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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

It's looking like there may be a fuel air bomb attack here in America some time in January.

Of course when we make idiots out of ourselves and expose it they'll cancel it. But that's the whole point isn't it? It doesn't matter what I, or others look like, we're used to taking the criticisms, as long as they cancel their plans.

If a fuel air bomb hit it would kill everything in a several mile radius. It literally is an explosion in the air that sucks the oxygen out of everything beneath it for several miles. So it would involve some kind of plane spraying a layer of fuel in the sky and then it being lit on fire.

I'm working on this and will have more details later. Just a heads up for now.

Monday, November 29, 2004

When I first started this blog I mentioned covert war against saints and patriots and how the government likes to use circumstances and instances to just drive you crazy. In fact there's a website put up by those well familiar with their tactics.

I have been a victim of this covert game for the past two years and it's always something. I've learned patience and having a sense of humor is important to combat their tactics, and to this day, you just learn to live with it and expect for something to go wrong at any and all times.

On Thanksgiving morning I was up early and cooking, getting ready to head to the family get together. I had previously bought at the store everything I needed for all the food I was going to make and take with me. Yet that morning, I couldn't find the can of cream of chicken I had bought for one of the casseroles I was going to make.

I searched everywhere, tore the kitchen apart and couldn't find it, started walking through the house looking and couldn't find it..I even tore the kids toy box apart and couldn't find it. And yes, for even the strangest of reasons only a parent would be familiar with, I looked under the couch and couldn't find it.

It wasn't anywhere. I was frustrated. I sent the troops (kids) out to look for it, it was a family event just trying to find my can of cream of chicken. It was simply nowhere to be found.

So I decided to just take a shower and get ready to leave, minus one of my favorite casseroles, easy cheesy hasbrown potato casserole mind you. So while I'm getting ready the brilliant idea hit me to ask Yahweh where it was. After all, the creator of the Universe would know where a can of cream of chicken disappeared to.

So I asked Him, thinking I still have time to hurry up and make it if I can find where 'they' put it. At this point, I knew something was up with that thing. I'm way to familiar with the crap that flies when you're a servant of Yahweh's and taking a stand against the New World Order and the minions and forces that worship it. So I'm just standing in the bathroom at the sink and I asked Yahweh, "Ok where is it? What did they do to my cream of chicken?" And Yah said to me, "a government remote viewer has it." And I said, "Ok where did he put it?" At this point thinking I could still get it and make the casserole before I leave..but no..Yah says, "He's (remote viewer) holding it, and he's laughing."

Well, so much for that. I gathered all the ingredients I needed, threw them in a bowl and stopped at Drug Mart on the way out of town and bought another can. I was amazed they had it. And I made the casserole anyway, at my relatives house.

Just another day in the life of me..Sherry Shriner..

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Well I hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving. It has always been one of my favorite holidays but anymore holidays are just a distraction and I could really do without them. I don't like having to be away from my work and extended periods of time really drive me crazy.

I need a laptop. One of those wireless things.


I go into anxiety thinking of doing nothing for several days. I have so much to do, so much to write, so much to do to further the cause of exposing agendas and idiots. I'm just a peon, I can't do everything but I can do something.

Audios coming soon on my sites. I'm set up almost and ready to go with it.

The radio show is truly amazing. Truly going global.

The war is on, it's us against them. Who is us? Normal, sane people vs. the Lucifer loving freaks.
We're peace loving people around the world who don't want their wars, greed, drugs, pedophilia, homosexuality and every evil vice you can think of. We are God fearing believers, patriots of our countries, people who want to keep their soverignty instead of being pushed into a global freak government that worships sin and Lucy/Lucifer.

United we will grow to be.

This is a global problem. The bullying of regime changes has to stop, those who don't agree to this NWO are systematically taken over and forced to cooperate. It wont' be stopped until people really know what is going on.

Wake up people. Your nations are being destroyed so they can be controlled by the Satanists. Just as America has been.

The United States of Satanism.

Unite. Pray for their strongholds to be broken.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

more nonsensicle babble from the news media...

this week Pastor Harry will be on the radio show again. Pastor Harry wants to become a permanent co-host of the show so give me some feedback on that folks and let me know what you think. It is easier to have a co-host on a show and I think it makes it more interesting because more info gets brought up.

Good to hear from Belgium and India this week. This show is literally global and if you haven't caught it yet check out

People are taping the shows on cd's and passing them around.

I put a warning on my radio site to the Pierson-Schwartz group, I don't know who you are other than Satan freaks so read it closely.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Well I have been busy..I got the what I think version of my book to the publisher this week. It is still in the production process and now that it is out of my hands I will be working on getting the second one together and submitted as well.

I am swamped with orgone orders and very behind in those as well. Sorry folks, I'm going to spend the next few days trying to catch up.

I need a maid, I need a cook, I need help! It is not easy. I have so many things to do there is never a dull moment or something that doesn't need done or something I am not behind on.
It's overwhelming. It's been past that point for a year now.

News with my views..

Trading Colin Powell for Condoleeza Rice is window dressing. Exchange one lizard for another and expect different results, right ok.

People think Powell is ethical and has morals. It's part of the game. They just want to save his image in case they need him later. The public buys into the facade so they're accommodating. I probably spelled that wrong but oh well, who cares. Powell is from the bloodline families, just another pawn in the New World Order who is working to bring Satan to power and playing his part. They all make me sick. Blood drinking, ritual sacrificing, freaks.

Interesting website at for whatever it's worth, it's news you won't hear from our media anyway.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I just posted a new article called "How to Detect Chips and Nullify Them" at,,, and

I thought it gave good info..the Native Prophecy Council list at Yahoo apparently didn't think so, they kicked me off their list.


Would the real anti-NWO crowd please stand up?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I posted a new article at
It's really very fascinating and interesting about the pre-Adamic era and makes complete sense if you think about it.

If Kerry wanted the election he'd be yelling about it, seems to me it's not the people but Mossad and CIA operatives playing their usual game of trying to stir up civil unrest and trouble. Would Americans be better off with Kerry? Does it make a difference who is in power when both Bush and Kerry are Skull and Bonesman having taken loyalty oaths to Lucifer? That means they commit treason by taking the oath of public office because they have no intentions of defending the Constitution of the United States against foreign or domestic terrorists. They ARE the domestic terrorists.

A lot of people having dreams of round ups coming soon. Round ups would begin before martial law according to those who have dug into the plans of martial law and the New World Order.

To fear the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. To fear man is a complete waste of time.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Tonight I will be on TheEdge with Dan Ott at at 8pm EST. My regular show will not be aired or a previous show will be taped in its place.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The elections are coming down to really doesn't surprise me. Ohio is dominant in the codes and especially relating to end time events.

I see it all the time. Ohio and Maine.

First of all, I live here, so where I live is always in the codes (Canton, Ohio) because they hate me, I influence events, I'm a larger part in the scheme of end time events than I can even imagine or understand, and so therefore it's mentioned a lot. The mere fact that I am a radical prophet of Yahweh's who is always exposing their plans and always in their face one way or another, draws attention, not just theirs, the freaks in the NWO, but it's dominant in the codes in just about everything. My name itself, can be found in just about every event coming down the pike.

Why? Because I'm exposing it, or because I've done something to hamper their plans, and that's usually the biggest kick I get out of seeing it in the codes, to see the terms "angry, hate, furious" it always makes me laugh. They're my enemies. I'm glad I can do something to ruin their plans. I'm glad I've done alot of things that have messed up a lot of their plans already, and I still have a future of time to keep doing it. Praise Yahweh. I don't pity those freaks. I loathe them. They are enemies of Yahweh. They are enemies of mankind. And they are enemies of mine.

And I'm still laughing about the Miami code. HAHAHAHA if people only knew. One day they will. For now they can berate me and say what they want, but the freaks know, and I know, and Yahweh knows, and that's all that matters. I don't live to please man, I'm a servant of the Lord's and I do what He leads me to do or asks me to do and messing up their Miami nuking was just one of many of their plans that has been messed up by just a nobody in Canton, Ohio.

There are a lot of events to come in Ohio in regards to these last days.

Another thing is Ohio has Dayton Wright Patterson Air force Base. And that is a huge underground joint alien and human facility that is also going to come into play with end time events. Lima, Ohio a nesting home for aliens perhaps. I believe there's a University there, Northwest, Northwestern, or something like that. Universities are usually stomping grounds for intelligence agencies. It's where they usually operate the most. And it's not to far from Dayton. That whole area over there in the south western part of Ohio is just crawling with alien activity.

Meanwhile on the southeastern part of the state is me, working daily to combat all aliens and the NWO freaks.

It's amusing.

And then there was the threat from the CIA's clone Osama Bin laden who said whoever votes for Bush better be worried about their security. Will the clone, or should I say NWO-CIA orchestrate an attack on Ohio now?

Wouldn't surprise me.

For those who can't fathom another 4 more years with Bush dont' worry about it. He won't be around too much longer. He'll never finish a year, let alone a second term. But that isn't good news either.

The War on the Saints is coming.

For those relieved we have a "Christian" president in office..HAHAHAHAHAHA...sing your praises when you're being hauled off to your deaths. The Lord's watchmen have tried to warn you and you won't listen.

So what's going to happen?

Bush will go on 'vacation' and Cheney will take over for a short while, but it won't last because his heart pacer is going to run out of batteries and there will be no recharging it.

The plans remain the same. No wonder Yahweh didn't want me wasting my time on the elections.

Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm not posting an election code. You can read why at

Severe biological attacks heading our way. Remains to be seen how they will spread but they're coming.

My network show with the micro broadcasters was cancelled after the first show. Guess I'm just too hot for radio!


My regularly scheduled broadcast with the Reality Radio Network will continue.