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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can A Christian Serve In Our Military?

I guess the real question is, should Christians be serving in our military? And the answer is NO.

With d'furer Bush publicly supporting and implenting a Luciferian and Satanic New World Order there shouldn't be one Christian in support of him either via the military or in any capacity whatsoever.

As Commander-in-Chief President Bush is using our military to conquer the world for Satanic and global tyranny. Trouncing our Constitution and eliminating our Bill of Rights with unconstitutional Presidential Directives he is paving the way for martial law, dictatorship, and the rule of the Antichrist over America. He knows full well what he is doing, as an avowed Luciferian (member of the Skull and Bones Society, Trilateral Commission and CFR) he has lulled many Christians to sleep with religious jargon to keep them "in line" and when it's time, he will command and lead them to their deaths.

The military is thus an arm of the Beast, global government, and Satan himself.

No Christian who truly loves the Lord could support President Bush and his initiatives and plans to destroy the America our founding fathers built and turn it into a fascist police state where government rules over the people instead of a government of and by the people.

President Bush's alcoholism is a danger to not just America, but the entire world. An alcoholic can't control himself, let alone a nation. He is a man without character or integrity and is devoid of any moral fortitude to stand in the highest office of the land representing this country.

Bush must be stopped and taken out of office. Congress isn't going to do it because they're all members of the same Satanic secret societies, in effect they are all guilty of treason against America and failing to uphold the Constitution because they are blatantly working to eliminate it.

By serving in the military these soldiers are ENDORSING Bush's actions and plans of implementing a Luciferian New World Order and eliminating the Constitution of America.

Bush is an enemy of the Most High God and God's people have no business supporting him!

It is time for the real Christians of America to unite and take a stand against the Satanic regime in control of Washington DC. It will soon be too late to do so.

As a Christian you can choose to live and die for the Most High and die with integrity and honor serving Him, or be led to the slaughter for putting your faith in a wolf who uses your taxes to plan your deaths.

It's time to wake up and stand up folks!

Enough is Enough.

Yah bless His Warriors

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fires Out of Control...

Just as I predicted..the fires would get outrageous as they try to beat our POE orgone with DOE.

Is it a fluke or a coincidence?


More wildfires flare, forcing further evacuations

1 person dies in South Dakota; hundreds flee blaze in Washington state
Rick Egan / The Salt Lake Tribune via AP

A scorched freeway sign sits in the road Saturday near Cove Fort, Utah.

Wildfires surge

July 8: As wildfires threaten towns in the west, now cities and towns in
the East are preparing for an increase in heat-related emergencies.
NBC's George Lewis reports.

Nightly News

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. - One of dozens of fires across the West raced out of
a canyon in South Dakota's Black Hills with a
vengeance on Sunday, killing a homeowner and destroying 27
homes, authorities said.

Residents of about 50 homes had fled the wildfire near Hot Springs,
which also injured two firefighters and closed a section of a state
highway, state and federal officials said. An area of roughly 9 square
miles has burned since the fire was sparked Saturday by lightning.

One person was killed trying to retrieve possessions from a home. The
person's identity was withheld until relatives could be
notified, authorities said.

This thing blew up because of extreme hot temperatures and the
winds, said Joe Lowe, state wildland fire coordinator.
"It came out of the canyon with a vengeance".

Gov. Mike Rounds toured the area Sunday and noted that the trees around some houses were charred but the dwellings were intact.

Raging wildfires

Aided by hot weather and gusty winds, brushfires are burning out of
control in several states.

™t know how in the world you saved some of those homes, he
told firefighters at an evening briefing.
More than two dozen homes had no damage because of a high-tech gel made of water-filled bubbles.

High wind near Wenatchee, Wash., overnight spread a brush fire that
threatened homes. By Sunday morning, 250 to 270 homes had been
evacuated, and at least three outbuildings were destroyed.

In fire-swept Nevada, about 1,500 evacuees from Winnemucca were allowed home hours after a wildfire destroyed an electrical substation and several outbuildings, shut down Interstate 80, delayed trains, and
killed livestock. No injuries were reported.

It was pretty hairy for quite a while, and people thought they would go
back to nothing, Humboldt County Undersheriff Curtiss Kull said
Sunday. It was a huge wall of flame coming at the homes.

It's amazing that no homes were lost. It was unknown how much
of the fire was contained Sunday, and no estimate was provided on when
full containment would be reached, said Jamie Thompson, a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

In Utah, the largest wildfire in state history grew to 283,000 acres on
Sunday. The blaze has swept through about 442 square miles of extremely dry sagebrush, cheat grass and pinion juniper in central Utah.

This fire just ran away from us, and we couldn't put a dent in
it, said Mike Melton, fire management officer for
Utah's Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands.

The fire forced the closure Sunday of a 60-mile stretch of Interstate 15
between Interstate 70 near Cove Fort and Beaver, Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Steve Winward said. It was unclear when the freeway would reopen.

Other fires blackened the landscape in California, Colorado, Arizona,
Idaho, Montana and Oregon.

Quick-moving flames burned through more than 34,000 acres in
California’s Inyo National Forest, skirting the popular John
Muir Wilderness north of Mount Whitney, the tallest peak in the lower 48 states.

60-mph winds in California

The blaze was less than 10 percent contained Sunday, though a break in
the 60-mph wind and triple-digit temperature gave firefighters a chance
to dig in, Inyo National Forest spokesman John Louth said.

When an ember lands in the sagebrush, thereâs a 100 percent chance of
it catching, said fire information officer Jim Wilkins.
“You put a spark on it, it will ignite into fire.

Flames up to 40 feet high threatened major power lines in the area
feeding the eastern Sierra front and greater Los Angeles, Wilkins said.

A wildfire in the Los Padres National Forest in Southern California
injured 11 firefighters, including one who suffered a broken leg. The
6,500-acre blaze was threatening 22 homes, said fire information officer
Joel Vela.

A 45,000-acre fire in Idaho was contained Saturday, officials said.
Crews on Sunday raced to repair fire-damaged transmission lines that
threatened rotating power failures.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Satan's Armies...

Satan's armies....geared up, ready, and waiting to torture, torment, and destroy mankind.

Are they all alien and demonic in origin? No. In fact many humans have sold out to Satan and are soldiers in his army and many have seen them or even heard about them...the men in black.

I'm not just talking about MIB's as some have experienced odd encounters with them and also featured via Hollywood movies, but the men in black in uniform that many have seen throughout the United States.

Many police forces such as Swat teams have switched to black uniforms instead of the traditional blue for police departments and there are black military uniforms as opposed to traditional army fatigues.

I've heard some people proclaim they have seen or spoken to Germans and Russians here in America with black uniforms on and wondered if they were part of a UN force making their presence in this country ever more known with the coming martial law plans here in our country for citizens who oppose and resist the establishment of a New World Order. A NWO that calls for the suspension and eratication of our Constitution in favor of a New World of police states and Fascism.

They may be part of the UN, but more particularly they are Satan's army on earth. Our own NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA, and many other federal agencies that have over the past decade given room to these 'black op' departments within them who work to secure our future into slavery and domination of Satan and his NWO.

Several years ago I warned of FEMA and how Satan would use it to fill it with his own minions (Anuk's) to transport and murder thousands and even millions of Americans to internment-death camps.

But FEMA isn't the only agency he's going to utilize. In fact he's using many of our federal agencies to fill the ranks of those loyal to him.

In the Bible Codes there are 3 separate armies that I've seen, Satan's own "angelic" armies that are coming to deceive the world that they are angels from heaven and even mankind's original creators. Then there is the 'black army' and the 'orange-colored' army.

The colors of the UN are blue and orange and they contain factions of armies from every country in the world masked as 'peace keepers.'

Yet they are different and distinct from the black army. I believe it's because the black army are not all humans but also contains inhuman "universal type" soldiers, cloned and even brain-chip implanted creations of black op experiments within our military bases.

Robotoids...Automatons..Clones...beings without souls.

The human aspect of this army would be those who are chip implanted and can be controlled by their handlers-officers if needed. They are sold out to the NWO and here to implement martial law in America and wouldn't think twice about murdering women and children. The soulless beings would do whatever they are commanded to do and have no consciousness of their actions...a much better feature for Satan in the last days. He fully intends to use this 'black army' as his frontline men in establishing his rule of tyranny around the world.

Human armies are too much of a risk, humans have a conscious and can even try to mutiny against him. With chip implanted pawns and even soulless beings, they can be completely controlled by him.

Even those who have taken part in the Luciferian Initiation of establishing a NWO here on earth can be then soul-scalped and replaced by demons who can then operate through that soldier using his body as their own.

A Luciferian Initiation is taking a vow to worship and serve Lucifer and proclaiming one's loyalty to his NWO. At that point, once a person vows (their soul) to Lucifer he has every legal right (in spiritual and physical terms) to then possess that person. And these people don't realize that...when you take vows to Lucifer you are giving him complete access to soul-scalp you. This Luciferian Initiation gives Satan your soul. That means he can kill you (take your soul to hell) while your body is still 'alive' here on earth but taken over and possessed by a demonic or alien being to use as they want. It's a complete possession by Satan.

A person is a spirit (soul) who lives in a body. Our bodies are just shells, containers for our soul. If the spirit is separated from the body the body can continue to live in the state it's in. When you hear of people who astral project they have left their physical body and are roaming around the world in their spirit bodies. If they are cut off and can't get back to their physical bodies for whatever reason then their physical body will eventually die. In this case Satan can keep the physical body alive by taking it over and inhabiting it, also known as 'animating' a body. Even if the body itself dies, it can be 'animated' to make it appear it is still alive.

A fair warning to those who might otherwise get suckered into proclaiming and taking the Luciferian Initiation when it comes. It's eternal death to your soul.