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Friday, July 28, 2006

"Who will fight for Me?"

I will be on the Dave Glover show, run out of St. Louis on 97.1 next Thursday. I'll post more info next week on how you can listen to the show on the internet. Dave hosts a paranormal based talk show and so we will be talking about UFOs and aliens with listener call-ins.

Two years ago when I wrote my article on The Dulce Base see I ended it with a plea for all Yah's people to pray that the prisoners in these bases be released. As I listened to Hannah Billups interviews with Daniel Ott last night I was surprised and relieved to see someone else who is standing up to make it more known about what is going on in these underground bases.

Nationally there are over 300,000 people missing every year, and as I repeat myself over and over, most of these are victims to our government and military and their underground bases. In an electronic age people don't just disappear without ever being found, unless you're a victim of the New World Order. Over just 10 ten years that's 3 million people, now think about 20 years, 30 years, and that's just in the United States.

I now have internet access on my laptop so I've been busy installing programs so I can actually try and get back to updating my websites and getting back in touch with the internet itself. Many people have asked when I will resume uploading recordings to my websites but that will be another couple of weeks or so. The software I need and have for that is in storage and I'm not sure exactly where it is. Everything we own is in storage right now as we continue to look for a house to live in. Being on the front lines isn't easy, I've gone through assassination attempts, death threats, constant surveillance, to losing our home and being blackballed from obtaining another one. It's always something.

But as the Lord says in Psalms 94, "who will stand up for Me" against His enemies and those who hate Him and seek to fight against Him.

I'll fight against them. I haven't stopped in 10 years. It's been a constant battle exposing the plans and tactics of Satan and his New World Order, and our government and black military that are working alongside him.

Yah bless His Warriors.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Alien Abductions

Over the last month or so many people have sent me the link to Daniel Ott's The Edge interview with Hannah Billups asking me to listen to it and give my opinion of it. I couldn't listen to it then and I still don't have the ability to do so now, but one thing I never did was realize at the time was I already knew who this Hannah was..that I had already spent some time talking with her and trying to help her, I just never knew her last name and realized it was her until recently.

Recently I talked to Hannah again and she has asked me to write a chapter or two for a book she is going to write about her experiences.

There seems to be a lot of uproar over the interview itself. Perhaps people think she's crazy, what. I couldn't list on here what people have said about me.

Abductions are real. Plain and simple. And they happen to good Christian people. So there goes the theory, "they're not saved" for all the pragmatic religious freaks.

I don't consider myself a religious freak, just a servant, follower and warrior for the Most High. I hate religion. Religion is man and mind control. Plain and simple.

Most people who consider themselves as Christians or just those who love the Lord and have had abduction experiences with aliens won't talk about them for fear of being ridiculed. When they do start to talk..they come out of the woodwork from pastors to the choir to weekly pew potatoes.

So it's nothing new, at least not to me, because I've talked to perhaps thousands of people over the years who have had experiences with aliens, UFOs or the military.

Perhaps Hannah's story struck some nerves with people who just have a hard time grasping that this is a reality that really exists.

I'm working on an article that I will be posting soon on Abductions. But one thing people need to realize is that this can happen to anyone and here's some reasons why:

1. Generational curses - allows them access to you. Rebuke and renounce all generational curses passed down to you and ask the Lord to forgive you for them and close all the doors of access to you that were opened because of them, if any.

2. Unconfessed sin - yes if you go to sleep at night with unconfessed sin regardless of how holy a person you are, you can be a victim of an abduction because the sin you have that is unconfessed gives them access to you. The military has a field day with this one. It's common for them to target an individual with ELF weapons at bedtime and get a person to sin via lust getting them to focus on unholy things right before they fall asleep. Then they have access to the person and can abduct them.

3. Drug and alcohol abuse. This pretty much falls in with #2 but you'd be amazed at how many people don't think drugs or alcohol are a sin or the consequences of it.

4. Music - there are all types of music that can give them access to you, most notably rock music, rap music, or that voodoo trance kind of music. Demons react to beats of music and there are certain tones and beats that will activate them around where the music is being played, even to the person listening to it. Demons can possess and harass people who listen to 'their' music.

5. Chip implants - most people have chip implants. We get them from vaccinations, flu shots, etc.. this is a tracking marker for them. They'll always know where you are. Aliens will implant children at night while they're sleeping, thus why nose bleeds are so dominant amongst children at early ages. The military will implant people via vaccinations and flu shots. Both groups, aliens and the 'black' military are heavily involved with chipping and implanting people. Ask the Lord to deactivate the chips if you believe you have been implanted, I have a article on magnets and how to deactivate them at

The best thing I have found to stop harrassment and/or abductions other than calling on the name of Jesus (if they haven't paralyzed your mind) is Orgone. Aliens hate orgone. They won't come near it When I prayed and asked Yah how to stop ELF and EMP attacks He told me how to make orgone. It was from trying to stop ELF attacks that I learned this same orgone would stop alien abductions and alien harrassment. In fact orgone has numerous uses, it will eliminate chemtrails as well and keep them out of your area.

I have been the vicious target of aliens and the black military since I began exposing their tactics over the last couple of years. Being on the frontlines against Satan and his cohorts has given me a lot of laughs, and at the same time...trouble. But I leave the trouble for Yah to handle and just focus on getting more laughs. I love destroying their strongholds and watching their billion dollar technology get snared and destroyed by a few dollars and a sincere love for Yah.

I get knocked down. But I'm still laughing even laying on the ground folks.

I'll be writing more this week on aliens and abductions and why they do them.

Yah bless His Warriors.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Damascus the Parking Lot...

Is Damascus about to become a nuked parking lot?

I wouldn't be surprised since it's been prophesied by Isaiah (?) and to date it hasn't been destroyed yet. So it's coming...just a matter of 'when.'

The Illuminati wants a huge WW3 so they can bring Satan/Antichrist in as "God." They would have him arrive via a huge production of lights and UFOs to mimick what the Bible describes as the Second Coming of Jesus/Yahushuah. I have info on The Blue Beam Project at my website at

Yes they actually have a name and project for their worldwide charade and illusion they have planned for mankind.

It will be even more interesting to see how the alien agenda reacts...if they even do or just chicken out as usual...they seem to be timid in getting their agenda moving to the would never think so as much as they talk...but their mouths are much bigger than their actual confidence they can oust the clones and keep public opinion swoozled on themselves as "gods." It would have to be perfect for it to work and the public isn't ready for that yet.

Maitreya vs. Sananda.

ah..and it's one of their favorite months..July.

Meanwhile I've been a bit busy in the middle of my own war.....I appreciate all the prayers and support.

Yah bless His Warriors!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Ramon Watkins at it again...

Ramon Watkins, aka "Prophet Yahweh" is at it again...calling down "UFOs" from the sky as he was featured on Fox news recently, it doesn't seem he's going to realize any time soon that he was just a pawn last year as he tries to retain publicity and get even more for his charades.

How do you turn a chip implant off? Magnets can deactivate them but not all of them, brain implants are harder to get to and more dangerous to try and remove, so the best way to beat those is to recognize that the "voices" in your head are from the military and not God Himself. There are several black op military groups having a field day playing God to millions of people in this country. God doesn't speak to a person's head, so until people realize the difference they're going to be fooled by the charades of the military and the church of NORAD.

The Serpent Seedline continues to dominate this country and work to tear it away from it's past of Patriotism in America toward a fascist global police state they can dominate.

Satan is in control in this country and it's the job of the Lord's people to rebuke it and fight against it and rise up against it. The Lord works in various ways and will stand some people up to fight against it through politics, activism, or whatever way He can use them or call them to action. Many others work behind the scenes and are doing what He leads them to do while the majority simply complain of the degradation of our society watching it fall further into evil and satanism and yet attack those who stand up against it and do nothing themselves but stand in judgment against everyone else who are doing something.

My worst enemies consider themselves as Christians.

I could write a book on that but I won't.

And then there's those who think the Lord only speaks to them or that what He says to them He never possibly said to anyone else. I get tired of those idiots.

Whenever the Lord says something to me and I post it on this blog or elsewhere I always hear from others that He told them the exact same thing. So while the Holier-than-thou's think He only speaks to them spend all their time attacking the Lord's people they do nothing to further the Kingdom of God, they just work to divide it.

I leave it all in His hands. He knows I'm tired of it.

I've heard from several warriors helping to heal the land for the Most High. If you have been called into the battle then it has to be your priority for now folks. There's much we need done to accomplish for HIM.

The deserts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico need our focus and attention. We need to put as much orgone out there as we can folks. Mark an area and throw a puck every 2 miles. Those who live in or near those areas need to take them for Yah. Satan wants to hide in our deserts ..well folks let's kick him out of them.

This is our Project Desert Storm...kicking Satan and his Serpent Seed out of this country!

Yah bless His Warriors!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Flying Over Radar

You would think considering my circumstances that I'd be considered a 'has been' by now, but apparently I'm still under surveillance by TPTB. More like, the "idiots" that be...what are they afraid of? I was followed around all night last night at a silly concert on the campground.

I never even noticed it until my husband said something, as usual I'm usually completely oblivious to those around me, I really don't care what or who is doing or wants to do what...

I think all the military flyovers over the campground had my husband on edge yesterday anyway, I mean what's the big deal? If they want my attention they'll have to land a missile on my tent, otherwise I'm not personally paying attention to their shenanigans. They need to stop wasting taxpayer money on gas is what I think.

Wonder how Jasper, Arkansas is doing these days, not to mention the corn fields of Illinois and Indiana..

They're really doing what they can to keep me off the road...which means Yah's warriors are going to have to stand up and get orgone out into the deserts, particularly Utah and Nevada. Salt Lake needs orgone in well as the desert areas in Utah, NM, and Nevada. Who will stand up and get those areas? Just do it folks...the orgone in the deserts is the air their underground bases will be pulling in...not to mention getting orgone in water everywhere...that's the water these bases are using as well...

We can defeat them...just in Yah's ways, not man's way of thinking.

To them, orgone "contaminates water and air" and they can't stand it, so we need to be putting it where they are affected by it the most, deserts and lakes.

New Yorkers need to be tossing orgone in the water around your burroughs out there...

If you have lakes around you start tossing orgone in them.

If we weren't so effective against them they wouldn't be trying to take me out of the battle folks...and that's exactly what they're trying to do...they are trying to stop the orgone war against them...which means we've just got to step up 1000 fold and get it out there all the more...we can defeat many of their plans and their billion dollar technology with orgone blasters..imagine that..

It doesn't look like my situation is going to change any time soon but I'll post to my blog as I can.

Yah bless His Warriors...