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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Famine? They Should Know...

Well they're sending out their threats and warnings of the Famine they have planned for us.

Not that I haven't been warning about it for 2 years now.

It's already been written and prophesied about some 2,000 years ago. So it's not 'if' but 'when' the famine will come.

These are the days the Prophet warned about. When John saw our future he saw the coming of 'beasts' to the earth. Most think of the two beasts of Revelation 13. But let's not forget the 3 horses of the Apocalypse that serve to destroy mankind. Where the White Horseman tries to save it, the last 3 of the horsemen are riders who bring destruction and death.

The white and red horsemen have been riding, the black horseman is here, or on his way shortly. Naturally the 'horses' are symbollic. You're not going to see them physically ride horses in the air or ground.

Most people don't understand what 'beasts' are. They're Satan and his henchmen. His followers, his armies, his cohorts, those who 'fell' with him and after. Fallen Angels are 'beasts'. Demonic beings and demons are 'beasts.' And humans who are posseseed and incarnated by these beings are 'beasts.' The "beasts of the earth" is another name for all of them. The 'beasts of the field' are literal animals. Most people don't recognize that distinction, but there is one.

The coming Arabian Mahdi is the rider of the black horse. And his mere presence here will bring famine and death whether he's publicly recognized as being here or not. He could be operating in the background trying to plan his 'arrival' to the world, but you'll know when he's here...because of the famine. It's synonomous with him. We aren't going to have one without the other.

It's literally the next thing on the agenda.

One thing the Lord keeps showing me over and over in the Bible Codes is that the famine is planned...and not only planned but will be carried out by 'them' to control the world and nations.

Hundreds of millions of people will be affected and die of hunger, starvation, plagues...and really.."they" don't care. They want them too. They would like nothing more than to see every human on this planet die. They come as "righteous men" or "men of peace" but they are inwardly murderous cowardly beasts.

Oh yes the rider of the black horse, this Arabian "messiah" i.e. "world teacher" will have a buddy..the rider of the pale horse. Several months after the black horse rider and famine has ravaged the land the pale horse rider will appear as "Jesus" and they will deceive the world and the world's largest religions into believing that they are the expected "messiahs" of those religions.

Christianity and Islam, Budda and Hindu, all will embrace these beasts as "righteous men of God or Allah."

By then, Satan will have control of all the money and the food in the world. Nations who don't give up their sovereignty to be ruled by the 'beasts kingdom' on earth will be sanctioned, slaughtered, starved, and killed off.

The NWO has helped them as much as they can by pre-planning our demise via martial law, enforced famine and slaughter 'internment' camps. That's why they're warning of a coming famine, they've been planning it for years. The Arabian beast will need help when he arrives in gaining control of the earth and the NWO is obliging him.

The Antichrist is this Arabian beast. "Jesus" is his False Prophet.

Remember folks, Satan comes via these 2 beasts before the real Son of God comes at the Battle of Armageddon.

The Real Son of God, Yahushua, isn't coming to implement a new economic program on earth, he's coming to destroy the wicked off of it.

Which is why you will see the emergence of the beasts "Age of Aquarious" where they will 'cleanse' the world of the 'wicked' as they define wicked being those who don't agree with them. Those who rebel against their authority as worldwide religious dictators and the legislations and laws they create and enforce upon the world.

America is going to go through a time of testing. Martial law is actually "Satan's war on the Saints." Those with eyes will recognize it for what it is.

As the churches wait for the 'rapture' most of them will be rounded up and taken to slaughter camps.

Natural disasters and planned disasters will inflict 'relocations' of huge numbers of people...don't allow yourself to be 'relocated' by FEMA or the government. Relocate yourself to a high or dry place..the mountains and/or the deserts.

The most important thing, is to just get right with God. He will protect those who are His and seeking Him. That's relationship building folks...not religion. Learn to recognize and hear HIS voice...not your pastor's. Too many shepherds are leading their flocks straight to hell...and too many sheep won't and can't see it. That's why martial law will be used to test their real love for HIM.

A good shepherd would be leading his flock into relationship building with the Lord and how to be led by HIM and how to hear HIS voice...not simply opening the doors to fill coffers and play religion.

I hear from many pastors, many have become and are becoming conscientious to what the truth really is as they open their eyes to the deceptions of their monastery training and denominational mind controls.

And many feel trapped.

Stand up and do what's right. Whether you're a pastor or a warrior, or just a believer in the Most High. Stand up. Teach the truth, preach the truth, and who cares what others think! There's no greater accountability then to be a shepherd and to be leading people astray. Or to be one drowning in deceptions because you won't pray and ask the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to you. You just accept what the shepherds say because "it's in the Bible." People are accountable for what they embrace as the truth and how they live their lives, they can't blame it on their pastors at the Judgment Seat or Great White Throne Judgment. We're accountable for ourselves.

Step away and run away from the deceptions and lies of our churches and government. And start walking with HIM and HIM only. He will lead and guide you into what to do and how to survive the coming times we're in.

Love HIM. I mean really Love HIM...when you love HIM you'll see the chains of darkness drop from you as He liberates you from this world.

There's not much time left...2008...2009...tomorrow isn't even promised to you.

Yah bless His Warriors,

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