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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I have been receiving a lot of emails lately...the remnant is waking up...

I try to answer them all..and then there's some I never will. It is the Lord Himself who leads people to my websites. So why people want to argue their opinions and interpretations with me and then expect an answer when their attitude is "I will tell God what He says and means" is beyond me.

You either want the truth or you don't. Take it or leave it. If people just want to argue and fight they can find a fight somewhere else..I won't even respond.

People think seeking truth is reading their Bibles and going to church, memorizing everything the Bible and man has to say and then considering themselves knowledgeable about the Most High. The only way you're going to get real truth and knowledge is from seeking Him direct and praying for the truth. Otherwise they just stay in Pharisee mode and never get out of it.

I will never be accepted by the mainstream of Christianity because they don't want to hear or admit they are deceived and wrong. I'm not here for them. I'm here to wake up the remnant, the real remnant.

And I am not forming some "join my group" "join my club" loosh net that some of them are and have for the demonic to feed off of. Most of those I reach I will never hear from, Yah has told me that. He will send some to contact me but not all. Most of them are scattered around the world, by themselves, in obscurity and it must be kept that way. Most of them are struggling trying to figure out why they can't get along with the mainstream and think something is wrong with themselves..most are searching for the real truth and nothing but the truth and being led by the Holy Spirit can see through the lies and deceptions of today...most of them can recognize my Spirit and know who I am in the Most High..and those who can't, just attack..because they are in opposition to the truth and won't overcome their egos.

This isn't a popularity contest.

I have a job to do.

I'm not building an army I am waking one up.


Much thanks and appreciation for those who support this ministry. You are this ministry. This ministry belongs to the Lord. I serve Him. We are His people, there is no "i" in the word army, or team. Those He sends to stand up beside and support me are the ones He will protect because He knows I can't do this myself and has already called you to be a part of the team in that way. These are the ones with the strength and courage to stand for Him at any cost and will not just do so now, but later as His army.

These are the ones who can recognize and see the truth and stand with me to help reach the others who aren't quite there yet. We don't have much time to reach the others. I work day and night. I am committed. So I thank those who are committing themselves to supporting me as well. Let's do it for the Lord. Let's reach His people and get ready for the coming war.

It's coming, it's here, it's all around us now. Greater things are coming..stay in Him, if you stay in Him then we are all on the same page.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

There is a portal in Iran. What do we know about a portal in Iran? If you know something about it send me an email to

So now we know why they need to install their own leader in they can have access to the portal that is there. The same reason they went into Iraq...there is a portal in Iraq they wanted and took control over and now I am finding there is one in Iran that I am hearing about.

The New World Order needs control of that portal. The NWO being either the reptilian Bush/Nazi faction or the Omegans posing as Ascended Masters. They all serve the same boss, Lucifer.

Ramon Watkins, aka prophet Yahweh is a mouthpiece for Maitreya. He is here to build a black bride for Satan. He is symbollicaly a Moses who will lead the people to the false messiah Maitreya. He is leading these people to their deaths as Alien food via a fake rapture.

Watkins clearly doesn't understand Scripture where one Messiah would fulfill two different roles. The Suffering Messiah and the Conquering Messiah. Yahushua already came as the suffering Messiah and died on the cross and rose again. The second time He comes will be to judge and destroy the wicked off this earth. He is not coming to right the wrongs of our societies other than to destroy them. He is not coming to install a new economic program. He is not coming to lead people to Israel. He is coming to destroy the wicked in Israel at the Battle of Armageddon. His Millennial Reign of 1000 years will not happen for a while yet, false messiahs such as Maitreya will arrive first, the rise of the Antichrist will rise first, global persecution, death and destruction will happen first. So don't listen to these liars coming trying to twist and distort prophecy to build their own false kingdoms.

The arrival of Maitreya will be associated with the finding and re-establishment of the Ark of the Covenant. Ethiopia is dominant as well as the desert. Perhaps he will build a temple in the desert..perhaps that is where he will lead his followers as Alien food bait..either way don't follow him..don't listen to these false messiahs and their false emissaries such as Watkins who are paving the way for them.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I just posted another article, In God Will I Trust at

I was listening to an audio clip of Dum Rum during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, and in reverse speech where he says, "the elements of" (our navy, army etc..) he says, "Listen to Molech."

Molech is another name for Satan.

Well I'm not listening to Molech but the problem is many of them in Washington D.C. are.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I have just posted a new article, The Net Masters at
and at

Sometimes we wonder why we go through the things we do, why the Lord leads us to the places He does, or to the people He does, and sometimes it is just to learn something you wouldn't have learned any other way. He has various ways of teaching us things and when you look back you know for yourself that if He hadn't done things the way He did them then you probably would have never learned what you needed to or what He was trying to teach you.

He always knows the best for us. Granted, most of the time we just screw up and He makes the best of the situations we put ourselves in. If you are in Him then He will make all things work together for good. So when we screw up we can just stand up, brush ourselves off, learn a lesson and move on.

Life is a field of learning. But time is running out folks.

Now more than ever staying focused on being focused in Him is vital to withstand the deceptions and hardships coming.

Seek the truth in all things and ask Him daily for it.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The archives are now up on my sites for both of my Radio shows with Peggy Kane on Reverse Speech vs. Bible Codes and Reverse Speech vs. Prophet Yahweh, AKA Ramon Watkins.

I'm getting pretty good at Reverse Speech myself. I'm still only catching about 10% that's available..but the 10% I'm catching is mind boggling with some people.

I really don't care if people do RS on me, I have nothing to hide because I know I'm His, I know who I am. For me, it's another tool to use in our weapons box to expose the idiots. And that's what I'm going to do.

I listened to an interview last night and on the normal face of it, it was 2 people talking..on the backend, in the Reverse Speech..they were both gabbing away at each other having a totally separate and different conversation. On the face value, they were preaching and praying and praising the hidden, backside, they were laughing about eating humans and that they were actually "killing" the ones listening to them..they were feeding off the listeners.

Aliens and Satanists feed off energy and what they call "loosh." And when Lambs..Christians..real believers..gather to worship the Lord whether in a church or even in front of a computer to listen to an audio..this energy is created. So these wolves place themselves as ministers, teachers and leaders of Yahweh's people..and while those people are listening to them the wolves in turn feed off that energy.

It's really a sick game they play. For them it's survival. For those who continue to listen to and follow these wolves it leads to spiritual death. They will drain you. They lead you away from the truth with rat poison and lead you into nothingness, complacency, and right to the pit of hell.

These wolves are more than dangerous..I can't even put it into words..

And yet when you try to warn people of them..they tell you "the Lord led me to him or her." Yeah right...not the MOST HIGH!!!

Not when they sap your energy, your faith, your motivation, your strength, your joy, your happiness, and turn you into a drained zombie with no hope, joy, or even Him anymore. Confusion is not of the Lord. The Lord doesn't change His mind or doctrines daily, weekly, monthly, but the wolves will. They are never consistent, they can never hold a stand or take one for very long. They are like waves...they move with the the ocean dictates them to.

Plus they don't even remember. They lie so much they can't remember what they said a day ago, week ago, month ago..yet they can remember what they want to shove down your throat. What suits them to remember..they remember.

It's frightening to hear these people praise Yahweh for lip service and in their subconscious they are praising and calling out to Satan. It is sick.

It has completely freaked me out. But I'll get over it and on to doing what I do best...revealing and exposing their agendas.

Seek the Most High folks, pray for wisdom and discernment and the truth in all things, and ask for it every single day! I do..every day...strengthen yourselves in HIM.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

is Ramon Watkins (Prophet Yahweh fraud) playing the role of Maitreya?

is he Maitreya?

stay tuned folks this could get interesting...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Are they trying to create a West Coast disaster from their space-based weapons?

July and August..if it keeps getting worse get out of there, disaster could strike in those 2 months.

An attack on the capital could happen before the middle of July. I don't know what year, I don't know if the window will come and go without one (like last year) but it's the warning still stands. We could have some real fireworks.

The only exit plan for Iraq is for the Satanist Illuminati children to try and escape the earth in a UFO they have been building underground and hidden in a base somewhere under the desert. As planet X moves in and causes more and more destruction, or if NORAD decides to implement a pole shift, the elite will attempt to escape the earth (Alternative 3) in this UFO. Saddam had started that project years ago and, well, the biggest and meanest took it over, perhaps with his blessing. The real Saddam is not in prison, that is a look-alike he used for public appearances.

Perhaps Saddam is hiding under that particular underground base. He had allegedly given the aliens access and approval to build one in the Iraqi desert years ago. I have no problem believing that, a lot of things seem to indicate there is a lot of truth to that.

At the same time they plan everyone elses demise they plan their escape. Nice of em eh? That's how Satan's clans work, they always think they'll be the victors, that they will win. But they will be brought down and destroyed. It's a given. Only a fool would believe his lies.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Peggy Kane will be on my show tonight..

Sherry Talk Radio at or Reality Radio Network at

9pm EST

We will be talking about Reverse Speech Technology (backward masking) and she will play audios she has on RS with Ramon Watkins (Prophet Yahweh) and others..

Don't miss the show!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I've been busy lately...for those who are sending me stuff to put on my websites just hang on a bit longer and I'll get to it..I've just been extremely busy with something else the past few days and even week..

I have talked to Peggy Kane, she will be on my show(s)...working out the details yet will be this coming week or next week, I'll announce it here once I know exactly when she will be on.
She had heard me on the Rense show so she knows who I am. I'm sure there would be some great Reverse Speech in that interview! LOL..

There were some things going on during that time I've never talked about publicly so maybe she'll be able to check that one out for any RS.

Yahweh is with us. Stay focused on being focused in Him.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I took these notes from listening to the interview with Peggy Kane who Reverse-Speeched Ramon Watkins..AKA Prophet Yahweh.

Things Ramon Watkins said caught in his Reverse Speech:

"I'm not a son of His" = he's not a son of Yahweh's

"They tie a wire around your heart" = he's programmed, being controlled.

"You starred me with Hell" = in other words, they paired him with hell and made him a star.

"Hand over fanny, let them grill it = self explanatory

"Hang you like beef, thousands = what the Aliens plan to do to humans

"They hang em" = what they do to humans

"We're going to fool" = they're going to fool humans

This one is from the television news reporter when he was back-masked he said, "the owl had to pimp you, yes he picked you." = The owl is a reference to Satan and Satan picked Ramon Watkins for this 'job.

'Kane said it is very clear, not only with these Reverse Speech examples with Watkins, but with many others she has done that Aliens eat Humans and the UFO ships coming plan to take humans for food!

Not only do they plan to abduct thousands of humans to take with them in a 'fake rapture' for food..but they do and are already eating humans folks!

Don't run to see a UFO, run like a bandit AWAY FROM THEM!

When they appear in the skies...thousands of people will flock to see them...don't be that stupid folks!

Lock and load!

Now do you see why they want your guns?

Could this be the REAL REASON?

We know our government is working in cohoots with the Aliens..

Arm yourselves!

Especially protect your children! Aliens prefer eating children!

Peggy Kane June 10 archive...


Friday, June 17, 2005

you have to hear this...

Peggy Kane is a pro in reverse speech..

she confirms everything I've said about aliens!

They are here to collect meat!

she reverses "Prophet Yahweh" she shows all kinds of have to hear this stuff!

fast forward about a half hour into the show..

not for the squeamish!

I'm going to try and get her on my show ...

Peggy Kane

*** Friday, June 10- Peggy Kane (Windows Media Player)

Listen here via: MP3 Stream

Listen here via: MP3 Download

She refers to the "net over the earth being blown up." I have seen many times in the Bible Codes how our atmosphere is on fire above the earth...

She refers to the fake rapture and how those people are taken and used for food. I have seen this fake rapture many times in the codes and how these people will be taken to their deaths.

She confirms alot of things I have seen in the codes and I have been saying myself about the Aliens..things the Lord told me Himself.

She is not a believer in the Most High (it doesn't appear that way and she kind of backs away from it) so chew the grass and spit out the hay folks, but it's interesting!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ramon Watkins..You are no prophet, you ARE however, a CIA Operation.

I would like to help you break free from the bondage and control you are under. So if you read this, know that I am not your enemy but one who is reaching out to help you before they destroy and kill you.

You are a pawn and a puppet for their agenda and they have groomed you for a long time. Seek the real Most High before it is too late for you. Don't allow yourself to become yet another victim of the government's!

I can help you Ramon. Send me an email and let's destroy their access and power over you before it's too late.
I just posted Ramon Watkins digital photos on his code page at

Some people are having trouble accessing the site, imagine that.

I also posted them at

I will be doing audios again soon. I lost the program I was using for those when I upgraded my computer a while I haven't been able to use it, well John "Bam Bam" Morgon, ex-drummer for Jody Whatley in her 1989 world tour got me the same Sony Sound Forge program and is sending it to me. I was shocked...thanks Bam Bam!!

Yah's army is awesome..I couldn't do it without you guys.

And one of my supporters and buddies out in Australia sent me a donation so I can buy a older/used motorcycle. LOL vrooooooooooooooooooom...

I've been wanting to play! I've always wanted a bike, have no idea how to shift one ..but I'll learn! LOL vroooooooooooom!!

I found a 1973 Honda classic in the paper for $450 so if it's still there I'm going to get it.

It's hard to find something affordable and cheap that runs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

As I said in my show, if I was wrong about "Prophet Yahweh" I would eat my words..

Well, I won't be eating my words...

I hate to say, "I told you so" but...I told ya so...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I always get mail from people either snail or email..asking me if I'm for real. Usually not in a negative connotation. Although I get those as well, par for the course, especially the one I'm on. But more in a sense, they don't want to be led astray by yet another wolf in sheep's clothing. Am I a wolf? No. I serve the Most High. Do I have mansions, airplanes, vacation homes and huge bank accounts? No.

All I can do is tell them, "Ask the Lord who I am, ask Him about me."

What more can I say? I love and serve the Most High. I have been sent here by Him for these last days and I have not wavered on the things I was to do. In fact, I've done everything He has asked me to do and then some, and my job here is completed already.

Why is it people always attack and question the true people of Yehovah and accept without question the wolves?

It has always been that way.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Giants, giants and more giants. A giants feast at right now as I'm putting up a bunch of articles on giants.

Why is it important now?

Because most people just dont' realize how much of our past was riddled with the presence of giants. They don't teach it much in the churches today, if at all. You'll hear the David & Goliath story and think it was just a fluke that there was a giant bothering the Israelites around at the time.

There were many giants. There were always giants "before the flood and after" Genesis 6:4.

Many of the giant races were killed in wars and battles. Joshua killed whole cities of them as they reclaimed the land of Israel after leaving Egypt.

The giants never went totally away. The saga of the Solomon Island giants, and many other 'humans' being born as giants over the centuries..although few in number...

The thing is, they are returning..the Giants are mass numbers, by the millions, all at once...a UFO and Alien invasion I've been warning about for years...

They are giants, albeit not the hybrid anomaly of 180 or even 450 feet tall that once existed pre-flood, but they will be about 7-9 feet tall post-flood when the "parents" return in these last days.

I have been praying for a long time and asking Yahweh to take me on the tour that Enoch had, and show me the future in more detail.

Lately He has led me back into the giants arena..I will be coming out with some of my own info on it soon. Until then, I'm not going to reinvent the wheel..some of those articles on my site have some great info...chew the grass, spit out the hay, you know how it goes..but it gives you an idea of what our past was like..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Well hello folks,

I had a fun time both Monday and Tuesday doing the shows. I'm still singing "I got Garfield on my fork." Just a silly song they play after my Tuesday shows. You can listen to the 5/31 broadcast where they play almost the whole song at the end of the show, they only play a small part of it after today's show.

I'm now starting my own archives at so if you get network errors during the show and you can't listen live, try listening to the archive it should be fine. And you can always register for free and listen to the archives at

Monday, June 06, 2005

Rick Vizutti of will be on the show tonight, Sherry Talk Radio at 9pm EST.

He's the one I wanted on Aliens in the News last week but we couldn't get it worked out, so tonight he will be on Sherry Talk Radio and we will be discussing Reptilians, shape-shifting, aliens posing as humans, aliens in our midst and much more! You won't want to miss it.

Rick is also the author of "The Return of the Star Gods" so it's going to be fun, alot of info being presented, don't miss it folks!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I went to church watch my son get baptised. I haven't stepped into an institutional-corporate church for years...I was disgusted with them all and the Lord pulled me out of them to teach me Himself.

I send my kids to the local baptist church so they can get a strong doctrinal foundation, but as my son says, "I learn a lot more just listening to your radio show." ..he's not biased..just likes to chew on meat once in a while..and that's something most churches don't do.

I expected to be stared at, glared at and hissed at...I wore pants to church. Something that used to be completely unthinkable in most of the corporate churches. But this is a hometown church, and the people were friendly, they didn't seem to care what I wore.

As the choir entered the stage it was a small and humble choir. No fancy robes in this church for the choir. Just ordinary, simple people from what looked like ages 16 to 60. It was the worst singing I have ever heard. Every one of them sang out of key. I loved it. No pride here and record contract seekers, just a love for the Lord.

I expected a watch-type sermon, the kind where you stare at your watch and wonder when the misery will be over. But the sermon grabbed my attention and sparked my interest. The sermon was on "How Much Is A Soul Worth."

He went into Genesis 6 and my eyebrows were raised, one of my favorite passages in dealing with end time events and aliens, but he didnt' get it, read verses 1-3, skipped verse 4 about the giants and read verse 5. His interpretation of the 'sons of God' were human men. Typical view of the churches today when they read those passages without bothering to study what it's really's obvious the pastor wasn't into the deeper truths of the Word just face value, but he managed to pull out a great thought provoking sermon on how much is a soul worth to you to reach them for the Lord.

Somehow, out of a passage that deals with aliens and some verses in the book of Mark, he made it work.

In the maze of corporate churches and money grubbing, seeking, idolizing churches that dominate today, I found a real gem that challenged me to keep going in a world that rejects and hates us, and that's usually not the world itself as much as 'fellow brethren.'

With all the misery, suffering, high tech weapon attacks, gov, mil, and alien harrassement we experience for doing what we do and who we are in Him, is it worth it? Is reaching a soul for the Most High and saving them from eternal torment in hell worth it?

I knew the answer before he got past the first 2 minutes of his sermon. But I liked the challenge and the reminder that what we do DOES count and it DOES matter. Even if most hate us..

Leviathan..the dragon...

The heads of leviathon..the heads of the dragon..

Literal heads? No, symbollic for those who are his front men, his leaders. Those who work in alignment with him.

The Bible refers to Leviathon as the beast of the sea. Sea is symbollic for nations, people. The "whale" the leader, the beast of the nations..people..

Leviathon is another name for whale in the Hebrew language but it also refers to Satan.

"In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea. (Is. 27:1)

When Yahushua returns he will destroy Satan's kingdom and cast him in the bottomless pit for 1000 years.

What is Satan's kingdom at that time? Earth.

The nations of the earth will give Satan rule over them. He will have political, economic and religious rule over the nations of the world.

The heads associated with him as described in Revelation 13 are his associates, leaders of nations that give him their power over them.

He will also have the "I AM" crowd of Matthew 24 leading the world into apostasy, such as Sananda-Immanuel, Maitreya, Germaine, Muhammad, and others...

The term Sananda is a title, such as "Christ." The one coming as Sananda-Immanuel looks like the "Jesus" the churches have been conditioned to believe he looks like. He will deceive many with his "second coming."

Maitreya is Arabic, Germaine touts nail holes in his hands to imitate the nail holes of Yahushua's hands. Germaine is suppose to be the one who establishes the kingdom on earth with his prosperity programs revamping world economy.

In other words he bribes people with $$ and false hope in wealth and prosperity to join their kingdom and pledging their allegiance to it.

Maitreya will be the Messiah of the Arabs and the Islam crowd but he will promote himself as a Great World Teacher who is "everyones" Messiah. He'll be Muhammad to the Arabs, Buddha, Hindu, Christ, etc..all things to all people. Where have we heard that before?
"I am all things to all people to spread the gospel." Sounds like compromise? Because it is.

Yahushua wasn't "all things to all people." He was the Son of God and people could accept Him or reject Him and that was that. He wasn't going to trick or deceive them into worshipping Him, He wanted them to because they chose to and choose to. He's not the God of deception, but Satan is.

Satan had his pawns working then and he has them working amongst us now.

Focus in Yahweh. Sit at His feet and ask Him to reveal Himself to you and teach you and lead you into the truth in all things.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

No show tonight folks. Remember the show Live with Sherry Shriner has been moved to Monday nights 9-11pm EST and is going by the name Sherry Talk Radio now.

Friday, June 03, 2005

I posted a code on Maitreya and Bush at

This has been a long time coming. It is something I have been seeing for ages. And now it is so dominate in the codes right now I can't Not run into it. It's dominant. Completely.

I couldn't do a code on Mickey Mouse right now and this Maitreya stuff wouldn't be dominating in it instead. Think the Lord is trying to get my attention?

And talk about a head wound. Now that would be taking it completely literal wouldn't it? I just reveal what is there folks, I don't come up with this stuff on my own..I am just a messenger, and no, I don't care whether it fits into your opinions and theology and dogmatics, it's there the way it is. I don't have anything to do with that but revealing it.

Reminds me of the Miami code. The Miami bombing was delayed, but it still hasn't been cancelled. I remember seeing months later, and even now at times in the codes how exasperated and frustrated they were about those plans being exposed.

There is a war among the factions of the NWO. Seen and unseen. But they all work together to bring about prophecy whether they want to or not. For Bush, it's not exactly a death but a promotion. They view things differently than most people do.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Could it be any more obvious that the "UFO" "Prophet Yahweh" is calling down is a holographic sphere?

The military has been practicing with those things for years. Now all they need is to bring one down with holographic Mary sitting on top of it. The problem is 500 million Catholics would converge on Las Vegas. They wouldn't even stop to think it's a fraud. Because they don't now.

No one can fill a farm yard faster than Catholics if you tell them "Mary" appeared on your barn. And don't forget to charge $$ admission.

The government should rent out their toys for private use instead of keeping all the fun for themselves. Now that would be a trip. The problem is, the government passes their deceptions off as legit. And they fool millions.

So who's at fault? The government or the gullible millions?

Folks we have real and fake UFOs, the one being shown in LV is clearly fake. An attention grabber and conditioning for probably the real one they will hover in LV for 2 days, but that remains to be seen.

Yes there are UFOs and we will have an invasion of them soon enough, but this Las Vegas thing is showtime, faketime, conditioning. It's PR, disclosure, and conditioning all in one. Even though this particular one is a holographic fake from the Air force.

I"ve been working on digging on info about Maitreya and Bush. Are they friends or foes?

Will Maitreya give Bush a fatal head wound? Will Bush return as the Antichrist?

The race is on between the EU and the USA as to from which the AC will come from.

I haven't hung my hat on either, I just call it as I see it in the here and now.

I've been under gruelling physical health attacks for 2 or 3 days now. I've been babying a bad gall bladder for years and I don't know how much longer I can keep the one I have. I don't have health insurance so hopefully it can hang on a while longer...

Meanwhile trying to stay focused on staying focused...I'm not real sure what it is the Lord is leading me into because I'm just not "getting it."

I know, keep digging, I keep missing something about Maitreya..

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I am a servant of the Most High empowered and appointed by Him to be His messenger in these last days.

There's nothing cryptic about what I do. There's no conspiracy. I expose Halayel, Lucifer. I expose his strategies, his tactics, his forces, his plans, his failures, his temporary victories, everything I can about him and those who work for and with him.

Am I a cult leader? No. I don't have a following. I proclaim the Name of the Most High Yehovah and lead people to Him.

I am from the warrior ranks and I am here to do battle and wake up the remnant. Nothing I do is hidden. It's all very plain and simple.

Yet too simple, it baffles many.

Lucy will figure out who I am, and when he does he'll have his hay day. We're mutual enemies. Always have been since he turned against the Most High.

The war is on.

Does he really think his doritoe and drug gangs can possibly understand the war that is taking place? They only understand what they see with their perceptions and I've used it to my advantage.

No one can out plan or out smart the Most High. All things work by His hand and in His discretion. We play by His rules. Every being and every person is subservient to HIM. Why the delays? Because it is He who controls the clock.

Satan has many slaves. Many who think they are lost with no hope because they have made deals with him. I'm here to tell them they can break free of him. That the redemption Yahushua offered to mankind is available to them no matter what contract or agreement Satan thinks he has them locked in on. They can break free...salvation is for them the blood of Jesus/Yahushua can break the contracts, oaths and agreements made with Lucifer. He doesn't own your soul until your physical death. You have time to repent and switch sides.