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Thursday, February 16, 2017

NIbiru - Planet X - The East Gate and More!

I have put out some videos the past couple of weeks - enjoy!

They're Putting Human Meat In Our Food Supply Wake Up Folks!!

Nibiru Planet X and the Coming Tribulation Period

Is Giant Red Nibiru Going To Turn Blue?

The East Gate of the Sun, Nibiru, sAint Germaine in Lock Up

Mike Pence and Paul Ryan Reptilian Satanists in D.C.

Was Tory Smith Murdered for Exposing Mike Pence in Child Trafficking??

Lilith is Back...Reptilians Out of Control

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Sherry Shriner Ministry Newsletter #2

Ambassador - Prophet - Messenger of the Most High

Hello Folks,

In my last newsletter I explained some of what was going on with the different factions and who they are. If you missed it you can read it on my blog at 

Today I just want to reveal some info you'll never hear from Science, or NASA, or our gov, who all keep the people dumbed down to the truths around them. 
The Sun
We see it every day unless it's a cloudy day. The Sun is our life source. Without it Earth would be a cold dead rock. Yet in space, no one else views it as we do. In fact it's barely even visible in space. Space is dark and cold. There is no "sun" in space. And yet Earth seems to have a direct connection to the Sun. 

1. The Sun is a Lake of Fire. Yeah we get it, we've all seen pictures of the hot lava surface of the sun and how nothing can even get near it without burning up. In this dimension. In our 3D dimension the Sun is a hot lake of fire and so bright you can't stare directly at it for very long. In other dimensions, such as the 5th Dimension or even higher the Sun appears very different, it is more of a bright light and isn't a heat source.

2. The Sun is known as the East Gate. There are gateways to Heaven and the most well known is the East Gate. The Sun is hollow and in other dimensions accessible by other beings such as Angels. NASA often airbrushes photos of UFOs around the sun...there are often wars around it as the Angels defend the East Gate and do not allow beings from lower dimensions such as the 5th or 4th Dimensions to travel in or through it. The New Agers want you to think the 5th Dimension is a higher spiritual dimension. That's not true. 

The 5th Dimension is a neutral dimension for spirit beings. Angels, Fallen Angels, Aliens, human spirits (ghosts), would all be considered part of the 5th Dimension because it is a "spirit" dimension, there are no fleshly human bodies there. It is also known as the Astral Realm. Spirit beings such as human spirits either as "ghosts" or in astral form, or even aliens, fallen angels, Ascended masters etc...cannot go higher into the 6th Dimension and beyond. Those dimensions are reserved for angels or those who have died and gone to Heaven.  90% of angels and heavenly beings reside in the 6th Dimension.

3. There is an open portal or gateway between the Sun and the Earth which allows the Sun's light and warmth to reach Earth. That's why those on Earth are the only ones who see the Sun and receive it's life source. If this connection was ever cut off the Earth would become a cold, dead, rock, like our closest neighbor the Moon.

The Twin Sun - The Second Sun
This is not a sun dog or weird anomaly from a camera that they want you to believe. The Second Sun or Twin Sun actually exists. There is no access to it from this dimension. So they claim it doesn't exist or we don't have the tech or capabllity to get to it because it's too far away. It's right within our own Solar System. It resides in the 6th Dimension which is why no earthly beings can access it. However we can see it.

The greatest prophet who ever walked the Earth, Enoch, describes this planet in the Book of Enoch and I made a video about it here

He describes a planet that was created as a place for the Patriarchs of the Earth and God's people to go to when they died. Modern churches refer to this place as Heaven.  There is one way you can access it and that would be to go through the gateway of the Sun itself to access it in the 6th Dimension. But as you can see, that's impossible since the sun is a Lake of Fire in our 3D dimension. 

The Second Sun, or Heaven, is NOT Nibiru. That's a separate planet itself.  People call it Nibiru all the time and it's annoying to me. The Second Sun rises in the east in the morning with the Sun and follows it across the sky and sets in the southwest/west at night when the sun sets. 

It is not Venus. It is the bright brilliant star people see at night in the West/southwest and don't know what it is. It is brilliant white and often has a bronze color to it as well because of all the gold on it no doubt, it is after all, a heavenly planet.

When God's people are taken off the earth, or die and go to heaven, this is where they go. Now you know.

Nibiru IS Nemesis
 Nibiru is a secondary 'sun', but it is red. Some want to say Nemesis is the center of the 7 planet Nibiru system but it is not. Nemesis and Nibiru are one and the same central planet of the Nibiru system. 

Nibiru was a 'sun' and planet that Lucifer wanted to use as the center of his own solar system that he was trying to create. He made it one of his home planets.  In our dimension it appears as a hot red sun, but that's not the case in higher dimensions where Lucifer dwelled at the time. 

Lucifer's rebellion against heaven was much more vast than the Bible mentions because the Bible was never meant to be a history book as much as a narrative book of what happened in the past, that's why it's short and to the point and doesn't elaborate and go into great detail.

I reveal what happened in the past, Lucifer's rebellion against God and Heaven, what really happened at the Garden of Eden and much more in my book Interview With The Devil that you can get on Amazon or at

Nibiru was a judged and condemned planet and cast out of the Heavenly solar system that existed at that time. It is filled with fallen angels who were also judged and put on it before it was cast out.

When it returns to our solar system the sheer size of it, at least 5 times the size of Jupiter, will cause much mayhem and destruction on Earth described by the Trumpet and Vial Judgments during the Tribulation Period described in the Book of Revelation.

The Most High God will use Nibiru to fulfill His ownJudgments on Earth. Ironic isn't it? Lucifer took over the Earth and is known as 'the god of this world' and as he sets up his kingdom on earth, it will be his own former home planet that will come in and destroy him and the mess he's made of Earth.

Now there's some justice isn't it?

Anyway folks if you're sitting on the fence get off it. 

Get right with God. And if you haven't accepted Yahushua ben David, the Son of God, as your messiah and Savior here's your chance

And don't forget to support this ministry. I am 100% supported by donations only. I don't have sponsors, I can't afford an office, it's just me and Father working together as He works through me to teach, educate, and wake up the masses.

Yah bless,
Sherry Shriner

I need your help folks!!

Friday, February 03, 2017

I'm a Destroyer and I'm Not On Vacation

So they tried to kill me again last night, early this a.m.

About 2 a.m. I got pounded with another heart attack. It was a full blown attack and it was brutal, the pain was unbearable...I don't know how I survive these. This is the 3rd or fourth time since the heart attack that put me in the hospital in Oct. 2015. I'll never go back to a Cardio Care Unit again. Ever. They don't put showers in the bathrooms, or tubs. I was there for 4 days and had no contact with water other than from a tiny bathroom sink. Seriously?? Not going back...ever.

I could hear the music. Some kind of beats, rythmic, energy raising they typically use alongside the chanting to direct their voodoo chants, curses toward the person they want to kill. Which was me. They tried it last week on Friday night and it was shut down pretty quickly. We just start blowing stuff up or sinking stuff, we cause mayhem and destruction to wherever the chants are coming from. And the fools seem to forget I can command billions of angelic forces. I don't know why this one early this morning was harder to stop. Father allows things for His purposes.

I know it was St. Germaine and Sananda who started it and spearheaded the whole thing. They wanted me to be their sacrifice for the RV/GCR kickoff. Looks like they're their own sacrifices now...don't mess with me.

Retaliation was sweet. Took out a bunch of bases around the world they were trying to hide. They won't get squat out of Antarctica, Easter Islands, Seychelles. Enjoy those earthquakes Italy...those fools at the Vatican never learn.

I'm not a choir girl. I'm an Angelic Warrior, a Destroyer. So when you come against me I retaliate. I have many titles. Prophet, Warrior, Destroyer, Messenger, Sere, but they forget the most I"m Father's Daughter here on Earth. I'm here to war against Lucifer. Everyone else just gets in the way.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Sherry Shriner Ministry Newsletter 02-02-17

Sherry Shriner Ministry Newsletter

The Last Days News With My Views

Prophet, Messenger, Ambassador, and Servant of the Most High

Hello folks,

The background war continues between the falling Reptilian regime run by the Illuminati Nazi bloodline families such as the Pope, Soros, Clinton's, Bush's etc...vs. the Knight Templars represented by President Donald Trump.

It really is baffling about the news associated with the Vatican kicking all Masons out of the Knights of Malta since they're all Masons...everyone in the Illuminati is a Mason. Another thing is they make it sound like it's a Mason vs. Jesuit war when even Donald Trump's father and youngest son are Jesuits...Trump himself could be a Jesuit.

So if you're getting lost in all the rhetoric, so is everyone else.

So let's just kick the rhetoric to the curb and look at what's really going on.


The 13 Illuminati bloodline familes are Reptilians. Often called lizards as well, it's the same thing. These are the German faction dominated by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, and George Bush Sr. They are dominated by bloodline to the Reptilian-lizard-snake faction of Lucifer's fallen angels.

Donald Trump represents the new Regime taking over that I've always referred to as the New Age Alien Agenda. This agenda is represented by the Ashtar Command, Galactics, Tall Greys, New Age Ascended Masters etc..everything New Age. These are dominated by Lilith's offspring in space known as the Tall Greys. The Tall Whites are also associated with them...such as Mt. Shasta (Tall Whites).

So it's basically the Reptiles vs. Tall Greys. 

The Tall Greys take on human manufactured bodies so they look human. This includes Sananda, Maitreya, St. Germaine, all the Ashtar Command, also known as Ascended Masters etc..

We're seeing the Reptilian regime fighting to stay in control of the western world such as USA, AUS, Canada, GBR, Europe etc...

However the New Age regime is establishing it's footholds and taking over with the election of Trump as president. It's a Regime changeover and the battle has been fierce amongst them.

The reptiles are kicking and screaming. They dominate the Democratic Party and Republican Party...which is why you see both of them seeming to work against President Trump. This has nothing to do with politics but associations and regimes. Most of the Democrats and Republicans had aligned with the Reptilians just to get in Congress and get their jobs. With their regime going down and the New Age taking over, alot of them see the end of their own careers.

Many working with the New Age Alien agenda are referred to as White Knights, or White Hat politicians, or White Hat/Knight news reporters etc..

The Illuminati bloodline fascists/socialist regime is now being taken over by the NESARA/GESARA platform which is the worldwide economic platform of the New Age regime's.

You can also check out my many articles and videos exposing the New Age Alien Agenda and their plans for the world at

One regime has died, the other is rising to replace it.

As children of the Most High we should not be supporting either of these groups. Both regimes are evil, neither of them Serve the Most High...they all serve Lucifer, they're just different branches of his (Satan's) tree.

We are heading into the times of Great Tribulation folks.

The Antichrist and False Prophet are from the Ascended Masters group, Maitreya and Sananda (fake Jesus).

As Trump aligns with this regime, and already has, it will bring about the events of the Tribulation Period as we will watch them unfold.

Anyway I just wanted to give a brief overview of what's going on and who is who and who is what and where.

Until next time everybody,
Yah bless,
Sherry Shriner


If you haven't accepted Yahushua ben David (Jesus the Son of David, the Son of God) as your Saviour don't you think it's time to? There's only one way to Heaven...See 

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Out With The Old...In With The New

Rolling into February already, I've been busy in the background.

I put out some new videos over the past month.

Message from the Most High for 2017

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Trump's War Against the UN, Ashtar Alien Alliance

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Angels In The Flesh

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I'm way past tired of the lizard and libtard wars against America. Obama's gone, it's over...end it already...Trump represents the Alien New Age Regime that will take over the Earth...whether he realizes it or can get all my info on the Alien New Age Regime at

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Almost The End of 2016

So it's almost the end of 2016.

Amazed it's been so quiet, but I didn't expect much either. It's not their crunch time.

Next year is.

The war of Hildabeast vs. Trump is over. Trump won. Trump signals the end of time for the old NWO crowd, in with the new.

Nothing more or less. He's not America's Saviour. He's just a signal.

I'm getting tired of the curb.

Tired, tired, tired.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mark of the Beast Phase Already Being Implemented

I was talking to the Father the other day when we were interrupted by Lucifer who wanted to talk to me. So Father said I could talk to him...this is part of that conversation.

I didn't release it earlier because my heart just sinks at what's happening and what I know is coming...they have several routes to bring their plans to it's usually a waiting and watching game to see what route is going to be taken on any one thing.

If you thought we were getting closer to the implementation of the Mark of the Beast then you haven't been paying attention. Even I was thrown for a loop on this one, but I"m not close to the corporate or banking world. And the tops of those already belong to the devil...but it's now affecting the employees of all these institutions, the trickle down effect is's already happening folks!!

How many people will recognize it for what it is? By DECEPTION Satan will take over and rule the won't always be an 'in your face' takeover, but by DECEPTION..and it's underway now folks!!

Sherry - - the soul scalpings geting really bad, it's everyone on TV..

Sherry - what's the plan

Lucifer - it's in full mode, of course you knew that...

Lucifer - the plan is to take over everything that matters, even stuff that doesn't...we'll control everything...

Sherry - its already at that point, so what's next...

Lucifer - we get ready to implement the Mark..

Sherry - they're already trying that with taking our guns

Lucifer - that just gets people riled up...

Lucifer - we can use other ways...controlling the food, water,

Lucifer - the gun phase just separates them from us, who's where...what...but doesn't really matter we already know, and won't matter when we use it to control the food

Lucifer - we'll start implementing food phases..

Sherry - what are the phases

Lucifer - gov control of welfare, people will have to take our mark (chip) to keep getting gov help...

Lucifer - then it will branch out to all gov employees from federal to local levels., corporate employees, banks, then it will branch out to the regular people..

Lucifer - the corporations control the distribution centers, the gov controls the corporations, it's all under our control..

Lucifer -it' will be under the guise of a new system, new economic reforms, people won't realize they're worshiping me until it's to late,

Lucifer - banking and economic reform, we can enforce it through bankruptcy, desperation...politics..immigration reform...there's a number of ways we can push it through...

Lucifer  - people can worry about stocking up their guns and bullets, when they're hungry they'll trade them all for a loaf of bread, they'll get the mark....they'll be so hungry they won't even think about it after a while, we'll use our propaganda to show how happy people are with the mark and how much easier it is, whatever works, the ones who are suffering without it will just get it...they'll be sick of suffering...they'll want to feed their kids...

Lucifer - I'll just sit in the background and watch...then I'll stand up and announce it's my system and they worship Me!

Sherry- won't matter, the chip will destroy them after they get it...not even human anymore...

Lucifer - laughs...LOL..I get the bragging rights...I'll take the credit, that's all that matters to me...

Many people will take the 'mark' not even realizing it's the "Mark" spoken of in the Bible....the Mark of the Beast...

Under the guise of a new economic or banking regulations they will be manipulated and coerced into taking it.

Parents will get the mark en masse just to get food for their hungry kids...

People will get it just to keep their jobs...under new "employee regulations" or whatever they come up with...

Only those people who are Discerning the Times will be aware of what is going on...

And that's why Yahushua always told the people to watch, and discern the people would recognize the deceptions taking place...

How many are watching?? How many are paying attention??

Satan's not going to come out and say "take my mark" and enforce it until the majority already have via Deception!!

Don't be deceived folks!!

Be Watching!!

Be Paying Attention!!

If you are told you need a RFID chip implant for work or banking reasons DO NOT GET IT for any reason!!

Don't get any type of chip implant for any reason!!!

There is no forgiveness for it!! Claiming "I was deceived" is NOT an excuse!! You've been forewarned about it since the day you were born!! The Bible has warned about it and been available for you to read and learn from your entire life!!

You may have to quit your job, or go off gov welfare, but you will save your soul from an eternity in HELL!! 

If you are not prepared for these times then thank "your pastor" they have failed their flocks!! But it is ultimately only your fault if you take the Mark of the Beast either knowingly or unknowingly because you could have read the Bible yourself and listened to His Watchmen and Prophets who have been warning about this for years!!

Prepare folks!!

Be Watching!!

Be Alert!!

Don't be deceived by the coming deceptions to deceive you into taking a chip implant!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mark of the Beast

I just posted a new video Father, Yahuah, the Most High has been wanting me to get out...

666 - Mark of the Beast - Chip Implant Don't Get It!!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

An Orgone Henge In Every State

We Need An Orgone Henge In Every State!!!

Our Orgone will destroy the Lizards dominating us and all the creatures that will be coming in when the dimensions merge! We have to get busy now folks! If you already saturated your area with Orgone pucks then awesome! But  a henge in each state will punch through the atmosphere and even space above that state and affect the entire state and region!! 

Pipes are powerful!!

I'm willing to travel to each state and put up a henge myself if I have to but I need your help!

What is a henge?  It is 12 -  5 foot (or larger) Orgoned pipes planted in a circular format. They can be 4-10 feet apart or even longer if you have the space. 

I have tallied some of the costs for supplies that we will need for 45 states (there's henges in 3 states already) and at about $90 a pipe (you buy them at 10 feet and cut them in half yourself) at this rate it would cost about $48,600 just for pipes alone, then probably another $50,000 - $75,000 for resin, copper wire, magnetic wire, aluminum shavings and resin. 

Then travelling or mailing expenses (we could make the pipes and send them to warriors to put up)

This project seems extreme but it's doable, what other choice do we have folks!!! Just let them march in here and round everyone up into FEMA camps uncontested? 

We need to fight back!!

We need to put up a resistance against them!!

They hate my Orgone!!!

I need  your help!!  We need about $200,000 - $300,000 to get this project started and possibly even completed!!

We need people who have never stood up to stand up and get involved and help us!!

This is the last year for us to knock this out and get it done!! 

Please HELP!!! Lucifer plans on taking over every Trust Account and Offshore Account in the World!! They're already telling you they're going to take over retirement accounts!! What they haven't told you directly is that they plan on taking over all Accounts!!

Do something with your $$ for Yah!! We fight against HIS enemies! We are HIS people!!

Help us fight against His enemies on and above Earth!!

This is a War folks!! I'd rather die fighting then on my arse in a FEMA camp!

Please send donations to:

Sherry Shriner
P.O. Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615