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Friday, July 28, 2006

"Who will fight for Me?"

I will be on the Dave Glover show, run out of St. Louis on 97.1 next Thursday. I'll post more info next week on how you can listen to the show on the internet. Dave hosts a paranormal based talk show and so we will be talking about UFOs and aliens with listener call-ins.

Two years ago when I wrote my article on The Dulce Base see I ended it with a plea for all Yah's people to pray that the prisoners in these bases be released. As I listened to Hannah Billups interviews with Daniel Ott last night I was surprised and relieved to see someone else who is standing up to make it more known about what is going on in these underground bases.

Nationally there are over 300,000 people missing every year, and as I repeat myself over and over, most of these are victims to our government and military and their underground bases. In an electronic age people don't just disappear without ever being found, unless you're a victim of the New World Order. Over just 10 ten years that's 3 million people, now think about 20 years, 30 years, and that's just in the United States.

I now have internet access on my laptop so I've been busy installing programs so I can actually try and get back to updating my websites and getting back in touch with the internet itself. Many people have asked when I will resume uploading recordings to my websites but that will be another couple of weeks or so. The software I need and have for that is in storage and I'm not sure exactly where it is. Everything we own is in storage right now as we continue to look for a house to live in. Being on the front lines isn't easy, I've gone through assassination attempts, death threats, constant surveillance, to losing our home and being blackballed from obtaining another one. It's always something.

But as the Lord says in Psalms 94, "who will stand up for Me" against His enemies and those who hate Him and seek to fight against Him.

I'll fight against them. I haven't stopped in 10 years. It's been a constant battle exposing the plans and tactics of Satan and his New World Order, and our government and black military that are working alongside him.

Yah bless His Warriors.

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