton. Nothing down here, all the jobs are long gone.This satellite that they are talking about is just another one of these UFO ships. I don’t believe a thing that NASA says. Especially when you read the codes and then hear the garbage they put out.

I don’t know when it’s going to hit the earth. There are comets coming near the earth that will hit in 2009. I don’t know if it is this year or next.

I have seen them hitting the earth. I don’t know if Wormwood will be the first to hit or not. It may be in the middle somewhere. We are going to get hit, folks. Especially during the great tribulation. At that time, most of this country has been though martial law, the majority of the Bride having being tested for their faith. The church of Philadelphia being protected. A lot of The Lord’s wrath is coming after the deaths of His people. Either a rapture of the 144,000 or the deaths of the millions of the church/Bride that will be killed during martial law. A lot of that is His wrath.

A lot of this destruction is to come after you see America in martial law. The earth is going to get hit by comets. The satellite in particular that they are talking about now, is just a carrier; they are bringing someone in. I don’t think it will hit America. I haven’t seen anything in the codes about it hitting. I’ve seen something hitting Alabama and I gave a warning about that. After I gave the warning, I haven’t seen it in the codes since, so I’m not sure what that was about.

Question: I am trying so hard to hear The Lord and if He is even talking.

Sherry: He is always talking. Ask The Lord to teach you how to hear Him. He speaks to your spirit. He doesn’t speak to your head. He’s a little small voice in your spirit. What He will do is start nagging you. He’ll nag….I don’t know how else to explain it. Then it stops and you wonder…”where did that nagging go? It stopped.” Then you realize that it was The Lord. It’s a process to learn how to hear Him. When the nagging comes back, then you now that He is talking to you. He talks to your spirit. Just ask Him to teach you how to hear him, folks. It is a process. He will teach you.

Question: Have you heard of Prophet Yahweh?

Sherry: I have him featured at He’s old news. He’s a NSA pawn.

Question: Have you heard of transfer factors to boost the immune system and to protect us from the heavy metals that we have in our bodies?

Sherry: I wouldn’t be taking anything that thy are putting out. If you want to detox from the heavy metals in your body, eat oatmeal. It is the greatest detox. The Lord always puts me on oatmeal and eggs. If you are getting fried from the high tech weapons that they have, eat eggs it will revitalize the cells in your body. If you want to detox from the heavy metals and poisons they are putting in your food, eat oatmeal. Go on a 3 day diet of oatmeal. Stay away from all the stuff they are putting gout. They are just getting you with their cures which are just as dangerous as any other product that’s out there.

Heads up. They are all into tweaking human DNA right now. Turning on codons that The Lord Himself turned off. It is an abomination to Him and it will bring death to these people. They think it will bring them life and longevity, but it will bring them death. It is an abomination. Stay away from it. That’s why I am spending so much time on it.

I’m going to wrap it up; it’s been about an hour. Until next week folks. I have no idea like usual what I am speaking on next week. I will when I show up. Whatever The Lord shows me during the week.

A heads up on the lightening falling from the sky and the satellites and anything NASA wants to bring up. You’re going to start watching a lot of UFO’s crashing out of the skies. A testament to the work we have been doing over the years with Orgone. We will defeat them. We will hamper them and bring down thousands of them. The war is just starting and we are starting to see some of the results, the fruit of our efforts.

Until next week everybody,Yah bless.

Sherry ShrinerAuthor of Bible Codes Revealed: The Coming UFO Invasion & Aliens on the Internet