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Saturday, February 09, 2008

UFOs Falling From The Sky...Nibiru in Sight...

Gotta love it email I received in regards to 'satellites' falling over Tampa Bay Florida...

These are UFO's crashing to earth!! I've seen them around here for 2 years falling out of the skies...flashes of light, falling to the earth..sometimes a 'boom' most time it just disintegrates and vanishes in silence.

Orgone hitting the atmosphere is disrupting their ability to fly...

Just wait until they all come crashing down....LOLOL...

'stars falling to the earth'

We're making prophecy come alive folks...

Satellites falling over Tampa Bay (Florida)
Sherry,Last night (Thursday) there was a blurb on the 11:00 news on two small objects falling like comets seen clearly in the twilight sky. The first one they said could have been a piece of a satelite.. NASA said the second one was a bird. Strange that they both looked alike! We all know it was not a satelite. The pix can not be found on any of the web sites now. Tampa Bay just got hit by demons. Thought you'd like to know.

They can cut all the cables they want won't stop us from destroying their plans and exposing them for who and what they are!

According to the Bible Codes Nibiru is In a majority of people should be able to see it..

What exactly are we looking for?? A starlike's a moon/planet/star like object..

I don't know if it's a white star or a red star..would be helpful if it was just bright green or purple..haha..

Either way..with Nibiru in sight that means their access to earth is imminent..

Maitreya could be here in March..rearing his ugly egghead around Passover in the middle east..which is why they're cutting the cables..getting things ready for his arrival..

Much weather destruction coming this summer so prepare...

Also..a heads up on Vitamin D and K...

With lack of can cause depression..amongst other things that our bodies need via the sun...

From what i can tell the weather is going to be overcast and dismal over most of the start stocking up on eggs, sardines, tuna, chocolate (good for depression)..and anything else you can think of that contains Vitamins K and D.


There is a red star appearing at Orion's Belt..

Is it Nibiru??

Let's not forget they're also going to be lowering the "new Jerusalem" from Orion's belt....are they going to combine the two?? Make Nibiru look like the New Jerusalem and disguise it ??

The New Jerusalem facade will most likely be simulated to look like a cube..I seen that in the codes..

as Yah told me last week, "keep your eyes on the skies"

Yah Bless His Warriors

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