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Monday, July 24, 2006

Alien Abductions

Over the last month or so many people have sent me the link to Daniel Ott's The Edge interview with Hannah Billups asking me to listen to it and give my opinion of it. I couldn't listen to it then and I still don't have the ability to do so now, but one thing I never did was realize at the time was I already knew who this Hannah was..that I had already spent some time talking with her and trying to help her, I just never knew her last name and realized it was her until recently.

Recently I talked to Hannah again and she has asked me to write a chapter or two for a book she is going to write about her experiences.

There seems to be a lot of uproar over the interview itself. Perhaps people think she's crazy, what. I couldn't list on here what people have said about me.

Abductions are real. Plain and simple. And they happen to good Christian people. So there goes the theory, "they're not saved" for all the pragmatic religious freaks.

I don't consider myself a religious freak, just a servant, follower and warrior for the Most High. I hate religion. Religion is man and mind control. Plain and simple.

Most people who consider themselves as Christians or just those who love the Lord and have had abduction experiences with aliens won't talk about them for fear of being ridiculed. When they do start to talk..they come out of the woodwork from pastors to the choir to weekly pew potatoes.

So it's nothing new, at least not to me, because I've talked to perhaps thousands of people over the years who have had experiences with aliens, UFOs or the military.

Perhaps Hannah's story struck some nerves with people who just have a hard time grasping that this is a reality that really exists.

I'm working on an article that I will be posting soon on Abductions. But one thing people need to realize is that this can happen to anyone and here's some reasons why:

1. Generational curses - allows them access to you. Rebuke and renounce all generational curses passed down to you and ask the Lord to forgive you for them and close all the doors of access to you that were opened because of them, if any.

2. Unconfessed sin - yes if you go to sleep at night with unconfessed sin regardless of how holy a person you are, you can be a victim of an abduction because the sin you have that is unconfessed gives them access to you. The military has a field day with this one. It's common for them to target an individual with ELF weapons at bedtime and get a person to sin via lust getting them to focus on unholy things right before they fall asleep. Then they have access to the person and can abduct them.

3. Drug and alcohol abuse. This pretty much falls in with #2 but you'd be amazed at how many people don't think drugs or alcohol are a sin or the consequences of it.

4. Music - there are all types of music that can give them access to you, most notably rock music, rap music, or that voodoo trance kind of music. Demons react to beats of music and there are certain tones and beats that will activate them around where the music is being played, even to the person listening to it. Demons can possess and harass people who listen to 'their' music.

5. Chip implants - most people have chip implants. We get them from vaccinations, flu shots, etc.. this is a tracking marker for them. They'll always know where you are. Aliens will implant children at night while they're sleeping, thus why nose bleeds are so dominant amongst children at early ages. The military will implant people via vaccinations and flu shots. Both groups, aliens and the 'black' military are heavily involved with chipping and implanting people. Ask the Lord to deactivate the chips if you believe you have been implanted, I have a article on magnets and how to deactivate them at

The best thing I have found to stop harrassment and/or abductions other than calling on the name of Jesus (if they haven't paralyzed your mind) is Orgone. Aliens hate orgone. They won't come near it When I prayed and asked Yah how to stop ELF and EMP attacks He told me how to make orgone. It was from trying to stop ELF attacks that I learned this same orgone would stop alien abductions and alien harrassment. In fact orgone has numerous uses, it will eliminate chemtrails as well and keep them out of your area.

I have been the vicious target of aliens and the black military since I began exposing their tactics over the last couple of years. Being on the frontlines against Satan and his cohorts has given me a lot of laughs, and at the same time...trouble. But I leave the trouble for Yah to handle and just focus on getting more laughs. I love destroying their strongholds and watching their billion dollar technology get snared and destroyed by a few dollars and a sincere love for Yah.

I get knocked down. But I'm still laughing even laying on the ground folks.

I'll be writing more this week on aliens and abductions and why they do them.

Yah bless His Warriors.

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