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Friday, July 14, 2006

Damascus the Parking Lot...

Is Damascus about to become a nuked parking lot?

I wouldn't be surprised since it's been prophesied by Isaiah (?) and to date it hasn't been destroyed yet. So it's coming...just a matter of 'when.'

The Illuminati wants a huge WW3 so they can bring Satan/Antichrist in as "God." They would have him arrive via a huge production of lights and UFOs to mimick what the Bible describes as the Second Coming of Jesus/Yahushuah. I have info on The Blue Beam Project at my website at

Yes they actually have a name and project for their worldwide charade and illusion they have planned for mankind.

It will be even more interesting to see how the alien agenda reacts...if they even do or just chicken out as usual...they seem to be timid in getting their agenda moving to the would never think so as much as they talk...but their mouths are much bigger than their actual confidence they can oust the clones and keep public opinion swoozled on themselves as "gods." It would have to be perfect for it to work and the public isn't ready for that yet.

Maitreya vs. Sananda.

ah..and it's one of their favorite months..July.

Meanwhile I've been a bit busy in the middle of my own war.....I appreciate all the prayers and support.

Yah bless His Warriors!!

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