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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Flying Over Radar

You would think considering my circumstances that I'd be considered a 'has been' by now, but apparently I'm still under surveillance by TPTB. More like, the "idiots" that be...what are they afraid of? I was followed around all night last night at a silly concert on the campground.

I never even noticed it until my husband said something, as usual I'm usually completely oblivious to those around me, I really don't care what or who is doing or wants to do what...

I think all the military flyovers over the campground had my husband on edge yesterday anyway, I mean what's the big deal? If they want my attention they'll have to land a missile on my tent, otherwise I'm not personally paying attention to their shenanigans. They need to stop wasting taxpayer money on gas is what I think.

Wonder how Jasper, Arkansas is doing these days, not to mention the corn fields of Illinois and Indiana..

They're really doing what they can to keep me off the road...which means Yah's warriors are going to have to stand up and get orgone out into the deserts, particularly Utah and Nevada. Salt Lake needs orgone in well as the desert areas in Utah, NM, and Nevada. Who will stand up and get those areas? Just do it folks...the orgone in the deserts is the air their underground bases will be pulling in...not to mention getting orgone in water everywhere...that's the water these bases are using as well...

We can defeat them...just in Yah's ways, not man's way of thinking.

To them, orgone "contaminates water and air" and they can't stand it, so we need to be putting it where they are affected by it the most, deserts and lakes.

New Yorkers need to be tossing orgone in the water around your burroughs out there...

If you have lakes around you start tossing orgone in them.

If we weren't so effective against them they wouldn't be trying to take me out of the battle folks...and that's exactly what they're trying to do...they are trying to stop the orgone war against them...which means we've just got to step up 1000 fold and get it out there all the more...we can defeat many of their plans and their billion dollar technology with orgone blasters..imagine that..

It doesn't look like my situation is going to change any time soon but I'll post to my blog as I can.

Yah bless His Warriors...

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