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Monday, July 10, 2006

Ramon Watkins at it again...

Ramon Watkins, aka "Prophet Yahweh" is at it again...calling down "UFOs" from the sky as he was featured on Fox news recently, it doesn't seem he's going to realize any time soon that he was just a pawn last year as he tries to retain publicity and get even more for his charades.

How do you turn a chip implant off? Magnets can deactivate them but not all of them, brain implants are harder to get to and more dangerous to try and remove, so the best way to beat those is to recognize that the "voices" in your head are from the military and not God Himself. There are several black op military groups having a field day playing God to millions of people in this country. God doesn't speak to a person's head, so until people realize the difference they're going to be fooled by the charades of the military and the church of NORAD.

The Serpent Seedline continues to dominate this country and work to tear it away from it's past of Patriotism in America toward a fascist global police state they can dominate.

Satan is in control in this country and it's the job of the Lord's people to rebuke it and fight against it and rise up against it. The Lord works in various ways and will stand some people up to fight against it through politics, activism, or whatever way He can use them or call them to action. Many others work behind the scenes and are doing what He leads them to do while the majority simply complain of the degradation of our society watching it fall further into evil and satanism and yet attack those who stand up against it and do nothing themselves but stand in judgment against everyone else who are doing something.

My worst enemies consider themselves as Christians.

I could write a book on that but I won't.

And then there's those who think the Lord only speaks to them or that what He says to them He never possibly said to anyone else. I get tired of those idiots.

Whenever the Lord says something to me and I post it on this blog or elsewhere I always hear from others that He told them the exact same thing. So while the Holier-than-thou's think He only speaks to them spend all their time attacking the Lord's people they do nothing to further the Kingdom of God, they just work to divide it.

I leave it all in His hands. He knows I'm tired of it.

I've heard from several warriors helping to heal the land for the Most High. If you have been called into the battle then it has to be your priority for now folks. There's much we need done to accomplish for HIM.

The deserts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico need our focus and attention. We need to put as much orgone out there as we can folks. Mark an area and throw a puck every 2 miles. Those who live in or near those areas need to take them for Yah. Satan wants to hide in our deserts ..well folks let's kick him out of them.

This is our Project Desert Storm...kicking Satan and his Serpent Seed out of this country!

Yah bless His Warriors!

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