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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Well I have been busy..I got the what I think version of my book to the publisher this week. It is still in the production process and now that it is out of my hands I will be working on getting the second one together and submitted as well.

I am swamped with orgone orders and very behind in those as well. Sorry folks, I'm going to spend the next few days trying to catch up.

I need a maid, I need a cook, I need help! It is not easy. I have so many things to do there is never a dull moment or something that doesn't need done or something I am not behind on.
It's overwhelming. It's been past that point for a year now.

News with my views..

Trading Colin Powell for Condoleeza Rice is window dressing. Exchange one lizard for another and expect different results, right ok.

People think Powell is ethical and has morals. It's part of the game. They just want to save his image in case they need him later. The public buys into the facade so they're accommodating. I probably spelled that wrong but oh well, who cares. Powell is from the bloodline families, just another pawn in the New World Order who is working to bring Satan to power and playing his part. They all make me sick. Blood drinking, ritual sacrificing, freaks.

Interesting website at for whatever it's worth, it's news you won't hear from our media anyway.

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